Whether you're joining T-Mobile or leaving for another network, it's a straightforward process to keep your existing phone number.

T-Mobile PAC CodeIf you're leaving T-Mobile to join another network, or if you're leaving another network in order to join T-Mobile, it's super easy to keep your current phone number.

All you'll need to do is to request a PAC Code. It's totally free and the entire process of transferring your phone number should normally take no longer than one working day.

For detailed instructions, please choose the option that best applies to you:

Leaving T-Mobile For Another Network


If you're leaving T-Mobile to join another mobile network, you can take your phone number with you using a PAC Code from T-Mobile.

There are two ways to request a T-Mobile PAC Code:

  1. By Text Message: You can get a T-Mobile PAC Code sent to you via SMS text message. Text PAC to 65075 to receive a PAC Code from T-Mobile.
  2. By Phone: You can get a PAC Code by calling T-Mobile. To do this, call them on 150 using your T-Mobile handset. Alternatively, dial 020 7362 0200 from any other phone. You'll need to call during T-Mobile's opening hours (Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 8am-6pm).

It's always free to get a PAC Code from T-Mobile, and it's your legal entitlement to be able to recieve one.

Once you have your T-Mobile PAC Code, you'll need to provide it to your new mobile network operator. For detailed instructions, please select your new mobile network from the following dropdown menu:

PAC Code Finder
Find out how to use your T-Mobile PAC Code

Your new mobile network:

Don’t want to keep your T-Mobile phone number? You can request a STAC Code from T-Mobile instead.

T-Mobile STAC Code (Leave T-Mobile Without Keeping Your Number)

If you’d like to leave T-Mobile without keeping your current phone number, you’ll need to request a T-Mobile STAC Code rather than a PAC Code. There are two ways to get a STAC Code from T-Mobile:

  1. By Text Message: You can get a T-Mobile STAC Code sent to you via SMS text message. Text STAC to 75075 to receive a STAC Code from T-Mobile.
  2. By Phone: You can get a STAC Code by calling T-Mobile. Call them on 150 using your T-Mobile handset. Alternatively, dial 020 7362 0200 from any other phone. You'll need to call during T-Mobile's opening hours (Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 8am-6pm).

Once you’ve gotten your STAC Code, the rest of the process for joining your new mobile network remains the same. You can choose your new provider from the dropdown menu above for instructions on how to use your T-Mobile STAC Code.

Joining T-Mobile From Another Network


If you're joining T-Mobile from a different mobile network, you should ask your old mobile network to provide you with a PAC Code. The PAC Code will allow you to transfer your phone number to T-Mobile.

After getting a PAC Code from your old network, you should order your new phone or SIM card directly from T-Mobile's website. For more information, please select the type of tariff you're wanting to move to:

For a full list of the latest T-Mobile deals, please see this page on T-Mobile's website.

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When Your New Phone Arrives...

Once your new phone or SIM card arrives from T-Mobile, switch it on and make sure everything's working correctly. If, for whatever reason, you need to return or change your handset or SIM card, it's best to do this before transferring your phone number.

Once you're happy to continue with the transfer, your PAC Code should be submitted through T-Mobile's online form. Alternatively, you can give the PAC Code to T-Mobile by calling 150 on your T-Mobile handset. You can also call 020 7362 0200 from any other phone.

Providing your PAC Code to T-Mobile
The PAC Code should be submitted through a form on T-Mobile's website.

If your PAC Code is provided before 5.30pm, your phone number transfer will normally be scheduled for the next working day (Monday to Friday only, excluding English bank holidays). For PAC Codes submitted after the 5.30pm cut-off, you'll need to wait one extra working day for your number to be transferred.

Sometimes, you’ll be given the option to provide a PAC Code at the same time as when you order your new phone or SIM card. We’d typically recommend against providing your PAC Code at this stage. Instead, waiting for the new phone or SIM card to arrive from T-Mobile first will allow you to make sure it’s working correctly and will make the process of cancelling or returning much easier.

Upgrading Your Plan On T-Mobile


If you're simply upgrading to a newer handset or tariff, it's not necessary to get a T-Mobile PAC Code. You can simply upgrade via T-Mobile's website. For more information, please select the type of T-Mobile price plan you're planning to move to:

More Information

For more information, please see the T-Mobile website. You can also read our full guide to using a PAC Code. This answers a lot of frequently asked questions and provides some additional tips on transferring your phone number.

For discussion, please see the comments below on this page. They show other people's experiences using a T-Mobile PAC Code or moving their phone number from another network to T-Mobile.

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We would love to hear your comments: either about using a T-Mobile PAC Code or transferring your phone number from another network to T-Mobile. The comments below are all from people who've done the same thing in the past. You can contribute by adding your own comments here.

To see all 1860 comments about transferring a phone number, please see the main PAC Codes article.

  • Hi,

    I recently changed my payg EE (T-Mobile) number over to my new Vodafone contract and the actual change went smoothly.

    I still however receive text messages from EE. I contacted EE to see how to stop these messages and was told the only way would be to reply with one of the STOP etc codes at the end of their messages. Surely though, these texts would cost me extra (outside of my Vodafone contract plan) to send to EE as they’re not Vodafone numbers. Is this correct?

    Donna transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to Vodafone.

  • I am with TMobile/ EE on a PAYG
    I wanted to change to Tesco mobile. There is about £80 credit in my account will this money come with me when I get my pac code and change. I had requestd my money back but got refused thank you

    Noeleen transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to Tesco Mobile.

  • Hi Ken,
    Apologies if this is stupid question or it has been asked before: my daughter has a Nokia phone on T-mobile monthly bundle – we want to get her a SIM Free Moto G and also transfer to a GiffGaff SIM so we can use their goodybags, which seem better.

