O2’s “Simplicity” Pay As You Go Packages: Reviewed and Compared

September 28th, 2011

O2’s Pay As You Go “Simplicity” packages offer unlimited texts from £7.50/month and inclusive minutes from £10.50/month. Yet shop around and you can get a better deal.

One of the options available to O2 Pay & Go customers is the “Simplicity” tariff. Purchased from your airtime credit, O2 Simplicity gives you a set amount of airtime which lasts for one month. This can often be cheaper than “vanilla” Pay As You Go (without Simplicity) for reasonably heavy phone users but shop around: cheaper deals are out there too.

How does O2 Simplicity work?

O2 Simplicity is a Pay As You Go tariff from O2. Unlike traditional “vanilla” Pay As You Go where you’ll pay for each call you make and each text you send, O2 Simplicity customers pay a fixed amount each month (between £7.50/month and £25.50/month) which comes from your airtime credit. In exchange, you’ll get a fixed allowance of calls, texts and internet to use for that month.

A free O2 Simplicity SIM card is available from the O2 website.

A better value proposition from O2’s “Giffgaff” subsidiary

If you’re willing to consider an O2-based alternative which doesn’t carry the O2 brand, Giffgaff is a great value alternative. You’ll get the exact same reception and phone signal as on O2, only the service isn’t O2-branded.

Giffgaff is a fully-owned subsidiary of O2 targeted at the “no-frills” mobile market. Giffgaff customers have access to the exact same network as O2 customers but customer support is handled by Giffgaff. Giffgaff provide similar packages to O2 Simplicity but their packages are typically much better value. With Giffgaff’s Goodybags, you’ll get:

  • £5/month – Unlimited texts
  • £10/month – Unlimited texts, 250 minutes and 1GB internet
  • £15/month – Unlimited texts, 400 minutes and unlimited internet
  • £20/month – Unlimited texts, 800 minutes and unlimited internet
  • £25/month – Unlimited texts, 1500 minutes and unlimited internet

Calls and texts outside your allowance are also cheaper on Giffgaff: 10p/minute for calls and 6p per text. They are 25p/minute and 12p per text on O2. You can get a free Giffgaff SIM card here.

Get free Giffgaff SIM card »

What are the Simplicity packages on Pay As You Go?

There are 3 “Simplicity” packages available on Pay As You Go:

  • £7.50/month buys you unlimited texts
  • £10.50/month buys you 100 minutes and 500 texts
  • £15.50/month buys you 300 minutes and unlimited texts

For smartphone users, you’ll need to add one of O2’s 3 data packages which start at £3/month. The most popular data package is “The All Rounder” (500MB data allowance) which is an additional £6/month.

Airtime Data Package
Minutes Texts No Data The Basics (100MB) The All Rounder (500MB) The Works (1GB)
0 Unlimited £7.50 £10.50 £13.50 £17.50
100 500 £10.50 £13.50 £16.50 £20.50
300 Unlimited £15.50 £18.00 £21.00 £25.50

Note that there is also a variant of O2 Simplicity on Pay Monthly. This can often provide better value than the Pay As You Go variant, particularly when you sign up for 12 months.

Which data package should I opt for on O2 Simplicity?

If you’re a smartphone owner, you’ll need to add a data package. O2 offer a choice of 3 different data packages on O2 Simplicity Pay As You Go. These range from “The Basics” (100MB for £3/month) to “The Works” (1GB for £10/month). “The All Rounder” (500MB for £6/month) is recommended for most smartphone users.

For more information on what this means in practice, see our guide to what terms such as 100MB, 500MB and 1GB actually correspond to. We’ve also got a guide to O2’s data packages.

Data Package Monthly Cost Data Allowance Public Wi-Fi* Picture Messages Tethering
No data package Pay Per Day (£1/day) No 0 No
The Basics £3/month 100MB No 0 Yes
The All Rounder £6/month 500MB Unlimited* 20 Yes
The Works £10/month 1GB (1,000MB) Unlimited* 50 Yes

* Confusingly, the O2 website describes this as “UK Wi-Fi”. You’ll always be able to use your home wi-fi network regardless of whether you have a data tariff from your mobile operator. More accurately, this should refer to whether there is inclusive access to public wi-fi hotspots provided by “BT Openzone” and “The Cloud”. A fair usage policy applies to downloads through these public wi-fi networks but O2 have not specified the fair usage policy on their website.

