Argh, help! I’ve got a living bug crawling around inside my LCD computer monitor! It’s actually walking around which is quite annoying. I’ve no idea how it got in there but it’s small enough to have fit through the small holes at the back of the monitor.

On the bright side, there only seems to be one so they won’t be making babies in there any time soon. Has anyone ever had bugs inside their monitors and how did they get rid of them? The advice I’ve had so far is to wait for them to die and hope that they die off screen or somewhere where it won’t affect the picture too much.

Update (July 2010): Incredibly, this article has had 10,000 hits since it’s been published (most of them being in July each year which seems to be peak season). Please read the comments below for tips and discussion. In my case, I found that the bug disappeared after a few days providing that you don’t squish it or anything. You don’t need to do anything elaborate like taking your screen apart (and would not be advised to). Please do drop a comment below and let us know what’s working for you.  – Ken

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  • I had a teeny bug in my monitor too. Weeks later, my monitor no longer works. I cannot turn it on. I wonder if the bug ruined the monitor?

  • It’s sad to see that manufacturers still refuse to acknowledge that this is an issue that needs to be resolved via a better design.

    This is my 100% fix for the issue:

    Try the tapping and suction cup method first, could try using something that vibrates like an electric toothbrush too – this step rearely works from experience.

    If no luck and the product is out of warranty, it is easy as long as you have some patience to disassemble the screen to expose the glass panel from the back light. Using a bright torch, you will be able to see the blighter and I use a long cocktail stick along with some sticky tape. Once you have removed the offender, you can reassemble. You need one of those smartphone toolkit’s and a precision screwdriver to do this.

    I use an old monitor during thrip season, and then unbox my 4K TV once they disappear for the rest of the year.

  • RCA LED TV. it just walked off screen a moment ago. I hope the next versions of these screens somehow fix this.

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