    I can see that it is straightforward to get a PAC from T-Mobile to do this but my question is: what happens if we buy the Moto G from Three – which is cheapest route according to your report – do we have to transfer from T-Mobile to Three and then from Three to GiffGaff?

    If this is the case, would it be better to buy the phone SIM Free from somewhere else online?

    Many thanks,

    Alex transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to giffgaff.

    • Hi Alex,
      Thanks for your comment. When purchasing the Moto G from Three, it’s provided to you on an unlocked basis. Hence, if you like, you can immediately use a SIM card from giffgaff inside the handset (there’s no need to actually use the Three SIM card). This way, you’re able to transfer your phone number directly from T-Mobile to giffgaff. If you’d like to use the SIM card from Three, then you can of course do a transfer from T-Mobile –> Three followed by another transfer from Three –> giffgaff.
      Hope this helps,

  • Hi Ken,Am currently with T-mobile on a contract thats just finished.Decided to upgrade my phone & found the best deal was on the internet.New phone arrived yesterday & I phoned T-mobile to ask for my PAC code & this was duly given to me.This morning phoned my new provider EE & was advised as T-mobile & EE are now essentially 1 in the same EE are NOT able to accept the PAC so I m stuck with the new number,however they advised I could go & buy a SIM only deal & give my PAC code to the new supplier ( say O2) then after a month cancel & ask for the new PAC & then & only then will EE be able to accept this PAC & move my old number to my newish phone.Seems a long winded way ,not to say expensive(1 month will be paying twice ) route to follow,is what I ve been told correct?

    tao palmer transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to EE.

  • Hi, I have recently moved my number to Vodafone from T- Mobile using the PAC Code. All is ok but my other phone is still working in terms of playing games and connecting to the Internet?

    Amanda transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to Vodafone.

    • Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for your comment. After your phone number transfer from T-Mobile to Vodafone, the old account at T-Mobile should be closed automatically. The handset itself will still work however (e.g. apps & games will continue to work… you’ll also be use wi-fi internet). If you’d like to use the old handset for calls/texts/mobile internet, you can order a free Pay As You Go SIM card or a SIM Only contract.
      Hope this helps,

    • Hi Tony,
      Thanks for your comment. You’re seeing this message about a “SIM Network Unlock PIN” as your HTC Wildfire is currently locked to T-Mobile. Before you’re able to use it on O2, you’ll first need to unlock it from T-Mobile. This will cost you £8.99. For more information, see my article on unlocking your smartphone. When unlocking your handset from T-Mobile, you’ll need to fill in the form here.
      Hope this helps,

  • jim drewett said:

    Hi Im still on tmobile but fancied the samsung s6 but wasnt near my upgrade (I know I got to pay up Tmobile) so i purchased from Direct mobiles now apparently I failed to click I was with tmobile when purchasing a EE contract now im being told I have to get a virgin pay as you go sim get a PAC code from tmobile transfer over to the pay as you go then when thats transferred get the PAC code from virgin then contact EE to transfer over

    Thats what I think was said!! is there any other way around this


    jim drewett transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to EE.

    • Hi Jim,
      Thanks for your comment. You’ve signed up with EE as a new customer on Direct Mobiles (EE are obviously a little unhappy as they need to pay a commission to Direct Mobiles for every new customer referred to their network). It’s for this reason they would have preferred you to upgrade an existing customer on their network. You’re being asked to transfer off the network and then back onto it as it would make EE’s numbers look a lot better (they’d be able to record this as a new customer acquisition).
      In reality, it shouldn’t be necessary to actually do this when moving from T-Mobile onto EE. It’s possible to submit the T-Mobile PAC Code directly to EE to move your number. For more information, take a look at the comments on this page: many of them are from other readers who’ve made the same move. By the way, don’t forget you’ll need to pay an early termination fee when ending your current contract.

  • Hello Ken, I have a t mobile monthly sim only contract but want to start a new phone contact with a third party through EE as it’s cheaper than upgrading through t mobile. I have got a PAC code, can I transfer my number to the new contract
    Thank you

    Angela transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to EE.

    • Hi Angela,
      Thanks for your comment. It certainly shouldn’t be a problem moving your phone number from T-Mobile to EE. I recommend having a look at the comments on this page for some experiences from other users transferring their phone number from T-Mobile to EE.

  • Hi Ken,

    Thanks again for the useful site.

    My billing period with T-Mobile (EE) runs from 12th to 12th (now out of my 2 year contract so have defaulted to a 12 month rolling contract). Should I place my order for a 3 SIM on, say, the 9th or 10th so that I minimize the amount of overlap of the 2 contracts? I imagine I would have to pay for a whole month even if I only use part of it?


    Andy transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to Three.

    • Hi Andy,
      Thanks for your comment. As your 24 month contract has now ended with T-Mobile, you’ll be placed automatically on a 1-month rolling contract (not 12 months as you mentioned in your comment). You’ll need to give 30 days notice before ending the contract so I’d recommend doing this as quickly as you can. Ask them for a PAC Code whilst you’re on the phone. You can then order a SIM card from Three. You can schedule the phone number transfer towards the end of the 30 days to minimise contract overlap. Don’t worry about ending your contract in the middle of a billing month (the charges for the final month are pro-rated based on the number of days you’ve been using the SIM card for).
      Hope this helps!

  • I have been using my number with Tmobile for over 8 years and I still have the mates rate plan. My partner has recently bought me an IPhone which is locked to 02 so I have bought a PAYG sim to go into the phone and have asked Tmobile for my PAC code to change my number over. I would like to know if i get my iPhone unlocked to any network and want to switch back to Tmobile will I be able to still use the same number and will I still be on the same mates rates tariff or will I start a new connection from scratch?

    Steff transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to O2.