Are there any other alternatives?

Giffgaff is the closest alternative – it’s still on the O2 network, it’s still Pay As You Go and it’s much better value than O2 Simplicity. For £10/month, you’ll get 250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet. Giffgaff are currently offering free SIM cards through their website.

If you’re willing to look beyond Pay As You Go, there are some great deals to be had on Pay Monthly SIM Only packages. For example:

See our complete guide to the best value SIM-only tariffs.

How does O2 Simplicity differ from “Text and Web”?

The O2 Text and Web tariff offers you a free allowance of texts and internet to go with your Pay As You Go credit. You’ll keep all of the credit that you top up by. This differs from O2 Simplicity where you need to spend your airtime credit in order to buy your Simplicity package. For many smartphone users who send under 300 texts per month, this will make the “O2 Text and Web” tariff better value.

With O2 Text and Web, you’ll get:

O2 “Text and Web” tariff What you get…
£10/month 300 texts, 500MB internet & £10 credit to spend
£15/month 500 texts, 500MB internet & £10 credit to spend
£30/month Unlimited texts, 500MB internet & £10 credit to spend

O2 and Giffgaff share the same mobile phone masts.

You can switch to the O2 Simplicity tariff by calling 2202 from your O2 mobile phone. For added savings, consider Simplicity on O2 Pay Monthly or Goodybags on the O2-owned Giffgaff network.

I’m switching to O2. Can I keep my existing phone number?

Yes. You’ll need to ask your existing network for a PAC code and then to provide this to O2. The entire process of transferring your phone number should take no more than 24 hours. Our PAC Code Finder tool provides a step-by-step guide to transferring your mobile number to O2.

Where can I get an free O2 Simplicity SIM card?

You can get a free SIM card from the O2 website. This SIM card can be used with any of O2’s Pay & Go tariffs – you’ll need to select the “Simplicity” tariff when your new SIM card arrives.

O2’s Giffgaff has a separate form to register for free SIM cards: the order form can be found here.

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  1. Crystal said:

    Well giffgaff certainly sounded like an attractive option to me but unfortunately when there are problems(and there usually are some with any network)it's really hard to sort them out,sometimes people that you're not speaking to on the phone just can't help you enough to sort a problem outregardless of their best intentions and I think that's why alot of people don't stick with it and getting readyto leave myself now.

  2. Ray said:


    I have a Company provided mobile and have been made redundant today and wish to keep my number and contacts etc

    How do I go about it, not sure who actually provides the O2 network as it has recently changed, how do I find out without talking to my ex company who that provider was?

  3. rubt said:

    really need a quick reply. my blackberry curve pay as you go deal is £15 a month to get all the stuff, but if i top up just £5 will i just get bbm?

  4. Laura said:

    Hey I'm Laura. I am currently on the O2 Simplicity Tariff as i text alot and this deal is perfect for how much i use my phone, for this i pay £10 a month. My anniversary date to top up each month is the 8th. But this month i have finished my unlimited texts one day befor that date, so i topped up my phone with £10 as normal expecting it to be taken and be given my simplicity deal, but it hasnt and i am now paying standard rate. Tommorrow is the 8th, (my anniversary date,) so will my Simplicity deal go back on?? Will i have to top up another £10?? Please help!!

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Laura,

      I believe that on the 8th, £10 will be debited from your Pay As You Go balance and you'll receive an allowance of texts as normal. Though, can you clarify how you've run out of unlimited texts?


  5. Peggy B said:

    Eek, help! I have just come to the end of a 2 year iphone contract with O2. I think I am happy to keep my phone (although it keeps freezing so I am going to get O2 to check it over before I leave / move) and so I have been doing a lot of research about what I should do next. It seems that just about anything will reduce my costs; on average (according to billmonitor.com) I have been spending £46 a month but my usage doesn't come near to using my allowance. Taking an average is looks as though I could get away with around 300 mins, 500 txts, 500mb although, of course, circumstances might change. Should I look at contracts, sim only or what – I feel blinded by too much information. If I kept my phone and went sim only (I have looked at giffgaff too) do I have to get my phone 'unlocked', I don't know what this is, do I have to cut the sim card to the right size, what do I loose by going to a sim only? etc, etc. I just need one thing that tells me what to do not thousands of websites with different packages to push! Help! Thanks.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Peggy,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The only difference between SIM Only and a fully-fledged Pay Monthly contract is that you get a phone with a full contract. You pay more each month, but you'll get a free phone or a subsidised phone at the start of your contract. Once your 24 months are up, you can switch to a SIM Only contract and most people save between £180/year and £240/year.

