Whether you're joining giffgaff or leaving for another network, it's a straightforward process to keep your existing phone number.

giffgaff PAC CodeIf you're leaving giffgaff to join another network, or if you're leaving another network in order to join giffgaff, it's super easy to keep your current phone number.

All you'll need to do is to request a PAC Code. It's totally free and the entire process of transferring your phone number should normally take no longer than one working day.

For detailed instructions, please choose the option that best applies to you:

Leaving giffgaff For Another Network


If you're leaving giffgaff to join another mobile network, you can take your phone number with you using a PAC Code from giffgaff.

There are three ways to request a giffgaff PAC Code:

  1. Online: You can get a PAC Code from giffgaff by logging in to the My giffgaff website. Once you've logged in, go to My profiles & settings > Get a giffgaff PAC Code.
  2. By Text Message: You can get a giffgaff PAC Code sent to you via SMS text message. Text PAC to 65075 to receive a PAC Code from giffgaff.
  3. By Phone: You can get a PAC Code by calling giffgaff. To do so, call them free of charge on their dedicated number, 43431.

It's always free to get a PAC Code from giffgaff, and it's your legal entitlement to be able to recieve one. If any cancellation fees apply to your giffgaff contract, they should also tell you what this will be at the same time as sending you a PAC Code.

The PAC Code you recieve from giffgaff should begin with GGF and should be 9 digits long (e.g. GGF 123 456).

Once you have your giffgaff PAC Code, you'll need to provide it to your new mobile network operator. For detailed instructions, please select your new mobile network from the following dropdown menu:

PAC Code Finder
Find out how to use your giffgaff PAC Code

Your new mobile network:

Don’t want to keep your giffgaff phone number? You can request a STAC Code from giffgaff instead.

giffgaff STAC Code (Leave giffgaff Without Keeping Your Number)

If you’d like to leave giffgaff without keeping your current phone number, you’ll need to request a giffgaff STAC Code rather than a PAC Code. There are three ways to get a STAC Code from giffgaff:

  1. Online: You can get a STAC Code from giffgaff by logging in to the My giffgaff website. After logging in, go to My profiles & settings > Get a giffgaff PAC Code.
  2. By Text Message: You can get a giffgaff STAC Code sent to you via SMS text message. Text STAC to 75075 to receive a STAC Code from giffgaff.
  3. By Phone: You can get a STAC Code by calling giffgaff. To do so, call them free of charge on their dedicated number, 43431.

Once you’ve gotten your STAC Code, the rest of the process for joining your new mobile network remains the same. You can choose your new provider from the dropdown menu above for instructions on how to use your giffgaff STAC Code.

Joining giffgaff From Another Network


If you're joining giffgaff from a different mobile network, you should ask your old mobile network to provide you with a PAC Code. The PAC Code will allow you to transfer your phone number to giffgaff.

After getting a PAC Code from your old network, you should order your new phone or SIM card directly from giffgaff's website. For more information, please select the type of tariff you're wanting to move to:

For a full list of the latest giffgaff deals, please see this page on giffgaff's website.

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When Your New Phone Arrives...

Once your new phone or SIM card arrives from giffgaff, switch it on and make sure everything's working correctly. If, for whatever reason, you need to return or change your handset or SIM card, it's best to do this before transferring your phone number.

Once you're happy to continue with the transfer, your PAC Code should be submitted through giffgaff's online form.

Providing your PAC Code to giffgaff
The PAC Code should be submitted through a form on giffgaff's website.

If your PAC Code is provided before 3pm, your phone number transfer will normally be scheduled for the next working day (Monday to Friday only, excluding English bank holidays). For PAC Codes submitted after the 3pm cut-off, you'll need to wait one extra working day for your number to be transferred.

Sometimes, you’ll be given the option to provide a PAC Code at the same time as when you order your new phone or SIM card. We’d typically recommend against providing your PAC Code at this stage. Instead, waiting for the new phone or SIM card to arrive from giffgaff first will allow you to make sure it’s working correctly and will make the process of cancelling or returning much easier.

