EE Review: The UK’s Largest 4G Mobile Network

EE is the UK’s largest 4G mobile network. 99% of the UK’s population is covered by their network. Find out more on EE’s tariff offerings.

EEEE (previously known as Everything Everywhere) is the UK’s largest 4G mobile network. Originally formed from a merger of Orange and T-Mobile, the combined company launched a super-fast 4G mobile in October 2012. Since its launch, EE has grown to provide 99% population coverage on 3G and 80% population coverage on their 4G network. As of January 2015, EE has 7.7 million 4G subscribers.

Unique offerings include EE’s double speed 4G service (this is available as part of a 4GEE Extra package). EE also has Pay Monthly, Pay As You Go and Shared 4G plans. In this section, you can read more about EE’s tariff offerings.

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  1. Glen said:

    I’ve been with EE (and formerly T-Mobile) since 2006 and can honestly say, I haven’t had a problem other than a small cock-up with a bill once, but that was quickly put right AND I was given £20 in compensation, without asking!

    I never have a problem with coverage and am always able to use the internet at a minimum of 3G speeds (mostly 4G since my area was converted a couple of years ago).

    I always recommend EE to my friends and would have no problem in doing so to anyone else.

  2. raf said:

    The ee company is absolute disgrace, customer service is very poor.
    I’ve been with t mobile for over 4 years. As my upgrade was due I wanted to switch to ee on sim only contract.
    Made deal with sales department over the phone, confirmed it 3 times to make sure I’ve got the right deal for my money and after I got new sim I found out I’ve been lied to.
    Missold plan with half of the minutes and data, basically complete different deal.outrageous
    When called customer service the weren’t willing to amend it, refusing to admit the mistake. Told them they will sell any kind of plan to fool ya
    Really dissapointed with the company, no one even appologised for misselling me wrong plan, no alternative was offered so took my PAC code and going somwhere else, never coming back. Avoid Habib from sales dept

  3. Marv said:

    This is most pathetic, useless, hopeless network I ever seen in my long live !!! they cheating and taking money from your account – double charging from same month, no answers, no claims conside. STAY AWAY FROM THIS NETWORK!

    1. A G replied:

      Take a look at Tello. You pay before, so no double charging.

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