BT is offering 4G home broadband with unlimited downloads and speeds of either 15Mbps or 30Mbps.

In the UK, BT is now offering unlimited 4G home broadband for customers who aren’t able to get a fibre broadband connection in their home. You can get unlimited data on the new 4G-based service from £45/month, with a choice of download speeds (either 15Mbps or 30Mbps).

Customers signing up to BT’s 4G home broadband service will receive the BT 4G Home Hub router. In addition, you’ll get most of the normal benefits of BT Broadband including access to BT Wi-Fi hotspots, BT Cloud storage and inclusive anti-virus.

In this article, we’ll review BT’s 4G home broadband service including the plans available and the BT 4G Home Hub Router. We’ll also look at the speeds available on the service before comparing it to alternative providers and looking at the 4G coverage that’s available.

BT 4G Home Broadband Plans

4G Home Broadband Plans

In the UK, BT now offers a choice of two 4G home broadband plans. Starting from £45/month on a 24-month contract, both plans give you access to unlimited 4G data. You’ll just need to decide on the download speeds you require:

  • The 15Mbps plan costs £45/month. BT says it will allow you to browse, stream and download on their 4G network. On this plan, you can stream HD-quality video on around 2-3 devices at the same time but it won’t be possible to stream 4K ultra-HD video.
  • The 30Mbps plan costs £55/month. BT says it allows faster browsing, streaming and downloading on their 4G network. On this plan, you can stream HD-quality video on up to 6 devices at the same time, or 4K ultra-HD video on one device.

The following table shows a list of BT’s 4G broadband plans:

NetworkData AllowanceContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
BT Mobile
BT 4G Home Hub
Unlimited Data
Up to 15Mbps
24 month contract£0£45/month
BT Mobile
BT 4G Home Hub
Unlimited Data
Up to 30Mbps
24 month contract£0£55/month

Alongside your 4G broadband plan, you’ll get most of the normal benefits of being a BT Broadband customer. This includes free access to over 5 million BT Wi-Fi hotspots, 1000GB of free BT Cloud storage, BT Parental Controls and BT Virus Protect (with an inclusive license for up to 15 devices). You’ll also get up to 11 email addresses from BT.

Unfortunately, BT TV and BT Complete Wi-Fi are not currently available to 4G home broadband customers.

4G Broadband vs Fibre Broadband

In most cases, we’d only recommend choosing BT’s 4G home broadband if you’re unable to get a fibre broadband service at your address. This is because BT offers faster download speeds along with lower monthly prices on their regular fibre broadband plans.

At present, you can get the following fibre broadband plans from BT, with prices starting from £24.99 per month for an average download speed of 36Mbps:

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
Fibre Essential
36Mbps download24 month contract£0£24.99/month
Fibre 1
50Mbps download24 month contract£0£27.99/month
with £60 reward card
Fibre 2
67Mbps download24 month contract£0£29.99/month
with £80 reward card

In addition, it’s also possible get an ADSL (copper) broadband plan if you’re unable to get fibre broadband at your address.

You can add features like BT TV and BT Complete Wi-Fi to your fibre broadband plan from BT. For more information, see our BT Broadband review.

BT 4G Home Hub & Router

The BT 4G Home Hub (also known as the 4G Home Router) is a 4G-powered home broadband router from BT. It’s based on the very similar 4GEE Home Router, a device that’s used to offer 4G broadband on EE.

When you’re using the BT 4G Home Hub, it’ll allow you to get up to 32 devices connected to the internet at the same time. BT says you’ll get dual-band Wi-Fi 5 connectivity (802.11a/b/g/n/ac), with up to 30 meters of range for your Wi-Fi signal. You’ll also get 2 Gigabit Ethernet sockets for connecting wired devices to your network and two SMA sockets for attaching optional external antenna.

The following table shows the technical specifications of the BT 4G Home Hub:

BT 4G Home Hub
(BT 4G Home Hub)
Home Broadband Plans
Price:From £45/month
Unlimited Data:£45/month
Contract Length:24 months
Mobile Connectivity
4G Connectivity:Category 7 LTE
4G Download Speed:Up to 300 Mbit/s download
4G Upload Speed:Up to 100 Mbit/s upload
4G Bands:LTE bands TBC
External Antenna:Yes, 2x SMA connectors
Home Network Connectivity
Dual-Band Wi-Fi:Yes
Wi-Fi Connectivity:802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Wi-Fi Devices:Up to 32 devices
Ethernet:2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
Model:BT 4G Home Hub
More Information:See

Unfortunately, the BT 4G Home Hub is not compatible with some of the more advanced features available on the BT Smart Hub for fibre broadband. However, you can add some of these features another way. For instance, mesh networking is also available using a separate BT Whole Home Wi-Fi system (the Complete Wi-Fi system isn’t currently available on BT’s 4G home broadband).

For more information about the 4G Hub, you can see the detailed product specifications on the BT website.

BT 4G Home Broadband Speeds

On BT’s 4G home broadband service, you can choose between maximum download speeds of either 15Mbps or 30Mbps. You should note that both of these are quoted as an ‘up to’ speed. This differs from most other home broadband services which are advertised with an ‘average’ download speed that at least 50% of customers are able to obtain.

