ASDA Mobile Review: Low Cost Pay As You Go Network With Coverage From EE

June 16th, 2015

ASDA Mobile is a low-cost Pay As You Go network from ASDA, the UK’s second largest supermarket. It runs on the 2G & 3G networks from EE.

ASDA Mobile LogoIn the UK, ASDA Mobile is a low-cost Pay As You Go network with competitive rates for calling and texting. A key competitor of Tesco Mobile and Mobile By Sainsbury’s, the network has a range of 30-day bundles starting from £5/month for 100 minutes, 2000 texts and 100MB of internet. For occasional users, a traditional Pay As You Go service is available on ASDA Mobile for 8p/minute, 4p/text and for 5p/MB of data.

ASDA Mobile is a SIM-only mobile network where you need to provide your own unlocked handset. The network has 99% 2G and 3G coverage across the UK. The coverage on ASDA Mobile is provided by EE but you won’t get access to EE’s 4G network.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the ASDA Mobile service. We’ll look at the price plans available on ASDA Mobile and we’ll see how they compare to those on rival networks. We’ll also look at how to use your existing handset on ASDA Mobile, the level of coverage to expect and how to keep your existing phone number.

Pricing & Tariffs

ASDA Mobile SIM Card

ASDA Mobile is purely a Pay As You Go service.

In the UK, ASDA Mobile is purely a Pay As You Go service. There are no contracts to sign: you simply grab yourself a free SIM card and top it up to get going on the network.

For regular users, a 30-day bundle normally offers the best value on ASDA. With a 30-day bundle, you convert your top-up into a 30-day allowance of calls, texts and mobile internet.

For occasional users, the standard Pay As You Go tariff can offer better value (8p/minute, 4p/text and 5p/MB when accessing the internet). Pay As You Go credit won’t expire on ASDA Mobile providing you keep the SIM card active by using it at least once every 180 days.

30 Day Bundles

For regular users, the cheapest way of using ASDA Mobile is to buy one of their 30-day bundles. With a 30-day bundle, you essentially buy your airtime in bulk from ASDA Mobile. You convert a certain amount of your Pay As You Go credit into a 30-day allowance of calls, texts and internet.

Bundles can offer substantially lower rates than on normal Pay As You Go. For example, an occasional user who requires 100 minutes, 100 texts and 100MB per month will pay £17/month on standard Pay As You Go. With a 30-day bundle, you’d simply pay £5/month for 100 minutes, 2000 texts and 100MB of internet.

ASDA currently offers a choice of the following bundles:

ASDA Mobile1002,000100MB£5.00
ASDA Mobile300Unlimited500MB£7.00
ASDA Mobile600Unlimited1GB£10.00
ASDA Mobile1,000Unlimited2GB£15.00
ASDA Mobile2,000Unlimited4GB£20.00

As well as the all-inclusive bundles, ASDA also has a choice of two data-only bundles (£5/month for 500MB of data or £7.50/month for 1GB of data). With a data-only bundle, you continue to pay the standard Pay As You Go rates for calling and texting.

Order a SIM card from ASDA Mobile (free) »

Once you have a SIM card from ASDA Mobile, you can buy a 30-day bundle by texting the following:

Bundle Buy One-Off Bundle Buy Recurring Bundle*
£5 Bundle Text 5 to 2732 Text AUTO 5 to 2732
£7 Bundle Text 7 to 2732 Text AUTO 7 to 2732
£10 Bundle Text 10 to 2732 Text AUTO 10 to 2732
£15 Bundle Text 15 to 2732 Text AUTO 15 to 2732
£20 Bundle Text 20 to 2732 Text AUTO 20 to 2732
500MB Data Text data5 to 2732 Text AUTO data5 to 2732
1GB Data Text data7.50 to 2732 Text AUTO data7.5 to 2732

* Automatically renews at the end of 30 days providing there is enough credit remaining on your account. To disable automatic renewal, text STOP AUTO to 2732.

All bundles will last for 30 days with any unused allowances expiring with the bundle. To check your current bundle and the remaining allowances, text BAL to 2732. The ASDA Mobile website has more information regarding their bundles.

Pay As You Go

Top Up

With classic Pay As You Go, you just top-up your phone and pay for what you use.

