T-Mobile, a part of EE, previously offered 3G internet with the option of unlimited data. They also offered Smart Packs on Pay As You Go.

tmobileT-Mobile is a 3G-only network. Best known for their low-cost 3G tariffs, T-Mobile merged with Orange in 2010 to form Everything Everywhere (now known as EE).

As of February 2015, the T-Mobile brand is no longer available to new or upgrading customers. Existing customers already on T-Mobile can stay on their existing plan “for as long as they like”. New or upgrading customers will need to choose a tariff from EE.

The following articles provide information for existing customers who are already on T-Mobile:

T-Mobile Smart Packs: PAYG Airtime Bundles from £10/month

T-Mobile's Smart Pack bundles start from £10/month on Pay As You Go with 100 minutes, 400 texts and 1GB of 3G internet.

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  • Martin Boothman said:

    Many thanks Ken for a speedy and clear response. EE web site does not make it obvious and when I tried their “live chat” they could not answer and suggested I ring 150, which only sent me round a range of options. Why can’t they be as straightforward as yourself,
    Thanks again,

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