Upgrading Your Plan On giffgaff


If you're simply upgrading to a newer handset or tariff, it's not necessary to get a giffgaff PAC Code. You can simply upgrade via giffgaff's website. For more information, please select the type of giffgaff price plan you're planning to move to:

More Information

For more information, please see the giffgaff website. You can also read our full guide to using a PAC Code. This answers a lot of frequently asked questions and provides some additional tips on transferring your phone number.

For discussion, please see the comments below on this page. They show other people's experiences using a giffgaff PAC Code or moving their phone number from another network to giffgaff.

Your Comments 1,860 so far

We would love to hear your comments: either about using a giffgaff PAC Code or transferring your phone number from another network to giffgaff. The comments below are all from people who've done the same thing in the past. You can contribute by adding your own comments here.

To see all 1860 comments about transferring a phone number, please see the main PAC Codes article.

    • Hi Felicia,
      Thanks for your comment. You can continue using the Lycamobile SIM card until your number moves over. After that happens, you’ll need to swap it out for the SIM card you’ve received from giffgaff.
      Hope this helps,

  • Giffgaff sim lost! Got new sim but unable to request PAC via old sim as you require the old sim to text and request your PAC to keep the old number. Any way around this please?

    Dev transferred a phone number within giffgaff.

  • hey Ken, very helpful. I had no idea you could just text lycamobile and get your PAC code immediately. It came.

    If I did the process again I’d make sure I registered my Giffgaff SIM card 2 working days BEFORE the end of my monthly allowance.

    Silly me. I registered my Giffgaff SIM card the evening before my 30 day allowance is up. It’s not terrible ….but tomorrow I will not have my Lycamobile allowance (so can’t use my Lyca easily without topping up) and don’t want to use my GiffGaff number yet because in calling people I’ll confuse them with my strange number because the number won’t have been ported for another 2 days. Ah well. You live and learn! 🙂 No big deal.

    Andrew Smith transferred a phone number from Lycamobile to giffgaff.

  • I’ve got my PAC No from Vectone. I’m moving to GiffGaff – who seem good. The instructions say to check the GiffGaff SIM works. What does this mean ? Do I register the GiffGaff SIM & put money on it then put the SIM in my phone and see if I can phone out & receive calls ? Then change back to my Vectone SIM. Tell GiffGaff my PAC No. Wait till the Vectone SIM doesn’t work. Then put the GiffGaff SIM into the phone and the Vectone phone No will have transferred to GiffGaff & away I go.
    So 1. What exactly do I do to check the GiffGaff SIM works ?
    2. On the day of the transfer do I keep the Vectone SIM in the phone till the transfer to GiffGaff has completed and then swap the GiffGaff SIM in ? Thanks (it’s a while since I’ve done this!!!)

    Sally transferred a phone number from Vectone Mobile to giffgaff.

    • Hi Sally,
      Many thanks for your question. Yes, I’d put the giffgaff SIM card in your mobile phone and just make sure everything works correctly (e.g. that your mobile phone accepts the SIM card, that you’re able to get coverage where you live and make outgoing phone calls, etc). Once you’ve done that, you can give your PAC Code to giffgaff and move your phone number over (strictly speaking, it isn’t necessary to make sure your giffgaff SIM card actually works but I’d always recommend doing this whenever possible to avoid potential problems at a later date e.g. sometimes people forget to unlock their mobile phone, and are then left without a working SIM card until that problem is resolved).
      With regards to 2, yes, I would leave your Vectone Mobile SIM card in until the coverage disappears. You can then switch it for your giffgaff SIM card which will then have your phone number transferred to it.
      Hope this helps,

  • Wendy Jones said:


    Having bought a new phone and decided to change network, I thought I had successfully ported my number from Virgin on a 30 day rolling contract to Giffgaff. The new phone is working well on the Giffgaff network with my old number. The old phone, however, is still allowing me to use Facebook and other apps such as Google Maps. Phone calls, texting and WhatsApp don’t work. I am confused about this as I thought that once my number ported over, everything would stop working on my old phone. Do I still have internet access for the rest of the 30 day contract that I had with Virgin? Has my contract with Virgin definitely been cancelled? Any help gratefully appreciated.

