Sky offers Signature and Ultimate TV packages with add-ons such as Netflix, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

In the UK, Sky currently offers a range of television packages from £25/month. All Sky TV customers will get Sky Signature as their base TV package which comes with access to more than 300 channels including entertainment and documentaries. You’ll also get more than 500 box sets to watch on-demand.

If you upgrade to Sky Ultimate, you’ll get a subscription to Netflix with Sky TV, allowing you to watch both services through your Sky Q box.

Once you’ve chosen your Sky TV plan, you’ll be able to add a range of extra add-ons to it. Optional Sky TV add-ons include Sky Sports and BT Sport, along with the Sky Cinema channels and the Sky Kids service. You can also add HD channels, Ultra HD channels or Sky Multiscreen which allows you to watch in multiple rooms at the same time.

In this article, we’ll review Sky’s television packages including Sky Signature and Sky Ultimate TV. We’ll also look at the Sky Q box that’s included and the Sky Go app which allows you to watch wherever you are. Finally, we’ll look at the extras that are available for Sky TV including Sky Sports, BT Sport, Sky Cinema and more.

Prices From: From £25/month
Sky TV Packages: Sky Signature (Sky TV including Entertainment & Box Sets)
Sky Ultimate (Netflix & Sky TV together in one package)
Sky TV Channels: 300+ channels
(select your package and tap on the ‘See channels’ button)
Sky TV Add-Ons: Sky Sports
BT Sport
Sky Cinema
HD & Ultra HD
Sky Kids
Contract Length: 18 months
(but some TV add-ons can be changed monthly)
Box: Sky Q Box

Sky Signature & Sky Ultimate TV

In the UK, you can now get Sky TV from £25/month. This gets you the Sky Signature package with over 300 channels, of which more than 150 are not available on Freeview. You’ll also get more than 500 Box Sets to watch on-demand, allowing you to watch entire series whenever you like.

For customers who have been on Sky for some time, the new Sky Signature package combines the older Sky Entertainment package with Sky Box Sets which was previously available as a separate add-on for Sky customers.

If you want Netflix together with Sky TV, this is available when you take a Sky Ultimate package. It gives you everything that’s available on Sky Signature, with the addition of a Netflix subscription. You can watch all of the content on Netflix through your Sky Q box, or through any other device that’s compatible with Netflix (including your laptop, tablet or smartphone).

The following table shows a side-by-side comparison of the Sky Signature and Sky Ultimate plans:

Sky Signature
(Sky TV)
Sky Ultimate
(Netflix & Sky TV)
Price: From £25/month From £25/month
Price (with broadband): £42/month £43/month
Includes: Sky Entertainment (300+ channels)
Sky Box Sets (500+ box sets)
Sky Entertainment (300+ channels)
Sky Box Sets (500+ box sets)
Netflix (worth £5.99/month)
Contract Length: 18 month contract 18 month contract
Box: Sky Q Box Sky Q Box

If you choose Sky Ultimate, you’ll get the Netflix Basic plan included for the length of your contract (this is worth £5.99 per month). It gives you unlimited access to movies and TV shows on Netflix with the ability to watch in standard-definition on one device at a time.

If you upgrade your Sky Ultimate plan with the HD add-on (£6/month) or the Ultra HD add-on (£10/month), you’ll also get an inclusive upgrade to the equivalent plan on Netflix. For instance, customers with the HD add-on will get an upgrade to Netflix Standard (worth £9.99/month). This gives you HD-quality streaming on up to 2 devices at the same time. Meanwhile, customers with the Ultra HD add-on will get Netflix Premium which is worth £13.99/month. This gives you Ultra HD streaming on up to 4 devices at the same time.

Sky Q Box & Sky Go App

You’ll now get the Sky Q box included as standard on all Sky TV plans. This allows you to pause, rewind and record live television with up to 500 hours of storage available on the box. You can also access catch-up TV services and online streaming services through your Sky Q box like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and YouTube.

