Three UK: Challenger Network With All-You-Can-Eat Data & Free Roaming

Three is the UK’s fourth-largest mobile network. It’s challenging the big players with competitive pricing, all-you-can-eat data and free roaming in 18 countries.

ThreeIn recent years, Three has become a household name. Being the youngest of the four major mobile networks, they launched in the UK during March 2003. Since then, they’ve been paving the way for the smartphone revolution from launching the UK’s first 3G network to introducing all-you-can-eat data plans with no download limits. As of 2016, Three has 10 million customers.

Three has some strongly competitive offerings: namely their all-you-can-eat data plans and the 321 Pay As You Go plan (3p/minute, 2p/text and 1p/MB of data). Recently, their Feel At Home offer has made it possible to use your smartphone abroad in 18 countries at no extra charge. In this section, read more about Three’s tariff offerings.

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  1. Steven J Parkes said:

    Hi Ken,

    I read your recommendations regularly. Generally I find the information very useful. However, I have to take issue with you on your continuing support of the 3 Network. As with many users, I found the offer of an unlimited 4G data bundle attractive. Having bought the bundle I then started using my phone. At first, all went well. I got a 4G signal every day for a week. At 12 Mbps and about 65 to 70 % appearance it is definitely not as good as the performance by EE. Given the promise of unlimited data access, this was acceptable. However, since that first week, the 4G signal has disappeared (currently three weeks).

    Contacting their office was a waste of time. They claimed that their transmitters were working. They then said that they would pass me on to their Technical Department. Having waited about five minutes, the phone call was cut off and nobody bothered to contact me. I then pursed the matter on the Internet and discovered that my problem is quite common with the 3 network.

    One explanation offered is that so many people have joined the network that 3 is unable to deliver on its somewhat inflated claim of unlimited data access. Having had such a poor experience, I no longer intend to use the 3 network. I think a caveat should be issued to users considering using this network.


    Steven J Parkes

  2. Ian said:

    Hi Ken,
    Recently posted about the Three £10 All in one offer, which we took and brought 3 x Three sim cards to use whilst in the US. After only a few days there is no credit on any of the sim cards and have certainly not used 100 minutes. We entered the code given to us on the receipt at the Three shop and used the phone on and off for a couple of days but as I say not to the extent of 100 minutes. Now in the US with no minutes or texts across three sim cards. Anyone got any ideas ?

    1. Ken replied:

      Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your comment. Have you double checked that an All in One bundle has been added to your account? You can do this by visiting If everything has been set up correctly, you’d see zero credit on your account and a 30-day bundle which should tell you how many minutes/texts/MB are remaining on the bundle.

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