    Wendy Jones transferred a phone number from Virgin Mobile to giffgaff.

    • Hi Wendy,
      Many thanks for getting in touch! Is your old phone (previously on Virgin Mobile) connected to wi-fi? Your old handset will still function fine and will allow you to access the internet over wi-fi without a functioning SIM card inside it (hence, the ability to use apps such as Facebook, etc). Of course, phone calls and text messages rely on you having a functioning SIM card so that’s why they’re no longer working after you transferred your phone number out. WhatsApp is a little bit of a special case – technically speaking, it doesn’t require you to have an active SIM card and works fine over wi-fi, but each phone number can only be registered to one phone (so it would have been deactivated on your old phone, when you set up and registered your number on your new phone).
      Hope this helps,

  • I have a sim only contract with 02 but want to move networks to Giffgaff and keep my number, because I’m on contract with 02 can they refuse to give me my Pac code by law

    Craig Haynes transferred a phone number from O2 to giffgaff.

    • Hi Craig,
      Many thanks for your comment. No, O2 isn’t allowed to refuse you a PAC Code – it’s your legal entitlement as described here. There would, however, be allowed to charge you an early exit fee if you end your contract early.
      Hope this helps,

  • Hi Ken,

    I am with giffgaff pay monthly all I want to do is transfer my number to a new phone I have purchased
    tried the forums but all assume I am leaving Giff gaff.
    Can you help me do this.


    Ann transferred a phone number within giffgaff.

    • Hi Ann,
      Many thanks for your comment. To be clear, I think you’re looking to stay on giffgaff but simply to change your handset for a newer model? If so, the easiest thing to do would probably be to just move your SIM card from one handset to another. If for some reason you aren’t able to do this (e.g. because you need a SIM card of a different size), you can order a new SIM card from giffgaff here. Once you have it, you can use the giffgaff SIM Swap service to move your service to the new SIM card.
      Hope this helps!

  • My contract with 02 runs out in a couple of weeks and I want to change to giffgaff. Do I have to wait until the last day of the contract in case I’m penalised or can I have it all set up now?

    Yvonne transferred a phone number from O2 to giffgaff.

    • Hi Yvonne,
      Many thanks for your comment. You can leave O2 at any time to move to giffgaff, but it’s worth noting there’ll be a 30-day notice on you telling O2 you’d like to leave. You’ll pay an early termination fee if you leave during the 30-day notice period or of course, if you leave during the period of your original contract.
      For this reason, I’d probably try to call O2 a couple of weeks before you intend to leave. You can request a PAC Code from them, which has 30-days validity, so you can then comfortably move over to giffgaff whenever you’re ready.
      Hope this helps,

  • Hi Ken,

    I want to move from my current contract with EE to a giffgaff SIM only deal. I’ve got the new SIM and have obtained a PAC code, but EE told me I have to give a month’s notice when I end my contract. My usage resets on the 2nd of the month. If I active the PAC code now, do you know if I’ll still be charged by EE for October?

    Thank you!

    Jess transferred a phone number from EE to giffgaff.

    • Hi Jess,
      Thanks for your comment. You’re liable to pay 30 days worth of charges from the moment when you tell EE you’d like to leave their network. So for example, if you give them notice on September 16th, you’ll need to continue paying until October 16th. This is regardless of when your phone number gets ported over to giffgaff. So if you’d like to get the most of your EE contract, you could continue using it for the time being and you could then port your number over to giffgaff in the second-week of October.
      On your final bill, EE will charge you a pro-rated amount. So it doesn’t really make a difference when your allowances refresh (you’ll just be charged for part of the final month).
      Hope this helps,

  • HI Ken

    Great site. Many thanks for the clear and concise information. I’m going to buy a OnePlus2 phone and will transfer from 02 to Giffgaff. You have already provided very clear info so no need to repeat it for my sake (!).

    I’m going to buy a OnePlus2 smartphone. It looks great from a tech point of view and significantly cheaper than the mainstream phone manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, Etc).

