Three offers Pay As You Go Rewards along with discounts and offers through the Wuntu application.

Three’s Pay As You Go Rewards scheme is currently paused. The Pay As You Go Rewards programme from Three is currently paused until it relaunches in 2020. All of the Reward Points you’ve already earned will be kept for the relaunch. See the Three website for more information.

In the UK, Three is currently offering a free subscription to services like Xbox Game Pass, Deliveroo and Tinder to their Pay As You Go customers. Customers can also access discounts and offers through the Wuntu application, including at more than 5000 restaurants that are part of the Dine card.

In this article, we’ll review Three’s “Pay As You Go with benefits”, including the Pay As You Go Rewards and the free subscriptions you can earn. We’ll also look at the Wuntu application which is used for collecting your Pay As You Go Rewards and for redeeming other Wuntu customer offers.

Pay as You Go Rewards

For customers buying a Pay As You Go bundle, Three has offered Pay As You Go Rewards since March 2019. To earn a reward, you’ll need to collect points by buying a Pay As You Go bundle from Three. Alternatively, you can earn an instant reward by buying the £35 unlimited add-on.

Earning Rewards

On Three’s Pay As You Go service, you can earn reward points for converting your credit into one of the following Pay As You Go bundles:

for 30 days
for 30 days
for 30 days
for 30 days
for 30 days
for 30 days
for 30 days
for 30 days
for 30 days
for 90 days

You’ll earn 10 points for every £1 you spend on an add-on (so for instance, you’ll earn 200 points with the £20 add-on). This is providing you’ve opted in to Pay As You Go rewards, which can be done through the Wuntu application (once you’ve installed it, tap Profiles followed by Rewards and then Count me in).

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You won’t earn any reward points for using your phone on 321 Pay As You Go rates.

Redeeming Pay As You Go Rewards

Once you’ve earned enough points to move up to the next tier, you’ll earn a free subscription as follows:

Tier Points Required For Tier Free Reward
Tier 1 750 points Free subscription
Tier 2 1500 points Free subscription + £10 tech voucher
Tier 3 3000 points Free subscription + £25 tech voucher
Tier 4 5000 points Free subscription + £75 tech voucher

The free subscription can be to one of six services (currently Headspace, Tinder, Xbox Game Pass, Rakuten TV, Hayu and Deliveroo).

Meanwhile, the technology voucher can be spent on Three’s rewards website on a range of products such as a new smartphone, tablet, smart home device, smart watches, games or other accessories.

Once you’ve reached a new tier to unlock your rewards, you’ll have 30 days to redeem your free subscription and voucher.

The £35 add-on with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data comes with an instant reward of a free subscription. This is in addition to the 350 points you’ll earn from buying the add-on.

Free Subscriptions

At the time of writing, there is a choice of six free subscriptions available as part of the service:

  • Headspace – Headspace is an application that offers guided meditation along with mindfulness exercises and a range of tutorials. You can get a 60 day subscription to Headspace Plus (worth £19.98).
  • Tinder – Tinder is a dating application. If you’re over 18, you can redeem a free one month subscription to Tinder Gold (worth £27.99)
  • Xbox Game Pass – The Xbox Game Pass gives you unlimited access to more than 100 games on the Xbox One. You can redeem a one month free subscription to the Xbox Game Pass (worth £7.99).
  • Rakuten TV – The Rakuten TV service allows you to watch movies and TV shows across a number of devices like your smartphone, a smart TV or laptop. You can redeem 450 Rakuten Super Points (worth £4.50).
  • Hayu – Hayu is an online video streaming service with a focus on American reality TV shows. You can redeem a two month subscription to Hayu (worth £9.98).
  • Deliveroo – You can get one month of free delivery from Deliveroo, up to a maximum of 10 deliveries per month (worth £30).

You’ll earn a free subscription when you earn enough points to move up to the next tier. You can also earn an instant reward when you buy the £35 add-on.


Wuntu is Three’s customer rewards application with a variety of weekly discounts and offers. The app is available to all Three customers, including those on Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go. Weekly discounts and promotions are offered through Wuntu in a number of categories including food and drink, travel, gadgets and more.

Dine is one of the most useful features of Wuntu. It will essentially give you a free Dine card worth £49.99 per year. This has a number of restaurant offers including 50% off your food bill, 25% off your total bill (including drinks) or 2-for-1 on your main course. Over 5,000 restaurants are included within the Dine offer, with many of them being smaller independent restaurants. There are also a number of national chains included in Dine such as Carluccio’s, Bella Italia, Café Rogue, Loch Fyne and La Tasca.

The name of the Wuntu application is a pun on “Want to” and “Wuntu Three” (one-two-three).

More Information

For more information on Three Pay As You Go, please read our in-depth review or visit the Three website. There’s also further information on the Three website about Pay As You Go Rewards and Wuntu.

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  • Can I use my rewards points toward extra data I’m not so much bothered about any of the other rewards but I’d like to use my points to up my internet usage between months if possible?

    • Hi Gemma,
      Thanks for your comment. Sadly, I don’t think it’s currently possible to use your Pay As You Go Reward points on any other benefits like extra data.

  • Hi Ken,
    This sounds like it might work for me but if theres a better deal please let me know. Coming over from Australia for 6 weeks, spending 2 weeka on the continent. Id like a decent amount of data, ability to call family and friends in uk. I can always skype back to aus or roam for that on my aussie sim. The idea of a month of tinder gold for free sounds like a winner. Is there a cheaper option than say the 30 pounds deal (dont care what carrier but would prefer to be able to go in a shop to get my sim) that you’d recommend?


    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment. If you only need data on your device, Three offers a Data Reward SIM card with 200MB of free data every month. In practice, however, you might find it easier just to choose a price plan with inclusive minutes and texts (there’s much more selection and they’ll often work out to be cheaper, due to the heavy competition in the UK mobile market).
      Hope this helps,

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