giffgaff is offering up to £80 off Samsung Galaxy handsets. See their best Samsung phone deals.

In the UK, giffgaff has discounted their Samsung Galaxy smartphones by up to £80 as a special offer that’s running until the 9th March 2022.

During their Samsung sale, you can get the 5G-ready Galaxy A52s for just £329 (reduced from the previous price of £409). You can also save on the Galaxy A22 5G, the Galaxy A03s and a range of refurbished Samsung Galaxy phones including the Galaxy S20.

In this article, we’ll look at giffgaff’s latest Samsung Galaxy deals, including the savings to be had across a range of different devices. We’ll also look at giffgaff’s SIM-only deals which can be perfect if you’re happy to keep your current smartphone. We’ll also look at the key features available on giffgaff and how you can keep your existing phone number when you switch to giffgaff.

giffgaff Samsung Galaxy Deals

Until the 9th March 2022, giffgaff is offering a range of discounts across their Samsung Galaxy phones.

If you’re looking for a new 5G-ready smartphone with four cameras and an immersive 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G is one of the best value picks. It’s now available for just £329 – a reduction of £80 on the normal price of £409.

The following new handsets have been discounted as part of giffgaff’s Samsung Galaxy sale:

Phone Offer Saving Offer Price
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G (128GB) Save £80 £329 (was £409)
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (64GB) Save £30 £189 (was £219)
Samsung Galaxy A03s (32GB) Save £20 £119 (was £139)

You can also save on a range of refurbished Samsung Galaxy phones. All of these phones are in good condition and have undergone a 30-point check from giffgaff. You’ll also get a new 12-month warranty included on your refurbished phone, and you’ll be helping the environment through a more sustainable way of buying a new phone.

Phone Offer Saving Offer Price
Samsung Galaxy S9 Refurbished (64GB) Save £40 £149 (was £189)
Samsung Galaxy S9+ Refurbished (128GB) Save £40 £169 (was £209)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Refurbished (128GB) Save £60 £299 (was £359)
Samsung Galaxy S20+ Refurbished (128GB) Save £20 £389 (was £409)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Refurbished (128GB) Save £50 £429 (was £479)
Samsung Galaxy S10 Refurbished (128GB) Save £20 £199 (was £219)
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Refurbished (128GB) Save £20 £229 (was £249)

When you choose a mobile phone on giffgaff, you’ll have the choice of paying for it in full or splitting up the cost over 24 months through a payment plan with Klarna. You’ll also get a giffgaff SIM card with your phone, allowing you to choose a goodybag of your choice.

giffgaff SIM Only Deals

If you already have a mobile phone that you’re happy with, you can get a giffgaff SIM-only deal instead. This is a flexible one-month rolling plan that you can use in your mobile phone, with no contract or credit check required.

Recently, giffgaff has increased the amount of data included on their goodybag plans. You can now get 15GB data for £10/month or 30GB data for £15/month.

To take advantage of these SIM-only deals, you can order a free giffgaff SIM card to slot inside your mobile phone:

Get giffgaff SIM card (free) →

For the best value usage, we’d normally recommend choosing one of giffgaff’s golden goodybag plans. These start from £10 per month and give you a larger allowance of data when you set your goodybag to automatically recur:

£6 Golden GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited2GB£6.00
£8 Golden GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited5GB£8.00
£10 Golden GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited20GB£10.00
£12 Golden GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited26GB£12.00
£15 Golden GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited35GB£15.00
£20 Golden GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited100GB£20.00
£25 Golden GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited100GB£25.00
£35 Golden GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited£35.00

Alternatively, if you’re happy with having a smaller allowance of data, you can choose one of giffgaff’s normal goodybags from £6 per month. Standard goodybags can be manually purchased either from a top-up voucher or from your Pay As You Go credit.

