Mobile Networks Using O2 Coverage & Cheaper O2 Piggyback SIM Cards

Networks like giffgaff, Lycamobile, Sky Mobile and Tesco Mobile piggyback on O2’s network for 2G, 3G and 4G coverage.

The UK has only four network coverage providers: EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. Alongside them, a group of virtual network operators such as giffgaff and Sky Mobile operate by ‘piggybacking’ on the signal from one of the four big networks.

At present, five other mobile networks piggyback on coverage from O2. If you’re a customer of one of these mobile networks, you’ll have access to the same coverage as customers on O2. This includes O2’s 99% population coverage on their 2G, 3G and 4G networks (excluding O2-specific services like Wi-Fi Calling and 4G Calling).

In this article, we’ll list and compare the mobile networks piggybacking on O2 for coverage. They’ll often give you larger allowances for a lower price than on O2. We’ll then compare the best value SIM cards with O2 coverage, at a range of price points from £5/month up to £20/month and more.

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4G & 5G Home Broadband Compared: Broadband Without a Phone Line

4G & 5G home broadband is available from £23/month without the need for a phone line. We compare the major providers.

In the UK, 4G & 5G home broadband has been rapidly growing in popularity. An alternative to fixed-line home broadband, it offers greater flexibility along with download speeds that are comparable to fibre.

As 4G and 5G home broadband aren’t tied to your phone line, it isn’t limited by what you can get through a BT Openreach or Virgin Media connection. There’s the ability to set it up straight away without an engineer visit and you can even bring the broadband connection with you to other places (perfect if you’re renting temporarily, occasionally travelling to other places or planning to move home soon).

At the moment, there are three ISPs offering 4G and 5G home broadband: Three, Vodafone and EE. In this article, we’ll compare the wireless home broadband services in a number of categories including price, connectivity, coverage and hardware. We’ll also discuss how 4G and 5G home broadband services compare against traditional fixed-line providers such as BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin.

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Vodafone Together Review: 5G Mobile & Fibre Home Broadband From £31/Month

Vodafone Together offers a 5G mobile SIM card along with ‘superfast’ fibre home broadband from £31/month.

In the UK, Vodafone has launched a range of new Vodafone Together plans which combine a 5G mobile SIM card and Superfast fibre broadband. The Together plans are available from £31/month, or from £43/month if you’d like unlimited data on your SIM card.

Compared to buying your SIM card and fibre broadband as separate products, there’s a saving of £3/month when buying it as a Vodafone Together bundle. For a limited time, you’ll also get a free Amazon Echo Plus with support for Vodafone’s OneNumber service (allowing you to make and receive phone calls using your normal mobile number through Amazon Alexa).

In this article, we’ll review Vodafone Together, including the 5G mobile SIM card and the ‘superfast’ fibre home broadband. We’ll also look at the inclusive Amazon Echo Plus with Vodafone OneNumber before investigating the level of coverage available on the service.

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Cancelling Your Mobile Phone Contract: Termination Fees & Alternatives

Find out how to cancel your mobile phone contract, including any exit fees that might apply and how you can get around them.

In the UK, there are three ways to cancel your mobile phone contract. The best way to cancel depends on whether you’re moving to another mobile network and whether you’d like to keep your phone number when you do so.

Sometimes, it’ll be necessary to pay an “early termination charge” or “early exit fee” when you cancel your contract during the minimum initial term (the first 12 months or 24 months of your contract). In addition, a notice period of around 30 days could also apply if you’re following the standard cancellation process.

In this article, we’ll show you how to cancel your mobile phone contract. For each network, we’ll discuss the exit fees and notice periods that apply when cancelling your contract. We’ll also discuss the discounts that are available, along with alternative solutions that might allow you to bypass the extra charges.

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PAC Codes: How to transfer your mobile number when switching networks

How to transfer your phone number from one mobile network to another: a step-by-step guide to using a PAC Code.

  • BT Mobile
  • EE
  • giffgaff
  • iD Mobile
  • O2
  • Sky Mobile
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Three
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Vodafone

In the UK, it’s a straightforward process to transfer your phone number from one mobile network to another. This makes it easy to change mobile networks whilst keeping the same phone number as before. It ensures that you won’t miss incoming phone calls and text messages, and means you can avoid the hassle of having to update your phone number at different places.

To move your phone number from one network to another, you’ll use something called a PAC Code (or a Porting Authorisation Code). It should take no longer than one working day to transfer your phone number with a PAC Code and it will always be free to do so.

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O2 Coverage & Network Review: 4G Coverage & Upcoming 5G Launch 2019

O2 offers 99% population coverage on 2G, 3G & 4G, with the launch of O2’s 5G coverage scheduled for October 2019.

