Lebara Mobile offers 30-day SIM-only plans and bundles, starting from £5/month with inclusive international calling.

In the UK, Lebara Mobile is a specialist provider of international phone calls. Customers choosing one of Lebara Mobile’s SIM-only plans or Pay As You Go bundles will receive an inclusive allowance of international minutes, along with the usual allowance of UK minutes, texts and 4G data.

On Lebara Mobile, customers have access to 2G, 3G and 4G coverage from Vodafone. Lebara says average download speeds of more than 20Mbit/s are available when using 4G on their network. Customers can get £10 of free credit when joining Lebara Mobile and transferring an existing phone number in from another network.

In this article, we’ll review Lebara Mobile’s SIM-only offering including the 30-day plans, bundles and offers that are available on the network.

Bundles & Plans

If you’re joining Lebara Mobile, there are two types of price plan you’re able to choose from:

  • SIM Only Plans: This is a 30-day rolling plan where you’ll get an allowance of international minutes along with the usual allowances of UK minutes, texts and mobile data. Your SIM only plan will automatically renew every 30 days with payment being taken automatically from your registered credit card or debit card.
  • Pay As You Go Bundles: Lebara Mobile’s Pay As You Go bundles give you a little more flexibility compared to SIM Only plans. As before, you’ll get an allowance of international minutes along with UK minutes, texts and mobile data. The difference is you’re able to buy a Pay As You Go plan in more places. There’s also no obligation to have your credit card or debit card details saved.

In the following section, we’ll review each of these options in more detail.

SIM Only Plans

For most people, getting a SIM Only plan will be the best value way of using Lebara Mobile. With a SIM only plan, you’ll get an allowance of international minutes which can be used for calling 41 countries. You’ll also get an allowance of UK minutes, UK texts and 4G data.

At present, the following SIM only plans are available to buy from Lebara Mobile:

Lebara Mobile1,000
+100 intl.
Lebara MobileUnlimited
+100 intl.
Lebara MobileUnlimited
+unltd intl.
Lebara MobileUnlimited
+unltd intl.
Lebara MobileUnlimited
+unltd intl.
Lebara MobileUnlimited
+unltd intl.
Lebara MobileUnlimited
+unltd intl.

Unlike many other networks, there’s no need to undergo a credit check when taking out a SIM-only contract with Lebara. The contract works on a pre-paid basis so it isn’t possible for you to run up additional charges outside of your allowance (unless you first top-up your SIM card with additional Pay As You Go credit).

SIM-only plans are only available for purchase online through this page on the Lebara Mobile website. You’ll need to have a registered credit card or debit card saved on your Lebara Mobile account, with your SIM-only plan automatically renewing every 30 days using these details.

For customers choosing Lebara Mobile’s £35 unlimited data plan, there is no download limit or fair usage policy. This is confirmed in section 5.2 of their terms and conditions:

Where Unlimited data is included in a plan allowance, there is no data cap, subject to fraud exceptions. All general T&C will apply.

Pay As You Go Bundles

If you want a little more flexibility, Lebara Mobile also offers a range of 30-day Pay As You Go bundles. These bundles work in a very similar way to Lebara’s SIM-only deals except that you don’t need to have the bundle renew automatically each month. If you don’t renew your Pay As You Go bundle, you’ll move over to traditional Pay As You Go rates instead.

Unfortunately, this added flexibility means you’ll normally get smaller allowances for the same monthly price.

The following table shows a list of available Pay As You Go bundles:

Lebara Mobile1,000
+100 intl.
Lebara MobileUnlimited
+100 intl.
Lebara MobileUnlimited
+500 intl.
Lebara MobileUnlimited
+1000 intl.
Lebara MobileUnlimited
+unltd intl.
Lebara MobileUnlimited
+unltd intl.
Lebara MobileUnlimited
+unltd intl.

Lebara Mobile’s Pay As You Go bundles are available for purchase online or in-store at one of their partner retailers.

International Calls

You’ll get an inclusive allowance of international minutes with your Lebara Mobile SIM only plan or bundle. The inclusive international minutes can be used for calling phone numbers in the following destinations:

  • Aland Islands
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • China
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand
  • United States

If you’re calling a phone number in any other country, you’ll need to pay Lebara Mobile’s standard international rates.

Lebara Mobile Offers

For customers who are new to Lebara Mobile and joining from another network, it’s currently possible to get £10 of free credit when you transfer your existing phone number to Lebara. To qualify, you’ll need to request a PAC Code from your old mobile network which should then be provided to Lebara after you sign up for your SIM card.