      The other option is to update to a newer phone – here you ask O2 for a new phone and stay on your Pay Monthly contract. If you're upgrading to iPhone 4S, there may be an upfront charge but other phones may be free.

      Hope this helps,


  6. naaaz said:

    Hi, if i switch to the giffgaf sim … will my friends who have unlimited messages to o2 only still be able to text me for free? Or is giffgaff a completely different company ?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Naz,

      I believe that O2 treat Giffgaff as a separate network and that "unlimited texts to O2 members" will not include Giffgaff members. Giffgaff include free Giffgaff-to-Giffgaff calls and texts so if you and your friend both have Giffgaff, this could work as a replacement.

      Hope this helps,


  7. liamo said:

    hi im currently using the simplicity top up 5 pound to recieve unlimited txts, i would like to switch to unlimeted internet and unlimited texts for 10 pound but i want to put the sim in my new htc wildfire s on o2 will the internet still work because on previous phones the internet wont connect hellp!

  8. Natasha said:

    what is the number to text for unlimited texts?

  9. Omamah said:

    I need help!
    i have ordered my free sims for the pay as you go tariff 'text and web' with this tariff if i top up £10 will i get 300 free texts and 500mb internet and will i get to keep the credit i have topped up as on the o2 website it say you will get the following things on top of your credit and im not quite sure what that means help plz 🙁

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Omamah,

      That is correct: Text and Web is a different tariff to O2 Simplicity. See this article for full details.


  10. bianca said:

    Theres a code you can send from simcard to a number of 02 to recieve unlimted texts for 5 pound, what is that code and number i have to send it too? because i dont wanna have new sim as i dont want to change my number and as i have black berry i also just got bbm back and paid 10 pound on phone for that so dont really want to waste 10 pound.

  11. lucy said:

    Basically i had 20 pound and i bought ,, bolt on, and unlimited texts and calls to 02 , HOWEVER, how come they only took 5 pound off and left 15 pound for me?

  12. Hannah said:

    okay, i topped up 10 pound this morning, then earlier i wanted free calls, so i went and topped up 15 pound, and now i have lik 23 pound on my phone, and dont have free calls? Please help!

  13. Just said:

    Please help!!! I topped up 15 pounds. I want to get unlimited text and 300 uk minutes. I called to 2202 but that f***ing number is confused. What I have to press in order to get it??? Please help!

  14. emmeline said:

    how do u cancal ya bolt ons i have unlited txts and 100 minuts

  15. Aaron said:


    What is the number you text to get simplicity £5 a mounth? Or do you have to ring to get it becsue i had it and i topped up £10 and i didnt get unlimited and i want to try again. Thanks

  16. Ken Lo
    Ken said:

    Hey Courtney,

    You should be able to activate it by topping up by £10 (the minimum top-up I believe).


  17. Ken Lo
    Ken said:

    Hey Courtney,

    You should be able to activate it by topping up by £10 (the minimum top-up I believe).


  18. Courtney said:

    hey 🙂 i change to simplicity on monday but i dont have 5 pound on my phone , is this gonna make me wait another month or just start when i have £5 pound credit ? cheers for any assistance 🙂

  19. Sylvia said:

    Hi Ken, I have had a PAYG sim card for some time now and have been topping up £10 per month for unlimited texts. I got a text back this time saying I had to top up £15 next time, can you explain why please because I can see on this site that you can still top up £10, I am confused

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Sylvia,

      I've not heard of any changes to either O2 Simplicity or O2 Text and Web. Text and Web still allows you to have unlimited free texts when you top up £10/month; Simplicity PAYG still allows you to purchase unlimited texts for £5/month. Can you clarify which tariff you're on and when you received the text?



  20. logan said:

    hey my name is logan and i needed a bit of help on my o2 pay n go i got a iphone for christmas and it came with text and web and i have changed my tariff but i have to wait for the text and web one to run out but i dont want it anymore because iv used all my texts and dont want this tariff anymore so the quicker i can change it the better but i dont want to wait like 3 weeks until it changes how can i change it now instead of then 🙂 meany thanks logan 🙂

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Logan,

      You can sign up for an O2 Simplicity SIM card using the link above, or call O2 Customer Services to switch tariff.