For light users who don’t want to buy a 30-day bundle, it’s still possible to use ASDA Mobile on a per-minute, per-text and per-megabyte basis. At present, ASDA Mobile charges the following rates on Pay As You Go:

Calling Rates:
Voice Calls 8p/minute (any network, any time)
Calls to Voicemail 8p/minute
Messaging Rates:
Text Message (SMS) 4p
Picture Message (MMS) 25p
Internet Rates:
3G Internet 5p/MB (buy a data bundle for better value)

A full list of rates can be found on the ASDA Mobile website including for international calls and for special phone numbers (e.g. for calling phone numbers beginning with 08 or 09).

Order a SIM card from ASDA Mobile (free) »

In general, ASDA Mobile compares incredibly well against rival networks for their Pay As You Go rates. At 8p/minute and 4p/text, they can only be beaten by Three’s 321 tariff. At 5p/MB, data is fairly expensive on ASDA Mobile (giffgaff charges 20p/day for 20MB of internet and Three charges just 1p/MB). Mainstream mobile networks such as EE, O2 and Vodafone typically charge 30p/minute, 14p/text and at least £1/day for accessing the internet. For more information, please see our Pay As You Go price comparison table.

Credit Expiry & Inactivity Policy

With ASDA Mobile, there’s no expiry on your Pay As You Go credit providing you keep the SIM card active on their network (this is also assuming you don’t use your credit to buy a 30-day bundle). In order to keep your SIM card fully active, you should make a chargeable activity at least once every 90 days. Your Pay As You Go credit will only expire if you don’t use the SIM card for more than 180 days.

Days of Inactivity Make Outgoing Calls? Receive Incoming Calls? Your Pay As You Go Credit Your Phone Number
< 90 days Yes Yes No expiry
90+ days No, barred
(call ASDA to re-instate)
Yes No expiry
180+ days No, barred No, barred Expired Barred
(call ASDA to recover)
365+ days No, barred No, barred Expired Deleted

A summary of ASDA Mobile’s inactivity policy. You should use your SIM card at least once every 90 days to keep it fully active.

For more information, see the FAQ on ASDA Mobile’s website. If you need to reactivate your SIM card, you should call 0800 952 0393 from a landline.

Comparison to Alternatives

In the following section, we’ll compare the ASDA Mobile bundles against rival offerings from other mobile networks.

Less than £10 per month

5 Pound Note

ASDA Mobile has a choice of bundles from £5/month.

ASDA offers a choice of two bundles for less than £10/month. For £5/month, you get 100 minutes, 2000 texts and 100MB of internet. Meanwhile, for £7/month, you can get 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of internet.

The two bundles are broadly comparable to giffgaff’s £5/month Hokey Cokey goodybag and giffgaff’s £7.50 goodybag with 250 minutes.

ASDA Mobile1002,000100MB£5.00
ASDA Mobile300Unlimited500MB£7.00

£10 per month bundles

10 Pound Note

On ASDA Mobile, £10/month will get you 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of internet.

ASDA’s £10 monthly bundle includes 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of internet. The closest comparable alternative is giffgaff’s £10 goodybag (500 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of internet for £10/month).

ASDA Mobile600Unlimited1GB£10.00

£15 per month bundles

15 Pound Notes

For £15/month, ASDA has 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data.

For £15/month, ASDA Mobile has 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of internet. For heavy data users, we’d instead recommend giffgaff’s £15 goodybag (it comes with 5GB of data but has only 500 minutes). If you’d like access to faster 4G mobile internet, EE has a £15 Everything Pack with 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of double-speed 4G internet.

ASDA Mobile1,000Unlimited2GB£15.00

£20 per month bundles

20 Pound Note

At £20/month, giffgaff has a similar offering but with an unlimited data allowance.

For £20/month, ASDA has 2000 minutes, unlimited texts and 4GB of internet. For the same monthly price, giffgaff has 2000 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet.

ASDA Mobile2,000Unlimited4GB£20.00

For more information, please see our full comparison of Pay As You Go bundles. In addition, it may also be worth considering a SIM-only contract. With SIM-only contracts, you’ll need to sign a Pay Monthly agreement. The overall price, however, can often be lower than on Pay As You Go bundles.