    • Hi Steff,
      Thanks for your comment. If you’d like to stay on T-Mobile’s Mates Rates, you’ll need to keep the T-Moible account open. If you were to transfer your phone number from T-Mobile to O2, then it would close the account that’s open at T-Mobile and you would need to later sign up as a new customer on EE (T-Mobile is no longer available to new customers joining the network).
      If you simply want to unlock the handset from O2, you can do this with a free O2 Pay As You Go SIM card. There’s no need to actually keep the number assigned to the O2 SIM card: simply use it for unlocking then go back to your normal T-Mobile SIM.
      Hope this helps,

  • I switched my network from T-Mobile to O2 via CarPhone Warehouse on 19/11/14, receiving my PAC code on the 19/11 and thus made O2 aware of the pac code during the online transfer. Received my new O2 sim on 20/11 around midday switching sims and noticing my network had changed correctly to O2.

    However, today I have received a final bill from my original provider (T-mobile) for £238 as on the morning of the 20/11, I used my phone to make calls, emails, browse the internet and watch a couple of video’s. I was unaware that I would be charged for usage by T-Mobile on the 20th and was not made aware by T-Mobile that this could happen. What options are available to me, do I have any legal recourse as this is a bill I simply cannot afford.

    Thankyou for your replies as this is a deep concern to me.


    David Mahon transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to O2.

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for your comment and sorry to hear about the problems you’ve experienced with T-Mobile. It is rather ridiculous they’ve charged you £238 for only half a day of usage: what’s their rationale for making such a charge? What tariff were you on when this happened? It would seem reasonable for them to charge a pro-rata rate for your final month of usage but there’s no way the final bill should come to £238. I’d certainly lodge a complaint with EE: hopefully this should help to get the bill revised as quickly as possible.

  • I have just come out of a 24 month contract with T-Mobile
    I asked for a PAC CODE but was put through to the loyalty team who offered a 4G SIM Only deal. The SIM card had a temporary number.
    I called 150 and told them my T-Mobile number had not migrated across as promised.
    They tried to do it but couldn’t – they said there was a problem with the SIM and that I needed to get a replacement.
    I got the replacement SIM card and now my phone says no service.
    I have contacted customers services who can’t explain why the old number has not migrated and who have escalated the issue upwards.
    I still haven’t heard anything back and haven’t been given a time frame for the resolution of the problem.
    This really is very poor considering EE AND T-MOBILE are part of the same group of companies…
    I’m really unhappy and would like to leave EE due to their incompetence in not being able to migrate my number from T-Mobile to EE and upgrade my plan

    Amir Shahzad transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to EE.

  • Hello, I have just recently gone from pay as you go on T-Mobile to a Contract with Tesco mobile. A PAC code was issued to me and I gave this to Tesco mobile. I have only had the phone since 6 September and apparently my old number from T-Mobile was ported on 9 September to my new phone. I have recently been advised by people that they cannot reach me on my new mobile from a landline. When rung from a landline the signal received by them is a dead one. I can receive calls on my new phone from other mobiles. I am having a very frustrating and stressful time with Tesco Mobile in getting this matter resolved. All manner of things have been tried and nothing works. Do you please have any ideas. Hope this makes sense.



    Shirley transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to Tesco Mobile.

    • I am having a very similar experience I transferd my number from t mobile to giff gaff in September all was fine for the first 24 hours then I was unable to receive any calls from mobiles or landlines except from my daughter who is on O2, again just a dead tone. I then got no help from giff gaff so asked for another pac number and took out a new contract with a new hand set from O2, the exact same problem has occurred and again only my daughter or O2 can call me but I cann receive any text from anyone. O2 have disconnected me twice now and put me back on but this has not resolved the problem which I believe originates from t Mobile but they do not want to help as I am no longer their customer. This is a business number so really need to keep it please help

  • Hi Ken,
    Thanks for info here. I’m having a nightmare porting from T Mobile (EE) to O2. Port requested on Friday scheduled for Monday 6pm. Old number cut off on Friday so I have no means if my business customers getting hold of me on my kniwn number. Called O2 who are currently giving me the run around and no help whatsoever. They ofcourse are blaming T Mobile. Any advice you can offer would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks. E.

    E transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to O2.

    • Hi E,
      Sorry to hear about the problems you’ve experienced transferring a phone number from T-Mobile to O2. Based on your description of the problem, the problem has occurred on the T-Mobile end (O2 are right in blaming T-Mobile). T-Mobile should keep your number active until the transfer actually happens: they shouldn’t disconnect it or end your contract early. A transfer through the PAC Code system should simultaneously close your T-Mobile account whilst moving the number over to O2. Hence, I’d recommend calling T-Mobile Customer Services (0845 412 5000) – they’ll be best placed to help in solving the problem.
      Good luck,

  • Hi

    I on orange contract. I going switch to t-mobile payg smart pack. I have SIM card ready. I have pac code ready. Do I need put money on SIM card before transfer number or I can wait after transfer number?

    When I fill out t-mobile transfer number online form how I know number transfer work and complete (I know it take next business day)? I get text or something?

    Jay transferred a phone number from Orange to T-Mobile.

    • Hi Jay,
      It’s not necessary to top-up your SIM card (though it needs to be active when you submit the PAC Code). I would recommend topping up immediately if it isn’t too difficult (as you’ll need some credit to test the new SIM card and also in case you need to contact T-Mobile Customer Services).
      With regards to the online form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with details of the transfer and an estimated time for its completion.
      Hope this helps!

  • I am thinking of ordering my new phone today on Tesco mobile, but I can’t request my pac code from T- mobile until next week without being charged as I still have over 30 days left on contract. Is it possible to change my number over to my new phone once I have it? Or do I have to do it online before I receive the new phone?

