BT offers business broadband deals from £19.45 per month (ex VAT). Compare BT’s Essential & Enhanced business broadband plans.

In the UK, BT is currently offering business broadband plans from as little as £19.45 per month (excluding VAT) in their latest business broadband sale. All of their plans come with the latest BT Business Smart Hub 2 router and features like a separate wi-fi network for your guests.

You can choose from a range of different speeds on BT Business that go up to 900Mbps. In addition, there’s the option to take a digital phone line on Fibre 76 and above, giving you the ability to make and receive HD phone calls on-the-go. For an extra £10 per month, you can upgrade to Enhanced business broadband with automatic 4G backup, expert tech support and a static IP address.

In this article, we’ll look at BT’s business broadband service. We’ll start by taking a look at the best BT Business deals. We’ll then compare the different plans that are available, before looking at the BT Business features in more detail.

BT Business Fibre Deals

As part of their latest sale, BT has reduced the price of their business broadband deals to as little as £19.45 per month excluding VAT (this was previously £29.95 per month). For this, you’ll get the Fibre 38 Essential business broadband plan, with download speeds of up to 38Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10Mbps. There’s no phone line included with this Fibre 38 deal.

For faster download speeds along with a digital phone line for your business, you can get Fibre 76 Essential + Digital Line for £30.45 per month excluding VAT. This comes with download speeds of up to 76Mbps and upload speeds of up to 19Mbps. You’ll be able to make and take business phone calls on-the-go with your digital phone line.

The following table shows the latest BT Business deals:

BT Business Plan Broadband Speed Contract Length Upfront Price
(exc VAT)
Monthly Price
(exc VAT)

Fibre 38 Essential
(no phone line)
Up to 38Mbps download
Up to 10Mbps upload
24 month contract £19.95 £19.45/month

Fibre 76 Essential
+ Digital Line
Up to 76Mbps download
Up to 19Mbps upload
24 month contract £9.95 £30.45/month

Full Fibre 150 Essential
+ Digital Line
Up to 152Mbps download
Up to 29Mbps upload
24 month contract £9.95 £35.45/month

Full Fibre 500 Essential
+ Digital Line
Up to 500Mbps download
Up to 68Mbps upload
24 month contract £9.95 £40.45/month

Full Fibre 900 Essential
+ Digital Line
Up to 900Mbps download
Up to 104Mbps upload
24 month contract £9.95 £45.45/month

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The Full Fibre plans from BT Business (Full Fibre 150, Full Fibre 300, Full Fibre 500 and Full Fibre 900) are only available in locations with access to full fibre (FTTP) technology. To see whether the Full Fibre plans are available at your address, enter your postcode on the BT Business website.

If your business address is only able to get copper broadband (ADSL), BT offers a business ADSL service with Hybrid Speed Boost included. According to BT, their Hybrid Speed Boost technology combines ADSL with 4G technology to give you download speeds that are an average of 20Mbps faster than ADSL broadband on its own.

If you’re a larger business needing a dedicated leased line service, BT also offers the BTnet Leased Line service. With this, you’ll get a dedicated leased line connection that is only used by your business. There’s also a SLA, along with a guaranteed fix-time for any problems with your service.

Essential VS Enhanced Plans

Once you’ve chosen the speed of your BT Business service, there’ll be an option to upgrade it for an ‘Enhanced’ service with additional features for your business. This is only available on Fibre 76 and above.

For approximately £10 per month extra (excluding VAT), the Enhanced plans from BT Business will give you guaranteed 4G backup for your broadband. You’ll also get expert tech support, along with a static IP address included.

The following table shows a side-by-side comparison of the features available on BT Business Essential and Enhanced plans:

Essential Plans Enhanced Plans
Download Speed:
Up to 900Mbps (check) Up to 900Mbps (check)
Speed Guarantee: Yes Yes
Business Smart Hub 2: Yes Yes
Guest Wi-Fi: Yes Yes
Take calls on-the-go:
(excl. Fibre 38 Essential broadband only)
4G Hybrid Backup: No Yes
Expert Tech Support: No Yes
Static IP Address: No Yes
Complete Wi-Fi:
Add £7/month Add £7/month
Availability: Check availability → Check availability →

BT Business Features

In the following section, we’ll look at some of the features available on BT Business in more detail.