You’ll need to bring your own unlocked smartphone to use with ASDA Mobile.

ASDA Mobile is a SIM-only mobile network. For this reason, you aren’t able to buy a handset directly from ASDA Mobile. Instead, you should bring your own unlocked handset to use with the service. This could either be a handset from your old network or it could be a brand new smartphone that you’ve purchased SIM-free (e.g. from

If you’re using an existing handset that was originally provided by another mobile network, it might be necessary for you to first unlock it. For more information, see our guides to unlocking an iPhone and unlocking a Samsung Galaxy. It shouldn’t cost any more than £20 to unlock a handset from your old mobile network.

When ordering your SIM card from the ASDA Mobile website, you’ll be asked to choose the size of SIM card you require. There are three options you’re able to choose from: Standard SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM. If you aren’t sure which size of SIM card is required by your phone, see our list of handsets and the required SIM card size in each one.

Network & Coverage

2G & 3G Coverage from EE

ASDA Mobile Coverage

ASDA Mobile has 99% population coverage across the UK. They’re using the 2G & 3G networks from EE.

ASDA Mobile is a virtual network operator that makes use of EE as a network coverage provider. Using the 2G and 3G networks from EE, ASDA Mobile currently claims 99% population coverage across the UK.

Before ordering a SIM card from ASDA Mobile, we strongly recommend checking the coverage in your area. You can do this by entering your postcode on the ASDA Mobile website:

Check ASDA Mobile Coverage »

On other websites, you may see a reference to ASDA Mobile using coverage from Vodafone. This was only the case until the 30th April 2014 (after that, the old ASDA Mobile on Vodafone was shut down and customers were transferred to the new ASDA Mobile which uses EE).

4G Coverage

Customers on ASDA Mobile don’t have access to EE’s 4G network. It’s not known when 4G coverage will launch on ASDA Mobile. This is because EE has so far kept their 4G network to themselves and to BT Mobile.


Tethering or personal hotspot refers to the process of sharing your smartphone’s internet connection with other devices (e.g. your laptop or tablet). On ASDA Mobile, it’s possible to tether on any of their Pay As You Go tariffs. With other virtual network operators, tethering is often prohibited.

Keeping Your Phone Number

ASDA Mobile WebsiteIf you’re switching from another network to ASDA Mobile, it’s a straightforward process to keep your existing phone number.

Start by ordering your free SIM card from the ASDA Mobile website. Once you’ve done that, contact your old network and ask them to provide you with a PAC Code.

After receiving the new SIM card from ASDA Mobile, you’ll need to call ASDA Mobile Customer Services (dial 2732 from your ASDA Mobile SIM card or 0800 952 0393 from any other phone). After you provide the PAC Code to ASDA Mobile, it normally takes about one working day for your phone number to be transferred.

For a step-by-step guide on moving your number to ASDA Mobile, please select your current network operator:

PAC Code Finder: Transfer Your Phone Number to ASDA Mobile

Your current network provider:

  More Options

For more information on transferring your phone number between networks, see our guide to using a PAC Code.

More Information

For more information regarding ASDA Mobile, please see the ASDA Mobile website.

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  1. Kay said:

    I lost my cherished mobile number (worth over £1,000) as was not told that after 90 days of no OUTGOING calls, the SIM gets suspended. Asda telephone support had no clue about this EE catch and wasted time trying to to recover it. By the time EE got involved, the number was out of my hands. Furthermore, both Asda and EE had no ‘reference’ on their system to the cherished number – just a SIM number but nothing they claimed connected it to the number itself (which was previously ported across from Orange). I found that hard to believe – how could you not know what your client’s mobile number is – even the PPI spammers seem to achieve this rather well. I had had this fab number with Orange for over 10 years – but lost it in an instant with Asda Mobile. Customer Service is absolutely shambolic. There is not an ounce of lie in that last sentence. This truly is a bad set up and I would never recommend them as long as I stay alive, purely on the basis that both Asda and EE is an incompetent and amateur partnership trying to compete with their more experienced competition. They have no idea of the real world, and when problems arise, they are a lost cause from the very start. If the thought of ‘PAC code’ and Asda Mobile / EE is going through your head, please think about something else. Seriously.