    Danni_xo transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to Tesco Mobile.

    • Hi Danni,
      Thanks for your comment. You can request your PAC Code from T-Mobile at any time (the contract won’t actually be ended until your number transfers to Tesco Mobile). There’s never a charge for receiving your PAC Code. However, if you end your contract early (e.g. by giving the PAC Code to Tesco), you may be charged an early termination fee equivalent to 96% of the remaining cost of the contract.
      With regards to providing your PAC Code and transferring your number over to Tesco Mobile, you should always do this after receiving your new handset. It gives you an opportunity to test it out first (e.g. to make sure the handset works properly and that the coverage is OK in your home/office). So I would definitely recommend ordering the handset first – only after it arrives and you’re actually ready to move your phone number over, you can then fill out this form on TescoMobile.com.
      For more information, please see the step-by-step instructions on moving your phone number from T-Mobile to Tesco.
      Hope this helps!

  • Can anyone help?

    I’ve recently come out of a 24 month contract with T-mobile which I then changed to PAYG. I soon realised that my monthly usage (although relatively low) wasn’t cost effective as PAYG. I currently have just over £1.00 credit on this phone – an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2.

    I started looking at monthly deals and just over a week ago, signed up or another 24 month contract with EE. Apparently I cannot transfer my T-mobile number to EE even though they are on the same network.

    It was suggested that I get a third party SIM, e.g. Vodafone (which is not part of the EE network) and transfer the old T-mobile number to Vodafone, and one this is done requested a PAC code from Vodafone to transfer the ‘new’ (but original T-mobile number) to EE. Hopefully does this make sense? What happens to my old T-mobile SIM? Can I request a new number for that or is it just ‘tough’ with any remaining credit being forfeited?

    Can anyone come up with a better scenario?


    PAYG Pat

    PAT transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to EE.

    • Hi Pat,
      As a T-Mobile customer moving to EE, the recommended thing to do is to upgrade directly to EE. In your case, you’ve signed up as a new customer on EE which means using a PAC Code to move your number over.
      Have you tried obtaining the PAC from T-Mobile and submitting it to EE via this online form? After doing this, the number transfer should be processed just like any other. It might be easier to do this than going via Customer Services (customer services may insist it can’t be done as they’d prefer you to upgrade rather than to sign up as a new customer).

      • Thanks very much Ken for your prompt response – I sure wish that you I got the same response from ALL of the customer services people I have spoken to over the past few days. I have wasted so much time trying to get this resolved. The only reason I did not ‘upgrade’ from T-Mobile to EE is that the same deal cost over £2.00 per month more (for 24 months). So…… I’ve completed the form (many thanks for the link) and I now wait to see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully by 17:30, my ‘old’ telephone number will be on my ‘new’ phone and I will no longer keep receiving calls for a Ms Donoghue!

        Now all I need to do is try to ensure that I get all my contacts exported safely.

        PS. Why to service centres which are so very obviously based in India insist that there staff adopt ‘English’ names, i.e. I’ve recently spoken with Sharon, Peter and Mark – who speak very poor English – very fast! (rant over).

    • Yay – filled in the form as suggested. A few hours later got a text message from EE stating that there was a problem and to call them on 150. Ages later (as they were so busy), I managed to get through to a customer services lady who took ages to check my T-Mobile account and my EE account and then said that she could do the transfer for me. So before thanking her and saying goodbye, I check that the tranfer will take place before 17:30 today (Wednesday) – ‘yes’ she says.

      Woke up this morning to discover that my T-mobile SIM no longer works (only lost £0.89p) and very pleased to say that my new ‘EE’ phone now has my ‘old’ mobile number. Woo-hoo – only took 12 days and I would have been none the wiser had I not stumbled upon your web site so THANK YOU very much!

      • Woo hoo – congratulations Pat and glad to know the phone number transferred successfully! Hope you enjoy using your phone on EE and thanks again for keeping us updated about how the transfer went!

  • I have recently signed-up for a contract for an iPhone 5S at Phones4U. I wanted to retain my existing T-Mobile PAYG number and the best coverage option was offered by EE 4G.

    However, the P4U salesperson told me I could not transfer a T-M number directly to EE, because they are “effectively the same provider” and that if I wanted to retain my number, I would either have to transfer it first to a ‘third party’ SIM and then transfer it again to EE, or choose another (3G) provider.

    In the event I chose another provider, although I have not yet effected the transfer. But, having now researched this on your website, the advice I was given seems somewhat dubious.

    Can you clarify the position, please?

    Tony transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to EE.

    • Hi Tony,
      Thanks for your comment. As you mentioned, T-Mobile and EE are essentially the same company (T-Mobile is a 3G-only brand whereas EE also provides 4G coverage). As part of the push towards 4G, EE has tried to encourage T-Mobile customers to upgrade to 4GEE. This is normally done as an upgrade within the network (there’s no need to use a PAC Code). In your situation, you were looking to sign up as a new customer on 4GEE and to port your old number from T-Mobile. Though I haven’t tried it, I believe a PAC Code would also do the job in this situation (e.g. you can still use a PAC code though it’s not totally necessary). A PAC Code is still required to transfer your number from Orange to T-Mobile.
      Hope this helps,

  • I am currently with t mobile but they are unable to offer me a deal directly that i can get via the internet on the same network. Do i need to get a pac code to transfer over to the new deal? Box help would be appreciated. Thanks

    Lynne transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

    • Hi Lynne,
      Your best bet would be to contact T-Mobile: they should hopefully be able to do this internally. If not, it’s always possible to port to another network and then to port your number back using a new PAC Code (you can get a free Pay As You Go SIM card for this purpose here.

