Vodafone is the UK’s third largest network. They offer both 3G & 4G services with the Vodafone Red 4G plans including free entertainment.

vodafoneVodafone is one of the UK’s oldest mobile networks. Founded in 1984, the name Vodafone was an amalgamation of the words voice, data and fone. As of 2016, Vodafone has 18 million customers in the UK. It’s the third largest network by number of customers (the largest is EE, followed by O2).

Vodafone’s flagship offering is the Vodafone Red plan. It’s available in a choice of either 3G or 4G versions. Notably, the 4G Vodafone Red plans include a free entertainment package. Customers can choose either a Spotify Premium subscription (4G Music) or access to Sky Sports Mobile TV (4G Sports). In this section, read more about Vodafone’s tariff offerings.

Vodafone 4G Entertainment: NOW TV, Spotify or Sky Sports

Vodafone's 4G price plans have a free 'Entertainment Pack' included in the offering. Choose from a free subscription to NOW TV, Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile TV.

Vodafone Big Value Bundles Review: Pay As You Go from £10/month

Vodafone offers a choice of Big Value Bundles from £5/month on Pay As You Go.

Vodafone EuroTraveller & WorldTraveller: Use Your Airtime Abroad

For an extra charge, Vodafone customers can now use their allowances abroad in 99 countries. The EuroTraveller and WorldTraveller offers cost £3/day and £5/day extra.

Vodafone Sure Signal: Better 3G Coverage In Basements & Rural Areas

If you're struggling to pick up a decent mobile signal, Vodafone's Sure Signal promises more reliable coverage within your home. It's perfect for basement flats and for anyone living in the countryside.

Vodafone Passport: Cheaper Calls from Europe, Australia, New Zealand

The Vodafone Passport scheme offers discounted calling & texting when roaming in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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  • My son has a £9 a month contract which has been going several months.

    This month he has a bill for £250 for sending too many long text. This is taking advantage of children – not playing fair.

    I want to escalate this. Being offered a goodwill £10 off the bill and then having the operator say “It was a pleasure chatting with you!” (was he actually in the conversation or do operators say that after all calls – it was not a pleasure on my part and for him to say that shows a complete lack of respect for me).

    How to I escalate this – a £250 charge on a child’s phone is not blatantly taking advantage of those too young to know better.

    How do I escalate this!

  • Paul Chettle said:

    1 have just bought a Nokia Lumia 520 and its eating air time its using over £2 aday with the phone switched off and no calls having been made.any ideas.

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment. If your handset is switched off, my guess is there might be some subscription-based services active on your account (e.g. do you receive ringtones or any other premium rate text messages?) If you’re not sure what’s causing the charges, I’d recommend getting in touch with Vodafone Customer Services. They should be able to tell you where the charges are coming from and how you’re able to unsubscribe to the services.

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