BT offers business broadband on a choice of Broadband Only, Essential and Halo for Business plans. Compare the plans and features available on BT Business.

In the UK, BT currently offers business broadband plans from £22.95 per month (excluding VAT). You can choose a simple ‘broadband only’ plan, or there’s a range of Essential and Halo for Business plans with a phone line included. The Halo for Business plans also include 4G Hybrid Backup along with business IT support and a static IP address.

In this article, we’ll review BT’s business broadband service. We’ll start by looking at the plans and speeds available. We’ll then look at the features available on BT Business including the speed guarantee, guest wi-fi, the digital phone line and more. We’ll also look at the additional functionality included on Halo for Business, and the BT Business Smart Hub 2 router that’s now provided as standard on all plans.

Prices From: £22.95 per month (ex VAT)
Contract Length: 24 months
BT Business Plans: Broadband Only
Essential Broadband
Halo for Business
Halo with Complete Wi-Fi
Broadband Speeds: Fibre 38
Fibre 76
Full Fibre 150
Full Fibre 300
Full Fibre 500
Full Fibre 900
ADSL with 4G Hybrid Speed Boost
Router: BT Business Smart Hub 2
Coverage: 95% of UK addresses
(check your postcode)

BT Business Broadband Plans

In the UK, BT currently offers three different types of business broadband plan. You can choose a broadband only plan, an Essential plan or a Halo for Business plan.

The following table shows a side-by-side comparison of the three plans:

Broadband Only Essential Halo for Business
Monthly Price: From £22.95 per month From £25.95 per month From £36.96 per month
Contract Length: 24 months 24 months 24 months
Available Speeds
Fibre Plans: Fibre 38 Fibre 76 Fibre 76
Full Fibre Plans: Full Fibre 38 Full Fibre 76
Full Fibre 150
Full Fibre 300
Full Fibre 500
Full Fibre 900
Full Fibre 76
Full Fibre 150
Full Fibre 300
Full Fibre 500
Full Fibre 900
Copper (ADSL) Plans: ADSL (19Mb)
with Hybrid Speed Boost
ADSL (19Mb)
with Hybrid Speed Boost
At your address: Check broadband only speeds Check Essential speeds Check Halo for Business speeds
Inclusive Features
Speed Guarantee: Yes Yes Yes
Guest Wi-Fi: Yes Yes Yes
Phone Line: No Yes Yes
Take calls on-the-go: No Yes, with digital phone line Yes, with digital phone line
Hybrid Speed Boost: No On ADSL plans only On ADSL plans only
Hybrid Backup: No No Yes
Business IT Support: No No Yes
Static IP Address: No No Yes
Complete Wi-Fi: No No Optional
Router: Business Smart Hub 2 Business Smart Hub 2 Business Smart Hub 2
Availability: 91% of UK addresses
Check availability →
95% of UK addresses
Check availability →
95% of UK addresses
Check availability →

BT Business Broadband Deals

In the UK, BT currently offers fibre broadband for businesses from £22.95/month on a 24-month contract. The following table shows some of their Fibre 38 and Fibre 76 deals:

BT Business Plan Broadband Speed Contract Length Upfront Price Monthly Price

Fibre 38
(no phone line)
Up to 38Mbps download
Up to 9.5Mbps upload
24 month contract £9.95 £22.95/month

Fibre 76 Essential
with Digital Phone Line
Up to 76Mbps download
Up to 19Mbps upload
24 month contract £39.95 £26.95/month

Fibre 76 Enhanced
with Digital Phone Line
(Halo for Business)
Up to 76Mbps download
Up to 19Mbps upload
24 month contract £39.95 £36.95/month

* All prices are shown excluding VAT.

See BT Business Broadband deals →

In selected postcodes, you’ll also be able to choose a faster full fibre (FTTP) plan. Businesses can currently choose from Full Fibre 150, Full Fibre 300, Full Fibre 500 and Full Fibre 900. You can see whether these plans are available at your address by entering your postcode on the BT Business website.

If you’re only able to get copper broadband (ADSL) at your address, you can also get a regular ADSL service from BT Business. From new plans taken since May 2021, this will include Hybrid Speed Boost at no extra cost. This makes use of 4G technology to improve the download speeds available to you.

BT Business Features

In the following section, we’ll look at some of the inclusive features you’ll get as standard on BT Business.

Broadband Speed Guarantee

All of BT’s business plans come with a broadband speed guarantee. When you check the availability of broadband at your address, BT will give you a personalised minimum guaranteed speed.

If the speed of your broadband connection drops below the minimum guaranteed speed, you may be able to exit your contract without penalty if BT are unable to resolve the problem for you.

You can check your minimum guaranteed speed by entering your address on the BT Business website.

Guest Wi-Fi

If your customers or clients visit your business premises, you can offer them free wi-fi through the Guest Wi-Fi feature on your BT Business Smart Hub.

The Guest Wi-Fi feature creates a separate wi-fi network that your guests are able to access on their own device. As the guest wi-fi network is kept separate from your own business wi-fi network, your own devices and data are kept separate and secure.

The guest wi-fi network is set up to automatically block illegal and malicious content, with 80% of the bandwidth being reserved for your own network so guests won’t be able to slow down your connection.