  • Hi Ken,
    After no end of problems with signal on Vodafone I switched to T-Mobile but the problems continued. After 4 months, 3 new sim cards, new phone returned for checking and many hours talking to the appalling customer services at EE I managed to get a UK based engineer who said my problem lay with Vodafone as even though I had moved my contract to EE the profile of the number remained with Vodafone and when you move your number to any provider the original issuer is still in control. I was also told I shouldn’t expect my phone to keep a signal when in a vehicle travelling at more than 50 mph.
    EE would have to request Vodafone to reset the profile and it would take 3 days. It did improve and work for about a month.

    1st question is this true?
    If it is true then if you are having continual problems like me is it worth just ditching the number and starting again. I have had my number for business for over 12 years so not something I really want to do.


    Kim Ward transferred a phone number from Vodafone to T-Mobile.

    • Hi Kim,

      Thanks for your comment. It is true that when a number is ported, there is an entry within a central database to show the phone number has been moved to another network. To give some background, refer to this spreadsheet from Ofcom. The spreadsheet shows the block of phone numbers allocated to each network (your phone number would originally belong to Vodafone). When a phone number is moved to another network, it needs to be listed within a separate database (otherwise the call would still be routed to Vodafone instead of T-Mobile). Generally, the system to transfer numbers works very smoothly and I rarely hear of problems like yours. Also, even in the event of a problem with the number transfer system, I don’t see how it would affect your mobile coverage (receiving a signal is totally independent of the PAC Code system).

      To test things out, my recommendation would be to carry out an experiment using a T-Mobile SIM card. It’ll have a brand new number (not ported from Vodafone). Insert the SIM card into the handset you normally use. You can watch the bars of signal when travelling in a vehicle. I suspect you’ll see similar behaviour even with the new SIM card (if so, the problem is either with your phone or with T-Mobile’s coverage).


  • Nigel Brown said:


    Just switching from T mobile to EE, and have simply turned off my old phone, and left on my new one, as advised by EE.
    The new phone does have a number in it, ( although not my number ) and I can make calls, although no mobile network.
    Is this normal, and will my existing number transfer automatically within a few hours or so ?
    Any help appreciated !

    Nigel Brown transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to EE.

    • Hi Nigel,

      Thanks for your comment. It’s really odd that this has happened: especially as you’re upgrading from T-Mobile to EE (technically, both are now the same network). If the problem doesn’t resolve itself within a couple of hours, I’d recommend calling EE customer services on 150. Do keep us updated on how you get on!


  • Hi Ken,

    2 years ago I switched form Orange to T-mobile (even though both parts of the same company (EE)) and ported my number across.
    I was able to get a new phone and cheaper line rental by not “upgrading”.

    Is this still possible i.e. switch between orange and t-mobile or have they now closed this loophole?

    I plan to do the reverse (i.e. switch from t-mobile back to orange) now my contract is up.

    May I add that you have a really informative helpful website and well done on replying to those with questions (some website owners abandon their projects after a small amount of time).

    Neil transferred a phone number from Orange to T-Mobile.

    • Hi Neil,

      Thanks for the kind words and really glad to know you found the website useful! Yes, it’s still possible to switch from T-Mobile to Orange and you can still sign up as a new Orange customer. The drawback of your plan is that Orange and T-Mobile are no longer available online. You can still buy an Orange contract, but only in EE’s retail stores (where sales staff will normally push you towards an EE 4G contract). It can be a little difficult obtaining details about the Orange deals so you may need to push this with the staff.


  • Hi,
    My contract with t- mobile ends on 26 April. Called them today to terminate contract next month 26th and also requested and got a Pack code for the sim which I was told must be used latest 24th April. However I will be starting another contract on the 23rd April with carphonewharehouse but on the same network t-mobile. Is this allowed, that is, accepting the pack code even though they provided this in the first place or what will I do to retain my current number with t-mobile if this arrangement will not be possible. Please advise and I am grateful for your response.

    Tunde transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

    • Hi Tunde,
      Thanks for the comment. It’s not necessary to have a PAC Code when changing tariff within the same network (e.g. going from T-Mobile to another T-Mobile contract). In theory, I believe you should have gone through the upgrade customer route when buying your new contract on T-Mobile. Perhaps it’s worth getting in touch with CPW and asking them whether this is still possible. If not, contact T-Mobile Customer Services and see if they’re able to do an internal transfer. Worst case scenario, you can port your number out to a different mobile network before porting it back into your new T-Mobile contract. If you need to do this, I recommend picking up a free Pay As You Go SIM card.
      Hope this helps,

      • Hi Ken,

        I want to transfer my wife’s Orange PAYG to an new Orange Sim Only deal (she wants to stay with Orange and keep her number).

        The easy way is to “upgrade” for £9/month bur I can get the same deal for £6.67/m online as a new customer.

        It has been suggested that transferring from Orange > Someone Else, wait a few days and then transfer Someone Else > Orange.

        Do you know how long I’d have to wait between transfers?



        • Hi Lee,

          Thanks for getting in touch! The normal timeframe for a phone number transfer is listed here. In short, it can take one working day to transfer your number between networks. So if well timed, you can complete the whole process of going Orange -> Somewhere Else -> Orange again within two days. I’d also keep a careful eye on daily cut-off points (for Orange/EE it’s 5.30pm). If you provide a PAC Code after this time, it’ll take one extra working day.

          Good luck!


  • I think I may need to contact Orange customer support but just wanted to get some background in case.

    I have just switched from a T-mobile SIM only 30 day plan to an Orange pay monthly.

    I obtained the PAC from TM yesterday and gave it to Orange. I received a txt message from Orange on my OLD phone telling me that my settings had been updated and to turn my phone off and back on again this morning about 4am.

    Now, today, I can make outgoing calls and texts and the receipient gets my old number showing on their screens, however, incoming calls and messages are going to my old phone.

