BT offers fibre broadband internet in the UK with optional features like Complete Wi-Fi, BT TV and access to BT Sport.

BT is one of the UK’s largest internet service providers (ISPs) with over 9 million customers currently using their home broadband service. Besides their core fibre broadband offering, they have a range of value-added features like BT Complete Wi-Fi.

On BT Broadband, it’s also possible to add a BT TV subscription or access to BT Sport if you’d like to watch the latest football matches.

In this section, we’ll review BT’s home broadband service including some of the features and add-ons available.

BT Complete Wi-Fi Review: A Guaranteed Wi-Fi Signal In Every Room

BT's Complete Wi-Fi service gives you a guaranteed wi-fi signal in every room of your home, or £100 back.

BT Full Fibre Broadband Review: How It Works, Plans, Hub & Availability

BT offers Full Fibre broadband with download speeds of up to 910Mbit/s and upload speeds of up to 110Mbit/s.

Cheapest Way To Get BT Sport: On Your TV & BT Sport App

You can watch BT Sport on your TV or using the mobile application. Find out how much it will cost and the cheapest way to watch BT Sport.

BT TV Review: Flexible TV Packages With Now TV, Sky & BT Sport

On BT TV, there's a choice of five flexible TV packages that you can change every month. BT TV packages start from £10/month.

BT 4G Home Router & Hub Review: 4G Home Broadband From £35/Month

The BT 4G Home Hub gives you 4G home broadband from £40/month with coverage from the EE network.

BT Halo Review: Home Tech Experts, Smart Hub 2 & Double BT Mobile Data

BT Halo gives you access to home tech experts, a newer Smart Hub 2 router, the Keep Connected promise and double data on BT Mobile.

BT Business Broadband Review: Essential & Enhanced Fibre Plans

BT offers business broadband with superfast fibre, a choice of Essential & Enhanced plans and a digital phone line.

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