One of the nice features of the Sky Q remote is the ability to control your Sky Q box using voice control. For instance, you can simply say the name of the show you want to watch and a Sky Q will search for it across your connected services (including Netflix if you have a Sky Ultimate plan).

You can see the full specifications of the Sky Q box on Sky’s official website.

Along with the Sky Q box, you’ll also get access to the Sky Go app. This allows you to watch Sky TV wherever you are, including live TV and catch-up TV on-demand. This is available to watch on devices like your laptop, tablet and mobile phone. You can also watch it when you’re away from home (e.g. using 4G or 5G data on your phone). If you have a Sky Mobile SIM card, you’ll get unlimited data for streaming on the Sky Go app.

Sky TV Add-Ons

Once you’ve chosen your base Sky TV package, you’ll be able to customise it through a range of add-ons or extras. This includes access to sporting channels like Sky Sports and BT Sport along with access to the Sky Cinema channels and Sky Kids.

At present, the following add-ons are available on Sky TV:

  • Sky Sports: You can add all of the Sky Sports channels for £25/month. This includes live football on the Sky Premier League and Sky Football channels, along with dedicated channels for other sports like Cricket, Golf, F1, NFL and more.
  • BT Sport: You can also add the BT Sport channels for an extra £25/month giving you access to BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3 and BT Sport ESPN. If you add both Sky Sports and BT Sport to your plan, you’ll normally benefit from a multi-buy discount.
  • Sky Cinema: The Sky Cinema add-on is available for £11/month and gives you access to all 12 Sky Cinema channels in HD. This includes a new premiere every day as well as over 1,000 movies to watch on-demand at any time.
  • HD and Ultra HD: You can upgrade selected channels to HD for an extra £6/month, or to 4K Ultra HD quality for an extra £10/month. This also includes an upgrade to the corresponding plans on Netflix if you have a Sky Ultimate package that includes a Netflix subscription.
  • Multiscreen: Sky Multiscreen is available for an extra £14/month. It allows you to watch Sky TV on multiple screens at home. You’ll get a wireless Sky Q Mini box for your second television as well as Sky Go Extra which allows you to stream on up to 4 devices. You can also add further Sky Q Mini boxes after you sign up to the service, if you like.
  • Sky Kids: You can add Sky Kids to your Sky TV package for an extra £5/month. This gives you access to 8 children’s TV channels including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Baby TV. You’ll also get access to the Sky Kids app with 5,000 children’s TV episodes to watch on demand.
  • Disney+: You can add the Disney+ streaming service to your Sky TV package for an extra £5.99/month. This gives you access to Disney+ on up to 4 screens at the same time, with all of your Disney+ recommendations appearing inside the Sky Q interface.

You can also take Sky Broadband together with Sky TV and there’s often a significant saving when you choose to do this. For instance, you can currently get Sky’s Superfast Broadband with Sky TV for £42/month. This compares to the £25/month you’d pay for Sky TV on its own and the £28/month you’d pay for Sky Broadband on its own.

If you’re currently using a different broadband provider, you can often save by changing your broadband provider at the same time as changing your television provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sky Signature?
In the UK, Sky Signature is the base TV package from Sky. It gives you over 300 channels, of which more than 150 are not available on Freeview. You’ll also get more than 500 Box Sets to stream on-demand.
What is Sky Ultimate?
Sky Ultimate gives an inclusive subscription to Netflix (worth £5.99 per month), in addition to the Sky Signature package. You can watch Netflix through your Sky Q set-top box, or using any other device that’s compatible with Netflix. Find out more.
What channels are included on Sky Signature & Sky Ultimate?
To see a list of channels included on Sky Signature or Sky Ultimate, start by choosing a Sky TV package. You can then tap on the ‘See channels’ button to see what is included on your plan.

More Information

For more information about the Sky TV service and packages, please see Sky’s official website.

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