If you’re a student with a NUS TOTEM card, you can get a 50% discount on the first month of your Lebara SIM-only plan.


With Lebara Mobile’s SIM-only plans and Pay As You Go bundles, you’ll need to provide your own unlocked smartphone to use with the service. This can either be a mobile phone that you already own, or it can be a new mobile phone that you purchase elsewhere SIM-free and unlocked.

If you’d like to use your current smartphone, it might sometimes be necessary for you to unlock it. For more information, see our guide to mobile phone unlocking or our step-by-step guides to unlocking an iPhone and unlocking a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

If you’d like a brand new smartphone on which you can use your Lebara Mobile SIM-only plan, there are a number of potential retailers selling unlocked devices including Amazon, Argos, the Carphone Warehouse and John Lewis.

Network & Coverage

2G, 3G & 4G Coverage from Vodafone

Lebara Mobile is a virtual network operator, making use of Vodafone’s 2G, 3G and 4G networks in the UK.

Customers using a Lebara Mobile SIM card should get the same 2G, 3G & 4G coverage as customers on Vodafone. At the time of writing, 99% of the UK’s population is covered by the network, with average download speeds of 20Mbit/s available on Lebara Mobile’s 4G service.

Before signing up to join Lebara Mobile, we’d recommend double-checking the coverage available in your area. You can do this by entering your postcode on Vodafone’s online coverage map:

Check Vodafone/Lebara Coverage (vodafone.co.uk) →

When checking the coverage on Vodafone’s website, you’ll need to ignore the results that are not applicable to Lebara (e.g. you should ignore 5G coverage as it isn’t available to Lebara Mobile customers).

Unfortunately, it isn’t currently possible to use Wi-Fi Calling or 4G Calling on Lebara Mobile. For more information, see our guide to the coverage on Lebara Mobile.

5G Coverage

Although Vodafone, Lebara Mobile’s host network, offers some 5G coverage, it isn’t currently available to customers on the Lebara Mobile service. Instead, customers on Lebara Mobile are limited to a maximum of 4G, with no announcement so far on when 5G coverage will become available.

Based on previous track record, it’s likely that 5G coverage won’t be available on Lebara Mobile for some time. Previously, Lebara Mobile’s customers only gained access to 4G coverage in 2018. This was five years after the launch of 4G on Vodafone in 2013.

If you’d like access to 5G coverage, you should choose one of Vodafone’s own Pay Monthly plans. You’ll get access to 5G coverage on the Red 5GB plan and above as well as on Vodafone’s unlimited data plans.

Vodafone currently offers 5G coverage in the following UK towns and cities:

Now Live45 towns and cities are live on Vodafone 5G (August 2020)
Ambleside, Bebington, Belfast, Birkenhead, Birmingham, Bishopbriggs, Bolton, Bootle, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheadle, Droylsden, Eccles, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Glasgow, Guildford, Horwich, Huyton-with-Roby, Isle of Scilly, Kingswood, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Llandudno, London, Manchester, Mangotsfield, Newbury, Paisley, Penarth, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Prestwich, Reading, Rochdale, Salford, Solihull, Southampton, Stockport, Stoke-on-Trent, Stretford, Wallasey, Warrington, Wolverhampton
Planned &
2 towns and cities planned
Blackpool, Bournemouth (2020)

For more information, see our guide to 5G coverage in the UK.

Tethering & Personal Hotspot

Tethering or personal hotspot refers to the process of sharing your smartphone’s mobile broadband internet connection with another device (e.g. with your laptop or tablet).

On Lebara Mobile, it’s possible to use the tethering functionality of your phone. This is confirmed in the FAQ on Lebara Mobile’s website:

In fact, you can even use your data allowance to tether multiple devices or create a mobile hot spot when outside a wifi-zone.

In the past, the use of tethering and personal hotspot was not permitted on Lebara Mobile. These restrictions have now been removed from the service.

For more information, see our in-depth guide about tethering on UK networks.

International Roaming

You can use your Lebara Mobile SIM card whilst travelling abroad through international roaming.

If you’re travelling to an EU or EEA country, you can use the normal data allowance from your plan. This is subject to the fair usage limits described on this page (e.g you can use a maximum of 4.2GB of data roaming each month on the £10 plan).

If you’re travelling to India, you can also use your normal UK allowances at no extra cost. This is subject to a fair usage limit of 200 outgoing minutes, 200 incoming minutes, 200 texts and 10GB of data. Further usage will be charge at standard international roaming rates (£3.49/minute for outgoing calls, £1.49/minute for incoming calls, 49p/text and £14.99/MB for data).

