ASDA Mobile offers SIM-only deals from £4/month with no contract, no credit check and coverage from Vodafone.

In the UK, ASDA Mobile is a low-cost mobile network offering SIM-only plans from £4/month. Available with no contract and no credit check, you’ll get Vodafone coverage on all new ASDA Mobile plans. You’ll also be able to access Vodafone’s 5G network on plans from £10/month.

In this article, we’ll review the new ASDA Mobile network including the SIM-only plans that are available and the Pay As You Go service. We’ll also look at ASDA Mobile’s migration from EE to Vodafone, how ASDA’s plans compare to alternatives and the coverage available on the service.

Prices From: £4 per month
Best Deal: 12GB data for £10
Contract Length:

No contract & no credit check

Unlimited Data: From £20 per month
Pay As You Go Rates: 4p/minute

ASDA Mobile Plans

Monthly Bundles

In the UK, ASDA Mobile a choice of offers one-month rolling bundles, starting from £4/month with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. You’ll get an allowance of 4G-speed data included on plans from £5/month and an allowance of 5G-ready data included from £10/month.

All of ASDA Mobile’s one-month bundles are available with no contract and no credit check, giving you lots of flexibility to change your plan at any time.

The following table shows ASDA Mobile’s standard one-month bundles:

ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimitedNo data£4.00
ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimited3GB£5.00
ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimited5GB£7.00
ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimited12GB£10.00
ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimited25GB£15.00
ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimited50GB£20.00
ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimited100GB£25.00

There’s a maximum download speed of 150Mbps on all of ASDA Mobile’s standard one-month bundles costing £10 or more. On the £5 and £7 bundles from ASDA, you’re restricted to 4G coverage so 5G speeds won’t be available.

Unlimited Data Bundles

Alongside their standard monthly bundles, ASDA Mobile now also offers a choice of following three unlimited data plans:

  • The £20 unlimited data plan gives you download speeds of up to 2Mbps. This is enough for most daily usage such as browsing the web, using messaging applications, listening to music and watching standard-definition video. However, you won’t be able to do things like streaming HD-quality video.
  • The £25 unlimited data plan gives you speeds of up to 10Mbps. This will allow you to stream in HD and to make HD-quality video calls. You’ll also get a far better experience when downloading and sharing files on your phone.
  • The £30 unlimited data plan gives you speeds of up to 150Mbps. This will allow you to do pretty much anything you’d like to do, including downloading large files and watching online video in 4K ultra-HD quality.

The following table shows ASDA Mobile’s unlimited data bundles:

ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
2Mbps max
ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
10Mbps max
ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
150Mbps max

As before, there’s no contract and no credit check when you take an unlimited data bundle from ASDA.

Pay As You Go Rates

If you don’t want to buy a one-month bundle, it’s also possible to use ASDA Mobile on a Pay As You Go basis.

With Pay As You Go, there are no regular monthly charges. Instead, you’ll only pay for what you use on your phone at the rates of 4p/minute, 4p/text and 4p/MB.

Your credit will never expire providing your SIM card remains active (this requires you to use the SIM card at least once every 270 days – ideally every 180 days).

The following table shows ASDA Mobile’s standard Pay As You Go rates:

Calling Rates:
Voice Calls 4p/minute
Calls to Voicemail 4p/minute
Messaging Rates:
Text Message (SMS) 4p
Picture Message (MMS) 20p
Internet Rates:
Mobile Data 4p/MB

You can use the ASDA Mobile app to see your Pay As You Go balance and to top-up your account at any time with additional Pay As You Go credit.

Depending on how much you use your mobile phone, it may work out to be better value getting a one-month bundle from ASDA instead. For instance, you can get unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for £4/month (equivalent to 100 minutes or 100 texts at standard Pay As You Go rates). You’ll also get 1GB of data included on the £5/month bundle (the same 1GB of data would cost you £40 on regular Pay As You Go).

Download Speeds

When choosing an ASDA Mobile bundle, it’s important to be aware of the download speeds available on each plan.

