With Pay As You Go, there’s no need to sign any contracts. Find out how to get a free SIM card and which PAYG networks offer the lowest prices.

Instead of getting a Pay Monthly contract, many consumers prefer to use their phone on a Pay As You Go basis. Compared to Pay Monthly, Pay As You Go offers better flexibility: there’s no need to sign any 24-month contracts and you have the ability to change networks or tariffs at any time you like. There’s also no need to undergo a credit check and there’s no chance of spending more than your top-up. With better spend control, Pay As You Go can often be the perfect product for younger mobile users.

In the UK, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Pay As You Go. There are more than 20 networks offering a Pay As You Go service. Frequent smartphone users can take advantage of a bundle for even better rates. In this section, read more about the UK’s Pay As You Go tariffs.

Free Pay As You Go SIM Cards: Review & Comparison 2018

Get a free SIM card for your mobile phone: Pay As You Go offerings compared from 18 UK networks.

Compare Pay As You Go Networks: Prices & Coverage Comparison Table

Looking for the cheapest Pay As You Go tariff in the UK? Our interactive comparison table allows you to compare Pay As You Go networks by price and coverage.

Cheapest PAYG Bundles: UK's Best Value Prepay Mobile Tariffs

With a Pay As You Go bundle, you convert your credit into a one-month allowance of calls, texts and mobile internet. We compare the UK’s best value Pay As You Go bundles.

PAYG Inactivity: Time For Credit Expiry & SIM Card Cancellation

If your Pay As You Go SIM card isn't used for a certain amount of time, your credit can expire and your account can be closed.

PAYG Calling: Minimum Charge, Per-Minute & Per-Second Bills

Pay As You Go mobile networks differ in the method they use to charge customers for a call. Techniques such a minimum call charge and per-minute billing can add substantially to the cost of your service.

Topping-Up on PAYG: Minimum Top-Up & Available Methods

Find out the minimum top-up on each UK network and the available methods for topping up your handset.

Best Pay As You Go SIM Card For Light Users - With No Monthly Top-Up

If you don't use your mobile phone very often, it's best to choose a low-cost Pay As You Go tariff with no regular monthly subscription.

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  • Rakesh Dharamsi said:

    Hi Ken
    I am from New Zealand and planing to travel to UK and Europe and need a sim to cover, I plan to use more data then calling what do you recommend.

    • Hi Cleveland,
      To the best of my knowledge, I don’t believe Lycamobile has cruise ship roaming. However, you might be able to pick up a land-based network when close to the shore which would allow you to use Lycamobile. If you’d like a definitive answer to this question, it’s probably worth contacting Lycamobile directly.
      Hope this helps,

  • Hi Ken

    Fantastic site you run here. You deserve a knighthood!

    I’m moving outside the UK/EU soon but going to need a low-user PAYG SIM for when I visit UK. That bit s simple. But what about when I go to the EU?

    Ignoring the Brexit implications, when free roaming starts, will I pay just the same ppm on a PAYG in the EU as if I was in the UK, as long as I am calling a UK number? Or does the free roaming only apply to contracts?

    • Hi Graham,
      That’s very kind of you – thanks very much 😉
      Since the change to EU roaming legislation on June 15th, you can indeed now use a Pay As You Go SIM card at no extra cost when travelling in Europe (including the normal ppm on Pay As You Go). There are a number of fair usage limits (which are described in this article) but I shouldn’t have thought you’d have any problems running into them.
      Hope this helps!

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