Please see the Lebara Mobile website for details about all of their international roaming rates.

Keeping Your Phone Number

If you’re joining Lebara Mobile to take advantage of their SIM-only plans or bundles, it’s a straightforward process to keep your current phone number.

Start by asking your current mobile network to provide you with a PAC Code. You can get a PAC Code through your mobile network’s website or app, or by texting PAC to 65075.

Once you’ve done that, you can order your new SIM-only plan or Pay As You Go bundle from the Lebara Mobile website. When it arrives, call Lebara Mobile customer services on 5588 (or 020 7031 0791 if you’re calling from another network). Give them the PAC Code from your old network and they’ll arrange the transfer of your phone number (normally for the next working day).

You’ll receive £10 of free credit when you transfer your phone number to Lebara Mobile and when you top-up with your SIM card with at least £5 of credit.

For a step-by-step guide on transferring your phone number to Lebara Mobile, please select your current mobile network from the dropdown menu below:

PAC Code Finder: Transfer Your Phone Number to Lebara Mobile

Select your current mobile network:

  More Options

For more information about transferring your phone number between networks, please see our guide to using a PAC Code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What SIM-only plans & bundles are available on Lebara Mobile?
Lebara Mobile offers a choice of SIM-only plans and Pay As You Go bundles. The following SIM-only plans have an allowance of international minutes along with UK minutes, UK texts and UK data:
  • £5 Plan: 1000 UK minutes, 100 international minutes, 1000 UK texts & 2GB data.
  • £10 Plan: Unlimited UK minutes, 100 international minutes, unlimited UK texts & 6GB data.
  • £15 Plan: Unlimited UK minutes, unlimited international minutes, unlimited UK texts & 8GB data.
  • £20 Plan: Unlimited UK minutes, unlimited international minutes, unlimited UK texts & 15GB data.
  • £25 Plan: Unlimited UK minutes, unlimited international minutes, unlimited UK texts & 25GB data.
  • £35 Plan: Unlimited UK minutes, unlimited international minutes, unlimited UK texts & unlimited data.
Does Lebara Mobile have any discounts or offers?
It’s possible to get £10 of free credit on Lebara Mobile when you transfer your phone number in from another network. If you’re a student with a NUS TOTEM card, you can also get a 50% discount on the first month of your SIM-only plan.
What countries can I call using the international minutes?
The inclusive international minutes on your Lebara Mobile bundle can be used for calling phone numbers in the following destinations: Aland Islands, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and the United States of America.
What coverage will I get on Lebara Mobile?
On Lebara Mobile, you’ll get 99% population coverage using Vodafone’s 2G, 3G and 4G networks in the UK. For more information, see our guide to Lebara Mobile coverage.
Can I keep my current phone number?
Yes. It’s easy keeping your current phone number when moving to Lebara Mobile. Start by asking your current mobile network to provide you with a PAC Code. This can be obtained through your mobile network’s website or app, or by texting PAC to 65075. The PAC Code can later be given to Lebara Mobile’s customer services team in order to transfer your phone number to their network.

More Information

For more information, please see the official Lebara Mobile website.

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  • Hi..

    I have unlimited UK minutes and text, of I ring 5588 the voice of says Unlimited “Lebara” minutes and text. What have I actually bought? Will I be charged if calling a UK non Lebara mobile phone or landline?

    • Hi there,
      On all of Lebara Mobile’s SIM-only deals costing £10 per month or more, you’ll get unlimited UK minutes (to any landline or mobile number). There’s also a separate allowance of unlimited calls to other Lebara Mobile numbers but this doesn’t actually make a difference as you already have unlimited calls to any network.
      Hope this helps,

  • Adrian Bott said:

    Silly question, probably, but what is actually included in the 1000 UK minutes as part of the £5 plan?

    It’s rather confusing with 1000 UK minutes and texts, whilst also specifying unlimited mins and unlimited SMS to United Kingdom Lebara numbers.

    My assumption would be that the 1000 minutes would include all mobile to mobile calls, standard landlines and so on.

    Any clarification greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Adrian,
      Thanks for your comment. You can use your inclusive minutes to call UK landline and mobile numbers (most phone numbers beginning with 01, 02, 03 and 07). As Lebara Mobile numbers come under a separate allowance, this won’t count towards the 1,000 minute limit 🙂
      Hope this helps,

      • Adrian Bott replied:

        Hello Ken
        Thanks for the prompt reply.

