Tuque Mobile offers low-cost eSIMs for visitors to Canada. Plans start from US$6 (~C$8.30) and give you 4G coverage from Bell, Telus & Sasktel.

If you're planning a trip to Canada, one of the easiest ways to use your cellphone whilst you're there is with a Tuque Mobile eSIM. Named after the traditional knitted hat that is often worn during winter, Tuque Mobile offers 99% population coverage across Canada.

You can get a Tuque Mobile eSIM from US$6 (approximately C$8.30) at Airalo. This will allow you to use your cellphone in Canada for up to 7 days. The Tuque Mobile eSIM is available on a pre-paid basis for visitors to Canada and gives you an allowance of 4G mobile data to use whilst you're there.

In this article, we'll look at the Tuque Mobile service in Canada, including how you're able to get it and the best Tuque Mobile eSIM deals. We'll also look at the coverage available on a Tuque Mobile eSIM, and the other ways of using your mobile phone in Canada (e.g. through international roaming).

Plans From: US$6 (~C$8.30) for 7 days
Best Deals:
Compatible Devices:
  • Apple iPhone 11 and newer
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 and newer
  • Google Pixel 3 and newer
  • see more...
Coverage: 4G coverage (Bell, Telus & Sasktel)
Voucher Code:
  • Save 10% on all Tuque Mobile eSIMs using KEN10 (new customers only)
  • Save 5% using the KEN5 voucher code (existing Airalo customers)

Tuque Mobile Plans

If you're looking for an affordable way to use your cellphone when travelling in Canada, you can get a Tuque Mobile eSIM from only US$6 (approximately C$8.30) for 7 days usage.

To get a Tuque Mobile eSIM, you'll need to have an eSIM-compatible device such as the iPhone 11, Galaxy S20, Pixel 3 or later devices. You can then order your Tuque Mobile eSIM through the Airalo app with instant delivery direct to your phone. There's no need to queue at the airport or to register the Tuque Mobile eSIM with your ID, saving you lots of time.

The following table shows the eSIM plans that are currently available from Tuque Mobile in Canada:

valid for 7 days
valid for 15 days
valid for 30 days
valid for 30 days
valid for 30 days
valid for 30 days

As a special offer for April 2024, you can get a 10% discount on all Tuque Mobile eSIMs. Simply enter the KEN10 voucher code at checkout. This offer is only available if you're new to Airalo.

If you've already used an Airalo eSIM in the past, you can use the KEN5 voucher code to get a 5% discount on your plan.

See all Tuque Mobile eSIM deals →

Once you've ordered your Tuque Mobile eSIM, it will only activate when your cellphone actually connects to a supported network in Canada. This means the validity period will only begin when you actually land in Canada and turn your cellphone on.

Your Tuque Mobile eSIM works with the dual-SIM function on most modern smartphones. This means you can use your regular SIM card alongside the Tuque Mobile eSIM (e.g. to receive incoming phone calls and text messages on your normal phone number).

Alternatives to Tuque Mobile

The main disadvantage of Tuque Mobile is the fact you're getting a data-only service on the eSIM. You will not get a local phone number in Canada when you're using the Tuque Mobile eSIM in your phone.

If you'd like to call or text whilst you're travelling in Canada, you'll need to use your normal SIM card instead (on which international roaming fees may apply). Alternatively, you can side-step these charges by making your calls through WhatsApp or other similar apps.

If you're looking for a more fully featured SIM card with a local phone number in Canada (starting with +1), you could consider getting a regular prepaid SIM card upon arrival instead. This will involve some additional hassle (e.g. queuing up at the airport to get your SIM card, a registration process for the SIM card, etc) but it can be preferable and better suited for longer-term use in Canada.

Tuque Mobile Coverage

If you're using a Tuque Mobile eSIM, you'll have access to 4G mobile coverage in Canada. This is provided by the following partner networks:

Coverage ProviderNetwork TypeCoverage Area
Bell4G LTECanada
Telus4G LTECanada
Sasktel4G LTECanada

There's no international roaming available on a Tuque Mobile eSIM. Therefore, you won't be able to use it outside of Canada. If you're planning to visit multiple countries on your trip, you may need to get a separate eSIM for the other countries you visit.

Other Airalo eSIMs

Airalo's Tuque Mobile eSIM can only be used in Canada.

If you're planning to visit multiple countries on your trip, you could consider getting a Americanmex or Discover eSIM. These eSIM plans will work in Canada, as well as a number of other countries.

Americanmex eSIM

Airalo's Americanmex eSIM will also work in Canada, giving you 4G & 5G coverage from Bell, Telus & Rogers. In addition, you'll be able to use it in 2 other countries. The Americanmex plans start from US$6.50 for 1GB of data:

valid for 7 days
valid for 15 days
valid for 30 days
valid for 30 days
valid for 30 days

Discover eSIM

Airalo's Discover eSIM will also work in Canada, giving you 4G & 5G coverage from SaskTel, TELUS & Bell. In addition, you'll be able to use it in 125 other countries. The Discover plans start from US$9 for 1GB of data:

valid for 7 days
valid for 15 days
valid for 30 days
valid for 60 days
valid for 180 days
valid for 365 days

Discover+ eSIM

The Discover+ eSIM works in a very similar way to the Discover eSIM, also allowing you to use your mobile phone in Canada. However, it adds the ability for you to make and recieve phone calls and SMS text messages on your eSIM. You'll be assigned a +43 phone number (based in Austria) to use for calling and texting.

The Discover+ plans currently start from US$15 for 10 minutes, 10 texts and 1GB of data:

valid for 7 days
valid for 15 days
valid for 30 days
valid for 60 days
valid for 180 days
valid for 365 days

Other Country Specific eSIMs

You can also buy other country-specific eSIMs from Airalo, including the following:

For more information, read our Airalo review.

More Information

For more information about Tuque Mobile, please see the Airalo website. If you're based inside the UK, you can also read our guide on the best SIM cards for roaming in Canada.

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  • Hi Ken
    Love this site!
    I’m off to South Africa in Feb 24 and I have a EE contract, they however do not cover that Country in their Data Roaming, what is the best way I can use my phone over there please?
    Get a sim when I land or do you know any other deals

  • I just arrived in the USA and Airalo is amazing – I bought the the sim on the airport wifi, and had it fully set up and on the network before I got to LAX baggage claim! So easy, no paperwork, didn’t need to find a shop/kiosk, queue, open up the phone or any of that nonsense. Also with dual sim capability I’m still able to use my British number for receiving sms/iMessage.

    It’s good coverage too, and it automatically swaps between AT&T or T-Mobile depending on the area. I’d highly recommend it and look forward to using it in other places in the future.

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