For Black Friday, Sky is offering Superfast Broadband for £25/month and Ultrafast Broadband from £33/month.

As a special offer for Black Friday 2021, Sky has reduced the price of their Superfast Broadband service to just £25/month. You’ll also get free set-up included when you order through this link (this compares to the normal price of £28/month plus £19.95 for set-up). You can also get their Wi-Fi Guarantee add-on for just £3/month more (usually £5/month).

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If you’re looking for even faster download speeds, you can also save on Sky’s Ultrafast Broadband which has also been reduced to £33/month (it’s normally £35/month plus £19.95 for set-up).

In this article, we’ll look at Sky’s Black Friday 2021 deals on fibre broadband. We’ll also look at the features that are available on Sky Broadband including Sky’s Speed Guarantee, full fibre broadband, Wi-Fi Guarantee and daily line checks with Sky Broadband Boost. We’ll also look at how you can switch your broadband provider to Sky.

Sky Broadband Black Friday Offers

In the UK, Sky has released their Black Friday 2021 fibre broadband offers, with a substantial discount currently available on Superfast and Ultrafast fibre broadband plans. For instance, you can save a total of £73.95 on their Superfast Broadband when you order through this link (the plan has been reduced from £28/month to £25/month, and the normal £19.95 set-up fee has also been removed).

The following table shows Sky’s Black Friday broadband deals:

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
(may rise during contract)
Sky Superfast
61Mbps download24 month contract£5£27/month
Sky Ultrafast
145Mbps download24 month contract£5£29/month
Sky Ultrafast Plus
500Mbps download24 month contract£5£32/month
Sky Gigafast
900Mbps download24 month contract£5£42/month

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For an extra £3/month, you can add Sky’s Wi-Fi Guarantee as part of the Broadband Boost add-on. This has been reduced from the normal price of £5/month for the Black Friday sale.

To see which broadband offers are available at your address, you’ll need to enter your postcode on Sky’s online availability checker. Most homes should now be able to get Sky’s Superfast Broadband. Meanwhile, Ultrafast Broadband is available in 25% of UK homes and Ultrafast Plus broadband is available in 15.7% of UK homes.

Sky Broadband Features

Speed Guarantee

On Sky, you’ll get a speed guarantee included with your fibre broadband service. This is a minimum guaranteed download speed for your broadband connection.

  • On Superfast Broadband, the minimum guaranteed download speed will be given to you on this page. If the download speed to your Sky Hub router drops below the minimum guaranteed download speed for three consecutive days, you’ll be able to claim back one month back on your Sky Broadband subscription fee.
  • On Ultrafast Broadband, you’ll have a minimum guaranteed download speed of 100Mbps. If the download speed to your Sky Hub router drops below 100Mbps for three consecutive days, you’ll be able to claim one month’s subscription fee back from Sky.
  • On Ultrafast Plus Broadband, you’ll have a minimum guaranteed download speed of 400Mbps. If the download speed to your Sky Hub router drops below 400Mbps for three consecutive days, you’ll be able to claim one month’s subscription fee back from Sky.

The speed guarantee will kick in on your Sky Broadband service once you’ve been connected for 14 days (this is because it can take a little bit of time for your connection to reach a stable speed).

For more information about how the speed guarantee works, you can see the information on Sky’s website.

Full Fibre Broadband

At present, Sky offers full fibre broadband (also known as fibre-to-the-premises or FTTP broadband) with availability in more than 5 million UK homes.

If you’re living at an address with access to full fibre broadband, there are three main benefits to getting FTTP broadband from Sky:

  • You’ll be able to access faster download speeds. For instance, you can choose Ultrafast broadband (with an average download speed of 145Mbps) or Ultrafast Plus broadband (with an average download speed of 500Mbps). According to Sky, this is more than 10 times faster than standard fibre broadband.
  • Your broadband service will have more capacity. Full fibre broadband gives you a lot more capacity so you can have more devices using your connection at the same time. This means everyone in your household can use the internet at the same time, without needing to worry about things slowing down for other people.
  • You’ll get a more reliable connection. With full fibre broadband, Sky uses a fibre optic cable that goes all the way into your home. For this reason, it isn’t susceptible to the same noise and interference problems that can sometimes affect regular broadband connections.

You can check the availability of full fibre broadband where you live by entering your postcode on Sky’s website.

Wi-Fi Guarantee Add-on

For an extra £3 per month, you can get Sky’s Wi-Fi Guarantee as part of the Sky Broadband Boost add-on. With the Wi-Fi Guarantee, Sky will guarantee the ability to get a Wi-Fi signal in every room of your home, with a download speed of at least 3Mbps.

If you’re unable to get Wi-Fi in every room with your Sky Hub router (plus your Sky Q mesh if you also have Sky TV), Sky may be able to provide you with a Wi-Fi Booster device. Alternatively, a Sky engineer may be sent to your home to try and resolve the Wi-Fi issues for you.

If, after that, you’re still unable to get Wi-Fi in every room, you’ll get a refund on the cost of your Broadband Boost add-on. You’ll also be able to keep the Broadband Boost add-on for the remainder of your contract at no extra cost.

Other Broadband Boost Features

Alongside the Wi-Fi Guarantee, you’ll get the following features when you add Sky Broadband Boost:

  1. Daily line checks. Sky will perform an automated check on your fibre broadband connection between 12am and 5am each morning. This is designed to automatically detect any faults with your line so an engineer can be sent round to fix it if required.
  2. Evening & weekend engineer visits at no extra cost. Sky normally charges £15 for evening and weekend appointments from one of their broadband engineers. This is waived for customers who have Sky Broadband Boost.
  3. 2GB mobile data for outages. If you’re a Sky Mobile customer, you’ll get 2GB of data added to your Sky Piggybank if your broadband service suffers from an outage. To qualify, it’ll need to be an unplanned outage lasting for more than 30 minutes between 7am and 11pm.

Best Performing Major Broadband Provider

According to the latest analysis from Ofcom (the UK’s telecommunications regulator), Sky has the joint-lowest level of customer complaints about their home broadband service.

In Q1 2021, Sky received 7 complaints for every 100,000 broadband customers. This is substantially lower than the industry average of 19 complaints per 100,000 customers.

Switching to Sky Broadband

If you’re currently using another broadband provider, it’s easy switching to Sky Broadband during the Black Friday sale. You’ll experience minimal loss of service during the transfer, and you’ll be able to benefit from features like the Speed Guarantee once the service goes live.

Start by signing up on the Sky Broadband website. When you do this, you’ll be given the switchover date for your new broadband service (this will typically be in around 2-3 weeks time).

In most cases, Sky will automatically contact your old provider for you to cancel your old broadband service. The main exception to this is if you’re a Virgin Media customer, in which case you’ll need to contact them directly to cancel.

On the switchover date, you’ll need to swap over your existing router to the new Sky Hub router to complete the switchover process.

For step-by-step instructions on how to change your broadband provider to Sky, please select your current provider from the drop-down menu below:

Switch to Sky Broadband
Your step-by-step guide to switching

Select your current broadband provider:

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You can also read our full guide on switching broadband providers in the UK.

More Information

For more information, please see Sky’s official website. You can also read our in-depth Sky Broadband review.

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