You can get a SMARTY data SIM card for 4G broadband & mobile wi-fi, with plans from £5 per month and unlimited data for £16 per month.

Smarty Data Sim Deals - For Tablets and Mobile BroadbandGetting a SMARTY data SIM card is one of the best value ways of getting a SIM for 4G mobile broadband or home broadband.

You can get a data SIM card from £5/month on SMARTY which can be used in a wide range of devices including your tablet, mobile broadband dongle, mobile wi-fi hotspot (MiFi), 4G router, laptop and more.

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In this article, we’ll review SMARTY’s data SIM deals, including the plans available and how much data you’ll get. We’ll also look at the devices in which you can use a SMARTY SIM card along with the coverage and download speeds available on the service.


In the UK, SMARTY Mobile offers a range of SIM cards with prices starting from £5/month.

The most popular SIM cards for mobile broadband and home broadband usage are 30GB of data for £10, 100GB of data for £15 or unlimited data for £16.

All of the deals are available on a one-month rolling basis, with no commitment and no need for a credit check.


The £10 and £15 plans are ideal for occasional mobile broadband usage (e.g. for getting connected to the internet on-the-go). Meanwhile, the unlimited data plan gives you fully unlimited data which is ideal if you’re a heavy user or if you’d like to use 4G home broadband on a SIM card from SMARTY.

If you’re looking for a cheaper SIM card that’s ideal for light usage, it’s possible to get a SIM card on SMARTY from as little as £5/month:


You’ll also get unlimited minutes and unlimited texts included on your SIM, which can be used if your device supports calling and texting.

SMARTY For Broadband & Mobile Wi-Fi

Compatible Devices

You can use a SMARTY data SIM card in a wide range of devices including all of the following:

  • 4G home broadband routers. You can use a SMARTY SIM card in 4G home broadband routers like the Huawei B311 and Huawei B535. This allows you to get a 4G-powered home broadband service with Wi-Fi connectivity on up to 64 devices at the same time (including your laptop, tablet, games console, smart TV and more). SMARTY’s unlimited data plan is one of the best SIM cards for use in a 4G home broadband router.
  • Mobile broadband dongles & hotspots. If you have a 3G or 4G mobile broadband device (including a USB dongle, portable wi-fi hotspot or MiFi), you can use a SMARTY SIM card inside it to get broadband internet on-the-go. Most mobile broadband devices allow you to share an internet connection with up to 10 or 20 devices at the same time.
  • Tablets. If you’re using a tablet that supports 3G or 4G connectivity (including an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or Microsoft Surface Pro), you can use a SMARTY data SIM card inside it. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to use a SMARTY SIM card inside a Wi-Fi only tablet. Your tablet may also need to be unlocked.
  • Laptops. If your laptop has a built-in physical SIM card slot, you can use a SMARTY SIM card inside it providing your laptop supports 3G or 4G connectivity.

The ability to use the above devices is confirmed on SMARTY’s own website.

If you’re using SMARTY’s unlimited data plan, a fair usage limit of 1,000GB per month applies. This is used to identify non-permitted commercial usage of their service. In addition, it’s only possible to use up to 20GB of data abroad each month when you’re travelling in Europe.

Internet Of Things (IoT) & eSIM Devices

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to use a 2G-only device on SMARTY. This is because they don’t offer any 2G coverage. For this reason, a SMARTY SIM card will not be suitable for use in many IoT (internet-of-things) devices such as location trackers, alarm and entry systems. Even in a 3G-compatible device, SMARTY may be relatively expensive as their plans start from £5 per month (a specialist IoT SIM card could cost you as little as £2 per month).

It also isn’t possible to use SMARTY in a device that require eSIM. This is because SMARTY doesn’t currently offer eSIM support on their network.

IP Addresses For Broadband

Some online multiplayer games may not work due to the lack of a public IP address.

One downside of using SMARTY for 4G home broadband is you won’t be assigned a publicly-accessible IP address on your router. This is because SMARTY uses CGNAT technology for all of their customers (you’ll be assigned a private IP address that’s unable to accept incoming connections).

For most online activities, the lack of a publicly-accessible IP address makes very little difference. For instance, you can still browse, stream and download without any issues. Where you’ll potentially encounter some issues is if you’re trying to do things like running a server, using some P2P apps or playing some online multiplayer games.

If you’d like a publicly-accessible IP, it’s better to get a SIM card from Three instead. On Three, you can normally get a public IP address when using the 3internet APN. This service is not available to customers on SMARTY. Unlimited data is available on Three from £16 per month:

12 months

With a SIM-only deal from Three, you’ll also benefit from 5G at no extra cost and inclusive roaming in 71 destinations with the Go Roam offer.

Coverage & Download Speeds

If you’re using a SMARTY SIM card, you’ll have access to 99.8% population coverage on 4G and 98.7% population coverage on 3G. This coverage is provided by the Three network and you can use SMARTY’s online coverage map to check availability in your area.

Check SMARTY Data SIM Coverage ( →

SMARTY says they don’t have any speed restrictions on their network so you can get fastest available speeds in your area. In theory, Category 6 LTE download speeds of up to 300Mbps are available on SMARTY, but download speeds will more typically be in the region of 20-30Mbps on average.

SMARTY doesn’t currently offer any 5G coverage.

For more information, see our full guide to coverage on SMARTY.

More Information

For more information about SMARTY’s data SIM, please see SMARTY’s official website.

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  • I use a Huawei b311 with a smarty sim. I have been looking at possible ways to enhance coverage in my house in a rural setting. So I came across Mesh routers and am wondering if there are any of these that would work with a smarty sim and whether it would be worthwhile switching. (sorry if this sounds like an uninformed question – technology is leaving me in its trail of dust!)

  • Hi Ken, would you please tell me what is the difference between “4G home broadband routers” and “Mobile broadband dongles & hotspots. (USB dongle, portable wi-fi hotspot or MiFi)”?

    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your comment. The main difference is that 4G home broadband routers are typically powered from the mains, whereas the portable wi-fi hotspots are powered from a battery. Because of that, the 4G home broadband routers are mainly designed to be used in one fixed location, whereas the portable wi-fi hotspots can more easily be used on-the-go. Because the router is powered from the mains, you’ll often get a stronger 4G signal on it. Additionally, there will also be a stronger Wi-Fi signal and often other features like the ability to plug in devices using Ethernet or to attach an external antenna. More information here.
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  • Christopher Pugh said:

    Hi Ken,
    Thanks for your reply. As you suggest, I only want access to devices on my local network, so everything will hopefully work OK.
    Regards, Christopher

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