Have you ever wanted to be a more informed mobile phone user? In this section of our website, you can learn everything you need to know to become a mobile expert.

Mobile phones and mobile technology are evolving on a daily basis. With the fast-moving pace and regular changes in the industry, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up. Which mobile phone network offers the best service? Which tariff will best suit my needs? How can I choose between the latest handsets?

In this section of the website, we’ll go back-to-basics and try to answer these questions. We’ll show you how to compare mobile networks, tariffs and handsets. Find out how to compare mobile network coverage, discover how many gigabytes you need every month and whether 5G technology is worth having. You can also learn more about the important considerations when choosing a smartphone, how telephony works in the UK and about mobile broadband services.

Visiting Or Moving To the UK: Best UK SIM Cards & Using Your Cellphone

Find out how to use your cellphone in the UK & see the best UK SIM cards for visitors and new UK residents.

UK Mobile Coverage: Check & Compare Across Networks

Coverage should be your top consideration when choosing a new mobile network. Find out how to compare the mobile coverage in your area.

Mobile Data Explained: Download Limits, Speeds & Traffic Management

As a smartphone user, it's essential to choose a good data plan. Find out how much data you need and how download speeds will affect your experience.

UK eSIM Providers: How to get an eSIM from UK Networks

In the UK, eSIMs are currently available from 10 different mobile networks. You can use an eSIM in your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phone.

Making Phone Calls in the UK: A Beginner's Guide

Are you new to the UK's telephone system? Here's our guide for complete beginners: understand UK phone numbers and how much they cost.

UK Mobile Phone Retailers: Where To Buy Your Next Smartphone

As an alternative to buying your smartphone directly from a mobile network, you can buy it from a third-party retailer like the Carphone Warehouse.

Credit Checks for Mobiles & SIMs: How They Work & 'No Credit Check' Deals

A credit check is sometimes required when you buy a mobile phone or SIM card in the UK. Find out how credit checks work and discover 'no credit check' deals.

Mid-Contract Price Rises: UK Mobile Networks & Broadband Providers

In the UK, mobile networks and broadband providers often increase the cost of your plan each year. Find out more about mid-contract price rises.

Contact Details & Phone Numbers For UK Mobile Networks

Find out how to contact your UK mobile network for a range of issues like billing, coverage, lost & stolen, leaving the network or making a complaint.

Your Smartphone's SIM Card Size: Standard, Micro or Nano?

Find out which size of SIM card is required by your new smartphone: Standard SIM, Micro SIM or Nano SIM.

Understanding Your New Smartphone: The Key Specifications

Learn more about your next smartphone: How big is it really? Which size of SIM card is required by the handset? How much storage is included for my photos and applications?

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  • Just found out, that to phone a number in madeira, you now need to dial 00 351 291 then the local number. There is now an entire new sequence of numbers added into the international dialing code, can anyone explain when this was introduced and why, and how many countries are now affected by these changes and what the new numbers are? There doesn’t appear to be any informaiton regarding this online. Before I used to dial 00351+ local number, if I do this now, I get “oops please check your number” Do people outside of the Uk also now have this problem?

    • Hi Martin,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m not aware of any changes to the international dialling codes.
      351 is the international direct dial prefix for Portugal and 291 is the Portguese area code for Madeira and Porto Santo. Therefore:
      00 = the international dialling prefix when calling abroad from a UK phone (or you can use the + sign instead on a GSM handset)
      351 = the international dialling code for Portugal
      291 = the Portugese area code for Madiera
      The rest of the phone number should then appear after that.
      Hope this helps,

  • Dan Mackenzie said:

    Have tried several TPO and Asda mobile SIMS for my wife and my unlocked Vodafones, however the signal keeps dropping out. We are in a good city coverage area, have contacted requisite support – “I’ll send you another SIM”, still no joy. Have tried EE Sim and that seems fine – but I’m a light user after Vfm.

    Mysteriously, I have had success with my phone, by inserting my old (poss 2G) Asdamobile Sim into new phone. Puzzled, and would welcome thoughts before I plump for …EE? Or a second hand Asda 2G SIM.

    Btw interesting site

    Kind Regards

  • Johnny Dean said:

    Not so much a comment (except that I find your site immensely helpful!), more a general question. I have found UMA to be v useful on my existing Blackberry – means I can connect through a Wi-Fi connection wherever a signal is poor or non existent. Am thinking of switching to Giff Gaff and a Motorola Moto G which puts an X against UMA in its specs. Do you think it is possible to get a mobile phone connection through Wi-Fi on this or equivalent handsets? Kind regards, Johnny Dean

    • Hi Johnny,
      Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, without support from both your network and your handset, it won’t be possible to get your mobile phone service over a wi-fi internet connection. There are, however, a couple of similar alternatives currently available.
      On Vodafone, you can buy a Sure Signal box (it’s a £100 accessory which forms a 3G internet connection from your home broadband internet). For O2 and Three, you can use special applications provided by the network (TU Go for O2 and inTouch for Three). With TU Go and inTouch, you’ll need to use special applications to make and receive phone calls and texts (you can’t use the normal interface on your phone).
      Only UMA & wi-fi calling will allow you to do things seamlessly like you’re currently doing on Orange (EE are due to launch this service later in the year).
      Unfortunately, giffgaff doesn’t yet offer any of the solutions so you’ll need to choose a larger network for wi-fi calling functionality.
      Hope this helps,

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