        You have confirmed what I thought was the case, so once my Vodafone contact expires in July, I’ll be moving to Lebara.

        On a side note, it would be good if this information was readily available / clarified on the Lebara web site.

        Thanks again.

    • Hi Piotr,
      Great question! According to section 5.2 of Lebara Mobile’s terms and conditions, there isn’t a limit on how much data you can use:

      Where Unlimited data is included in a plan allowance, there is no data cap, subject to fraud exceptions. All general T&C will apply.

      They haven’t said anywhere that the data will slow down once you’ve used more than a certain amount so it’s different from giffgaff where there’s definitely a slowdown once you’ve used 80GB per month. Of course, this doesn’t rule out an unofficial or undocumented slowdown (e.g. through traffic management or throttling) so I would recommend seeing what other users of the plan have said too.
      Hope this helps,

      • Just thought I’d mention that I’ve been on the Unlimited plan for a month now and for me there are no obvious signs of throttling. Yes it does slow down a bit at popular times of the day (but don’t they all?) though I’ve never dropped below 30mb download yet, it’s generally around the 45mb mark for me (and that’s indoors.) Obviously it may vary in other parts of the country so it’s worth giving them a try on one of the cheap plans just for a month to see how it goes and upgrade if you want to.

        One strange thing, I moved to Lebara from Smarty (Three was rubbish for me) and when I got my Lebara number it was very easy to remember so I thought I wouldn’t take my Smarty number with me. I got a STAC and via online chat with Lebara was told that they can’t accept a STAC. I’ve never heard that since I’ve had a mobile and when I asked why the lady operative didn’t know and just said it was the company policy. So I left it at that and got my Smarty account deactivated directly by them. Just thought I’d mention this as I thought it was very oddball.

        Anyway I’d recommend Lebara and thanks for a very informative website Ken, you certainly don’t miss much.

        • Hi Colin,
          Fantastic, and thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and comments on Lebara! It’s really good to hear that you’re having a good experience on their unlimited data plan. It’s really odd regarding what you’ve been told about STAC Codes on Lebara. My understanding was that all mobile networks are now legally mandated to accept STAC Codes, but I’ll have a further look and see if I’m able to find anything…

  • Hi I’m currently in Malaysia and wanted to use my data for WiFi access. I have All in one 6 plan and my understanding was that I can use 10 Gb data from any of the countries listed on Lebara website. I contacted customer care and was told that I can use the data only whilst I’m in India.

    I’ll be grateful if anyone could clarify please. Many thanks.

    • Hi Anil,
      Thanks for your comment. Sadly, it’s only possible to use your Lebara Mobile allowances inside the UK as well as countries where they have inclusive roaming at no extra charge (all other EU/EEA countries and India).

    • Hi Muhammad,
      This is definitely something worth feeding back on to Lebara Mobile! Unfortunately, I’m just a third-party blogger with no sway on which countries are included, but I definitely think it’d be great if they covered more destinations!

  • Elizabeth Shepard said:

    Ken, what a great site to discover. My question regards network coverage in Germany. I just need to make a single call when I arrive there but the little phone I use only works on 2G. I am expecting that may be a problem?

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for your comment. I don’t think there should be a problem using your phone on 2G in Germany. I believe the mobile networks there should still be offering 2G coverage.
      Hope this helps,

  • I have a 15£ plan and I finished the international minutes
    Can I just buy another plan or I have to wait 30 days until the plan expires??

    • Hi Robert,
      I don’t think it’s possible to renew your plan early on Lebara Mobile. However, it might be worth contacting their Customer Support team to see if they’re able to arrange this for you.

    • Hi Elena,
      Thanks for your comment. You can use a Lebara Mobile UK SIM card at no extra cost when travelling in Europe (including in France and Belgium).
      Hope this helps,

  • What is the usage for international minutes in sim only plans? Can they be used to ring landlines and mobiles or just landlines? Please check that for me. Thanks

  • Hi, this looks good but I got question regarding this quote: ” You’ll get an allowance of international minutes which can be used for calling 41 countries.”
    So does those minutes allow you to call only landlines or only mobiles or both? I like the £15 bundle a lot it would suit my needs perfect. But I need to know how can I use these international minutes before I commit to try it. I ring mobiles in Poland so if it would turn out to be landlines only it’s a no go for me. My current O2 sim gives me 100 minutes for landlines and mobiles any country in Europe after top up of £15 and nothing else to use in UK just plain pay as you go rates. Please reply swiftly as all above offers for sim only end on 30th April (I checked that in t&c’s for this offer on Lebara website).