The following table summarises the download speeds available on each ASDA Mobile plan:

Bundle Coverage Download Speed
£5 bundle 4G Uncapped 4G speeds (typically 23-35Mbps)
£7 bundle 4G Uncapped 4G speeds (typically 23-35Mbps)
£10 bundle 4G & 5G Up to 150Mbps
£15 bundle 4G & 5G Up to 150Mbps
£20 bundle 4G & 5G Up to 150Mbps
£25 bundle 4G & 5G Up to 150Mbps
Unlimited Data Plans
£20 unlimited data bundle 4G & 5G Up to 2Mbps
£25 unlimited data bundle 4G & 5G Up to 10Mbps
£30 unlimited data bundle 4G & 5G Up to 150Mbps

For more information about what you can do on each plan, see our guide to 2Mbps, 10Mbps and 150Mbps download speeds.

New Network Migration

If you joined ASDA Mobile before the 1st March 2021, you’ll be using their old mobile network which offers 4G coverage from EE. If this is the case, you’ll have until the 15th September 2021 to move to the new ASDA Mobile network which uses coverage from Vodafone.

For information on how to move to the new network, you should follow the instructions on the ASDA Mobile website. As part of the network migration, you’ll need to change to a new ASDA Mobile SIM card. If you need to get your handset unlocked from EE, ASDA Mobile can also provide you with an unlocking code.

When switching to the new ASDA Mobile network, you can keep your unused Pay As You Go credit. You won’t, however, be able to transfer your remaining bundle allowances. You’ll also need to set up your payment details again from scratch. It’s worth bearing this in mind when choosing a date to move over to the new service. As compensation, ASDA Mobile will give you a free one-month bundle when you upgrade to their new network.

If you don’t want to move to the new Vodafone-powered service (e.g. because you aren’t able to get coverage from Vodafone in your area), your old ASDA Mobile service will close on the 15th September 2021. You can consider moving to another mobile network that uses EE coverage such as 1pMobile or Plusnet Mobile instead.

Comparison to Alternatives

£5 per month bundles

ASDA Mobile currently offers unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 3GB of 4G data for £5 per month.

For the same price, it’s also worth considering Lebara Mobile’s SIM-only deals. On Lebara Mobile, you’ll also get 4G coverage from Vodafone with no need for a contract or credit check.

The following table compares ASDA Mobile’s £5 plan to similar one-month rolling plans from other networks:

Lebara Mobile1,0001,0003GB£5.00
ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimited3GB£5.00
Lebara Mobile1,0001,0002GB£5.00
Tesco Mobile5005,0002GB£7.50

£10 per month bundles

On their new mobile network, ASDA Mobile is currently offering unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 12GB of data for £10/month.

At this price point, it may also be worth considering SMARTY’s 30GB plan. This gives you unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 30GB of data with 4G coverage from Three for £10/month.

The following one-month rolling plans are available around the £10 per month price point:

Lebara MobileUnlimitedUnlimited15GB£10.00
Lebara MobileUnlimitedUnlimited15GB£10.00
ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimited12GB£10.00
Tesco Mobile5,0005,00010GB£10.00

£15 per month bundles

For £15 per month, it’s possible to get unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 25GB of data on ASDA Mobile. This gives you access to 5G coverage from Vodafone with download speeds of up to 150Mbps.

The following table shows alternative £15 price plans that are also available on a one-month rolling plan:

Lebara MobileUnlimitedUnlimited15GB£15.00
ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimited25GB£15.00
Tesco Mobile5,0005,00025GB£15.00
Lebara MobileUnlimitedUnlimited15GB£15.00

£20 per month bundles

For £20, it’s possible to get an unlimited data plan on ASDA Mobile. However, this has a maximum download speed of 2Mbps (roughly equivalent to the speed of a basic 3G connection).

A better value alternative is SMARTY’s unlimited data plan. This is currently available for £16 per month. It gives you unlimited data with 4G coverage from Three and without any speed restrictions as on the unlimited data plan from ASDA.

The following table shows alternatives to ASDA Mobile’s £20 unlimited data plan:

ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
2Mbps max
Lebara MobileUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited£25.00
Lebara MobileUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited£25.00

For a more in-depth comparison, see our full guide to the best SIM-only deals in the UK.