    The phone number that came with my Orange phone has been disconnected.

    Does this sound like the transfer is still in progress and I received the text too early? Or should I be concerned that there is a problem now?

    Any help, gratefully received.

    Alan transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to Orange.

    • Hi Alan,

      It sounds as if your phone number transfer might still be in progress? My recommendation is to restart your phone every couple of hours – if there’s still a problem by the end of the working day then you should get in touch with Orange Customer Services (dial 150 from your Orange handset). Fingers crossed everything will work properly – do keep us updated on the status of your transfer!


    • Hi Dawn,
      Unfortunately your old account at Three will close after the PAC Code is used. Hence, your Three SIM card will no longer be active and you’ll lose any remaining PAYG credit. You’ll no longer be able to make or receive any phone calls. My recommendation is to grab a new SIM card from Three – it’ll work in your handset (even if locked to Three).
      Hope this helps!

  • James Williams said:

    Hi Ken

    I’ve got myself a new 30-day rolling contract from 3, and have my PAC code from T-Mobile for my old 30-day rolling contract.

    I’m just wondering when the best time to commence the transfer with 3 and use the PAC? My billing date with T-Mobile is the 18th, and I am just unsure when would be the best time to use my PAC, bearing in mind it has 30 days before expiration.

    I only want to make sure that my cancellation won’t be too costly.

    James Williams transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to Three.

    • Hi James,

      Thanks for the comment! I think the best thing to do would be to use your PAC Code as soon as possible. At present, you’re paying for both contracts at the same time. Once the PAC code has been used, you’ll only need to pay for the SIM Only deal on Three. For the number transfer, you should ideally choose a time period when you’re unlikely to receive important calls/texts.

      Hope this helps,


  • Jonathan Coombe said:

    Hi Ken,

    I recently opted to switch from a T-Mobile PAYG to a T-Mobile Monthly contract mobile. I wanted the new (free) phone, but to retain my existing PAYG number. Whilst making the switch online, there didn’t appear to be any option for this so I just took it as read that it would be transferred. When the new phone arrived, it included a new SIM card and I was dismayed to discover that the new contract had been drawn up for the new number. Thus, I now have a PAYG phone with the number I DO want, and a £30 per month contract for a number I DON’T want !

    I imagined it would be a relatively simple matter to put this right but upon ringing T-Mobile (not easy to speak to anyone after navigating your way through their phone menu system !) I was further dismayed when they told me the way round this was for me to temporarily switch to another network and then move back to T-Mobile again. Even if I do this and transfer my existing number back to T-Mobile, I still don’t understand how they will then associate my existing number to the new contract. That is to say, if they can do it after I migrate and then return, why can’t they do it now ?
    If, after I return, they draw up a new contract, how can I be sure they will cancel the existing one ? Again, I don’t understand how they can do it after a migration, but not now. Will you please clarify this for me as I’m awfully confused !

    Many thanks.

    Jonathan Coombe transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for your comment. It’s a shame that T-Mobile can’t move your number from Pay As You Go directly to Contract – I don’t understand this policy at all. One of my friends had the same experience on Orange (now part of EE & in the same company as T-Mobile). He persevered and eventually Customer Services were able to do it. If T-Mobile aren’t able to do this for you, then porting out to another network and back to T-Mobile will certainly work. The easiest way to do this is to grab a free SIM card from another network (e.g. O2) then follow the instructions as above.

      When you take out a new contract, it’s normal practice to be assigned a new phone number. When you use the PAC Code, your temporary phone number is removed and your existing phone number is associated with that new contract. You certainly won’t need another new contract and your existing contract won’t need to be cancelled. The reason why temporary phone numbers are assigned is because many people receive their phones by post, etc. Due to the possibility of shipping delays, it’s unacceptable for the old phone number to be associated with the new contract/SIM immediately. Hence customers are asked to use their PAC Code only once they’ve received their new device/SIM. Only once the PAC Code is used will your phone number be transferred.

      Hope this helps,


  • I wan to transfer my current number which is with T Mobile to a new T Mobile sim only contract, which I have already received the Sim card. I contacted the customers service department to ask to transfer my number over, so i can close the other contract and was told they cannot give it to me, unless I joined another network for 24 hours eg, Orange, then cancelled with them and got them to give me a PAC code.
    Is this actually legal??? and can someone tell me if they have had problems like this. I am so frustrated and feel like leaving all together, but i have signed up for a new Sim only contract for 1 year, and would default on it.

    Bessie transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

  • Hi, I've made a pretty amateur mistake with my phones.
    My old one on 3 has a standard size sim in it, and my new one with t mobile has a micro sim.
    Without even checking this I actives my PAC code from 3 and my number has now been changed over.
    So what can I now do?

    John transferred a phone number from Three to T-Mobile.

  • Hi there
    I have transferred an old number to a new sim through t-mobile around 1 year ago but had to give my PAC code to orange and back to t-mobile again. This was because they did not have the system in place to transfer number between their network.

    I just wanted to know if I can transfer my old t-mobile pay as you go number from my old sim to a new t-mobile blackberry sim (this is because they are offer free internet and free bb mail for 6 months). Also do they now have the system in place.

    If you can help me that will be excellent.
    Thank you

    Harun transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

  • Hi. I have purchased a T-mobile PAYG gold number which will arrive tomorrow. Im awaiting confirmation of a T-mobile contract in next day or so and want to use the gold number on the new T-mobile contract. Will I have to transfer the number to another network first and either way, does the gold number need to have credit to transfer/get pac code or can it be done with no credit at all ? Thanks

    Rich transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

  • annoyedstatistician said:

    Hi Ken,

    Just a quick question about a similar situation. I need to port my number from one T-Mobile account to another, but it's not possible to do it via upgrade. My plan to port out to a PAYG account on another network, then port back in to T-Mobile.