    Thank you in advance and kind regards

    P.S. Keep up good work, your website is very helpful and informative.

  • Can’t contact them after 6pm !! Number works but can’t log in to top up or see usege .
    Sending me a lot texts but can’t get a verification code .

    Not user friendly . Go with someone else.

    • Hi Vani,
      Sorry to hear about the problems you’ve experienced with Lebara Mobile. I’d recommend contacting them with details of your SIM card and order, and asking them to take a look into this for you.

  • Nick Taimitarha said:

    I’ve got a Lebara contract for £8 a month and the rate for calling overseas is excellent, I get 1000 minutes a month included. One shortcoming is the cost of sending SMS text messages to international numbers, which they charge 19p per message which quickly add up. It’s a shame they don’t offer international SMS texting within their bundles.

    • Hi Nick,
      Agreed that this is definitely a shortcoming of their packages. Are you able to side-step these charges, perhaps by using WhatsApp or another instant messaging service?

  • Jim Brennan said:

    Can I act on my next door neighbours behalf He wants to join with lebara He is 81 years young He wants the 5 pound plan

    • Hi Jim,
      There’s no reason at all why you couldn’t order a SIM card for him, as there’s no need to undergo a credit check for Lebara and it doesn’t get linked to your credit file. Ideally, you should try to set it up with his payment details (you could use your own as well, but you’d then be responsible for paying all of the bills).

      • Jim Brennan replied:

        Mind changer neighbour has decided on land line He will be sorry but its his money I’m out of equation now Thanks for response and sorry to bother

  • Hi,

    I really appreciate this blog, it really helpful and because of your advice I recently got Giff Gaff sim card as it seems like its the most affordable network to call Eritrea. Do know of any other networks that have a better deal to call Eritrea. Any help would be appreciated.

  • I’ve not been able to subscribe either, saying my payment won’t go through due to a error with my card that is working on all other sites. I’ve tried two cards.

  • I think the £5 plan has been discontinued almost as soon as it began. I tried for an hour using different cards. All resulted in an error. Tried again just now and gave a general site error (different to the error received before). Not a good look for a company. I’m avoiding companies that can’t even handle payment processing; doesn’t inspire confidence in their other operations.

  • Having a nightmare trying to simply pay for my order. Keeps saying “error”. I’ve run through my entire collection of credit and debit cards. Now I simply don’t care enough to keep going. What an awful first impression. But thanks for the review Ken!

    • Hi Stefan,
      Absolutely typical of them to update their plans just after I write my review about it 😉 I’ve just updated the article above to reflect the new line-up of UK National Plans.
      Thanks again for the heads up about this!

  • Ryszard Dziedzic said:

    I am user of Lebara about 8 years. Normaly I do recharg by Lebara voucher.This voucher I usuly bay on fuel station in Belfast at Stena ferrys terminal.Now I cant to
    bay voucher beacouse few days charging terminal is out of order.Staff dont now how long will be this situation.For me and my frends this situstion is very dificult.Can Lebara do something for cleaning this situation.
    Many thanks.

  • This money is not enough for compensating me after 2 weeks waiting for an issue to be fixed.

    The 16th of August I asked Lebara mobile to transfer my number from GiffGaff to their company.
    I purchased a plan AIO15 the 31 of July, 15£ plan, which expires the 31th of August.
    They told me they will transfer my number in 72 hours (3 days).
    Today it will be the 14th day I can’t use my phone. Nobody can call me, apparently my number doesn’t exist and of course I can’t call anybody.
    I can’t use internet as well.

    I’ve asked them repeatedly to fix this issue, I’ve written them 5 times, they asked me to wait 24-48 hours for an answer and after the answer is always the same, “sorry for the inconvenience this issue will be fixed in 24-48 hours.” And we start again.
    I’ve called them twice to the customer service, the 25th and 26th August. Both times the operator assures me that it would be fixed in the very same day. But that wasn’t true.

    This is having an impact in my work (I am an architect and they have been 14 days telling my clients that my number doesn’t exist).
    Also in my private life (as I told their customer service on Friday this long weekend I had my family in London, they are Spanish, and it was impossible for them to communicate with me, etc.).

    The reason why I wanted to keep my number was because of work and the reason to change to Lebara was that I am Spanish and I wanted to call my family in Spain free and to be able to call them when they visit me in London to their Spanish numbers.

    I don’t know what else to do.
    I feel cheated.
    I lost money, tomorrow the plan I bought will expire and it will be 15 days I couldn’t use it. They keep telling me it will be solve but it never is.

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