Guest Wi-Fi

On all BT Business plans, you’ll now get the latest BT Business Smart Hub 2 router included. This comes with a Guest Wi-Fi feature that allows you to share a wi-fi connection with visitors or guests to your business.

There are multiple benefits to using the guest wi-fi feature, as opposed to sharing the normal login details for your business wi-fi network:

  • Guest wi-fi keeps your devices & your data secure. As the guest wi-fi network is kept separate from your business wi-fi network, guests will not have access to your devices and other network resources (e.g. shared folders, data, printers, etc).
  • Guest wi-fi ensures you have enough speed available for your own devices. In total, guest wi-fi users are only able to use up to 20% of the available speed of your connection. The other 80% is reserved for your own use. This means you won’t have problems like video calls dropping or card machines failing to connect to the network due to guest users overloading your connection.
  • Guest wi-fi is set to automatically block illegal and malicious content. This helps to keep your business and guests secure.

Digital Phone Lines

Most BT Business plans now come with the option of a digital phone line (this excludes broadband-only and copper broadband plans).

Your digital phone line allows you to benefit from clearer HD-quality phone calls. You’ll also be able to make and take phone calls on-the-go with your business number using BT’s Cloud Voice Express app for your phone.

With a digital phone line, your voicemail messages are also transcribed automatically to text and you’ll be able to keep your existing phone number even when moving to a different area.

Hybrid Connect 4G Backup

When you choose an Enhanced plan from BT Business, you’ll get a Hybrid Connect device included with BT’s Hybrid Backup feature. This will automatically switch your broadband connection to 4G if there’s a fault with your fibre broadband service, ensuring all of your business devices can stay online without disruption.

Unlike regular 4G broadband, the Hybrid Backup service kicks in automatically. There’s no need to faff around connecting your devices to a different Wi-Fi network to stay online (so things like conference calls, card machines, CCTV systems, and more will just continue to work). This is backed by BT’s Always Connected Guarantee, which gives you money back if the service does not work as intended.

Another benefit of the Hybrid Backup service is that it’s fully compatible with the BT Cloud Voice (Digital Phone) and static IP features. The Hybrid Backup service is powered by EE’s 4G network.

Expert Tech Support

If you have an Enhanced broadband plan, you’ll also get BT’s Expert Tech Support package included. Alongside the 24/7 access to their support desk, you can get an ‘Expert Setup’ where one of BT’s engineers can come out to install your kit, and help you get the most from it.

Static IP Address

If you’re running your own server (such as a web server, email, VPN or FTP server), it can often be useful having a static IP address. A static IP address may also be required for secure authentication to certain online services and for remote access to your premises CCTV system.

When you choose an Enhanced plan, you’ll get 1 static IP address included (this includes a single IPv4 address, as well as a static IPv6 prefix). On Essential plans, you’ll get a dynamic IP address with the option to order 1 static IP address, or 5 static IP addresses as an add-on.

Complete WiFi

For an extra £7 per month (excluding VAT), you can add BT’s Complete Wi-Fi for Business add-on. This uses your BT Business Smart Hub 2, along with one or more Wi-Fi Discs to ensure you have Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire business premises. It uses mesh technology to give you one seamless wi-fi network, with no need for multiple passwords or to sign in again as you move around between different rooms.

When you sign up for Complete Wi-Fi for Business, you’ll get one Wi-Fi Disc provided. If more are needed, BT will supply up to 5 more Wi-Fi Discs at no extra cost. In addition, BT can send out an engineer to visit your premises if you already have two or more Wi-Fi Discs and are not happy with the Wi-Fi coverage.

More Information

For more information about BT’s business broadband plans and deals, please see the official BT Business website.

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