Network & Coverage

2G, 3G & 4G Coverage From Vodafone

On the new ASDA Mobile network, you’ll get 99% population coverage from Vodafone’s 2G, 3G and 4G networks. It should therefore be possible to get an ASDA Mobile signal in all of the same places where you can get a signal from Vodafone.

Before joining the new ASDA Mobile network, it’s worth checking to make sure you’re able to get coverage where you live. You can do this by entering your postcode on ASDA’s online coverage map:

Check ASDA Mobile Coverage ( →

For more information, see our guide to Vodafone’s UK network and coverage.

5G Coverage

If you choose an ASDA Mobile plan costing £10 or more, you’ll also have access to Vodafone’s 5G network in 100 UK towns & cities.

The main benefit of using 5G on ASDA Mobile is the ability to access download speeds of up to 150Mbps (around five times faster than 4G). This is available on all plans costing £10 or more, except from the £20 and £25 unlimited data plans which have a speed limit of 2Mbps and 10Mbps. You’ll also benefit from greater network capacity and a lower amount of latency which should make things feel more responsive on your phone.

At present, ASDA Mobile offers 5G coverage in the following UK towns and cities:

Now Live100 towns and cities are live on ASDA Mobile 5G (July 2022)
Aberdeen, Alexandria, Ambleside, Aughton, Basingstoke, Bebington, Belfast, Birkenhead, Birmingham, Bishopbriggs, Blaydon, Bolton, Bootle, Bournemouth, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheadle, Cheltenham, Chesterfield, Clydebank, Crawley, Crosby, Dewsbury, Dinas Powys, Droylsden, Dudley, Dundee, Eccles, Edinburgh, Eston and South Bank, Felling, Gateshead, Glasgow, Gloucester, Gosforth, Guildford, Hebburn, Helensburgh, Horwich, Huddersfield, Hull, Huyton-with-Roby, Isle of Scilly, Jarrow, Killingworth, Kingswood, Lancaster, Leeds, Lisburn, Liverpool, Llandudno, London, Longbenton, Manchester, Mangotsfield, Middlesbrough, Morley, Mosborough, Newbury, Newcastle, Newtownabbey, North Shields, Oldbury, Paisley, Penarth, Pendlebury, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Prescot, Prestwich, Pudsey, Rawmarsh, Reading, Rochdale, Rotherham, Salford, Sheffield, Shipley, Solihull, South Shields, Southampton, Stockport, Stockton-on-Tees, Stoke-on-Trent, Stranraer, Stretford, Sunderland, Sutton Coldfield, Swansea, Swinton, Tynemouth, Urmston, Wallasey, Wallsend, Warrington, Washington, Whitley Bay, Wolverhampton, York

For more information, see our guide to Vodafone’s 5G network.

Tethering & Personal Hotspot

Tethering or personal hotspot refers to the process of sharing your smartphone’s mobile internet connection with another device (e.g. with your laptop or tablet). It’s often used as a convenient way to get access to mobile broadband internet on the go.

On ASDA Mobile, it’s possible to tether on all plans. However, we wouldn’t recommend tethering on the £20 unlimited data plan. This is because the 2Mbps speed limit makes things very restrictive in terms of what you can do when you tether.

International Roaming

If you’re travelling abroad, it’s possible to use your ASDA Mobile SIM card through international roaming.

If you’re travelling to one of 36 European destinations, you’ll be able to use your ASDA Mobile bundle allowances at no extra cost. This is subject to Vodafone’s acceptable usage policy which says you’ll need to spend more time in the UK than abroad.

If you’re travelling to a country outside the EU, you won’t be able to use the allowances from your bundle. Instead, you’ll pay substantially more (e.g. 75p/minute, 8p/text and 20p/MB when you’re travelling in the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand).

Keeping Your Phone Number

If you’re switching from another network to ASDA Mobile, it’s a straightforward process to keep your existing phone number.

Start by ordering your new plan on the ASDA Mobile website. Once you’ve done that, you can get a PAC Code from your old network (either using their website or app, or by texting PAC to 65075).

After your new ASDA Mobile SIM card arrives in the post, you can submit your PAC Code online through your ASDA Mobile account. Alternatively, call ASDA Mobile customer services on 2732 to give them your PAC (0808 006 2732 if you’re calling from another network). Once you’ve done this, your phone number transfer will normally take place on the next working day.

