Sky Whole Home allows you to watch Sky TV in more rooms for an extra £12 per month.

If you’re a Sky Glass or Sky Stream customer in the UK, you can add the Whole Home pack to watch Sky TV in more rooms of your home.

Currently available for £12 per month, the Whole Home pack gives you access to all of the channels listed here, along with your playlists and your personalised recommendations on a Sky Stream Puck. You’ll also get Sky Go Extra included, allowing you to stream on four other devices including your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or games console.

In this article, we’ll review the Whole Home pack for Sky TV. We’ll start by looking at what it is and what you’ll get included with it. We’ll also look at how you’re able to use Sky’s Whole Home service.

Prices From: £12 per month
Contact Length: 31-day rolling contract
Key Features:
Available With: Sky Glass
Sky Stream
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What is Sky Whole Home?

If you’re a Sky Glass or Sky Stream customer in the UK, you can add Sky’s Whole Home service to watch Sky TV in more rooms of your home. It’s currently available for £12 per month on a 31-day rolling contract, meaning you can easily add it or remove it at any time. You’ll also get Sky Go Extra included, allowing you to watch Sky TV when you’re out and about on up to four other devices.

The Whole Home Service

When you add Sky’s Whole Home service for £12 per month, you’ll get an extra Sky Stream Puck that’ll be connected to your Sky TV subscription.

To get started, you simply need to plug in your Sky Stream Puck to any compatible television with a HDMI socket. It will then give you access to the full Sky Stream experience on that television, including compatible channels, playlists, recommendations, and more. You can also use the Sky Stream Puck for apps such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Spotify, and more on your TV.

The Whole Home service comes with one additional Sky Stream Puck at no extra cost. If you’d like more than one puck, there’s a £39.95 set-up for each additional puck (the £12 monthly cost remains the same). According to Sky, you’ll need 10Mbps for the first Sky Glass or Sky Stream device in your household, followed by an extra 5Mbps for each additional Puck. This means, for instance, you’ll need a download speed of 15Mbps for one Sky Glass TV and one Sky Stream Puck.

You can have a maximum of 3 Sky Glass TVs and 6 Sky Stream Pucks at one address.

Sky Go Extra

Alongside the additional Sky Stream Pucks, you’ll get Sky Go Extra included with the Whole Home service. This allows you to watch Sky TV on up to four other devices using the Sky Go app, including both live TV channels and on-demand catch-up content.

The Sky Go app is available for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Xbox and PlayStation devices. You can use it wherever you are in the UK and it’s also possible to download content to watch when you’re offline.

If you’re regularly using Sky Go Extra, we’d recommend getting a Sky Mobile SIM card from £6 per month to go with it. On all Sky Mobile plans, you’ll be able to stream from the Sky Go service without eating into your data allowance.

If you don’t have Sky’s Whole Home service, you’ll still get the regular version of Sky Go included with your Sky Entertainment & Netflix subscription. The regular version of Sky Go can only be used on two devices at the same time. In addition, it isn’t possible to use the regular version of Sky Go on a Xbox or PlayStation console.

The device limit for Sky Go does not include your Sky Glass TV or any Sky Stream Pucks that you’re using through the Whole Home service.

Netflix & Streaming Services

When you take the Sky Entertainment & Netflix plan on Sky Glass and Sky Stream, you’ll get a Netflix Basic subscription included in the price (worth £6.99 per month). Although this will allow you to log in to Netflix on multiple devices, you’ll only be able to stream Netflix on one device at a time.

If you’d like to watch Netflix on multiple devices at the same time (including multiple Sky Stream Pucks), you’ll need to upgrade your Netflix subscription. You’ll pay £4 per month extra for Netflix Standard (allowing you to stream on up to 2 devices at the same time) and £8 per month for Netflix Premium (allowing you to stream on up to 4 devices at the same time). Sky’s Whole Home service does not include the upgrade to Netflix.

Your Sky TV subscription also includes Discovery+. This can be used on up to four devices at the same time, as standard. In addition, Sky Cinema customers will get Paramount+ at no extra cost. This can be used on up to three devices at the same time, as standard.

Sky Stream Puck

The inclusive Sky Stream Puck smartens up your old television and allows you to watch Sky TV on it. You’ll get a Sky Stream Puck as part of Sky’s Whole Home service, which is a particularly useful if you’re buying a Sky Glass TV (as the Puck will allow you to watch Sky on your old TV as well).

In practice, a Sky Stream Puck is almost identical to a regular Sky Stream box (it’s just connected to your existing Sky TV account, as opposed to having a separate account). You can connect it to any compatible television using a HDMI cable to watch more than 120 live TV channels. Your Sky Stream Puck will also give you access to your playlists, along with apps such as BBC iPlayer, ITVX and Netflix.

The Sky Stream Puck will connect to your home wi-fi network. You’ll need a minimum connection speed of 5Mbps for each Sky Stream Puck in your home (or 25Mbps if you’re streaming in ultra-HD quality). This is in addition to the minimum connection speed for your first Sky Glass or Sky Stream device (10Mbps for HD and 25Mbps for ultra-HD). This means, for instance, you’ll need a minimum connection speed of 15Mbps for one Sky Glass TV and one Sky Stream Puck, when both of them are streaming in HD quality.

The Sky Stream Puck can only be used at the same address as your main Sky Glass TV or Sky Stream box. If you don’t, the terms and conditions state that you might be charged a separate subscription fee for use at the other address:

If you or anyone else uses your account or TV service anywhere other than at your address, we may charge you a separate subscription for use at that other address based on the price of your subscription. We’ll notify you before applying that additional charge.

If you’d like to watch Sky TV at another address, you can use the Sky Go app on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone instead.

Technical Specifications

The following table shows the full technical specifications of the Sky Stream Puck:

Sky Stream Puck
Upfront Price: £0 for first Sky Stream Puck
£39.95 for each additional Puck
Requires: Sky Whole Home (£12 per month)
Channels: Up to 150 channels
Features & Design
Picture Quality: HD (standard)
Ultra HD 4K (with Ultra HDR add-on)
Apps: Yes
Playlists: Yes
Dimensions: 10.8 x 10.8 x 1.8 cm
Colour: Anthracite Black
Reception Method: Internet
(broadband required)
Stream Puck Ports: HDMI 2.1
230V AC power
Requires Broadband: Yes
5Mbps for HD
25Mbps for UHD
Other Requirements: Sky Glass or Sky Stream
Availability: 98% of UK homes
Check availability →

If you’re upgrading from the Sky Q Multiscreen service, your Sky Stream Pucks will replace your old Sky Q Mini boxes. Comparing the two devices side-by-side, you’ll find the Sky Stream Pucks are significantly smaller than the Sky Q Mini boxes (they’re roughly one-third of the size, as well as being substantially thinner). The Sky Stream Puck also supports 4K Ultra HDR whereas the Sky Q Mini is restricted to HD only.

One disadvantage of the Sky Stream Puck is that it doesn’t boost your home wi-fi network, in the same way as the Sky Q Mini. If you were previously relying on the Sky Q Mini to get good wi-fi in your home, you may need to invest in a separate wi-fi booster or mesh wi-fi solution.

More Information

For more information about Sky’s Whole Home service, please see Sky’s official website.

You can also read our Sky Glass review and our comparisons of Sky Glass vs Sky Q and Sky Stream vs Sky Q.

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