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In this section, we highlight & compare the UK’s best mobile deals. You can find the cheapest network for your handset or the best value SIM only deal.

Here in the UK, there’s thousands of handsets available and more than a million mobile phone tariffs to choose from across the networks. Regardless of if you’re looking for a new smartphone or simply a brand new SIM card, this section of the website aims to help you find the best deal. Which tariff is most suitable for your needs? What’s the best value option for your usage? We’ll aim to answer these questions here.

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  1. Fiona Duckworth said:

    Hi Ken

    I will be in UK for 6 weeks and will buy a UK SIM (as will my husband). We are high data users and also will wish to tether. I’ve been reading your website (which I also used to guide my purchase of Spanish SIM card – thanks!), and from your reviews it seem that a two month SIM contract with Three would be the way to go (for one of us maybe). Except that we will be walking the long distance Coast to Coast walk (roughly a line from Whitehaven in the West to Whitby in the East (thru Kirkby Stephen, Richmond etc). And using your link, I checked Three’s data coverage across the route. It seems there are huge areas where they do not have coverage. An option could be that one of us purchases SIM of different company that does have data coverage in the middle of island.

    Do you have advice on:
    – buying a SIM for only 6 weeks but with plenty of data eg 4 GB (happy to pay for it)
    – coverage across the north of England (eg Lakes District to North Yorkshire and area in between).
    – [we have 4G capable phones but would be OK with 3G, we are fine with swapping SIMs in our phones].

    We are used to using local SIM plans in New Zealand, Thailand, Turkey and Pakistan. But last time we were in UK (2014) we really struggled with UK mobile/SIM options – seemed very restrictive plan with lots of complications and with unexpected limitations like no tethering etc etc. Hence seeking advice.

    Many thanks, Fiona

    1. Ken replied:

      Hi Fiona,
      Thanks for your comment – glad the article on Spanish SIM cards was useful and hope you’ll enjoy your trip to the UK! Sounds like a lovely walk you have planned for your trip (super jealous!).
      1) As a short term visitor to the UK, you’ll only be able to access Pay As You Go deals. I’ve reviewed all of the possible options here (though be aware, some of networks are online-only and you’ll need a UK address to get the SIM card sent to you). As you mention in your message, Three is a good option for heavy data users (though coverage is lacking in some more rural areas). For better coverage, consider getting a SIM card from giffgaff: they use the O2 network which is sometimes better in rural areas.
      2) The best thing to do is to have a read of my article on UK mobile coverage. You can follow the links there to check the coverage on each network.
      3) If tethering is important to you for your trip, have a look at the article here for a list of restrictions on each network 🙂
      Hope this helps,

  2. Alan Peacock said:

    I have searched all available info,and not being very successful. I only use my mobile 2 or 3 times per week and then only for phone calls! what pay as you go can you recommend.allowing to save minutes already on sim card and not losing them every month

    1. Ken replied:

      Hi Alan,
      I have two articles which hopefully might be helpful:
      1) A comparison of the Pay As You Go rates on each UK network.
      2) A list of the best Free SIM card offers and what you’re able to do with your top-up.
      For super-cheap phone calls, my recommendation would be probably to go with Three (they only charge 3p/minute). For slightly better coverage, there’s a bunch of MVNOs charging 8p/minute (e.g. ASDA Mobile, Mobile By Sainsbury’s, etc).
      Hope this helps,

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