    Is it possible to port in / port out immediately or are there time limits?


    annoyedstatistician transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

  • Hi,

    I currently have just finished my 24 month period with T-Mobile for my last handset.

    I have just ordered a new handset from Tesco Mobile which is still through the T-Mobile Network.

    I phoned T-Mobile today explaining this assuming that my number would be moved from the old contract to this new one, I was amazed to be told that I would have to get my PAC from them & give it to another Network (eg 02) then after a few days phone 02 to get the PAC again from them & then transfer it back to T-Mobile again for my new handset which is on its way.

    Is this not a crazy situation which should be dealt with through T-Mobile directly? I cant begin to see any sense in this method.

    (is this for real?)

    Thanks Robbie.

    Robbie transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

  • I bought a mobile phone contract online with T-mobile and then contacted T mobile directly ( as I had bought from a website) and was told that I could not transfer my number to a new contract on the same network.

    This has left me in an awkward position as I have to take a new number when the current number has been my own number for over 14 years. Is there anyway around this please?

    Regards. Pari.

    Pari transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

  • i have just recently transferred from orange to t mobile using your pac code tutorial, the confirmation of the number transfer came through today and ever since then there has been zero connection to the mobile internet. is this something ive missed?

    mayfield transferred a phone number from Orange to T-Mobile.

  • Its been about 2 – 3 days since I asked for the switchover from Orange to T-mobile. Is it a problem that I am abroad? Will I have to wait until I get back to the UK for the switchover to actually happen? Thanks.

    Petrit transferred a phone number from Orange to T-Mobile.

  • I am moving provider for a better deal. I was with tmobile and intend to move to 3mob. I have served my cancellation notice and have requested a PAC code and tmobile are saying I have to wait a further 30 days if I want this code. I am confused and feel cheated!! Help

    fungie transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to Three.

  • James Allanson said:

    I gave my PAC code to Orange two weeks ago, a week later nothing happened. Rang them up a week ago and was told that it would be sorted by midnight, got a text on my old sim card from T-Mobile (my old network) saying that it had started the process and would be done by the end of the day. A week later, and again nothing has happened. So I rang them this morning to be told there was something wrong with my PAC code, so I re-gave them the code and was told it would be done between 11am and 3pm. It's now 5 and a half hours after this time and still nothing.

    Why is it taking so long? And is this actually against the law (Ofcom) as I have seen on some forums that there is a set amount of days that the network has to transfer the number over?

    James Allanson transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to Orange.

  • I have come to the end of a contract with tmobile and wanted to take out a new one, still with tmobile but purchased through a discount store. T mobile told me that in order to keep the same number I would have to get a payg sim from o2 or orange, port the no across to that, then get another pac code from orange and port it back to tmobile. I did this but this morning when I tried to request a pac code from orange after the number ported across yesterday they told me I would have to stay with them as a customer for at least 7 – 10 days before I could get a pac code. Are they entitled to do this or am I within my legal rights to insist upon them giving me one straight away? There should be a more simple way of keeping your number if staying with the same provider rather than going through all this rigmarole!!

    Julia transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

  • i order for my pac code, from T mobile to Vodafone, and they said in the nest 2hrs that i will received it, wat is the next step for me to take after i got it cuz i need to activate my iphone4

    jackson transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to Vodafone.

  • hi there

    have bought an unlocked iphone 4 and a tmobile PAYG micro sim.
    is there any way I can keep my old number from my previous nokia without cutting the old sim card to make it fit?


    kim transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

  • Hi Ken, bit of a sneaky one for you. My current contract runs out with t-mobile next month..and the upgrade they have offered me isnt what I want…I have tried to get the deal / phone im after with no success…but I have seen the phone / deal I want on another website which t-mobile say they cannot match. This would be a new contract not an upgrade..but is again with t-mobile. I have been told by t-mobile that they cant transfer my number from my existing contract to the new one…Is this true?? If this is the case, cant I just buy a payg sim, from say Orange, get the pac code from T-mobile and transfer onto the orange payg sim and then shortly afterwards get the pac code from Orange to transfer my number back to T-mobile on the new contract? I dont want to lose my number if I can help it (had it for 10yrs+) and if Im honest I dont want to move provider as T-mobile is the only one I can get a signal with at home (the joys of living in the sticks). Complicated I know but hopefully you can answer my dilemma.

    Many thanks in advance

    Mark transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

    • Hi Mark,

      T-Mobile CAN move your number to your new contract – I've not yet heard of anyone who is unable to. Sometimes you may have to go through several customer service agents as they sometimes insist it can't be done. I can't recall receiving an e-mail/comment from anyone who has been unsuccessful in moving their number around in the same network.

      And yeah like you said, if it really was impossible you could simply switch off to Orange PAYG or something and then switch back.

      Hope this helps,


      • Thats great!! Thank you for your swift and conclusive answer 🙂

        Its time to get back on the phone to T-mobile then!


  • I have a pay as you go phone on T Mobile and want to get a newer one, still on T Mobile and still on pay as you go. I asked in the T Mobile shop if they could transfer my phone number over and they said that they couldn't. I then called customer services who said they could ( though they didn't sound as if they understood what I was asking!!!!)
    Is this possible or not?

    ROBSY transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

  • Hi Ken,

    I'm with Vodafone and my 12 month contract ends on middle of Feb 2011.
    I will be leaving to join another network as Vodafone cannot offer me a good monthly deal on the handset I want, nor could they matched up to the offer I have seen on the internet.

    I would like to keep my number. Would it be ok to buy the phone first and then provide the pac code afterwards? because I do not have my pac code yet. I'm confused as to when I should give the pac code.
    At the same time, I really want to buy the phone as the offer may finish soon.