  2. Chris said:

    Hi Ken,

    How do you check what is left of your 30 day bundle?

    When I text ‘BAL’ it just says 300 mins, unlimited text, 500MB each time.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your comment. I didn’t know that BAL would only tell you your monthly allowance rather than what remains of the bundle you have. Is the information available in the menus when you call 2732?

      1. Jabez replied:

        In order to test this I have just texted BAL to 2732.

        The reply tells me that “Your balance is £7.34. In your £10 bundle you have 376:14 min Unlimited texts 683MB.”

        1. Ken Lo
          Ken replied:

          Hi Jabez,
          Thanks for this! Good to know the BAL command is working correctly.
          @Chris Any luck getting this to work on your end or is still showing no allowance information?

    2. Gemma replied:

      Text ALL ( allowances) to 2732

  3. Jabez said:

    Hi Ken

    I have been using Asda Mobile for over a year now, and have been reasonably satisfied with the service they offer.

    My main gripe is that they are somewhat miserly when compared to GiffGaff, when it comes to the data allowance within their more expensive bundles.

    Users are able to buy additional data at £7.50 per GB, and unlike their regular bundles, these packages can be renewed once the data has been used up, rather than having to wait for the 30 days to expire. That said, it is my understanding that you have to call customer services, at a cost of 25p to achieve this, which makes me look elsewhere.

    I do not normally use a lot of data, but spend much of the summer on the road, when it becomes useful to have reasonable internet access via a tablet or a dongle. My latest workaround is to buy preloaded 6Gb EE 4G Sims for £15 from ebay, so neither Asda nor GiffGaff benefit from my travels.

    Asda do not permit texting to 5 digit short codes, such as BBC Radio 2’s 88291 number. I would not normally text such numbers, so never saw this as a problem. However, Barclays bank recently asked me to confirm an online payment by texting Y to a short code, and being unable to do this caused me a lot of problems.

    Asda say they are ‘looking into’ allowing such texting, but they have been ‘looking into’ creating online account management for over 18 months now, so I’m not holding my breath.

    I am of the opinion that Asda are relying upon the fact that they use the EE network, which IMHO seems superior in many rural areas, to maintain their market share. In other respects I perceive them to be surprisingly behind the curve in what they offer.

    1. Amir replied:

      You can call from a landline but now as 0800 is free you can use that number instead then its free. Sainsburys is always free even when calling abroad. Hope this helps

  4. Pete Andeseren said:

    Run a mile to avoid ASDA mobile!
    Horrible service.
    Broken promises.
    Couldn’t care less about customers.
    Take your money, and then *ignore* you.
    Like everything with the ASDA brand – it is cheap rubbish.

  5. Jade said:

    Hi Ken – I tried to top up my phone by £5 with voucher but it kept saying incorrect voucher code and put me on hold for customer services – when I got through it gave you different options 1 for this and 2 for that etc – when I was put through to an advisor I was told my credit had gone down by £2.45!! I asked how as the message says at the beginning you will be charged either 10p or 15p (cant remember) for speaking to customer services – they said I have rang an 0845 no which I hadnt – I had only rang them – I asked them for this no that I was supposed to have rang and they gave it to me and it was EE – and by pressing 1 or 2 whichever the CS option no was it passes your call via ‘a switchboard’ and then charges you!!
    I complained and was told it would be investigated – that was 12 months ago – every now and again when I am in ASDA – I goto their CS desk where they sell the phones etc and use their own phone to ring ASDA CS/EE and speak to them and each time I am told its still being investigated – I was told to send in a letter of complaint if I wasnt happy.

  6. philip said:

    Hi I tried Asda mobile but when I make a call it just makes a horrid noise and it miss calls all the time and the Internet runs slow .my phone is an s3 . But works fine on orange.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Philip,
      Thanks for your comment: this is a really odd problem to be having on your phone. Have you tried calling ASDA Customer Services and asking them if they know what could possibly be wrong? Otherwise, it might be worth trying your ASDA SIM card in a different handset (this should tell you whether it’s a problem with the handset or a problem with the network/SIM card).

