Plusnet’s Fibre broadband-only plan gives you the fastest speeds your home can get, with no need for a landline.

In the UK, Plusnet now offers a range of broadband-only plans that do not require a landline to set up your connection. Their latest plan, which is simply known as ‘Plusnet Fibre’, gives you the fastest available download speeds in your home using fibre technology for just £24.99 per month. It’s a straightforward broadband-only service with better reliability, an inclusive Plusnet Hub Two router, and online security from Norton.

If you’re living in an area with access to full fibre (FTTP) technology, Plusnet also offers Full Fibre plans which are also broadband-only. They use 100% full fibre connectivity straight into your home, allowing you to get ultrafast download speeds of up to 900Mbps.

In this article, we’ll review Plusnet’s ‘Fibre’ broadband-only plan, including how it works and the best deals that are currently available. We’ll also look at the features you’ll get included, and how you can switch your home broadband service to Plusnet.

Prices From: £24.99 per month
Contract Length: 24 months
Download Speed: 66Mbps average (check your speed)
Upload Speed: 9Mbps average
Router: Plusnet Hub Two
Coverage: 90% of UK homes
(check your postcode)

What is Plusnet Fibre?

In the UK, Plusnet has just launched their latest fibre broadband-only plan. Simply known as ‘Plusnet Fibre’, it gives you the fastest available download speeds in your home, for a monthly fee of £24.99 per month. This is possible without the need for a landline: you’re just getting a straightforward home broadband service.

Behind the scenes, Plusnet’s Fibre broadband-only plan is making use of a technology called SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access). The ‘single order’ aspect of this refers to the fact that you’re placing just a single order for your fibre broadband service. This is different to traditional fibre broadband, where you’ve historically needed to order a landline, with the broadband service then being delivered on the top.

There are a number of key benefits when choosing a Fibre broadband-only plan:

  • It’s straightforward broadband without a phone line. There’s no need to place an order for a landline service that you won’t use. If you want to make a phone call, you can use your mobile phone or you can use internet-based apps such as WhatsApp.
  • It’s cost-effective. You can get Plusnet’s Fibre broadband service without a landline for just £24.99 per month. As there’s no landline, there’s no need to pay a line rental fee.
  • It’s more reliable. Your connection is solely dedicated to providing a broadband service. As it’s no longer carrying a home phone service, it’s more reliable and there’s less chance of faults occurring.

More broadly, the analogue phone services are currently being phased out across the whole of the UK. This process is due to be completed by the end of 2025. This means all UK households will eventually need to move to a similar service in the next few years. With Plusnet’s new ‘Fibre’ plan, you’re ready for this change.

Full Fibre Plans

If you’re living in a home with access to full fibre (FTTP) technology, you’ll have access to Plusnet’s full fibre plans with download speeds of up to 900Mbps.

With full fibre, you’re getting a fibre optic connection all the way into your home. This can mean faster download speeds and a more responsive connection with better reliability. There’s also no need to have a home phone service with full fibre.

To see whether full fibre is available where you live, enter your postcode on the Plusnet website.

Plusnet Fibre Broadband Only Deals

With this national broadband upgrade currently taking place, you may have different connections available to you, depending on where you live. On Fibre, Plusnet will always offer you their best available speeds in your home.

If you’re living in a fibre-enabled area, you can get Plusnet’s Fibre broadband-only service for just £24.99 per month.

This is normally advertised as having an average download speed of 66Mbps (enough for streaming HD-quality video on more than ten devices at the same time). However, there’s no actual limit on the download speed – you’ll be able to get the fastest available speeds permitted by your fibre connection.

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
(may rise during contract)
66Mbps download24 month contract£0£24.99/month

To get a personalised estimate of the speeds available where you live, enter your address on the Plusnet website.

Full Fibre Deals

If you’re living in a home with access to full fibre (FTTP) broadband, you’ll be able to choose from Plusnet’s Full Fibre plans. You’ll be able to choose from a range of download speeds, ranging from 74Mbps to 900Mbps:

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
(may rise during contract)
Full Fibre 74
74Mbps download24 month contract£0£27.99/month
Full Fibre 145
145Mbps download24 month contract£0£27.99/month
Full Fibre 300
300Mbps download24 month contract£0£29.99/month
Full Fibre 500
500Mbps download24 month contract£0£32.99/month
Full Fibre 900
900Mbps download24 month contract£0£39.99/month

Plusnet Broadband Features

Simple & Reliable Plans

With Plusnet Fibre, you’re getting a straightforward broadband service with unlimited downloads included and with no need for a landline. You’ll just pay a straightforward monthly fee for your service: there are no additional charges for using too much data or for making calls on a landline. You’ll also get the fastest available speeds permitted by your connection.

Inclusive Online Security

Plusnet offers inclusive online security on their Fibre broadband service. This includes:

  • Plusnet SafeGuard parental controls. The Plusnet SafeGuard service allows you to block access to certain categories of websites (e.g. adult content, gambling sites, social media and more). You can customise the filters by the time of day (e.g. only allowing access to social media websites once school time is finished).
  • Plusnet Protect anti-virus software. The Plusnet Protect software gives you anti-virus and firewall protection. It can be used on up to 7 devices at the same time and is powered by Norton Security.

100% Renewable Energy

Plusnet’s broadband network has been powered by 100% renewable energy since 2021. According to Plusnet, that’s “good for you and the planet”.

UK Customer Support

According to Plusnet, they offer UK-based customer support 7 days per week, from two call centres that are based in Sheffield and Leeds. You can contact their customer services team by phone, or by using the live chat feature on the Plusnet website.

Plusnet says they’ve received 34 customer service awards since they were founded in 1997.

Plusnet Hub Two

You’ll get Plusnet’s latest Hub Two router included when you take their ‘Fibre’ broadband plan. This is designed to give you a stronger Wi-Fi signal throughout your home, along with faster download speeds and the ability to use more devices at the same time. With these improved features, it’s now a Which? endorsed Best Buy Hub.

There are 7 built-in Wi-Fi antenna on the Plusnet Hub Two router, with support for dual-band Wi-Fi 5 technology (802.11a/b/g/n/ac). You’ll also get 3 Gigabit Ethernet sockets for connecting wired devices to your home network. There’s also a handy USB port and removable password card.

Switching to Plusnet

If you’re currently using another broadband provider, it’s easy to switch your service to Plusnet.

Start by ordering your new Fibre broadband service from the Plusnet website. When you place your order, you’ll be given the switchover date for your service. This will normally be in around two weeks time.

In most cases, Plusnet will contact your old broadband provider for you to arrange for your service to be switched over. The main exception to this is if you’re switching from Virgin Media or from another provider that does not use the Openreach network. If this is the case, you’ll need to contact them separately to let them know that you’re moving to Plusnet.

For step-by-step instructions on how to switch to Plusnet, please select your current broadband provider from the list below:

Switch to Plusnet Broadband
Your step-by-step guide to switching

Select your current broadband provider:

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More Information

For more information about Plusnet’s Fibre broadband plan, please see Plusnet’s official website.

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