Spusu Mobile UK Review: SIMs With EU Calls, EU Roaming & EE Coverage

Spusu UK offers SIM-only deals from £2.90 per month. You’ll get inclusive calls to the EU, along with EU roaming and 5G coverage from EE.

Spusu is a new SIM-only mobile network in the UK, promising to offer ‘simple’ and ‘fair’ mobile plans with 4G & 5G coverage from EE. The company originates from Austria where they were founded in 2015, before they launched their UK mobile network in April 2023.

In our opinion, Spusu’s UK mobile network might be a good option if you have friends and family in another European country. That’s because you’ll get 500 international minutes each month for calling EU destinations, along with inclusive European roaming. There’s also highly-efficient customer support available through WhatsApp.

On the other hand, Spusu is still a fairly new entrant to the UK mobile market. As such, they have an unproven record and you’ll be one of the first customers here in the UK. In addition, some of their plans are relatively expensive compared to other mobile networks. It’s also a contract-based product with no option to Pay As You Go.

In this article, we’ll review Spusu’s UK mobile network, including the plans and features available on their network. We’ll also look at the coverage available on Spusu and how you can keep your current phone number when you join the Spusu network.

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Best SIM Cards for Using Your Smartphone in India

If you’re travelling to India, having the right SIM card can save you time and money. We review the best value SIM cards for using your mobile phone in India.

Each year, almost 2 million Brits make a visit to India. Whether it’s for tourism, backpacking or visiting friends and family, you’ll probably want to use your mobile phone whilst you’re there. This makes it easier to stay in touch with friends and family and for getting around (e.g. finding directions or calling a taxi).

Thankfully, it’s now really easy to use your UK phone in India as there’s inclusive roaming available on the plans from Lebara Mobile. This means there’s no need to get a local SIM card on arrival. On Lebara, you can use the KEN3 voucher code at checkout to get 3 months half price, making it possible to get a one-month plan from just £2.50.

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EE TV Boxes: EE TV Box Pro, Apple TV 4K & EE TV Box Mini Compared

When you join EE TV, there’s now a choice of three different boxes. Compare the EE TV Box Pro, the Apple TV 4K, and the EE TV Box Mini.

If you’re joining EE TV, there’s now a choice of three different boxes: the EE TV Box Pro, the Apple TV 4K, and the EE TV Box Mini. All of them will give you access to the same channels through an internet connection but there are some differences in terms of the other features available (e.g. whether you’re able to record live TV, and the range of apps available on the box).

In general, you’re best off getting the EE TV Box Pro if you want the ability to store recordings on your own box, as opposed to relying on catch-up services like BBC iPlayer. It also gives you the option of receiving Freeview channels through an aerial. Meanwhile, the Apple TV 4K gives you a wider range of apps, along with powerful voice search functionality through Siri. However, you won’t be able to store your own recordings and there’s no aerial functionality for Freeview.

When you take EE TV with EE home broadband, you’ll be able to add their multi-room service at no extra cost. With multi-room, you can have up to two EE TV Box Minis at no extra cost, allowing you to watch TV in another room at the same time.

In this article, we’ll compare the range of boxes available on EE TV, and whether you should choose the EE TV Box Pro or the Apple TV 4K. We’ll also take an in-depth look at the features and the specifications of each box.

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Airalo eSIMs: Stay Connected & Save Money On Your Travel With A Prepaid eSIM

With Airalo’s eSIM plans, you can stay connected when you travel abroad for a much lower rate than roaming on your normal mobile network.

If you’re travelling abroad to another country for your winter break, it’s worth looking at how much it will cost to use your mobile phone whilst you’re there. The typical costs of international roaming are now more than £14 per week for travel in Europe and more than £40 per week for travel outside Europe (e.g. in the USA, Canada and Australia).

The good news is you can side-step these international roaming charges by using an eSIM from Airalo. Prices start from US$4.50 (approx £3.50) for a digital SIM card that you can download directly to your mobile phone. You can use it to stay connected on your trip abroad. And because it’s a lot more affordable, there’s no need to have your data switched off during the trip. There’s also no need to waste your time constantly looking for free wi-fi.

In this article, we’ll review the Airalo service, including the Airalo app and the eSIMs that are available from Airalo. We’ll also compare the costs of roaming on your normal UK SIM card to the costs of using an Airalo eSIM in popular tourist destinations.

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ASDA Mobile Review: Flexible Pay As You Go Bundles With Vodafone Coverage

ASDA Mobile offers flexible SIM-only bundles from £4 per month. You’ll get 99% population coverage from Vodafone.

If you’re looking for a flexible Pay As You Go mobile plan from a well-known household name, ASDA Mobile currently offers SIM-only plans from just £4 per month in the UK.