  7. David Piper said:

    Hi, Ken I have a Nokia lumia 520 on Asda Mobile, Calls ok, ordinary Texts ok. But try to enter comps by 5 figure text entry – NOT A Chance. Why is this ? would love an answer as have £20 credit and this will last for ever if I am unable to enter these comps. If not possible will move provder at first possible moment.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi David,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m not aware of any reason why you shouldn’t be able to text premium-rate shortcodes on the ASDA Mobile network. It’s probably worth giving ASDA Customer Services a call on 2732 – they should hopefully be able to investigate for you.
      Let me know how you get on & if there are any further problems!

  8. nimi said:

    Thank you Ken. Yes gift gaff I am considering it, I wanted to know before I move. face to face is important to me, as use it for international call, phone I talk less, text little, but more on Internet. I am looking. Asda does not do video calls.

  9. nimi said:

    Ken, I have been using Asda network, now I am simfree apple phone, I heard asda do not have Nanotechnology sim, and I won’t be able to use face time, as asda do video on network. Also asda has no 4G,
    pls reply, thank u

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Nimi,
      Thanks for your comment. ASDA do offer nano-sized SIM cards but unfortunately they’re currently out of stock on the ASDA Mobile website (you could try your local ASDA store in case they have a couple there). With regards to FaceTime, ASDA aren’t listed as a supported network (though you could always try it as it might still work). Finally, ASDA Mobile doesn’t support 4G at present. You can see this article for a full list of 4G-supporting networks. giffgaff might be worth exploring as a worthwhile alternative to ASDA Mobile: they have nano-SIM support, they support FaceTime on 3G and they have 4G connectivity from £12/month.

  10. chris said:

    Hi. Does anyone know how to stop reminder messages from asda. my daughter recieves constant reminder messages telling her to top up. just looking at her message history and she is gettimng them several times an hour. this is making the phone unusable.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your comment. From a quick search on Google, it seems like this is a very common issue for users on ASDA Mobile. I wasn’t able to find a solution to your problem but you could try replying to the text message with the keyword “STOP” (there’s a possibility they’ll be monitoring this keyword). Aside from that, your best bet would probably be to contact ASDA Customer Services on 2732. They should hopefully help you turn off the reminder text messages.

  11. Confused said:

    Does an asda sim card work on an EE phone or does the phone need to be unlocked

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment. According to these guys on the EE community forums, an ASDA Mobile SIM card will work on handsets locked to EE or T-Mobile. It may also work on some newer Orange handsets but your mileage may vary depending on when the handset was bought.
      In practice, I would strongly recommend you unlock the handset from EE before using it on the ASDA Mobile network. Both EE and Orange will only unlock handsets for the person who bought the handset originally. You must also have that original account open (e.g. see the instructions for unlocking an iPhone from EE or Orange). If you don’t unlock the handset before switching to ASDA Mobile, you may find it becomes permanently locked to EE.
      Hope this helps,

      1. Confused replied:

        Hi Ken,
        Thanks for replying to my query as quickly as you did, I am thinking of buying a Huawei Y530 smartphone from asda which is on offer and currently on EE, having asked the staff in-store for advice. I got the impression that they weren’t very clued up on the products, I have read the posts linked to EE and find that it may well be a good idea to go ahead with the purchase…

        Thanks Again For The Advise, You’re A Top Man, Cheers..

  12. Donald Munro said:

    I decided to move from EE to Asda Mobile after reading on the Asda website that this would be so easy and take no more than 2 days. Big mistake. I am now 3 days into the process and it has not happened. I am being told it will take up to a further 5 days to happen. In the meantime I basically have no phone. I would urge anyone reading this not to attempt to join Asda mobile

  13. Amir said:

    Hi Ken, decided to go with ASDA mobile as phone presence. giffgaff might do vouchers but you have to email customer services and you can call ASDA free on the landline number now.

    However, no one seems to know how much it costs to dial 0870 and 0845 numbers? You had a review of this once but I noticed it is hopelessly out of date. An update on that would be greatly appreciated for all networks.