    Any thought on this firm ?

    Kind Regards, Nick

    Nick transferred a phone number from O2 to giffgaff.

    • Hi Nick,
      Thanks for your comment and glad the website was useful! Unfortunately, I haven’t had any direct experiences of the OnePlus2. I had a couple of friends using the OnePlus One (general feedback was it was OK) but not sure I know anyone with the OnePlus Two. Before you buy, I would however also look at some devices from Motorola and Huawei (they also offer good phones at a very competitive price).

  • Suluxshan Singam said:

    Hi, I have been having troubles trying to contact Lycamobile about my PAC code and they are just keeping me on hold every time I call them. I am trying to move to Giffgaff but I want to keep my old number but Lycamobile are just making things very hard. Is there any way that I could possibly do to receive my code. I have called different Lycamobile numbers as well but the result never changes. I hope you can help.

    Thank You!

    Suluxshan Singam transferred a phone number from Lycamobile to giffgaff.

  • Hi I was on three and changed to Giff gaff using a pac code , I kept my old three sim just in case . If I was to change back using this sim would I need to get a pac code again.

    Denty transferred a phone number from Three to giffgaff.

    • Hi Denty,
      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, your old SIM card on Three will now be inactive and so you won’t be possible to re-use it again. You can however order a new SIM card from Three, and of course you can transfer your number to this SIM card through the normal PAC Code process.
      Hope this helps,

  • Forgot my login name and details and want to transfer my giff gaff number to another giff gaff sim how can I do it when can’t rember my old details but want to keep number thanks

    Tony transferred a phone number within giffgaff.

  • Hi Ken,
    Apologies if this is stupid question or it has been asked before: my daughter has a Nokia phone on T-mobile monthly bundle – we want to get her a SIM Free Moto G and also transfer to a GiffGaff SIM so we can use their goodybags, which seem better.

    I can see that it is straightforward to get a PAC from T-Mobile to do this but my question is: what happens if we buy the Moto G from Three – which is cheapest route according to your report – do we have to transfer from T-Mobile to Three and then from Three to GiffGaff?

    If this is the case, would it be better to buy the phone SIM Free from somewhere else online?

    Many thanks,

    Alex transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to giffgaff.

    • Hi Alex,
      Thanks for your comment. When purchasing the Moto G from Three, it’s provided to you on an unlocked basis. Hence, if you like, you can immediately use a SIM card from giffgaff inside the handset (there’s no need to actually use the Three SIM card). This way, you’re able to transfer your phone number directly from T-Mobile to giffgaff. If you’d like to use the SIM card from Three, then you can of course do a transfer from T-Mobile –> Three followed by another transfer from Three –> giffgaff.
      Hope this helps,

  • Hi,I did gave Virgin my Giffgaff PAC number to port old number to my new Virgin sim card. BUT Virgin port my number to a wrong account. So this other person had my number and even didnt know that Virgin changed her mobile fone number!!! And now Virgin saying that this whole situation is really rare and I can not have my number back neither this other custumer could reverce back to her original Virgin number!!1 What can we do about this???????

    Silviya transferred a phone number from giffgaff to Virgin Mobile.

  • Hi Ken, lots of great information here, thank you.

    I tried to ask this question at the weekend, but suspect it didn’t post properly.

    If I have an old Three phone with PAYG credit on it (which I want to use up) and a new phone with a sim from Giffgaff (which I intend using straight away) is there any time limit on how long I can wait before transferring my old Three number to my new phone? You’d normally transfer your old number to your new phone almost straight away, but I suspect it could be a couple of months before I would want and need to do this.

    Colin transferred a phone number from Three to giffgaff.

