If you’re living in a home with an Openreach FTTP connection, you can get full fibre broadband from BT, EE, Sky, TalkTalk & Vodafone.

The rollout of full fibre broadband is rapidly gaining pace across the UK. There are currently more than 3 million homes with access to an Openreach fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband connection. This is set to increase to 4.5 million by March 2021, with a further 3.2 million homes getting full fibre by the mid-2020s.

If you’re living at an address with a full fibre (FTTP) broadband connection from Openreach, you’ll have access to a slightly different range of broadband providers and plans. For instance, you’ll be able to get gigabit-capable FTTP plans from BT Broadband, EE Broadband and Vodafone Gigafast Broadband. You can also choose from full fibre plans on Sky and TalkTalk with average download speeds of up to 145Mbps and 500Mbps.

In this article, we’ll look at the full fibre plans that are available in the UK to consumers with an FTTP (fibre-to-the-premises) connection from Openreach. We’ll start with an overview of the available providers, before looking at the individual providers in more detail.

Overview of Full Fibre Broadband Providers

Until recently, your choice of broadband providers has been fairly limited if you’re living in a home with an Openreach full fibre (FTTP) connection. BT has traditionally been the main provider in this area. However, there’s now much more choice with the availability of full fibre broadband plans from EE, Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone.

The following table shows an overview of the full fibre broadband plans available on an Openreach FTTP connection in the UK:

Full Fibre Broadband Provider Download Speed Price
BT Up to 900Mbps From £27.99 per month
EE Up to 900Mbps From £22 per month
Sky Up to 145Mbps From £25 per month
TalkTalk Up to 500Mbps From £32 per month
Vodafone Up to 900Mbps From £60 per month

For further information about each provider, you can read on to find out more about the plans they offer on a FTTP connection.

Full Fibre Broadband Plans: By Provider

BT Full Fibre

If you have an Openreach FTTP connection, BT has traditionally been the main provider of full fibre broadband. At present, BT offers fibre broadband plans from £27.99 per month which can all be accessed through your FTTP broadband connection.

Average download speeds range from 36Mbps on their entry-level Fibre 1 plan, up to 910Mbps on their top-end Full Fibre 900. You’ll also get average upload speeds of up to 110Mbps on BT’s full fibre broadband service.

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
Fibre Essential
36Mbps download24 month contract£0£27.99/month
Fibre 1
50Mbps download24 month contract£0£28.99/month
with £70 reward card
Fibre 2
67Mbps download24 month contract£0£32.99/month
with £160 reward card
Full Fibre 100
150Mbps download24 month contract£0£34.99/month
Full Fibre 500
500Mbps download24 month contract£0£44.99/month
Full Fibre 900
910Mbps download24 month contract£0£54.99/month

On top of your BT full fibre broadband plan, you can add a range of other products and services. For instance, BT Complete Wi-Fi is available for an extra £10/month and gives you a guaranteed Wi-Fi signal in every room of your home. It achieves this using mesh networking technology and up to three Wi-Fi Discs in addition to your Smart Hub 2 router. You can also get BT TV from an extra £12/month, giving you access to a range of flexible television packages.

Customers on BT Full Fibre broadband will get a discount of £5/month on all BT Mobile plans. This includes BT Mobile 5G-ready SIM cards which are available from £5/month.

EE Full Fibre

On EE, it’s possible to get full fibre (FTTP) broadband from £22 per month. The amount you’ll pay depends on the download speeds you want, starting from £22/month for average speeds of 36Mbps and increasing up to £49/month for the fastest Full Fibre Max 900 plan with average download speeds of 900Mbps.

If you’re an EE Pay Monthly mobile customer, you’ll receive a 10% discount on all of EE’s FTTP plans. In addition, you’ll receive extra data on your EE mobile contract (either 5GB per month or 20GB per month, depending on the plan you have).

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
EE Fibre
36Mbps download24 month contract£0£22/month
£22 for EE pay monthly
mobile customers
EE Fibre Plus
67Mbps download24 month contract£0£26/month
£26 for EE pay monthly
mobile customers
EE Fibre Max 100
145Mbps download24 month contract£0£31/month
£31 for EE pay monthly
mobile customers
EE Fibre Max 500
500Mbps download24 month contract£0£40/month
£40 for EE pay monthly
mobile customers
EE Full Fibre Max 900
900Mbps download24 month contract£0£49/month
£49 for EE pay monthly
mobile customers

You can add Smart Wi-Fi to your EE full fibre broadband plan for an extra £10/month. This gives you a mesh networking solution with up to three Wi-Fi discs and the ability to manage your network using the EE Home app. In addition, you’ll receive a 4GEE WiFi Mini hotspot with 2GB of data per month. This’ll be boosted by an extra 250GB should there ever be a fault with your fibre broadband service.

Sky Full Fibre

Sky now offers their broadband service to homes with a full fibre (FTTP) broadband connection from Openreach.

At present, you can choose from only two plans on Sky’s FTTP service: Superfast (with average download speeds of 59Mbps) and Ultrafast (with average download speeds of 145Mbps). Unfortunately, they’re yet to offer anything faster than this but it’s possible we’ll see the launch of faster services in the future.