    Thanks though ken for your effort in this website

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Amir,
      Thanks for the feedback! It’s certainly difficult to find information about the cost of calling non-geographic numbers. For ASDA Mobile, you can find the information on this page:

      For 0800 and 0845 numbers: 10p/minute + 10p connection charge
      For 0870 numbers: 35p/minute + 35p connection charge
      For 0843 and 0844 numbers: 30p/minute + 30p connection charge
      For 0871 and 0872 numbers: 35p/minute + 35p connection charge

      Hope this helps,


  14. Tony said:

    Hi Had to change my phone after the vodaphone/EE switch over because my old phone wouldn’t work. I had a old cheap phone to keep me going which works fine. My son has given me his old Network free BLACKBERRY 8520 and although calls and text are working perfectly, it won’t let me connect to any free WiFi or my home router. Have been it touch with ASDA online but still no joy? Do I need a different ASDA Sim card to be able to connect to the web? The phone worked for my son but all I get is the message “contact your provider”? Cheers

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Tony,
      Thanks for your comment. The BlackBerry 8520 requires the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) for you to be able to browse the internet, use BBM and to send or receive e-mails. Calling and texting won’t require a BIS subscription. You can follow the instructions here to add BIS to your ASDA Mobile account (the cost is £5 for 30 days of usage and 500MB of data).
      Hope this helps,

      1. Tony replied:

        Spot on Ken…Thanks for your quick reply….Followed your link and now everything’s cooking…. Many thanks mate

        1. Ken Lo
          Ken replied:

          No worries Tony – glad that got everything sorted! Hope you enjoy using your new phone!

  15. Rowland said:

    Asda Mobile have overnight changed their bundle line up, which with the exception of the basic £5 offering, now offers better value.

    Unfortunately, as part of that process they have managed to make their website less navigable; hence it is no longer immediately obvious that you can buy bundles by texting the appropriate code to 2732

    The FAQ answer to “Where can I buy bundles?” now says “Dial 2732 from your handset or 0800 952 0393 from any UK landline”. This strikes me as a backward step, in that I can envisage the call centre becoming unnecessarily busy.

    The bundle line up is here

    In order to see the relevant code you need to click upon the bundle you are interested in, which makes it turn red. This then changes the content of the associated green box, and reveals the code that you can text to buy that bundle.

    Text the following codes to 2732 to purchase the relevant 30 day bundle.
    £5 = 100 minutes, 2000 texts, 100MB data – Code = 5
    £7.50 = 250 minutes, 2000 texts, 250MB data – Code = 7.50
    £10 = 500 minutes, 2000 texts, 500MB data – Code = 15
    £15 = 1000 minutes, 2000 texts, 1GB data – Code = 20
    £20 = 1500 minutes, 2000 texts, 2GB data – Code = 20
    Data bundles can run alongside regular bundles.
    £5 for 500MB – Code = data5 (this used be data)
    £7.50 for 1GB – Code = data7.50

  16. richard laverick said:

    I was on LIFE mobile (Phones4u, uses the EE network) but couldn’t get any signal where I live. Does this apply to changing to an ASDA Mobile sim card? Also, is giffgaff on ee due to us not being able to get any signal via LIFE Mobile (EE)?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Richard,
      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear that you can’t receive coverage on the LIFE Mobile network (the Phones4u virtual network operator which makes use of the EE network for coverage). ASDA Mobile also uses the same EE network so there won’t be any improvement from switching to ASDA. giffgaff is a worthwhile alternative to investigate: they use the O2 network so coverage with differ from EE MVNOs. You can order a free SIM card from giffgaff here or you can visit this link to find out more about coverage.
      Hope this helps,

  17. M.Kennedy said:

    After many years as a satisfied ASDA PAYG user, I have been transferred to the new EE service,and I cannot text to 5 numeral addresses any more. This means one cannot text Argos and numerous other businesses, along with the BBC,LBC and other broadcasters. Asda EE is now only a partial service and I wonder how many other shortcomings there are to discover. Would I be able to text 5 number addresses with the Sainsbury Vodophone service ? Ken.London

  18. Roger said:

    What if you are changing to the Asda network, wanting to retain your existing number, and your already with EE.?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Roger,
      Thanks for your comment. As an EE customer moving to ASDA Mobile, you’ll need to go through the normal PAC Code process. Start by calling EE Customer Services and asking for a PAC Code, then provide this code to ASDA when you’re ready to move over. For step-by-step instructions, see my guide on moving your phone number from EE to ASDA.
      Hope this helps,

  19. David said:

    Hi Ken

    You may wish to draw readers’ attention to the fact that Asda’s content filter blocks some 20% of non-adult websites, including all shortened Twitter links.

