Three introduce “Internet Texter” and “Internet Talker”, refresh contracts

May 11th, 2010

Three have revamped and simplified their tariff lineup with the new “Internet Talker” and “Internet Texter” tariffs.

It seems like all of the major networks are taking it in turn to simplify their range of contracts this year. Three have just refreshed their brand with a new logo (pictured) and released a new set of new tariffs. This means that gone is the complex lineup of  “Mix and Match”, “Texter” and “Internet Texter” tariffs to be replaced with new “Internet Talker” and “Internet Texter” tariffs. All Three contracts now include “unlimited” mobile internet (fair usage 500MB).

What is the new tariff lineup?

There are four base “Internet Talker” tariffs with 100, 300, 500 and 900 “units”. Each “unit” allows you to make a 1 minute cross-network call or send 1 text – so if you have 100 units, you could make 100 minutes of phone calls or send 100 texts (or some combination of the two).

Each of these tariffs is available as an upgraded “Internet Texter” tariff (£5/month extra) which gives unlimited texts. Of course, if you’ve got an unlimited plan then texts will no longer be taken from your “unit allowance” so 100 units will really means 100 cross-network minutes.

The monthly prices of the tariffs (before adding the cost of a phone) are as follows:

Number of Units Internet Talker Internet Texter
100 £10* £15*
300 £13* £18*
500 £18 £21
900 £21 £24

* Includes £2/month discount

Three have also moved away from charging for handsets upfront. Each handset now has a monthly price (add this onto the monthly cost of the contract). For example, the HTC Desire is £7/month (hence costing you £168 over the course of the contract) so the total cost on the Internet Talker 100 plan is £17/month. The full price matrix looks like this:

Number of Units Internet Talker with HTC Desire Internet Texter with HTC Desire
100 £17* £22*
300 £20* £25*
500 £25 £28
900 £28 £33

We’ve listed the cost of all the phones on Three below.

All of Three’s tariffs are now 24 months – it is not possible to get these tariffs on 18 months.

What is the monthly price of the phones?

Add the monthly cost listed here to the base contract cost to work out the total cost you pay.

Manufracturer Model Monthly Cost
3 Skypephone S2x Free
Blackberry Bold 9700 £5
HTC Desire Graphite £7
HTC Hero £6
Huawei U7510 Free
INQ INQ Chat 3G Free
INQ INQ Mini 3G Free
INQ INQ1 Black Free
INQ INQ1 Silver Free
LG GW520 £1
LG GW520 Silver £1
LG Viewty GT Silver £1
Nokia 2730 Free
Nokia 5800 £2
Nokia 5230 Black £2
Nokia 5230 White £2
Nokia 6700 Slide Silver £3
Nokia E63 Black Free
Nokia E71 Grey £5
Nokia N86 £9
Nokia X6 Black £4
Samsung Galaxy Portal Black £2
Samsung Galaxy Portal White £2
Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition Black £9
Sony Ericsson C903 £1
Sony Ericsson Satio £12
Sony Ericsson T715 Free
Sony Ericsson T715 Pink Free
Sony Ericsson Vivaz Silver £9
Sony Ericsson W995 £6
Sony Ericsson X10 Black £12

What else is included in the tariffs?

All of 3’s tariffs now include:

  • Unlimited internet (500MB per month)
  • Free 3-to-3 calls
  • Voicemail
  • Skype calls (5,000 minutes per month)
  • Windows Live Messenger (10,000 messages per month)

What is the contract length?

All contracts are now 24 months.

What about SIM only tariffs?

The SIM only tariff line up has not been changed in this tariff refresh.

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