Become an expert on home broadband: learn about the different types of broadband and compare broadband speeds in the UK.

If you’d like to understand how broadband works, it’s important to understand the technology that provide it along with the pros & cons of each type of broadband.

In this section of the website, we’ll go back to basics, explaining how different broadband technologies work in the UK. We’ll also look at how you can compare broadband download speeds and upload speeds, and how you can cancel or change your home broadband provider in the UK.

Superfast VS Ultrafast Fibre Broadband: Providers & Download Speeds

You'll often see terms like superfast and ultrafast broadband when comparing fibre broadband providers.

Broadband Upload Speeds Compared: ADSL & Fibre Upload Speeds

The upload speed of your home broadband or mobile broadband connection is important for things like video conferencing and cloud storage.

Cancelling Your Broadband Service: How To Cancel & Early Exit Fees

Find out how to cancel your home broadband service and how much it will cost you if you cancel during your contract.

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