Bug inside LCD Screen

July 14th, 2007

Argh, help! I’ve got a living bug crawling around inside my LCD computer monitor! It’s actually walking around which is quite annoying. I’ve no idea how it got in there but it’s small enough to have fit through the small holes at the back of the monitor.

On the bright side, there only seems to be one so they won’t be making babies in there any time soon. Has anyone ever had bugs inside their monitors and how did they get rid of them? The advice I’ve had so far is to wait for them to die and hope that they die off screen or somewhere where it won’t affect the picture too much.

Update (July 2010): Incredibly, this article has had 10,000 hits since it’s been published (most of them being in July each year which seems to be peak season). Please read the comments below for tips and discussion. In my case, I found that the bug disappeared after a few days providing that you don’t squish it or anything. You don’t need to do anything elaborate like taking your screen apart (and would not be advised to). Please do drop a comment below and let us know what’s working for you.  – Ken

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  1. mebee said:

    55″ lg led…recently removed and baked the board to reflow bad solder, so the back has been off the tv. 3 days or so ago i noticed ant in lower half mid screen. no movement, assumed to be dead.

    tried suction cup…nope
    tried vibration using hand held massager plus suction…nope

    read comment about using cameras video flash or flashlight app to move live bug using light/heat…used phone light directly on ant for 2-3 minutes to dry out body, then suction plus vibration, and ant fell to the bottom, off screen.


  2. Danielle said:

    I have had this tablet for only TWO days and theres was a little black dot moving around on or well in my screen I tried the tabling thing but it didn’t work I tryed the suction cup it didn’t work I even tried tosmush the tiny thing just to get it to stop moving but that won’t even work. And that was almost TWO MONTHS ago and the damed thing is still crawling on my dang scree. Like right now its crawling over the words towards the top. Plllllllzzzzzzz someone help me its driving me nuts👿🙎🙅

    If ya got something to say bout it thanks.

  3. James said:

    Invaded by cluster flies they loved the 55in samsung , glue fine window mesh over vents no more bugs also a piece of black tape across bottom of screen will eliminate the distraction of the crawling mass of slowly cooking bugs piled in the bottom.

    1. Nick replied:

      Can you elaborate more on this ? What exactly u did to keep flies away?
      I am having same issue on 55in samsung.

      1. James replied:

        I literally used a hot glue gun and glued window bug screen over the vent ports on the back of my tv , the piece of tape on the bottom of the screen was just to give a straight line that over time I dont see anymore , I had literally 30 bugs crawling around at times and this worked

        1. Nick replied:

          Thanks. Can you post a Pic of what you did ? Wil be super awesome … Thanks in Advance

          1. James replied:

            I will take a few pictures for you when I get home , I’m out on car camping fishing trip at the moment 🙂

    2. Beven replied:

      Hey their James can you put a pic up of what you have done

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