Sky’s £5/month Broadband Boost service comes with a Wi-Fi Guarantee, daily line checks & Sky’s Broadband Buddy app. Find out whether it’s worth paying for the upgrade.

If you’re a customer signing up for Sky Broadband in the UK, you’re given the option to add Sky Broadband Boost for £5/month. At the time of writing, this is actually selected by default, so you can save £5/month on the advertised price by removing the Boost.

Sky’s Broadband Boost service gives you a number of additional features with Wi-Fi Guarantee probably being the most important. This guarantees a wi-fi connection in every room of your home with speeds of at least 3Mbit/s. You’ll also get daily automated line checks, Sky Broadband Buddy parental controls and more.

In this article, we’ll review Sky’s Broadband Boost service and all of the features that are available on it. We’ll then look at the Sky Broadband Boost plans before asking whether it’s worth paying the extra £5/month. Finally, we’ll discuss alternatives to the Sky Broadband Boost service.

Sky Broadband Boost Features

There are five main features within the Sky Broadband Boost: a Wi-Fi Guarantee, automated line checks each day, Broadband Buddy parental controls, free engineer visits and 2GB of mobile data for unplanned broadband outages. In this section, we’ll look at each of these five features in more detail.

Wi-Fi Guarantee

The flagship feature on Sky’s Broadband Boost service is their Wi-Fi Guarantee. This gives you a minimum guaranteed wi-fi connection speed of 3Mbit/s in every room of your home.

If you’re unable to get the minimum connection speed using only a Sky Hub router, you’ll be provided with a Sky Wi-Fi Booster (Sky SE210). Alternatively, an engineer will be sent to your home to try and resolve the problem for you.

If you’re still unable to get the minimum speed in every room of your home, Sky will refund the money you’ve already paid for Sky Broadband Boost. They’ll also give you Sky Broadband Boost free for the remainder of your contract.

According to Sky, their Wi-Fi Guarantee covers all of the main rooms of your home including living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. It also includes the garage if you can access it without going outdoors, a converted loft (providing it is furnished and has a fixed staircase) as well as the conservatory. Full details of what is covered by the Wi-Fi Guarantee can be found on the Sky website.

In our opinion, Sky’s Wi-Fi Guarantee is a convenient feature if you live a large home where getting Wi-Fi in every room has historically been difficult. However, buying your own wi-fi repeater can be a cheaper option. This requires a bit of additional setup but you can get your own wi-fi repeater for a one-off cost of as little as £20. Alternatively, you can get a mesh wi-fi system like BT Whole Home Wi-Fi for around £150 which is a more comprehensive solution that works with any ISP.

Daily Line Checks

Customers with the Sky Broadband Boost will also get an automatic check on the operation of their phone line each day. The check will take place automatically between midnight and 5am, leaving your home broadband service unavailable for around 2 minutes whilst the check is ongoing. If a fault is found with your line, you’ll be notified by text message and an engineer will be dispatched to resolve it.

Sky Broadband Buddy

Broadband Buddy is the parental controls application from Sky, designed to work both inside and outside the home. Unlike the standard parental controls from other broadband internet providers, Broadband Buddy is designed to work with your mobile data connection as well as your home wi-fi connection.

The application allows you to set up individual content filters for every member of the family along with time limits on using certain applications. You can also pause or black out the internet at certain times of the day (e.g. overnight when the kids should be sleeping or during family meal times). It’s also possible to see your children’s internet usage history, as well as the current location of their device.

To use Sky Broadband Buddy, you’ll need to install the Broadband Buddy app for iPhone and Android.

Free Engineer Visits

Sky has a team of broadband engineers known as the Sky Broadband Tech Team. There’s normally a £15 charge for evening and weekend appointments, but this is waived for customers with Sky Broadband Boost.

Sky’s broadband engineers can help you to install new broadband equipment and to optimise your home network set-up to give a stronger wi-fi signal and faster download speeds.

Mobile Data For Outages

If you’re also a Sky Mobile customer, you’ll get 2GB added to your Data Piggybank each time there’s an unplanned broadband outage lasting for more than 30 minutes. To qualify, the outage must have occurred between 7am and 11pm. Data will not be added for broadband outages that are planned in advance or for outages that occur overnight.

The idea behind having additional mobile data for outages is it can help to tide you over until the broadband service is fixed. For instance, you can tether from your mobile phone to other devices such as your laptop or tablet to get them connected to the internet.

The downside is you’ll only get 2GB of additional data, which isn’t a huge amount if you’re sharing it with lots of other devices. For instance, watching just one hour of high-definition video would use up the entirety of your extra 2GB allowance.

According to Sky, there can be a delay of up to 24 hours for the data to be added to your piggybank. Extra data for outages is capped at a maximum of three times per month and a maximum of 18 times over your 18-month contract. This makes it far less competitive than BT’s Keep Connected Promise where you’ll get unlimited data across all of your mobile devices as well as a new 4G Mini Hub sent to you in the post when your broadband connection goes down.

Sky Broadband Boost Plans

It costs £5/month to add Sky Broadband Boost to any Sky Broadband plan (including Essential, Superfast and Ultrafast broadband plans).

The following table shows how much you’d currently need to pay for a Sky Broadband service with the £5 per month Broadband Boost add-on:

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
Sky Broadband
Sky Essential
11Mbps download18 month contract£19.95£27/month
with Broadband Boost
Sky Broadband
Sky Superfast
59Mbps download18 month contract£9.95£30/month
with Broadband Boost
Sky Broadband
Sky Ultrafast
145Mbps download18 month contract£34.95£44/month
with Broadband Boost

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For a full list of available deals and offers, please see Sky’s official website.


If you’re looking for an ISP-provided alternative to Sky Broadband Boost, the closest alternative is BT’s Complete Wi-Fi with Halo.

With BT’s Complete Wi-Fi, you’ll also get a guaranteed wi-fi signal in every room of your home. This is provided by BT’s Smart Hub 2 router and up to 3 Wi-Fi Discs that extend the range of the wi-fi network through your home. BT’s Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee means you’ll receive a £20 credit if you aren’t able to get Wi-Fi in every room.

On Halo, you’ll also benefit from in-home tech support along with BT’s Keep Connected Promise. If a fault occurs on your BT broadband connection, they’ll give you unlimited data on all of your BT Mobile SIM cards. You’ll also get a new 4G Mini Hub sent to you in the post.

As an alternative to Sky Broadband Boost and the equivalent service from BT, you can decide to build your own custom solution. For instance, you can buy a wi-fi repeater or a mesh wi-fi system to extend the wi-fi coverage across your home. Parental controls are available through apps like Google’s Family Link and something like a 4G home broadband router can offer a backup for when your broadband connection goes down. Alternatively, you can tether from your mobile phone to share your data allowance with other devices.

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For more information, please see Sky’s official website. You can also read our full review of the Sky Broadband service.

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