  21. visitor said:

    I have a question that may or may not be related, but I could certainly use your help. I'm an american who bought a tesco o2 pay-as-you-go phone for the times I'm in the UK. I haven't had a chance to get over there for six months, will my phone still work? If not, can it be brought back to life?


    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:


      The phone should still work with no problems although your network operator *could* disable your SIM card after 6 months of inactivity. You can get a free replacement SIM card from this page.

      Hope this helps,


  22. bob said:

    i still gont get it. what happens to the other 5 pounds after u've topped up for £10, and u want the £5 a month deal?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      The other £5 will be available as credit to spend. Ken.

  23. Jennie said:

    does anyone know the numbers to text to as i have lost the paper work and cant remember ?

  24. nathan said:

    i had a leaflet that had numbers to text to get my simplicity going,
    but i cannot find it, do you know any of the codes that i can text to get it up and running???

  25. john said:

    If I top up £10 on 02 simplicity with unlimited text and 500mb, does the money that I topped up with get deducted

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi John,

      Yes. The package costs £10 which is deducted from your PAYG credit.


  26. laura white said:

    how long does it take for your bolton to work ?

  27. Sammy said:

    Your site has really helped, but there's one thing i am still unsure about. If i was to top up £10 i'd get the unlimited texts, but how do you choose whether to recieve the 500mb internet usage or the 100mins. Please help i can't find an answer anywhere.

  28. jake said:

    im on the o2 £5 a month tarrif! and you cant even put just £5 a month on! whats the point!!

  29. beth said:

    I got my sim, did everything it told me, and then said i had it all set up, so i just presumed that also meant my allowance which is £10 for 500mb web and unlimited texts… So i text someone thinking it was now unlimited and once i had sent it, it said your balance is now £9.88.. So i got really confused. I got a text afterwards saying that it will be processed in the next 48hrs, and it's been that long, haven't got my allowance! Just wondering whether it is because i spent that 12p on a text so i haven't enough credit for my allowance anymore?..I will be so annoyed if that is whats happened!

    Please write back ASAP!
    Thankyou! xx

  30. Raj said:

    Hi, After reading all of this I am still confused.
    I am just wondering that if I top up £10 for the £5/month deal (unlimited texts), can I use the £5 left over from that top up to buy the same deal again the next month, or will I have to top up another £10 and have £10 left over in my account after the 2 month.

  31. kieran said:

    Hi i'm on "simplicity – text and web" but i didn't read it properly and it took the £10 out of my fone an left me with nowt to ring anyone so i was wondering how do i cancel this to just get a normal tariff where i pay for txts/ringing (10p etc..) as i dont txt, ring ppl that much anymore so…? could you email the answer to me please…. thanks in advance 🙂

  32. Amy Sterry said:

    i was on the 10 o2 numbers and unlimited texts tarrif which was £5 a month, and i heard about simplicity so i rang that up and chose 100minutes and unlimited texts which is £10 a month, and i topped up £10 and i had used the borrow £1 option before hand and it said when i topped up that i didnt have enoufgh for the simplicity, yet it still took £5 from my other tarrif which i didnt want anymore, and every text i used it took my money off me, what do i do?
    its took my money?

  33. lucy said:

    im on simplicity and i topped up ten pounds to get the free texts and internet, but because i'd used the lend a quid thing it took that away when i topped up so i didnt get my texts and internet what do i do? :S

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Lucy,

      I presume O2 only considered it to be a £9 top-up since £1 was borrowed. The texts and internet should return next time you top up.


  34. Danielle Storey said:

    hiya, im on o2 simplicity and was just wondering what i txt and the number i txt it to is to change to the unlimited txts, 500mb internet and 100 mins. xx

  35. Funda said:

    How Do i get 300mins unlimited text and internet ?what number do i text 2 get that

  36. Mari said:

    Ok im sooo confused, i saw the advert on the telly, about £5 a month which is unlimited texts, but im confused because on the package i got in the post it doesnt say anything about unlimited texts or £5, just that £10 is 300 texts and 500MB internet, i dont want this i want the £5 thing, but ive looked at it on the internet and it says that top up £5 and youll get unlimited texts, top up 10 and youll get unlimited texts and internet, you cant top up just £5 on 02 so doesnt that mean if i put a tenner in my phone then it will just assume i want the internet aswel and take my tenner instead of just taking my fiver for the unlimited texts!? i hope this makes sense! x

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Mari,

      It sounds like you've accidently signed up for Pay Monthly Simplicity rather than Pay As You Go Simplicity. To sign up for PAYG Simplicity and get the £5/month Unlimited texts deal, you’ll need to grab a new SIM from O2.