    The network is with T-mobile but the phone deal is offered on mobiles.co.uk. I am not sure who I should inform about transferring my number across, I should imagine it would be T-mobile???

    Hope you can help!

    Many Thanks!

    Maddie transferred a phone number from Vodafone to T-Mobile.

    • Hi there Maddie,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Yeah – you can request and use your PAC Code whenever you like – doesn't need to be at the start of your contract. So you can order your phone from T-Mobile on Mobiles.co.uk today (click here to order) but you can provide a PAC Code at a later date. So when your Vodafone contract ends, request a PAC Code from Vodafone and then provide it to T-Mobile customer services.

      Hope this helps


      • Hi Ken,

        Nice to hear from you. Many Thanks for the advice!
        I have been told the PAC code has to be used within 30 days from the date it's generated or it will expire?


        • Hi Maddie,

          Yeah you are correct 🙂 From the date that the PAC Code is generated, it will be valid for 30 days. If it isn't used in that time, it will expire and you can request a new code free of charge. Presumbly by the time you request your PAC Code you should already have your new T-Mobile phone so this hopefully shouldn't affect you 🙂


  • Hi Ken,

    Is there a time limit by which number porting (from payg to a t-mobile contract) must be initiated? Can i port a number (to my new contract), say, 2 months into the new contract?

    Here's the scenario…
    I want to get a contract with t-mobile in next day or so but as i have a lot of credit on my current PAYG sim. I don't want to port my number over just yet – want to use up my payg credit and ensure my contract and new phone etc are all good before porting number.

    Thanks, Jo

    Joe transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

  • Hi there.
    I've just bought a blackberry, so i have had to order a blackberry sim. Now. I know that As i'm currently on T-mobile PAYG, and i'm switching to a different SIM on T-mobile i don't need a PAC code. However, I'm wondering whether the balance i have on my current number will be transferred to my new one?

    Louise transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

    • Hi Louise,

      Very good question – I don't actually know the answer to that question! On O2 you can move Pay As You Go balance to a new number but I'm afraid I have no idea about T-Mobile. Do let us know if you find out though!



  • Matthew Snook said:


    My contract with Tmobile is up for 'renewal' on 18th Jan. I have just taken out a new contract with O2, to beat the VAT increase. Will it be possible to ask Tmobile for a PAC code now, and transfer to O2, or do I have to wait until the 18th Jan when my contract is up to renew? would they give a temp number for my existing contract? or disallow it?

    Hope you can help

    Matthew Snook transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to O2.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for getting in touch. You should probably be able to ask them for a PAC Code now that you're in the final month. I suspect you'd have to pay for the rest of the month although you'll lose service once your number has moved over to O2. However, if you wanted them to switch the number you might be able to ask T-Mobile Customer Services to do that for you (let us know how you get on!)

      I think it's worth mentioning here that you don't save *any* money on your monthly tariff by taking your plan out now. You will only save money on the upfront cost of your handset. See my guide to VAT increases for more information.


  • Hi,
    i have recently transferred my sim only deal from tmobile to o2, now that the PAC code transfer has happened, my old tmobile sim is also still working! and yet i have the old number on the 02 sim too, is this a worry?

    Sally transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to O2.

    • Hi Sally,

      Sounds like the number hasn't transferred over yet. Have you given your PAC Code to o2 and waited 2 days for the transfer to happen?


  • My contract ends 22/11/10 with t-mobile. I like them but the upgrades are rubbish. so what i want to know is if this is possible:
    take out another t-mobile contract (free phone & gift), port my current number to a payg sim when contract runs out, and then port the payg sim to my new contract (changing the new number to my old one)

    Andi transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

    • Hi Andi,

      You could simply call up T-Mobile and ask them to port your number from your old contract onto your new one. Alternatively, look into a SIM-only tariff if you're happy with your existing phone.

      Hope this helps


      • Hi Ken,
        I have a similar problem. I have been with Orange for the past two years and my contract is up this week. They couldn't match the dial a phone deal on orange so have said I can't have a PAC as it's the same network and I will need to transfer to PAYG and then transfer over, I'm confused. It took me three customer service assistants to get this far. Can you help?
        Kind regards

  • I'm transfering from vodaphone to T-mobile. Vodaphone are in the process of sending me my PAC code. Someone's told me I will lose all my contacts from my SIM card when I get the PAC code. Is this true. How can i avoid this situation?

    Steve transferred a phone number from Vodafone to T-Mobile.

    • Hi Steve,

      Yes, you're right. If you have any contacts saved on the Vodafone SIM card, you'll need to transfer them to your new T-Mobile SIM card. However, most phones save contacts onto the internal phone memory by default.

      For more info on transferring your phone book, we have published an article here.

      Hope this helps


  • hi im on t mobile my contract is due to end next month i want to end contract and start a new one with the same network because if i was to continue my contract the deals arent as good as if i start again. could i transfer to an orange pay as u go sim then transfer it back?? plz help thanx
    they said i cant use pac code to change number on same network if u get what i mean

    kelly transferred a phone number within T-Mobile.

    • Hi there,

      Yep this should be possible. Alternatively, ask T-Mobile customer services… they should normally be able to move your number over to the new contract directly. Otherwise, you could try the method you've suggested.


      • hey I'm with tmobile and my contract was coming up for renewal saw a better deal with tmobile online, they couldnt match it and for some reason they cant just transfer the number over to the new tmobile contract. If you wish to keep your number then you have to port off to another network and port back.

    • t mobile arent the best when it comes to you requesting something with them ive been with them 2 years with 3 contracts and now changing to another network they are hopless get back on there case with it thats a terrible time to do that

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