In the UK, there are only four coverage providers: EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. All other mobile networks piggyback on one of these coverage providers.

When choosing a new mobile network, it’s worth knowing that they all use one of four coverage providers (either EE, O2, Three or Vodafone). By choosing a mobile network that shares the same coverage provider, you’ll often get exactly the same signal for a much lower cost.

In this section, we’ll list the mobile networks using coverage from each provider. We’ll also review the best value SIM card deals with coverage from each provider. Please select the mobile network you’re interested in having coverage from:

Mobile Networks Using EE Coverage: Best SIM Cards With EE Coverage

Networks like 1pMobile, IQ Mobile and Talk Home Mobile piggyback on EE's network for coverage.

Mobile Networks Using O2 Coverage: Who Uses O2 & Best SIM Cards

Networks like giffgaff, Lycamobile, Sky Mobile, Tesco Mobile & Virgin Mobile piggyback on O2's network for coverage.

Mobile Networks Using Three Coverage: Best SIMs With Three Coverage

Networks like Honest Mobile, iD Mobile, SMARTY and Superdrug piggyback on Three's network for coverage.

Mobile Networks Using Vodafone Coverage & Best Piggyback SIM Cards

Networks like ASDA Mobile, Lebara Mobile, Talkmobile and VOXI piggyback on Vodafone's coverage in the UK.

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