The one-month rolling Pay As You Go plans from ASDA will give you access to 99% population coverage using the Vodafone network. You’ll also get 5G coverage included on the plans from £10 per month. All of the plans are flexible so you can change them month-to-month. There’s also a built-in cap on how much you’re able to spend so there’ll be no surprise bills at the end of the month.

In this article, we’ll look at ASDA Mobile’s Pay As You Go bundles, including the plans and the features available. We’ll also look at how you can keep your current phone number when you switch to ASDA Mobile.

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Lyca Mobile Double Data Deals: Get 10GB Data for £5 & 40GB Data for £10

Lyca Mobile is offering double data on Pay As You Go, giving you 10GB for £5 and 40GB for £10. There’s also 50GB data for £10 on their West Ham fan plan.

As a special offer for December 2023, Lyca Mobile is offering double data on their Pay As You Go plans in the UK.

Until the 31st December 2023, you can get 10GB data for £5 per month and 40GB data for £10 per month. This is available when you set your plan to renew automatically, and you’ll continue getting double data for as long as this remains switched on.

For even more data, there’s the West Ham United Fan Plan from Lyca Mobile. This gives you a massive 50GB data for £10 per month. You’ll also be entered into a monthly prize draw, giving you the chance to win signed West Ham merchandise, along with match tickets and the ability to meet West Ham players.

In this article, we’ll look at Lyca Mobile’s double data and West Ham offers. We’ll also look at the features available on your Lyca Mobile plan and how you can keep your current phone number when you switch to Lyca Mobile.

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EE Unlimited Data Plans: Download Speeds, Personal Hotspot & Fair Usage

EE offers unlimited data from £35 per month (£10 per month if you’re an EE home broadband customer). Find out how their unlimited data plans compare.

In the UK, EE now offers a range of unlimited data plans, starting from £35 per month (or just £10 per month if you’re an EE home broadband customer). There are a range of download speeds available (up to 10Mbps, up to 100Mbps and their fastest available speeds), along with varying benefits such as Inclusive Extras and data gifting on an EE family account.

In this article, we’ll look at EE’s unlimited data plans, including the different plans available and the features on each one. We’ll also look at how the download speeds compare, along with the added features and the fair usage policy on each plan.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Deals: Claim £100 Cashback, Galaxy Buds FE & 12 Months Disney+

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE has launched with the Carphone Warehouse. You can claim £100 cashback, along with a pair of Galaxy Buds FE and a 12 month Disney+ subscription1.

Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S23 FE, is now available to buy from the Carphone Warehouse. Starting from £24.99 per month2, you’re able to claim £100 cashback, a pair of Galaxy Buds FE and 12 months Disney+1.

In this article, we’ll look at the new Samsung Galaxy S23 FE including what it is and how you’re able to get it. We’ll look at the key features and specification, and how you can get it from the Carphone Warehouse.

(This article is paid for by the Carphone Warehouse)

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New EE Broadband: Home, Work, Game & Learn With EE’s Fibre Broadband

EE’s new broadband service is designed to help you in the home, for playing games, for working, and for learning online. You’ll also unlock unlimited data SIM cards from £10pm.

In the UK, EE has relaunched their home broadband service, as a result of BT combining their operations into EE.

With the new EE home broadband service, you can get download speeds of up to 1.6Gbps with a full fibre (FTTP) connection direct into your home. There’s a focus on four key areas with the brand new service: making your home run more efficiently, helping you to game better online, to work from home more effectively, and to learn online. You’ll also unlock unlimited data SIM cards from just £10 per month as an EE broadband customer.

In this article, we’ll look at EE’s new home broadband service, including the latest deals and features available. We’ll also look at how you can switch to EE to take advantage of their new fibre broadband plans.

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EE TV Channels: Entertainment, Big Entertainment, Sport & Big Sport Channels

EE TV comes on a choice of Entertainment, Big Entertainment, Sport, Big Sport & Full Works plans. See the channels included on each EE TV plan.

In the UK, EE TV is the new name for BT TV. You can get EE TV, together with BT broadband or EE home broadband, for a combined price that starts from £48.99 per month (annual price rises apply). This gives you up to 145 live TV channels on the EE TV Box Pro. Alternatively, EE broadband customers with EE TV can substitute this for an Apple TV 4K box instead. There are also on-demand shows and movies available from Netflix, NOW and discovery+.

In this article, we’ll look at the latest EE TV plans and what you’ll get on each one. This includes their entertainment-based bundles (Entertainment and Big Entertainment) and their sport-based bundles (Sport and Big Sport). We’ll also look at the best EE TV deals and the inclusive EE TV box.

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