In practice, the download speeds you’ll get on BT’s 4G home broadband service will be dependent on the 4G coverage available where you live. You can use BT’s 4G coverage checker to get an idea of the signal in your area. Across the country, BT has previously quoted an average speed of 31Mbps on their 4G network. However, this can vary substantially depending on area (e.g. it might be a lot slower in areas with poor or marginal 4G coverage).

BT 4G Broadband Plan Download Speed
4G Home Broadband £45 Plan Up to 15Mbps – check 4G coverage in your area
4G Home Broadband £55 Plan Up to 30Mbps – check 4G coverage in your area

You can often use an external 4G antenna to improve the speeds on your 4G home broadband service.

If you’re unable to get fibre broadband at your address, BT’s 4G home broadband may be faster than a regular fixed-line broadband service. However, if you’re living at an address where BT’s fibre broadband plans are available, you’ll almost certainly get faster speeds using fibre broadband instead.


Alongside BT’s 4G home broadband service, there are a number of other 4G home broadband providers you can consider. These include Three’s 4G home broadband service, EE’s 4GEE Home Router and Vodafone’s GigaCube Broadband.

At present, the best value 4G home broadband service is available on Three Broadband. They offer unlimited 4G broadband for just £20/month (discounted from the normal price of £22/month). This is available without any speed restrictions so you may be able to get faster download speeds than those available on BT’s service (subject to 4G coverage from Three in your area):

NetworkData AllowanceContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
Three 4G Hub
Unlimited Data24 month contract£0£20/month
with 6 months half price
Three 4G Hub
Unlimited Data12 month contract£19£23/month
Three 4G Hub
Unlimited Data1 month contract£49£30/month

See all Three 4G Home Broadband deals →

Meanwhile, EE offers 4G home broadband on their 4GEE Home Router. Given BT is also using EE’s network for 4G coverage, you’ll get the exact same coverage on the 4G home broadband services from BT and EE. The main difference is you’ll get uncapped download speeds on EE (albeit with a monthly download limit instead of fully unlimited data).

NetworkData AllowanceContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
4GEE Home
100GB Data18 month contract£0£35/month
4GEE Home
200GB Data18 month contract£0£40/month
4GEE Home
300GB Data18 month contract£0£45/month
4GEE Home
500GB Data18 month contract£0£50/month

Finally, Vodafone also offers a range of 4G home broadband plans. You can choose from a range of data allowances between 100GB and 300GB per month.

NetworkData AllowanceContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
Vodafone GigaCube 4G
100GB Data18 month contract£0£30/month
Vodafone GigaCube 4G
200GB Data18 month contract£0£40/month
Vodafone GigaCube 4G
300GB Data18 month contract£0£50/month

For more information, see our comparison of the best 4G home broadband deals in the UK. In addition, you might be able to get 5G home broadband if you’re living in an area with 5G coverage.

Coverage & Availability

BT offers 99% population coverage on their 4G home broadband service. In the background, this is provided using EE’s 4G mobile network so you can get it in all of the same places you can get 4G from EE.

Before signing up to BT’s 4G home broadband service, it’s important to make sure there’s 4G coverage in your area. You can do this by entering your postcode on BT’s 4G coverage map:

Check BT Coverage ( →

Meanwhile, if you’d like to check the availability of other BT Broadband plans such as ADSL and fibre broadband, you’ll need to check the coverage through this page instead.

For more information, see our in-depth guide to coverage on EE or our guide to mobile networks using EE coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BT’s 4G broadband work?
BT’s 4G home broadband service uses a wireless 4G connection to deliver broadband internet to your home. It’s available in locations that don’t have access to BT’s fibre broadband plans.
What download speeds will I get on BT’s 4G broadband?
There’s a choice of two different download speeds on BT’s 4G home broadband. You can choose a maximum speed of either 15Mbps or 30Mbps. This contrasts to alternatives like Three Broadband where you’ll have access to uncapped speeds on 4G.
What is the BT 4G Hub?
When you sign up to BT’s 4G home broadband, you’ll be supplied with a BT 4G Home Hub router. This connects to BT’s 4G mobile network in the background and produces a Wi-Fi network that your other devices can connect to.
How does BT’s 4G broadband compare to other providers?
BT’s 4G broadband starts from £45/month for unlimited downloads at a maximum speed of 15Mbps. With other 4G home broadband providers, you may be able to get unlimited data for as little as £20/month without speed restrictions.
How do I check the coverage for BT’s 4G broadband?
BT’s 4G home broadband is powered by EE’s 4G network. You can use BT’s online coverage map to see whether a 4G signal is available where you live.

More Information

For more information about BT’s 4G home broadband, please see BT’s official website. You can also read our guide to 4G broadband services in the UK.

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  • I was tempted when I received an email from BT about 4G now available in my area. But I could not cope with having to reconfigure my email or losing my BT email address. It’s a pity they do not make this clear on their promotion. Thanks for your helpful comment Kevin.

  • Kevin Rickerby said:

    I have now got the 4g router and download speeds are as advertised. However there are limitations that i have now found that no one has ever told me before i purchased the 4g upgrade.
    1 – there is no port forwarding capability on the EE network
    2 – I cannot get my bt internet email on pop3 through the 4g router. Imap works fine.
    3 – if you upgrade from bt home broadband to the 4g broadband ie discontinue the bt landline broadband, you will lose your bt email address.

    Because of these problems i am now paying for 2 broadband services, not ideal and expensive.

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