In the UK, O2 currently offers 99% population coverage on their 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks. On their 4G network, you can currently get up to Category 6 LTE download speeds (up to 300Mbit/s). However, this is due to increase very soon with the upcoming launch of O2 5G.

O2’s upcoming 5G network is due to launch in October 2019, initially in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, London and Slough. A total of 20 towns and cities will have O2 5G coverage by the end of 2019, and a total of 50 towns and cities by summer 2020.

In this article, find out how to check your coverage on O2 and see the O2 coverage map for 2G, 3G and 4G. We’ll also discuss O2’s Wi-Fi Hotspot service, their upcoming 5G network and international coverage when you’re abroad in other countries.

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Three Coverage & Network Review: 3G, 4G & 5G Coverage Map & Speeds

Three offers 99% population coverage on their 3G & 4G network, with Three’s 5G coverage due to launch in August 2019.

In the UK, Three offers 99% population coverage on their 3G and 4G mobile network. It’s possible to access Category 6 LTE download speeds of up to 300Mbit/s, with average download speeds of about 30Mbit/s.

In the second half of 2019, 5G coverage will launch on the Three network in 25 towns and cities across the UK. London will be the first city to get 5G coverage, with a launch expected in August 2019. Three reckons its 5G network will be twice as fast as rival networks, meaning average download speeds should clock in at around 300-400Mbit/s.

In this article, find out how to check the Three coverage in your area and about the different types of coverage available on Three. We’ll also discuss the upcoming launch of Three’s 5G network, coverage on their home broadband service and international coverage when you’re travelling abroad.

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Vodafone Red vs Unlimited vs Basics: Vodafone Price Plans Compared

Vodafone offers three types of price plan: Red, Unlimited and Basics. Find out how the different price plans compare.

If you’re choosing a new mobile phone or SIM card from Vodafone, there are currently three types of price plan you’re able to choose from.

Comparing the Red, Unlimited and Basics price plans, you’ll need to think about whether you want unlimited data or a gigabyte allowance, the maximum download speeds you want on your plan and whether you need inclusive international roaming.

The cheapest available SIM cards are available on Vodafone Basics, where you’ll pay as little as £6/month for data at 4G speed. Vodafone Red gives you a larger allowance of data along with 5G on most plans, with inclusive roaming when you travel abroad in Europe. Meanwhile, at the top-end, Vodafone Unlimited starts from £23/month for unlimited data at a range of different download speeds.

In this article, we’ll compare the three types of price plan from Vodafone. We’ll look at Vodafone Red, Vodafone Unlimited and Vodafone Basics in more detail. We’ll then showcase some of the best value SIM cards in each range before looking at the coverage available and how to keep your existing phone number.

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Huawei AI Cube Review: Unlimited 4G Broadband & Alexa Speaker on Three

The Huawei AI Cube on Three offers unlimited 4G home broadband with a built-in Amazon Alexa speaker from £13/month.

Three is currently offering a Huawei AI Cube B900 router with unlimited data for £13/month for the first six months, followed by £26/month for the remainder of your contract. The AI Cube router, which also doubles up as an Amazon Alexa smart speaker, gives you high-speed 4G broadband on up to 64 devices. This is delivered without the need for a phone line or cable, making it a potential alternative for fixed home broadband.

Until the 22nd August 2019, customers signing up for a 24 month AI Cube plan will get half price for the first six months. This means you’ll pay just £13/month for the first six months, followed by £26/month.

In this article, we’ll review the Huawei AI Cube B900 router from Three, including the price plans available and the capabilities of the device. We’ll also compare it to alternative devices like the HomeFi router which is available for £11.50/month for the first six months, followed by £23/month for the remainder of your plan.

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Mobile Phone Credit Checks: How They Work & No Credit Check Deals

You’ll sometimes need to undergo a credit check when taking out a mobile phone contract in the UK. Find out what this involves and discover “no credit check” deals.

If you’re taking out a Pay Monthly mobile contract or SIM-only deal in the UK, you’ll sometimes need to undergo and pass a credit check. The most stringent checks are on 24-month contracts with a new smartphone, with slightly lighter checks in place for a SIM-only deal.

Because of the credit check requirement, it isn’t always possible for everyone to get a mobile phone contract. At a minimum, you’ll need to be over 18 and you’ll need a UK credit history to be approved for a mobile phone contract. Beyond that, different mobile networks have their own internal credit criteria against which your application for a mobile phone contract will be judged.

In this article, we’ll explain the credit check process for when you take out a mobile phone contract in the UK. We’ll look at the policy on each UK mobile network and what a credit check will involve if you need to undergo one. We’ll also discuss how you can check your credit record for errors and “no credit check” alternatives such as buying your handset SIM-free and getting a Pay As You Go bundle.

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