Orange: 3G from EE with ‘Animal’ Pay Monthly & Pay As You Go Tariffs

Orange, a part of EE, previously offered 3G internet on their “Animal” Pay Monthly contracts and Pay As You Go tariffs.

orangeOrange is a 3G-only mobile network. Best known for their Orange Wednesday film offer which ended in February 2015, the network previously offered “Animal” Pay Monthly contracts and Pay As You tariffs. In 2010, Orange merged with T-Mobile to form Everything Everywhere (EE).

As of February 2015, the Orange brand is no longer available to new or upgrading customers. Existing customers already on Orange can stay on their existing plan “for as long as they like”. New or upgrading customers will need to choose a tariff from EE.

The following articles provide information for existing customers who are already on Orange:

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  1. John said:

    Hi Ken
    Love the site. I have found the Inactivity article most useful! Could you write an article about Orange, T-Mobile and EE? I don’t understand what the state of Orange and T-Mobile are now that they seem to be EE (and neither do some of the sales people). Are the Orange and TMobile tariffs still being sold or are they just available to current customers? It seems to me that EE will eventually discontinue Oranage and TMobile and we will be stuck with having to buy bundles (this seems to me a worrying trend for the amount I use my mobile). I thought the merger has been quite badly handled. Thank you.

    1. Ken replied:

      Hi John,
      At present, EE is a jointly-owned venture between France Telecom (Orange) and Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile). The two companies are currently getting ready for a stock market flotation of the EE brand. Hence, the Orange and T-Mobile brands are being gradually phased out and pretty much everyone is being encouraged to move over to the 4G EE brand.
      At present, it’s still possible to take a contract on Orange and T-Mobile by you’ll need to call the EE sales team (0800 956 6099) or you’ll need to go into an EE retail store. They’ll probably encourage you to join EE instead but you can always push to join Orange or T-Mobile. For Pay As You Go, it’s still possible to order a SIM card either from Orange or from T-Mobile online. There’s more info here about the Orange and T-Mobile brands.
      Hope this helps!

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