For a step-by-step guide on moving your phone number to ASDA Mobile, please select your current mobile network from the drop down menu below:

PAC Code Finder: Transfer Your Phone Number to ASDA Mobile

Select your current mobile network:

  More Options

For more information on transferring your phone number between networks, see our guide to using a PAC Code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What bundles does ASDA Mobile offer?
On ASDA Mobile, it’s currently possible to choose from the following one-month bundles:
  • £4 bundle: Unlimited minutes & unlimited texts.
  • £5 bundle: 3GB data (4G), unlimited minutes & unlimited texts.
  • £7 bundle: 5GB data (4G), unlimited minutes & unlimited texts.
  • £10 bundle: 12GB data (5G), unlimited minutes & unlimited texts.
  • £15 bundle: 25GB data (5G), unlimited minutes & unlimited texts.
  • £20 bundle: 50GB data (5G), unlimited minutes & unlimited texts.
  • £25 bundle: 100GB data (5G), unlimited minutes & unlimited texts.

In addition, ASDA Mobile also offers a choice of unlimited data plans from £20 per month.

Can I get unlimited data on ASDA Mobile?
Yes. On ASDA Mobile, there’s a choice of three unlimited data plans, each with a different maximum download speed:
  • The £20 unlimited data plan gives you speeds of up to 2Mbps.
  • The £25 unlimited data plan gives you speeds of up to 10Mbps.
  • The £30 unlimited data plan gives you speeds of up to 150Mbps.

All three plans will give you access to Vodafone’s 5G network but you’ll need the £30 plan to benefit from the faster speeds available on 5G.

Can I use ASDA Mobile on a Pay As You Go basis?
Yes. It’s possible to use ASDA Mobile on a Pay As You Go basis without the need to top-up your phone every month. It’ll cost 4p/minute, 4p/text and 4p/MB on traditional Pay As You Go.
What coverage will I get on ASDA Mobile?
On ASDA Mobile, you’ll have access the following types of coverage from Vodafone:
  • 5G Coverage: 100 UK towns & cities (on plans from £10)
  • 4G Coverage: 99% population coverage
  • 3G Coverage: 99% population coverage
  • 2G Coverage: 99% population coverage
Can I keep my existing phone number?
Yes. It’s easy keeping your old phone number. Simply ask your old mobile network to provide you with a PAC Code. You can get one through your mobile network’s website or app, or by texting PAC to 65075. Once you’ve ordered your new ASDA Mobile plan, you should provide the PAC Code to ASDA.

More Information

For more information, please see the official ASDA Mobile website.

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  • does ANYONE know the minimum topup amount on the new network via topup card in a store with a topup sign?

    Everything is kept secret on the new system, you can use payg with topup instore still without an online account, you can (if lucky) find the incredibly rare “instore” sim and topup card in their supermarkets, with the 50p cost returned on first topup (this site’s details seem out of date, vouchers have been removed, topup cards only). You can just put your sim in, ring 2732, select 2 then 4 when able, type in the asked for number on the topup card, and that’s it. However, you start at 0p credit, so no outgoing calls (turning off voicemail, and other settings for, now needs a number to be rung which is charged at 4pm just like using voicemail, despite you only hear a robot confirming your action, whereas you justed texted free to 2732 in the past, but then again, it’s only 4p and you only have to dial 1210 once, as I believe voicemail defaults to on).

    As far as I can tell the only use for an online account is ordering bundles, needless to low users or people having it on a backup/emergency phone, and blocking marketing, and the latter is likely a violation of GDPR as blocking marketing shouldn’t have restrictions of how they are notified about electronic marketing removal (your number will likely be used in “anonymous” data analysis even if you have no online account to say who you are in detail).

  • Just changed my mobile network from ASDA to To The Moon Mobile. I dont like that ASDA switched to Vodafone. Prefer to stay with EE quality that To the moon provides.

  • Hi. Just been to Asda Mobile site. They are now using Vodafone. Calls reduced from 8p/min to 4p/min & voicemails reduced from 8p/min to 4p/min. Text messages are the same price as the old network. They’ve also introduced Unlimited data bundles from £20 per month.

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