    Unlike other providers Asda do not enable users to remove this restriction online or via a free phone call, even though their FAQ and blocked content landing page say call 2732 to remove the filter.

    This is completely misleading and tantamount to theft. The call cost users 25p and they are told that they must take their passport into an Asda store to ‘prove’ they are over 18 (I am 57). Of course the same store will sell customers alcohol as long as they ‘look’ over 18.

    I see this requirement as totally OTT, and impossible to comply with given that my nearest store is nearly 50 miles away.

  20. tony murray said:

    Hello Ken,
    thanks for this valuable site.
    My wife and I (76 yrs) both obtained ASDA phones, ALCATEL One Touch 282 using the VODAPHONE network and eventually successfully changed over to EE network. Suddenly my phone has ‘locked’ such that I get a ‘Dial SOS number?’ or ‘Network key?’ in the window and can not remove it. I have tried removing battery and sim without success. I have put my sim into my wife’s phone and it works normally. When I put her sim into my phone I have the same problem. I have contacted ASDA mobile using my wife’s phone and they say I have to go to a 3rd party unlocker. We went through that route having to pay 2 x £10.00 to unlock the phones from the VODAPHONE network.
    Any suggestions?


    tony murray

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Tony,
      Thanks for your comment. Was your Alcatel handset originally purchased from Vodafone or from ASDA? If purchased from ASDA, it should be free to unlock your handset for EE: take a look at ASDA’s online form here.
      Hope this helps,

  21. Balbus said:

    Does anyone know if a locked EE phone will now work on ASDA mobile?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Balbus,
      As far as I’m aware, a handset locked to EE won’t work on the ASDA Mobile service. You’ll need to unlock it before using it on ASDA.
      Hope this helps,

  22. GRS said:

    When i purchased an Asda phone in September i was not
    aware of the pending change.

    When i phoned to day (post April) they told me i should
    have checked their website.

    Surely the onus is on them to tell me not for me to look
    at websites in the event of changes to their network

  23. GRS said:

    I was offered 100 free minutes to stay with Asda in October.
    I agreed.

    It is now May and they have refused me to use their service.
    Not only that the phone i bought at Asdamobile doesnt work
    possibly because it is on the old network.

    I have tried contacting them but it has cost me a lot of
    money to try and get it sorted.

    It would have been nice if i could have kept my number but
    they choose not to do this either.

  24. Tom said:

    Has anyone received their unused credit cheque, or in my case the requested Asda voucher yet?
    I have yet to receive mine. Suppose it’s early days yet.

    1. Tom replied:

      Further to my last post, I received my Asda Gift Card today, however it was for a very much lower amount than that which was claimed.

      I have written an appropriate response to them. There was no contact address in the letter but fortunately there was an “If undelivered” address on the back of the envelope.

  25. Thackley said:

    I have been an ASDA mobile customer for a good few years and after reading the problems on this and other sites I approached the changeover to EE with dread and nearly fled to Gifgaf untried. Am I glad I didn’t. The sim pack arrived three days after ordering it and having plucked up the courage to switch I held my breath and…. having followed ASDA’s clear instructions I was switched (including my original number), set up for internet, picture messaging etc. within two days! I had already carted my new sim (dual sim phone) around with me to check coverage and I found everywhere I went I had as good, if not better, coverage than the old ASDA mobile using Vodafone. I wonder whether all the one stars simply reflects a lack of feedback from those, like me, that have found the process painless. I have to say that having had no problems I have not tried the customer services aspect and so cannot comment on this (yet!)

  26. Chris E said:

    As an existing customer I was expecting to be switched over from the ASDA Vodaphone network to the new EE one. But when I inserted the new SIM card which they’d sent me, it told me that my phone was locked to the old network. I phoned ASDA for a network unlock code, only to be told that my mobile cannot be unlocked and that it is therefore nothing but a useless bit of plastic! I now have a choice if I want to stay with them – I can accept a basic £5 hand-set from them or buy another new, decent one at my own expense!!
    To add insult to injury, I bought my mobile in ASDA itself.
    I’m absolutely amazed at the shoddiness of their service, feel like I’ve been ripped off and will be leaving them as soon as my remaining credit is used up.

