Sky Live is the interactive camera for Sky Glass. It allows you to make video calls, play motion-control games, watch together with other households & work out on your TV.

In the UK, Sky has just launched the new Sky Live camera. It’s an interactive camera for Sky Glass, giving you lots of additional functionality and unlocking new ways to use your Sky Glass TV.

You can use the Sky Live camera for staying in touch with friends and family by making video calls through Zoom on your Sky Glass TV. You can also play motion-control games like Fruit Ninja, watch TV together with other households, and work out with a digital personal coach.

In this article, we’ll look at the new Sky Live camera. We’ll start by looking at how the camera works and what you’re able to do with it. We’ll then look at the best value deals currently available on the Sky Live camera and Sky Glass TV.

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Key Features:
  • Video call with friends & family on any device using Zoom.
  • Play interactive games including Fruit Ninja, Monopoly & more.
  • Watch live & on-demand TV together with up to 12 other households.
  • Work out with a digital personal coach & get real-time feedback.
  • A Sky Glass television (available from £14 per month).
  • Fibre broadband with 30Mbps download speed & 5Mbps upload speed.
Apps & Games: Includes Zoom, Mvmnt, Starri, Fruit Ninja, Monopoly (see full list)
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What is Sky Live?

In the UK, Sky has just released the Sky Live interactive camera. It’s an accessory that opens up a whole new way of using your Sky Glass TV. This includes the ability to make video calls, play games, watch together, and to keep fit using your TV.

The Sky Live camera is specially designed to work with the Sky Glass TV. This means there are a couple of touches that make the experience really seamless. For instance, the Sky Live camera magnetically attaches to the top of your Sky Glass TV, keeping it stable and secure without the need for a clamp. There’s also no need for a separate controller: you can just use your existing Sky Glass remote with it.

The Sky Live camera has a 4K Ultra HD sensor with the ability to capture up to 12 megapixels across a 106° field of view. There’s built-in body tracking technology which comes in handy for things like the fitness application and the motion-control games. For extra privacy, there’s a light on the front of the device that shows when the camera is on, along with a privacy button that allows you to switch off the camera.

From games, to fitness and video calls, Sky Live comes with a wide range of apps built-in as standard, including Zoom, Mvmnt, Starri, Fruit Ninja, Monopoly and more.

Sky Live Features

Video Call On Your TV

With Sky Live, you can stay in touch with friends and family from around the world. This is possible using the built-in video conferencing solution from Zoom.

When you make or answer a video call on Sky Live, you’ll be able to see the people you know on the large 4K Ultra HD display on Sky Glass. They’ll be able to see you through the Sky Live camera, with features like auto-tracking technology to keep everyone in the shot  (even if they’re walking around the room).

To give you the clearest possible audio, Sky Live has its own built-in microphone array, consisting of four far-field microphones that can pick up speech from around the room. There’s also background noise suppression technology to give you clearer audio with better intelligibility.

You’ll be able to call your friends and family, whatever device they’re using: all they’ll need is the Zoom app on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. In addition, if you’re signed in to the same Zoom account on your other devices, you’ll be able to easily transfer your call between different devices. For instance, you can pick up a call on your phone, before transferring it to your Sky Glass TV. Equally, you could do this the other way around (e.g. if you started the call on Sky Glass and wanted to resume it elsewhere on your laptop).

Play Games

The Sky Live camera allows you to play games on your Sky Glass TV. By making use of motion control and gesture recognition technology, your body becomes the controller for your games.

At launch, you’ll be able to play a range of active movement-based games including Starri, PAW Patrol PAWsome fitness and Fruit Ninja on Sky Live. There are also other games like Monopoly that are operated with your remote control. Many games have a multiplayer option as well as a single player option.

At launch, the games available on Sky Live include the following:

  • Fruit Ninja
  • Whack-A-Mole
  • Starri
  • Monopoly
  • PAW Patrol PAWsome Fitness
  • Morph Thingy-Ma-Bobstacle Course
  • Air Racer
  • Galaxy Jumpers
  • Scooby Doo Sandwich Stack Arcade
  • Party Fowl
  • Disc Jump
  • Food Hop
  • Beep Beep Bop
  • Laser Dodge
  • see more…

According to Sky, there are more games coming very soon. This includes Peppa Pig and a version of Stingray Karaoke. There’s also a VideoBooth feature that allows you to capture photos and videos with Sky Live, applying filters to them (e.g. from PAW Patrol, Trolls, and more).

One of the great things about Sky Live is the fact you’ll get all of the games included. There’s no need to pay a separate fee to download or to play the games.

Watch Together

If you’ve ever watched Gogglebox on TV, you’ll know exactly how the ‘Watch Together’ feature works on Sky Live.

Using the Watch Together feature, you’ll be able to watch live TV and Sky’s on-demand content with your friends and family, even if they’re somewhere else. Just press the ‘Watch Together’ button to start a new session and up to 12 households will be able to join. During the session, you’ll be able to see and hear the other people who are watching the programme with you, alongside the show you’re watching.

It’s worth noting that your friends and family will also need a Sky Glass TV and a Sky Live camera to use the Watch Together feature. They’ll also need to have their own subscription to the same channel or package. If they don’t, they’ll still be able to join the Watch Together room but they won’t be able to see the programme on their own TV.

Work Out With Your Digital Coach

Finally, Sky Live comes with the Mvmnt fitness application, which has been developed exclusively for Sky Glass.

The Mvmnt app gives you access to more than 130 interactive workouts on your TV, including a range of strength, mobility, pilates, HIIT and yoga classes. These span a wide range of abilities, so you’ll be able to find something suitable whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Using the Sky Live camera’s built-in body tracking technology, the app gives you real-time feedback on your moves through visual and verbal coaching. According to Sky, the camera continuously tracks 32 reference points on the body, giving you a score out of 10 for the accuracy of your moves. It’s supposed to be a bit like having your own ‘digital personal coach’ inside the TV.

Another noteworthy feature is the fact there’s no extra cost to use Mvmnt on Sky Live. This differs from many other fitness applications.

More Information

For more information about the Sky Live camera, please see Sky’s official website. For more information about the TV, you can read our Sky Glass review.

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