EE offers a choice of 5G plans, including No Frills, Essential, All Rounder & Full Works plans. Find out more about EE’s mobile plans.

EEEE (previously known as Everything Everywhere) claims to be the UK’s largest 4G and 5G mobile network. They offer 99% population coverage on 4G as well as 5G coverage in selected UK towns and cities.

Now part of the BT Group (alongside BT and Plusnet), EE offers Pay Monthly plans with inclusive Smart Benefits. They also offer Essential plans without these extra features and Pay As You Go plans with no need for a credit check.

Alongside their mobile phone plans, EE also offers a home broadband service with the choice of ADSL, fibre, 4G and 5G broadband services.

In this section, you can read more about EE’s mobile offerings.

EE Coverage & Network: Check 5G, 4G, 3G & 2G Map & Speeds

EE offers 5G coverage in 125 UK towns and cities, along with 99% population coverage on 4G, 3G & 2G.

EE Smart Benefits: Inclusive Benefits On All Rounder & Full Works Plans

You'll get up to 3 Smart Benefits included on EE's plans such as Netflix, Apple Music, BT Sport, Roam Abroad, Xbox Game Pass & Microsoft 365.

EE Unlimited Data: 4G & 5G Speeds, Personal Hotspot & Fair Usage

EE offers a 5G unlimited data plan with inclusive Smart Benefits like Apple Music or BT Sport. There's a 600GB fair use limit and personal hotspot on 12 devices.

EE 5G SIM Only Deals: Get Up To 6 Months Half Price

EE is offering up to six months half price on selected SIM-only deals. You can also get an EE No Frills SIM such as 5GB data for £15.

EE Refurbished & Good As New: Save Up To £240 On Your Phone

You can save up to £240 when you choose a Refurbished or Good As New phone from EE.

EE Family Deals: Save Up To 30% On Additional SIMs & Phones

You can save up to 30% on the cost of a new line if you're an existing EE mobile customer. You'll also benefit from data gifting, parental controls, and more.

EE Pay As You Go Packs: Bundles From £5/Month Top Up & Data Boosts

EE offers Subscription Packs from £10 per month on Pay As You Go. You'll get 4G coverage with download speeds of up to 25Mbps, Data Rollover & Free Boosts.

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  • With Orange then EE. Orange was 100% Home Coverage & No Mobile Issues. EE = Half of house Wifi Deadzone had to buy extender. Constant EE Broadband disconnections, slow/freezing on Mobile Wifi for 2 yrs & now issues with Mobile Internet too. EE staff admitted to me that due to monopoly rules when EE took over from Orange & T-mobile they removed a local internet mast = our deadzone.

    Their Response/Excuses: 2 yrs + 5 Engineers to ‘fix’.
    1) Internal Wiring Issue
    2) External Wiring Issue
    3) Wifi Interference in the house (Nothing has changed since Orange – position of router same)
    4) We are the best network ever but we only guarantee great wired (Desktop) Wifi Quality.
    5) 20 Oct 2021 – Sorry there is nothing else we can do, you are free to go to different network with no cancellation fee charged.
    6) Cardiff is not yet 5G ready/100% covered so EE list is wrong.

    EE is the network that works best at my workplace and I have a good Sim Only offer & Home Broadband offer but Case closed as far as EE concerned.

  • If i send off for the new Christmas 100gb free sim card will i be able to keep my number and my hip monthly pay as you go pack,As i get the £25 mouthly pack for £15 for life,I would like to know if i will be able to keep my present monthly pay as you go pack witch is the £25 pack that i get for £15 each month for life & will i be able to keep my number or could i change my number & still keep my vip £15 pay as you go monthly package,Yours truly David Ryan.

    • Hi David,
      Many thanks for your comment. I’m not aware that EE is currently offering any 100GB SIM card offers – could you point me in the direction of where this offer can be found?

      • David Ryan replied:

        I’ve been looking on th EE website and there’s an offer for a Christmas sim with 100gb of data free it’s a limited sim offer,I hope I’ve been of help yours truly David Ryan.

        • Hi David,
          Thanks for the reply! I know EE used to run this promotion back in 2015, but am not aware of it being run again since then. If there’s still an active offer out there, I would certainly appreciate a hyperlink and will try to advise you further.

  • I’ve been with EE (and formerly T-Mobile) since 2006 and can honestly say, I haven’t had a problem other than a small cock-up with a bill once, but that was quickly put right AND I was given £20 in compensation, without asking!

    I never have a problem with coverage and am always able to use the internet at a minimum of 3G speeds (mostly 4G since my area was converted a couple of years ago).

    I always recommend EE to my friends and would have no problem in doing so to anyone else.

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