Are you new to the UK’s telephone system? Here’s our guide for complete beginners: understand UK phone numbers and use a cellphone from abroad.

If you’re new to the UK’s mobile telephone system, the articles here aim to help you get started. Find out how UK phone numbers are formatted and how you’re able to use a GSM handset from abroad.

UK Phone Numbers: The Format & Costs To Call From Your Mobile

By understanding the UK's telephone numbering scheme, you can work out how much a phone call will cost you.

Find Out Your International Phone Number: Receive Calls From Abroad

Find out your international phone number so you can receive phone calls and texts from abroad.

08, 09 & 118 Numbers: The Cost Of Calling From Your Mobile

Find out how much it'll cost to call special phone numbers from your UK mobile. Includes 08, 09 and 118 phone numbers.

Mid-Contract Price Rises (RPI & CPI): By UK Mobile Network

Some UK mobile networks increase the cost of your mobile phone contract with RPI or CPI inflation each year. Find out more about mid-contract price rises.

Mobile Phone Credit Checks: How They Work & 'No Credit Check' Deals

You'll sometimes need to undergo a credit check when taking out a mobile phone contract in the UK. Find out what this involves and discover "no credit check" deals.

Where To Find Free Wi-Fi From BT, O2, The Cloud & Virgin

In the UK, there are four main providers of free public wi-fi: BT Wi-Fi, O2 Wi-Fi, The Cloud and Virgin Media Wi-Fi. Find out how to get access to each of these services.

Buying Your Mobile Phone & SIM Card Separately: Best Unbundled Deals

Rather than getting a 24-month contract, a better alternative is now buying your mobile phone separately from the tariff. This saves money, increases flexibility and gives greater transparency.

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