      Hope this helps


  37. Jack said:

    Hey mate,

    I recently went into an o2 store, and asked for the £10 simplicity package (unlimited texts and 100 minutes…), the guy played with my phone for a bit, handed it back, and I topped up £20 so that £10 was ready…

    I got a text saying exactly “O2: Thanks for your request for Simplicity Unlimited TEXTS + 100 minutes has been recieved and will be processed in the next 48hrs. Your terms will change call 2202 free or visit o2.co.uk”

    MY FIRST MISTAKE I THINK: i got this text BEFORE i topped up £20, which means when the man put the request through, i have 3p … during that day and the next, i texted/called (i knew simplicity wouldn’t be applyed because it had barely been an hour before i got it) and made sure i spent below £10. After two days (I still had £10) i had not recieved any text saying that simplicity was now in place or w/e, so i got a wee bit annoyed.

    I re read all my texts from o2, and realised that the first one mentioned a a free number which i had to call (i don’t know if it’s necessary, but i phoned it, and chose the £10 package all over again….It said the usual “your request shall be processed in the next 48 hrs etc”, and so i waited, with still £10 in my credit now, this morning, i recieved a text saying exactly “Thank you for getting in touch. The good news is that you are already on Pay and Go simplicity. Remember to top up to keep getting your free allowance. Does this therefor mean i must top up NOW to get my unlimited texts and 100 minutes? Thank you in advance,

    yours greatfully
    Jack Mclean.

  38. Richy said:

    Hey, not sure if this question was answered, but if I top up by £10, and buy the unlimited text package, then I don't spend the other £5 on calls or anything, can I then spend the other £5 in the next month, or do I have to top up again?

  39. Hannah said:

    i did the thing where you top up 5 pounds, and you get free texts, but i want to stop it and i', not sure how??

  40. Emma s said:

    Hi,I found your site after changing to simplicity from text and web and now I’m kicking myself!it hasn’t gone through yet (well i haven’t topped up for them to be able to take the tenner)do u no if there’s anyway to cancel the change and stick with text n web,if not will simplicity work ok with iPhone like text n web did?I really hope so!worried now 🙁

  41. Jade said:

    What number can i ring to check how many minuits i have out of the 100? I'm not on giffgaff im just on the 02 simcard with the same tarrif.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      The easiest thing to do is to use the "My O2" feature on o2.co.uk. Ken

  42. katie said:

    im slightly confused i was told if you have a bolt on you just have to top up the certain amount of money depending on what bolt on your on
    eg:: for £15 a month you get unlimited texts and 300 uk minutes.
    Do i get to keep that £15 or does it automatically take the money so if i top up £15 and have that bolt on im left with no credit at all ???

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      For Simplicity tariffs, your credit is taken away. For Text and Web, you keep your credit.

  43. Louis said:


    I'm looking to get my broadband with O2. They over a sizeable monthly discount to O2 mobile customers and the Sales guy said that this includes those on O2 PAYG as long as they top up a minimum of £10 every 3 months.

    My question is, will one of these SIM's fit the bill? Can I put £10 on every quarter without any issues or does this SIM require a mandatory top up every month? I understand that I will not get the free texts/calls/data etc if not topped up monthly but this is not important to me as the phone will not really be used for calls or messages, just a means to an ends to get the discount on the broadband.

    If this plan is not suitable, could you suggest an alternative?



    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Louis,

      I believe so but you should double check with O2. If you're not topping up every month, you might want to take a look at 'Text and Web' – I know for certain this is suitable and you get to keep your £10 top-up for calls.



  44. Markymark said:

    I have been on giffgaff, but it would seem to me that unlimited texts are only between giffgaff to giffgaff is that correct?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:


      Texts between Giffgaff users are always free; with the Giffgaff Goodybag packages you get unlimited texts to all users.