    • Hi Colin,
      Thanks for your comment and sorry for the delay in getting back to you!
      There’s no time limit on transferring your number: you’re able to do this any time you want. So it’s definitely fine to use up your credit on Three before moving the phone number over to giffgaff. Indeed, I normally recommend against transferring your phone number immediately to a new network (it’s always worth spending a bit of time to ensure the new smartphone & network is working properly… it’s much easier to cancel the transfer if you haven’t yet moved the number over).
      By the way, if it’s too much hassle carrying round two separate handsets and if you’re already paying for a goodybag on giffgaff, you can expedite the process of using up your credit by donating the old credit to a charity you support (better than leaving this money in Three’s coffers!). See here for more information.
      Hope this helps,

  • Bhavini Mistry said:

    Hi there I am thinking to transfer to giffgaff but may need my PAC Code to do this as I want to also keep my number. O2 is costing me a lot of money through top up and I was wondering if I could change to giffgaff so I can get free internet, free mins and free text that wouldn’t cost me a lot of money

    Bhavini Mistry transferred a phone number from O2 to giffgaff.

    • Hi Bhavini,
      Yep – you will need a PAC Code to move your number from O2 to giffgaff. You can see the link here for more information. Unfortunately, giffgaff doesn’t give you free allowances automatically with the top-up (though you will get free calls & texts to other giffgaff members). Most giffgaff members choose a buy a goodybag: the total monthly cost will often still be less than using Pay As You Go on O2. Do have a look at my review of giffgaff if you have any further questions!
      Many thanks,

  • Hi I want to change my number (giffgaff) for the older giffgaff number that I´m using in website because by mistake I change the number for the new one and I can´t now put goodybags in my older number that is the one that i´m using. Any help please


    Alano transferred a phone number within giffgaff.

  • Hi I’m waiting for my giffgaff sim problem I’ve rang lyca up and they will not give me a PAC number I’m fed up with lyca constantly phoneing them holding on for ages and they keep refusing to give me PAC number they have scammed me out of money on my bundles is their any other way that I can keep my number when I go to giffgaff !!! Please if u know of any other way I’d be most greatfull

    Heather transferred a phone number from Lycamobile to giffgaff.

    • Hi Heather,
      As per Ofcom’s General Conditions of Entitlement, Lycamobile are legally required to issue you with a PAC Code within two hours of your request. If they’re unwilling to do so, please remind them of the legal responsibility. If you’re still having problems getting the PAC Code, please do drop me another comment with the reason they’ve specified for refusing the request. I’ll then try to investigate a bit further!

  • Hi Ken

    I have recently switched from Orange to GiffGaff, after coming to the end of my 24 month contract. I have paid a final bill already, but a month later they have billed me for another month’s line rental. I know their terms and conditions state that you must give 30 days notice to cancel a contract, even once it has run it’s term, but for that 30 days I would expect to continue to receive service. But I was lead to believe that by porting the number with a PAC code, that this would cause the contract to terminate immediately that the number had been ported away from them, as the Orange SIM was no longer linked to my number and I was not receiving any service. Do I really have to pay for a month’s “line rental” in a month where they did not supply me with a “line”?!



    Lucy transferred a phone number from Orange to giffgaff.

    • Hi Lucy,
      It does really suck but unfortunately that’s the way things currently work with the 30 day notice period 🙁 One way you’re able to get around it is to give your notice in advance. Alternatively, you can request your PAC Code and to only use the code just before it expires (other readers have done this in the past as you’re still able to use the old line for almost one month). I’d really love to be able to change the system but I suppose it’s an effective way for the mobile networks to take their last pound of flesh before you switch to a rival. So certainly worth filing a complaint with Orange – with enough feedback, hopefully the networks will change their policy in the future.

  • I have a rolling goodybag with giffgaff, and am looking to switch to EE. My query is, is there a time scale within which I have to port my current number to EE? If I have my EE contract for say a month, can I then port my giffgaff number after that time or will EE not accept it?

    Lynne transferred a phone number from giffgaff to EE.

  • My vodafone contract notice has been given and PAC CODE given to new provider giffgaff. The PAC expires on 30th july but switch is scheduled on 31st July…Hope this works out as I need to keep the same number…

    nr transferred a phone number from Vodafone to giffgaff.

    • Hi nr,
      Thanks for your comment. I don’t think there will be any problem as long as you provide the PAC Code to giffgaff before the time it expires. In case of any problems, simply give Vodafone another call – they can give you a new PAC Code which you immediately re-submit to giffgaff.
      Hope this helps!