The Guest Wi-Fi feature allows up to 13 customers to access free wi-fi at the same time on your premises.

Digital Phone Line

Most BT Business fibre plans (excluding broadband only plans) now include a digital phone line. This is delivered using voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology on your broadband connection.

When you’re on your business premises, you’ll be able to use your phone line as normal. BT will give you a new cordless base station and a handset to use with the Digital Phone service.

When you’re on-the-go, you’ll still be able to make and receive phone calls using your landline phone number. You can do this through BT’s Cloud Voice Express application. You can also access your voicemail messages on the go in the app.

In addition, the Digital Phone service comes with a built-in nuisance call filter, voicemail with automatic transcription and an online portal for managing the digital phone service. You can transfer your existing landline phone number to the Digital Phone service.

If you’re ordering an ADSL (copper) broadband plan from BT Business, you’ll get a traditional phone line instead. This is also referred to as a ‘Value Phone Line’ on the BT Business website.

Hybrid Speed Boost

If your business address is only able to get copper (ADSL) broadband, BT will automatically add the Hybrid Speed Boost feature to your plan. This is available at no extra cost and combines a 4G broadband connection with your regular copper broadband connection.

What’s unique about the Hybrid Speed Boost feature is the fact it can use your 4G broadband connection at the same time as your copper broadband connection. In fact, the two connections are ‘bonded’ together, giving a significant boost to your speeds.

According to BT, the average customer will see their download speed boosted by 20Mbps. You’ll also see a significant improvement in the upload speed, with an average upload speed boost of 10Mbps. This compares to a normal upload speed of just 1Mbps on regular copper broadband.

The Hybrid Speed Boost feature is powered by EE’s 4G network so you’ll need to be in a location where there’s good 4G coverage available to use it. Hybrid Speed Boost uses multipath TCP (MPTCP) technology from Tessares. This takes your TCP-based web traffic and seamlessly splits it up across your copper connection and 4G connection. As most web traffic is TCP-based, it should benefit from the speed boost. However, it won’t boost any UDP-based traffic such as VPN services and some online games.

You’ll be given a Hybrid Connect device for the purposes of using the Hybrid Speed Boost feature.

Halo for Business Features

If you choose a Halo for Business broadband plan, you’ll get some additional features like Hybrid Backup, Business IT support and a static IP.

Hybrid Backup

With Halo for Business, you’ll get Hybrid Backup included, making use of a 4G Hybrid Connect device.

Should there ever be a fault with your fibre broadband connection, the Hybrid Connect will automatically switch you over to a 4G connection. This keeps your business connected to the internet until the fault with your fibre service is resolved. As everything happens automatically and transparently in the background, there’s no need to lift a finger or to sign in to a different wi-fi network on your devices. It also works with your static IP so the disruption to your business activity is minimised.

As a BT Business customer, the Hybrid Backup service comes with a guarantee. You’ll be able to claim a £60 credit on your bill if the Hybrid Backup service fails to activate within 30 minutes of you reporting a fault to BT.

For more information about Hybrid Backup, see the BT Business website.

Business IT Support

You’ll get business IT support included on Halo for Business plans (worth £7.50/month ex VAT). This gives you round-the-clock access to an IT support team who can help with things like virus removal, software updates, networking issues and more. The support service is offered remotely by phone and remote desktop.

Static IP Address

You’ll get a static IP address included when you choose Halo for Business. This is important for lots of services such as running your own server (such as a web server, email server, VPN or FTP). It may also be required for security and to enable remote access to things like your CCTV system.

You’ll get 1 static IP address included on Halo for Business. If you need further static IP addresses, you can pay an extra £11/month (ex VAT) for 5 static IPs.

Complete Wi-Fi

When you choose Halo for Business, you can add Complete Wi-Fi for an extra £7/month (ex VAT). This is a mesh wi-fi system that uses Wi-Fi boosting discs to extend the range of the Wi-Fi network through your premises. As it’s a mesh Wi-Fi system, you’ll get one seamless network with no need for multiple passwords or to sign in again as you move around your premises.

As part of the Complete Wi-Fi for Business solution, you can get up to a total of six Wi-Fi Discs at no extra cost. BT will also guarantee a Wi-Fi signal in every room of your premises, or you’ll get money back if this isn’t possible to achieve.

BT Business Smart Hub 2

On all BT Business plans, you’ll now get the BT Business Smart Hub 2 router included.

The following table shows the technical specifications of the Business Smart Hub 2 router:

BT Business Smart Hub 2
BT Broadband Plans: All BT Business plans
Dual-Band Wi-Fi: Yes
Wi-Fi Connectivity: Wi-Fi 5 (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
Wi-Fi Speed: Up to 2022Mbps total
2.4GHz Wi-Fi: 3×3 MIMO (up to 289Mbps)
5GHz Wi-Fi: 4×4 MIMO (up to 1733Mbps)
Complete Wi-Fi (Mesh): Yes, with Complete Wi-Fi add-on
Guest Wi-Fi: Yes
Ethernet: 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
USB ports: 1 USB 2.0 port
Other: WPA2 / WPA security
Built-in firewall
Automatic channel selection & optimisation
Colour: Black
More Information: BT Business Website

More Information

For more information about BT’s business broadband plans, please see the official BT Business website.

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