    2. david replied:

      with giffgaff you get free gif to gif text and call if you top up at least £5 every month, to take advantage of unlimited text to any uk number, you have to buy a goodybag,(like a bolton) these vary from £5 – £25 a month, i pay £10 a month i get 250 minutes unlimited text(any1) and true unlimited internet which is v good as i have iphone and can stream tv on my lunchbreak without worry bout going over on data…

  45. terry said:

    i need help im confused can i use the £5 credit left for the next month

  46. Kat said:

    I have been on an 02 tariff which gave me 300 texts and 500 mbs of internet and today I topped up ten pounds and texted ‘SIMWEB’ to the number like i was told to in the shop. I was just wondering if the 02 tariff I was on before was a simplicity tariff or not? And do I get unlimited texts and internet on my new tariff?



  47. Julie said:

    Hi, my daughter is 11yrs old and wants a LG Cookie and most of them on pay as you go are on 02. If we go for the £5 simplicity tarriff I understand she has to put £10 a month top up on, is this right? She seems to think we will only have to do it every couple of months so it still works out at £5 a month? or do you have to put £10 every single month on?….if so why can they advertise as a £5 a month tarriff when clearly its a £10 one!!!

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:


      Yes I believe that is right. You top up by £10 and they give you £5 of credit for calls/etc. and the unlimited texts. I believe Giffgaff is slightly different in this regard as well as offering better call prices (see my giffgaff review for some more info)

      Hope this helps!


  48. Ben said:

    Hey, I got the sim and topped up online but I still don't have any credit. I heard it can take up to 24 hours for it to go through, is this right?

  49. dylan said:

    hey is the giffgaff thing an o2 sceme or is it a completely different network (i.e vodafone, orange)

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Giffgaff is a separate company, but it is fully owned by O2 and uses the exact same network & masts as O2. The main difference is who you get your technical support from and who you pay your bill to.

  50. cherry said:

    hiya i need help,
    i braught a 02 sim card 2 days ago
    i put 10 pound credit on it and set up the 10 pounds for 100 min and unlimited txts,
    it said it will take up to 48 hours to go through and they will take the money from my balance,
    its now 48 hours later and i still havent got my 100min and unlimited txts

  51. Alexandra said:

    please help?

    hello, i'm alexandra and i'm only 13. i have the current 02 "text and web" sim where i top up £10 for unlimited texts and £15 for the texts and internet. but i heard i can switch to 02 and get them both for £15? but then i also heard i won't get the £15 credit after i top up? please reply as soon as possible cause my anniversary date is the 18th and i need to know what to do wether to change tarrifs or just top up my old one.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi there,

      I don't quite understand your question: it seems like you already have both texts and internet under "Text and Web" with a £15/month topup. The Simplicity deal gives you unlimited texts and 500MB web for £10/month but you don't get to keep your credit like on "Text and Web".

      Hope this answers your question


  52. Amir said:

    Hi Ellie- Mae

    yh tbh i am having the same problem too i hanvt recieved my £5 simplicity text yet and im getting really fustrated right now because i got the text a day go sayin my current tarrif will be replaced i already have £5 when i got my new fone but somehow the text don't seem to come through i am going to compain O2 about this is freaking p***ing me off!

  53. ellie-mae. said:

    just wondering if you could help me, ive signed up for the 5 pound simplicity plan but my free texts havent come through yet, can someone help me as to what i can do?

  54. Raj said:

    Hi, After reading all of this I am still confused.
    I am just wondering that if I top up £10 for the £5/month deal (unlimited texts), can I use the £5 left over from that top up to buy the same deal again the next month, or will I have to top up another £10 and have £10 left over in my account after the 2 month.

  55. Matthew said:

    Hey Ken,
    I’ve ordered my simplicity sim but, after reading the comments I think I would like the text and web sim – £10 or Unlimited Texts & Unlimited Web (o2) where can I get this? (please post a link?)

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Matthew,

      You should be able to use your Simplicity SIMs with Text and Web – just text TEXTANDWEB to 21300 or call 2202 once you’ve received your SIM.

      Alternatively, order some Text and Web SIMS here.