  • Georgie Robson said:

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for all the information provided above. I wish I had read it before I started the transfer from 3 to giffgaff as it’s Saturday now and so my old number will not transfer until Tuesday. Should have transferred between Monday-Thursday!
    I have a couple of questions:
    – My new giffgaff SIM has now been activated and everything is working fine. Can I put my old 3 SIM back in my unlocked Nexus and use it until Tuesday?
    – If I do this will I have to go through setting up the Internet connection again do you know?

    Georgie Robson transferred a phone number from Three to giffgaff.

    • Hi Georgie,
      Thanks for the comment! It’s no problem at all requesting your number transfer before the weekend: you’ll still have coverage on your old Three SIM card until the number transfers over. So yes, do feel free to stick the Three SIM card back into your unlocked Nexus smartphone. When doing so, it might be necessary to restore Three’s APN settings. On Tuesday, when your number transfers over, you can put the giffgaff SIM card into your Nexus device and restore giffgaff’s APN.
      Hope this helps!

      • Georgie Robson replied:

        Thanks Ken,
        I did swap back to my Three SIM until today and fortunately I did not have to restore the APN settings.
        I just tried to use my phone this morning and finding I was not connected any more to Three I have inserted my Giffgaff SIM and hey presto everything is working. I haven’t even got to go through all the setting up again to use the Internet.
        Modern technology is wonderful! I’m over 60 and really appreciate it – and blogs like yours too that help when I do get stuck. So thanks again for your help.

        • Hi Georgie,

          Great news – thanks for updating me on the status of your phone number transfer! Glad to know everything worked smoothly 🙂 And thanks also for the kind feedback… I’m really glad to have been able to help!


  • Hi Ken
    I have a 30 day contract with Talkmobile which I gave notice to quit on 10th Nov ’13. I had an acknowledgement that the contract will end on 10th Dec ’13 which was fine. I asked for a PAC yesterday 1st Dec so I can xfer to Giff Gaff SIM only and they said they can only do one or the other i.e. PAC code or cancel contract and implied that the contract will have to run for a further 30 days from issuing the PAC code. Surely this can’t be right? If I use the PAC code on the 9th Dec and Giff Gaff xfer it over the next day, surely the contract will end then? If not, how can I use up another months contract allowance without a phone number?

    Trefor transferred a phone number from Talkmobile to giffgaff.

    • Hi Trefor,

      Your Talkmobile SIM is 30-day rolling contract (so you need to give 30 days notice when leaving the network). At present, your account is scheduled to close on Tuesday 10th December. If, at this point, your phone number is still on Talkmobile then you will lose your phone number forever (there’ll be no way of recovering it and having it sent overt to giffgaff). Hence, you’ll need to make sure your phone number has been transferred before the 10th December.

      In theory, you could decide to wait until the 9th to use your PAC. However, I’d recommend porting your phone number as soon as would be possible. Bear in mind, things could go wrong or the transfer could be delayed. Also, number ports won’t happen over the weekend (so there are no ports happening on Sat 7th or Sun 8th). If you contact giffgaff on Friday 6th, then your port should be completed on Monday 9th.

      Hope this helps!


    • Hi Dian,

      Yep! If you transfer your phone number from LycaMobile to Giffgaff then your current giffgaff number will be "deleted" and replaced with your Lyca number.

      Hope this helps,


  • Hi
    i was just wondering i had a contract just finished a week ago and im looking to get a pay as you go sim with giffgaff but i wanted to keep the same number i wanted to know do you still need to be on your contract to get your PAC code by the way i used to be on vodafone?

    mazz transferred a phone number from Vodafone to giffgaff.

  • hi guys i had a 3 sim and i was using the all in one deal pay monthly and i could use the internet, now ive got giff gaff and i cant use the internet it says something about SP settings and you need to change your packet data connection any one got an idea how i can use the internet using giff gaff (ive got free internet) and ive got a 5230

    ussy transferred a phone number from Three to giffgaff.

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