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
Sky Broadband
Sky Superfast
59Mbps download18 month contract£0£25/month
Sky Broadband
Sky Ultrafast
145Mbps download18 month contract£0£32/month
Sky Broadband
Sky Ultrafast Plus
500Mbps download18 month contract£0£42/month

You can add Sky Broadband Boost to your Sky Broadband service for an extra £5/month. This gives you a guaranteed wi-fi connection in every room of your home with speeds of at least 3Mbps. You’ll also get a number of other features such as daily line checks and a parental controls app.

TalkTalk Future Fibre

TalkTalk have started to roll out their full fibre (FTTP) service on the Openreach network. This is currently available in selected areas through the Future Fibre service, with average download speeds of either 150Mbps or 500Mbps.

TalkTalk’s Future Fibre FTTP plans are available from £32/month:

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
Fibre 150 Data Only
147Mbps download18 month contract£0£32/month
Fibre 500 Data Only
506Mbps download18 month contract£0£40/month
Fibre 900 Data Only
900Mbps download18 month contract£0£49/month

Both of the Future Fibre plans are a data only service and therefore do not include a home phone service. You’ll get TalkTalk’s Wi-Fi Hub included with the service.

Vodafone Gigafast

Vodafone offers full fibre (FTTP) through their Gigafast Broadband service, through a combination of the Openreach and Cityfibre networks.

On Openreach, Vodafone’s FTTP service is currently available in 360,000 homes across Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool. It’s due to become available across the rest of the country during 2021 in homes with a FTTP connection.

At present, you can get Vodafone’s Gigafast Broadband from £60/month with a choice of four different download speeds (100Mbps, 200Mbps, 500Mbps or 900Mbps). In addition, a discount of up to £3/month is available for customers who have a Pay Monthly mobile contract with Vodafone.

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
Vodafone Broadband
Pro Gigafast 900
910Mbps download24 month contract£0£60/month

For more information, see our guide to Vodafone’s Gigafast Broadband.

Other Providers

Alongside the five major providers, there are also a number of smaller providers that may offer FTTP at your location. A list of these FTTP providers can be found on the Openreach website.

Many other fibre broadband providers using the Openreach network are still yet to announce when FTTP will become available on their service:

Broadband Provider FTTP Launch Date
NOW Broadband FTTP TBC – NOW TV are yet to announce when their broadband service will become available to homes with FTTP.
Post Office Broadband FTTP TBC – The Post Office Broadband isn’t currently available in homes with an Openreach FTTP connection. Given their upcoming sale, it’s unlikely this will launch soon.
Plusnet FTTP TBC – Plusnet have run a small trial of FTTP but are still yet to announce when it will go live to other customers on their service.
Shell Energy Broadband FTTP TBC – Shell Energy have recently launched ultrafast broadband using G.fast technology. However, they’re yet to announce when FTTP will go live.

If you’re living at an address that’s unable to get full fibre (FTTP) on the Openreach network, you may be able to get gigabit-capable broadband on Virgin Media’s Gig1 cable broadband service. Alternatively, there might be a full fibre connection available from alternative networks such as Hyperoptic or Community Fibre.

What is an Openreach Modem (ONT)?

In homes with a FTTP broadband connection from Openreach, you’ll have an Openreach modem inside your home. This may also be known as an ONT (Optical Network Termination unit) and it’ll connect to the Openreach full fibre network.

For more information on how the ONT works, Openreach have published a homeowners guide on their website. Once you’ve signed up for a FTTP broadband service, your new provider will give you instructions on how to set up the broadband service (e.g. see the instructions from BT).

If your home doesn’t currently have an Openreach modem or ONT, you’ll need to get one installed when you sign up for a FTTP service. An additional fee may sometimes apply for the installation: you should be told what this is before you sign up.

More Information

For more information about individual full fibre providers, please see the BT, EE, Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone websites. You can also find further information about FTTP on the Openreach website.

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  • NickP, I’m also with Zen and have had FTTP on order for almost three months but the physical work (fibre from road to premises) is subcontracted to Openreach who simply keep pushing work and thus provision of service further and further into the future. Zen appears powerless to demand that Openreach deliver the service. (This is why I shall never, ever be a direct customer of BT or BT Openreach again)

  • Hello Ken,

    I’m hoping you can give me some advice.
    I’ve recently moved into a new build with FTTP.
    (Open reach) My ONT has been showing a solid green PON since the 18th December.

    However I’m not having any joy contracting either;
    – Vodafone – who say the site is ‘blocked by BT’
    – TalkTalk – who say that my address wasn’t on the last flat file from Openreach (on Jan 10th)

    Am I really locked in with BT?
    Is it waiting game for things to update?
    Or how do I need to get this ‘BT block removed’?

    Thanks for your help,
    I’m happy to share address details via email with you.

    • Hi Tim,
      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I’m not really an expert in this area, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you why you’re seeing this error. You could try the ISPReview or ThinkBroadband forums to see if anyone there knows better. Alternatively, it might also be worth checking at EE and Sky to see whether one of them might give you a different answer to those two providers.

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