      Hope this helps


      1. Matthew replied:

        So is the £10 for Unlimited Text & Web not available for that price anymore (on Text and Web tariff) 🙁

  56. Abigail said:

    Hi Ken, at the minute I am on O2 PAYG “Text & Web” Tariff. Which gives me Unlimited Texts and Unlimited Web access when I top up £10 a month. And I still get to keep the £10.00 credit.
    My question is… If I swap over to Simplicity PAYG “Unlimited Texts & 100 Minutes” for £10.00 a month, will I still be able to keep the £10.00 credit to use as airtime?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Abigail,

      No, unfortunately not. Whereas “Text & Web” allows you to keep your credit, “Simplicity” actually uses up your credit. Personally I prefer Text and Web for this very reason.



  57. tasha said:

    i have changed to simplicity…i had my free texts for one day..and now im been charged for sending a text. but i checked my tarrif info and it says i have 12,000 texts to use before july 14th…whats goin on ?

  58. alena said:

    so can u just top up a fiver or dose it have a to be a tenner

    thanks alena

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:


      You have to top up by £10.


  59. alena said:

    hiya ive just changed to 02 and i would like to go on simplicty but on the 5 pound per mounth one pay as you go dose any one no how i can do that

    thanks alena

  60. chantelle said:

    i need help!!

    im 14 and i have no idea what to do haha.
    ive switched to the simplicity pay and go unlimited texts and 300 minutes for £15 a month?
    and i got a text today saying your current tariff will be replaced with your simplicty one, but its not been replaced as i have £30 in my phone and i texted someone and it still charged me. do i need to top up £15 before it starts? when i already have £30 in my phone. please reply for tomorrow!

    ThankYou .. Chantelle :D.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Chantelle,

      Not sure – you might have to top up to activate it; I seem to remember having to when I joined Text & Web. I would give O2 customer services a call and ask them if you are unsure!



  61. Terri Anderson said:

    hi ken,

    what is the limit to the texts on the new 02 simplicity Sim because I know on the normal 02 Sim its 12,000 texts to 02 and same with the minutes. I think 02 should make it clear about how much texts you do get but big companies don’t do this because this is a loophole for them to make money so customers use more credit and top up more.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi there Terri,

      I’m not aware of any specific limit to the “unlimited texts” on PAYG Simplicity although I would have thought it would be very unlikely they would start charging you for exceeding your text allowance (I’ve never heard of this happening on any network). On many networks I’ve had experiences with, texts are truly unlimited (they are exceptionally cheap for the network to provide).


  62. aasim said:

    hi there just wanted 2 know kan u text o2 to change ur tarrif 2 simpllicty or do u have 2 ring 2 change


  63. lucy said:

    please can you find out for me if you can get the sim instore. it would be really helpful 🙂

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Lucy,

      I think it would very much depend on your store. Perhaps give them a call before you go so that you don’t waste any time 🙂


  64. lucy said:

    can you buy the simplicity sim instore?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:


      I’m not sure if you can get the SIM in store but the easiest way would be to order it online from the O2 website (it’s free so you don’t need to enter any billing details) and O2 will send it to you in the post.



  65. lucy said:

    what do you do when you receive the simplicity sim???

  66. lucy said:

    can you use this sim on a new phone? and does it give you a new number?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Lucy,

      Yep you can use this in a new phone and it will give you a new number. However you will have to buy the phone yourself and ensure it works on O2 (i.e. it can’t be locked to another network)


  67. Amy said:

    Hi ken, This is really helpful so thanks but one question.

    I get the whole idea and i understand it says you can keep your number, but i am looking to get a new number as im using this for private purposes whereas my current number is for work. will this sim provide me with a new number? i have an old handset i am going to use but no sim for it. so i am looking for a sim only offer on payg.

    Any help would be great!

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Amy,

      Yep this SIM will automatically provide you with a new number for free 🙂


  68. Ken Lo
    Ken said:

    Ok, this package is now available to everybody. Article has been updated.

  69. Marius said:

    So if if i don’t have those £5 on the re-new day the Simplicity package it will just terminate for good? or will be able to top up in few days time and get it going again?

    thank you

    1. lol replied:

      i had same problame 😐

  70. Syeda said:

    I called the o2 info hotline on friday to replace my current tariff witht he £5 unlimted texts new simplicity tariff and i recieved a text within 48 hours saying that my current tariff would be replaced with the new simplicity tariff on monday 31st may. However, it is now the 31st may and i have not recieved any text since then telling me that my current tariff has been replaced and i also just sent a text and it charged me. When will my simplicity tariff begin? Please help.