£6 GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited1GB£6.00
£8 GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited4GB£8.00
£10 GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited15GB£10.00
£12 GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited25GB£12.00
£15 GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited30GB£15.00
£20 GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited80GB£20.00
£25 GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited80GB£25.00
£35 GoodybagUnlimitedUnlimited150GB£35.00

If you buy a mobile phone from giffgaff, you’ll get a SIM card included so you can benefit from all of these goodybag deals.

giffgaff Features

Golden Goodybags With More Data

On giffgaff, there are now two types of plan you’re able to choose from: golden goodybags and regular goodybags.

If you choose a golden goodybag plan, you’ll get more data included on your plan every month. For instance, you can get 15GB data on the £10 golden goodybag. This compares to 12GB data on the regular £10 goodybag.

To qualify for the golden goodybag plans, you’ll need to have a giffgaff SIM card and you’ll need to save your payment card details inside your giffgaff account. You’ll also need to set your golden goodybag to renew automatically each month (though you still have the option to turn this off at any time).

No Contract

All of giffgaff’s goodybag plans are available with no contract and no credit check. Because of this, you can use them on a flexible one-month rolling basis.

At the end of each month, you can decide to change your plan as required (for instance, upgrading to a plan with more data or downgrading to a cheaper plan to save money). All of the goodybags work on a pre-paid basis so it isn’t possible to run up unexpected charges outside of your allowance.

When you buy a mobile phone from giffgaff, there’s no credit check required when you choose to pay for it in full. If you choose to pay monthly, you’ll be taking out a loan with Klarna and a credit check will therefore apply for this.

5G At No Extra Cost

All of giffgaff’s goodybag plans include 5G at no extra cost. If you’re using a 5G-ready phone, this can allow you to access download speeds that are five to ten times faster than on 4G. You’ll also benefit from more network capacity and a lower amount of latency.

If you’re looking for a new 5G-ready phone, you can get the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G for £189 (was £219) and the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G for £329 (was £409).

giffgaff’s 5G service is powered by O2 so you can get a 5G signal in all of the same places where 5G is available on O2.

1GB Extra Data

If you choose a goodybag plan costing £10 per month or more, you’ll get an extra 1GB of data added from your third goodybag purchase onwards. This will increase your monthly data allowance at no extra cost.

To give an example, the £10 golden goodybag normally includes 15GB of data. However, this is boosted by an extra 1GB from your third goodybag purchase onwards, giving you 16GB of data for the same price. The 1GB of extra data is added automatically and there’s no need to opt-in to get it.

99% Population Coverage

When you’re using a giffgaff SIM card, you’ll have access to 99% population coverage across the UK. This is provided by O2’s 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

If you have a 5G-ready phone, you’ll also have access to O2’s 5G network which is available in many major UK towns and cities.

Before signing up as a giffgaff member, it’s worth making sure you’re able to get coverage where you live. You can do this by entering your postcode on giffgaff’s online coverage map:

Check giffgaff coverage ( →

giffgaff Recycle

If you’re upgrading your mobile phone on giffgaff, it’s worth thinking about what to do with your old one. One option is to sell your old mobile phone to giffgaff recycle. They’ll give you money for your old phone and you’ll also be helping the environment by ensuring it’s put to good use.

To get an instant quote on the value of your old mobile phone, enter the model number or IMEI number on the giffgaff recycle website. If you choose to sell your old phone to giffgaff, they’ll provide you with a free postage label along with packaging if you need it.

Keeping Your Phone Number

You can keep your current phone number when you switch to giffgaff.

To do so, start by ordering your new mobile phone or SIM card from giffgaff’s website. Once you’ve done that, you can ask your current mobile network to give you a PAC Code. You can get one through your mobile network’s website or app, or by texting PAC to 65075.

Once you’ve set up your new mobile phone or SIM card from giffgaff, you can submit the PAC Code online through a form on giffgaff’s website. This will schedule the transfer of your phone number, normally for the next working day if you submit it before 3pm.

For a step-by-step guide on how to transfer your phone number to giffgaff, please select your current mobile network from the drop-down menu below:

PAC Code Finder: Transfer Your Phone Number to giffgaff

Select your current mobile network:

  More Options

More Information

For more information on giffgaff’s latest Samsung phone deals, please see their official website.

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