O2 is offering triple data for three months on their £10 and £15 Big Bundles for Christmas 2020.

O2’s Triple Data offer is no longer available to new customers. O2’s triple data Pay As You Go offer was available to customers who signed up before the 30th December 2020. This page has been left as a archive for customers who previously opted in to the offer.

As a special festive offer for Christmas 2020, O2 is offering triple data for three months on their £10 and £15 Pay As You Go bundles. This allows you to get 18GB of data for just £10/month or 45GB of data for £15/month.

In addition to the increased data allowances, you can also get £10 of free credit when you order your SIM card online and when you activate it within 28 days of your order.

In this article, we’ll look at O2’s Pay As You Go triple data offer and how it could be the perfect accompaniment to a new mobile phone you’re buying someone this Christmas. We’ll also look at the £10 free credit offer and at other features of the plan like O2 Priority and data rollover.

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O2 Pay As You Go Christmas Offer

Until the 30th December 2020, O2 is offering triple data on their £10 and £15 Pay As You Go bundles. This allows you to get a massive 18GB of data for £10/month and 45GB of data for £15/month. You can benefit from the increased data allowances for up to 3 months, as long as you continue topping up your SIM.

In addition, you’ll get unlimited minutes and unlimited texts included in your plan, which is handy for staying in touch with friends and family this Christmas.


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If you’d like to benefit from the triple data offer, you can order a free Pay As You Go SIM card from the O2 website. It’ll need to be topped up and activated before the 30th December on a £10 or £15 bundle for you to benefit from the offer.

As there’s no contract or credit check, you can even order a free SIM card for someone else (e.g. to go with a mobile phone that you’re buying for them as a gift this Christmas).

If you’re an existing O2 Pay As You Go customer, you can benefit from the triple data offer if you have the £10 or £15 bundle. Make sure you’re on an eligible plan and then text 3XDATA to 2424.

In addition to their £10 and £15 bundles, O2 also offers a £5 Pay As You Go bundle with unlimited calls and unlimited texts (but no data allowance) and a £30 bundle with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 100GB of data. Unfortunately, the triple credit offer isn’t available on these plans but you’ll still be able to get the £10 of free credit.

£10 Free Credit

If you’re joining O2 Pay As You Go, it’s also currently possible to get £10 of free credit with your SIM. To get it:

  1. Order your O2 SIM card online. You’ll need to order your SIM card online through this page. It’ll usually arrive in about 1-2 working days.
  2. Activate your SIM card with a Big Bundle within 28 days. Simply top-up your SIM card with at least £10 of credit and choose the £5, £10, £15 or £30 Big Bundle. If you top-up and activate your SIM before the 30th December, you can combine the £10 of free credit with the triple data offer.
  3. Text FREE10 to 21500. Once you’ve topped up your SIM, text FREE10 to 21500. You’ll then normally receive your £10 of free credit within an hour.

For instance, if you were to choose the £10 Big Bundle with 18GB for three months, the £10 of free credit would essentially pay for your second month (therefore giving you the second month for free).

Other O2 Pay As You Go Features

No Contract & Credit Check

There’s no need to sign up any contracts or to undergo a credit check when joining O2 Pay As You Go.

Although the Big Bundles work on a one-month rolling basis, you have the flexibility to change your plan each month (e.g. upgrading to a plan with more data, or switching to a cheaper plan to save money each month). You can also use it on a pure Pay As You Go basis without having a bundle.

However, to remain opted in to the triple data offer, you’ll need to stay on an eligible bundle for the first 3 months (either the £10 or £15 bundle). If you change to another bundle (e.g. the £5 bundle), you’ll no longer be eligible for the triple data offer.

O2 Priority

As a customer of O2’s Pay As You Go service, you’ll have access to the O2 Priority app. This gives you access to exclusive discounts and offers such as a free coffee from Caffè Nero on most weeks. You’ll also get early access to lots of gig and event tickets up to 48 hours before they go on general sale to everyone else.

Data Rollover

On O2 Pay As You Go, it’s possible to roll over your unused data into the following month’s allowance. This gives you another chance to use the data on your bundle.

The rollover only applies to your core data allowance. You can therefore roll over up to 6GB of data on the £10 plan and up to 15GB of data on the £15 plan.

99% Population Coverage

With an O2 Pay As You Go bundle, you’ll have access to 99% population coverage on O2’s 2G, 3G and 4G networks in the UK.

You can check the availability of coverage in your area by entering your postcode on O2’s online coverage map:

Check O2 Coverage (o2.co.uk) →

You’ll also have access to international roaming when you travel abroad.

Keeping Your Phone Number

If you’re changing from another mobile network to O2, it’s easy to keep your current phone number.

Start by requesting a PAC Code from your old network. You can get one through your mobile network’s website or app, or by texting PAC to 65075.

You can then order your new Pay As You Go SIM card from O2’s website. It normally takes one to two working days for it to arrive. You should then activate it before the 30th December to benefit from the triple data offer.

Once you’ve set up your new phone or SIM card, you can the provide the PAC Code to O2 through this online form. After doing that, your phone number transfer will be scheduled, usually for the next working day.

For a step-by-step guide on how to move your phone number to O2, please select your current mobile network from the drop down menu below:

PAC Code Finder: Transfer Your Phone Number to O2

Select your current mobile network:

  More Options

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to transfer Pay As You Go credit from your old mobile network to O2. For this reason, you should try to use up your credit before you move your phone number to O2.

More Information

For more information, please see the O2 website. You can also read our in-depth guide to O2’s Pay As You Go bundles.

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