  71. Zainab said:

    So how do i get Unlimited Texts and 100 Minutes? & How much would they take from me then and how much would i need to top up.

  72. Zainab said:

    So If I topped Up £15.
    Then Does This mean i get Unlimited Texts and 100 Minutes & how much do they take off me?

    Thankyouu 🙂

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      On Simplicity PAYG, you get 300 minutes and they will take the whole £15 from your credit. Alternatively grab Text and Call – you get 100 minutes and 100 texts but you *keep* the £15 credit.

  73. ali said:

    im on pay as you go, and im on 02 text and web, so when i topup £15 i get unlimited texts and web and still keep the credit.

    isnt simplicity the same, because its for £10 but same deal as mine??

  74. ali said:

    is there a o2 simplicity tariff, where you keep the credit along with the minutes etc??

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      There is an O2 “Text and Call” tariff which gives you 100 minutes, 100 texts for free with a £15 top-up.

      Alternatively, there is the “Text and Web” tariff as you mentioned.

  75. Amo said:

    after reading all this.. im still confused!
    the simplicity payg option for example say i choose the unlimited texts & web for £10.. do i just top up on my anniversay date each month how i do on normal payg?

    please respond! 😀


    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi guys,

      Here’s another analogy… hopefully it helps! On a monthly contract, what happens is that the phone company will take a set amount of money from your bank account, via direct debit, every single month. In return for that, you’ll get a set airtime allowance (i.e. a certain number of minutes and texts).

      The new “Simplicity PAYG” tariff works on the exact same principle – the key difference being that instead of the money being taken directly from your bank account, it is taken from your “Pay As You Go credit”. Hence if you’ve got £20 credit on your PAYG balance and you sign up for the £5/month tariff, your credit drops by a fiver a month (like how your bank balance would drop by £5/month). If you’ve got nothing left on your PAYG balance or you can’t afford to renew “Simplicity PAYG” for another month, then your Simplicity package will terminate.

  76. Paul V said:

    Hello mate,

    Good site, can you tell me how this happens, I have a £10 top up in my hand I’m going to get a new payg chip right now o2. Do i top the chip up with the £10 credit? if so then what do i do? text a certain number or phone? I only want the unlimited txts so do i still get to keep the £5 credit left over?
    Thankyou mate for any help

  77. Marius said:

    i wanted to ask few things if it’s ok.

    1. Do i really have to sign up for 12 months contract? if yes, is it possible to cancel it?
    2. So they will take money each from my phone account, what happens if i don’t top up that month?


    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Marius,

      1. No. If you sign up for Simplicity *PAYG* then there is no contract. You can change your Simplicity package every month if you like, and end it at any time. If you sign up to Simplicity *contract* then you have the option of a 12 month contract which saves you £5 per month.

      2. I would have thought that you just wouldn’t get your Simplicity package. Maybe someone else who is on the Simplicity package could enlighten us?



  78. Farhad said:

    I know this is kind of a stupid question but, by unlimited texts does it mean unlimited texts to any network?
    And the minutes, are those to any network too?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:


      Yes the minutes and texts are to any network.


  79. anominous said:

    does this meen that the £5 remaining on the phone i can use again the next month to buy the bundle agian?

    1. liamo replied:

      yes thats what i do

  80. Farhad said:

    Just wondering, do you have to buy the actual £5 package every month?
    Or will it do it automatically once you top up?

  81. Jon said:

    Here’s a tip to repay the favour – I assume your site is WordPress. Here’s a nice plugin – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/comment-reply-notification/

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hey Jon,

      Thanks a lot for the tip 🙂 I’ll check it out!


  82. Jon said:

    Oh ok! Cheers Ken. Just found your site. Very helpful!

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Thanks for the kind words Jon 🙂 Great to have you around!


  83. Jon said:

    I have a PAYG O2 Sim. If I switch to this new tariff am I right in thinking if I top up £5 every month I get unlimited texts? My current deal is £10 every month and unlimited texts

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Jon,

      Not quite. On your current deal, you’ll get your unlimited texts AND £10 credit to use. On the new Simplicity deal, the £5 credit will be used up purchasing the unlimited texts bundle.


    2. rik replied:

      hi how do i get the five pound o2 simplicity unlimited i rang up o2 n it only saying i hv to top up five pound wat do i do to get the simplicity unlimited text to any net work help me plz

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