  27. Colin said:

    Is there anyone who can tell how to send and receive pics on this PAYG Asda EE, mine or the girlfriends won’t send and when my son sends any all I get is gobbledee gook

  28. Colin said:

    I would have had the same problem but I found a contact on Ebay who unlocked my LG290 for 0.99p

  29. Laurence Johnston said:

    I’m using the Asda £10 bundle at the moment and I think it’s pretty decent except when I tried to ring a government department. It was an 0845 number and the recorded message from Asda said I hadn’t any credit to ring this number. Why can I not call 0845 and how do I rectify this.


    Laurence Johnston

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Laurence,

      Unfortunately, ASDA’s PAYG bundles only include calls to UK landline & mobile numbers (most numbers beginning with 01, 02, 03 and 07 – see this guide for more information). For 0845 numbers, you’ll pay a 10p connection charge followed by 10p/minute (see this help article). Unfortunately, as all of your credit has been used to buy a bundle, you don’t have any credit remaining to call 0845 numbers.

      The good news is that most Government departments have now switched to using 0345 numbers (included within your ASDA allowance). If you double-check online for the latest contact details, you should hopefully find an 0345 alternative.

      Hope this helps,


      1. Laurence Johnston replied:

        Thanks Ken, appreciated,


      2. Ian replied:

        Wherever you see an 084 or 087 number advertised it is often useful to try calling the matching 034 or 037 number. If it works, it will be a cheaper call. If it doesn’t, there will be no charge.

        Thousands of organisations have changed to 03 numbers in the last year or so, but very many third-party websites are still advertising the old 084 or 087 numbers.

        Sometimes the new number will be an unrelated 030, 033 or 080 number, in which case you’ll need to check the official website of the organisation you are calling in order to find that new number.

  30. peter said:

    HOW did you get 9 tariffs mate if THEY have only 6 tariffs ??? Are you one of the employs ?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Peter,

      Don’t worry… I’m not an employee of ASDA 😉 There’s a difference between how I’ve listed the ASDA bundles and how they do so on their own website.

      ASDA has four basic bundles at £5/month, £10/month, £15/month and £20/month. Each of the bundles can be upgraded with 500MB of extra data. In my article, I’ve listed the basic bundles and data added bundles as separate entries in the table: hence we start with 8 bundles. On the ASDA website, they don’t show this clearly – they only show four bundles.

      There’s also a £5/month standalone bundle for 500MB of data. This is listed both in my table and on ASDA’s website. Hence, I’m up to 9 bundles whereas the ASDA website is now up to 5.

      Finally, ASDA have a £5/month add-on for BlackBerry Internet Service. I haven’t listed it here as most people don’t use a BlackBerry. I end up with a total of 9 bundles whereas the ASDA website ends up with 6.

      The details are the same but I think the table on this website should provide a clearer overview of the options.

      Hope this helps,

  31. Cliff said:

    Acording to Asda mobile all of their phones sold for use on Asda mobile after a certain date are unlocked. If you have an older one (I do – Alcatel OT-C550) they say they will give you an unlock code (without it the new SIM will not work). On their website you put in the IMEI number and it might give you a code, if it does not (mine did not) you have to phone them on a 0845 number (I tried doing it on their usual 2732 number but they said I had to ring the 0845 number). After waiting in the queue(which gives no info on how long the queue is) for 29 minutes I was cut off as it had used all of my remaining credit. Bearing in mind any credit you have on the old SIM is lost when you switch, they will not transfer credit to the new SIM, I am obviously not keen to put more credit on my old SIM and how much would I need anyway just to get through to them.
    I tried emailing them and pointed out they took all of my credit with their queue. The acknowledgement said they would reply within 24 hours. It took them 49 hours to reply and they told me I had to phone them.
    It does seem unreasonable that we have to pay per minute for calls to arrange to get their new SIM working and that it appears they will not deal with it by email.
    Perhaps it’s all designed to make me give up and buy a new phone.

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