Find out your international phone number so you can receive phone calls and texts from abroad.

If you’d like to receive a phone call from someone in another country, you’ll need to convert your UK phone number into an international phone number. The easiest way to do this is to replace the zero at the start of your phone number with +44.

Your International Phone Number

Enter your UK phone number below to convert it into an international phone number:

Please enter your phone number:

Enter a UK number. For instance, 07123 456 789.

Your international phone number is:

+44 [UK number without leading zero]

Your contacts who are calling from another country will also need to add the relevant international direct dial (IDD) prefix in their country. If you’ve already entered your phone number above, the table below will show the exact phone number your contacts will need to dial:

CountryPhone Number To Dial From Country
Algeria00 + international number
Argentina00 + international number
Australia0011 + international number
Austria00 + international number
Bahamas011 + international number
Bangladesh00 + international number
Belgium00 + international number
Bulgaria00 + international number
Cameroon00 + international number
Canada011 + international number
China00 + international number
Croatia00 + international number
Czech Republic00 + international number
Denmark00 + international number
Ecuador00 + international number
Egypt00 + international number
Estonia00 + international number
Finland00 + international number
France00 + international number
Gambia00 + international number
Germany00 + international number
Ghana00 + international number
Gibraltar00 + international number
Greece00 + international number
Hong Kong00 + international number
Hungary00 + international number
Iceland00 + international number
India00 + international number
Ireland00 + international number
Italy00 + international number
Jamaica011 + international number
Japan010 + international number
Kazakhstan810 + international number
Kenya000 + international number
Latvia00 + international number
Lithuania00 + international number
Luxembourg00 + international number
Malaysia00 + international number
Malta00 + international number
Mongolia001 + international number
Morocco00 + international number
Nepal00 + international number
Netherlands00 + international number
New Zealand00 + international number
Nigeria009 + international number
Norway00 + international number
Pakistan00 + international number
Paraguay00 + international number
Philippines00 + international number
Poland00 + international number
Portugal00 + international number
Romania00 + international number
Russia810 + international number
Saudi Arabia00 + international number
Slovakia00 + international number
South Africa00 + international number
Spain00 + international number
Sri Lanka00 + international number
Sweden00 + international number
Switzerland00 + international number
Thailand00 + international number
Tunisia00 + international number
Turkey00 + international number
United Arab Emirates00 + international number
United States011 + international number
Uruguay00 + international number
Venezuela00 + international number
Zimbabwe00 + international number
All Other Countries+ + international number

Alternatively, if your contacts abroad are calling you from a GSM mobile phone, they can input the +44 prefix directly into their handset (to get the plus sign, you’ll need to long-press on the zero button in your mobile phone’s dialler).

If you’re using a UK-based SIM card in the UK or Europe, it will always be free for you to receive an incoming phone call (to be clear, there are no additional charges for receiving an incoming international phone call).

If you’re travelling outside of Europe, the normal roaming charges might apply for receiving an incoming phone call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Travelling Abroad

If you’re travelling abroad to another country and roaming on your UK-based SIM card, your international phone number will still remain the same. The +44 at the beginning of your international phone number refers to the fact you have a UK-based number (you don’t necessarily need to be physically inside the UK).

If you’re using a different SIM card when travelling abroad, you may have a local phone number in the country where you purchased your SIM card. In this case, you’ll also have a new international phone number.

For more information and for useful tips about using your mobile phone abroad, please see our in-depth guide to this topic.

Leading Zero

When you convert a UK phone number into an international phone number, you should remove the zero at the start and replace it with +44. A common mistake is to leave the zero in place – this is incorrect and will lead to the phone call failing to connect.

UK phone numbers are sometimes written with the leading zero in brackets: for instance, +44 (0) 7123 456 789. If you see a phone number written in this format, you should remove the zero that’s in brackets to get your international phone number.

Call Costs

Your contacts who are calling you from abroad will need to pay their phone company for an international phone call to the UK.

Typically, a different rate is charged for calls going to a UK landline and to a UK mobile. UK landline phone numbers begin with either +44 1 or +44 2, whereas UK mobile phone numbers begin with +44 7. The interactive tool above will tell you about the type of phone number being called.

If you’d like to call internationally from the UK, see our guide to the best mobile phone networks for international calling.

Visiting The UK

If you’re visiting the UK on a short-term trip, it may possibly make sense to get a UK-based SIM card. If you do this, you’ll be assigned a new UK-based phone number. Any contacts living outside the UK will need to call you on your international phone number (use the form above to find out your international number).

For more information, read our in-depth guide on the best SIM cards for visitors to the UK.

More Information

Ken’s Tech Tips is an independent website helping you to use your mobile phone in the UK. You can read our numerous guides to better understand the UK mobile market and to discover the best value mobile phone deals.

A note about your privacy: The phone numbers you enter on this page never leave your computer. Your phone number is converted into an international phone number locally on your computer, and as such, is never communicated with our servers.

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  • Hi Ken
    Do you know why t-mobile, here in London, England, have changed all the call numbers and text numbers on my Nokia phone from first digit 0 to +44 and does that mean that they’re routing my calls abroad and charging me inflated fees? Or what are they up to? Or possibly is it some kind of hacking? Or just a fault? I’d assume that it’s t-mobile or hackers trying to rip me off as otherwise what would be the motivation for a change like that. Or what? Thanks if you can help,

    • Hi Dave,
      Many thanks for your message. I can assure you this is definitely not due to hackers or anything like that! Lots of mobile phones actually store phone numbers in your address book with the +44 prefix. The reason for that is so it will continue to work when you go abroad (so even if you were using a SIM card from another country, the +44 prefix ensures it will always be treated as a UK phone number).
      Rest assured, you won’t be charged for an international call if you’re inside the UK (you’ll pay the exact same regardless of whether you dial with +44 or 0 at the start of the number).
      Hope this helps,

  • hussain mohammed said:

    Hi Ken

    My mum made a call to Bangladesh through her mobile phone on vodaphone however it was only 00:00 long how much should she be charged for that

    Thank You in advance for your response

  • MR DEREK LOGAN said:

    Hi Ken
    A quick question; I’m trying to contact an UK car hire company from my mobile here in the UK. The only number they appear to be giving out is their International one starting 0044. Will I be charged at International rates for dialling this number? Thanks and thanks for a very informative web site.

    • Hi Derek,
      Thanks for your comment! If you’re calling the phone number from inside the UK, you’ll only be charged the normal UK rate (so absolutely fine to dial this with the 0044 prefix). If you’d like a bit of extra reassurance, you can replace the 0044 with a 0. This should give you a UK phone number in the normal format.
      Hope this helps,

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