The People’s Operator: Review of UK’s Mobile Network With Charity Donations

December 15th, 2015

TPO Mobile, or The People’s Operator, gives 10% of your monthly phone bill to charity.

The Peoples Operator Logo 2016TPO Mobile (also known as The People’s Operator) is a UK-based mobile network with a unique model of charitable giving.

In July 2016, the company switched to using coverage from Three. However, a poorly managed migration has led to customer complaints and problems. Readers have also reported problems getting a response from TPO customer services. Prior to July 2016, TPO Mobile offered coverage from EE.

The unique selling point of TPO Mobile is their offer to donate 10% of your monthly phone bill to charity. In 2015, a total of £79,000 was donated to charity whilst the company made an annual loss of £10.5 million. As of March 2016, TPO has 80,000 subscribers in the UK.

In this article, we review TPO Mobile. We’ll look at their price plans and tariffs, and also at their commitment to give to charitable causes. Finally, we’ll discuss the level of coverage you can expect on the network and how you can keep an old phone number when switching to TPO Mobile.

Pricing & Tariffs

SIM card

The People’s Operator is a SIM-only provider: you’ll need your own unlocked smartphone to use with the tariff.

The People’s Operator offers a choice of Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go tariffs. All of their price plans are provided SIM-only (you’ll need to provide your own unlocked smartphone to use with the service).

Pay Monthly

There’s currently a choice of five Pay Monthly SIM cards on The People’s Operator:

TPO Mobile200500500MB£7.50
TPO Mobile500Unlimited2.5GB£12.50
TPO Mobile500Unlimited4GB£15.00
TPO Mobile1,200Unlimited5GB£18.00
TPO Mobile2,400Unlimited6GB£20.00

For a full comparison and to see how The People’s Operator stacks up against rival networks, please see our in-depth comparison of SIM only deals available in the UK.

Pay As You Go

Top Up LogoCustomers can also use a Pay As You Go service from The People’s Operator. Here, you’ll pay 4p/minute, 3p/text and 2p/MB when accessing the internet. With the average smartphone user consuming around 25MB per day, you can expect to pay around 50p/day when accessing the internet.

Customers using their phone on a fairly regular basis may find it better value to convert their credit into a 30-day bundle. Known as the three Hero Bundles, you’ll get a set amount of minutes, texts and internet to use at any time over the next 30 days. At present, there are five Pay As You Go bundles available.

Any allowances that remain unused after the 30 days will automatically expire along with your bundle. If you use up the allowances included in your bundle, you’ll revert to paying TPO’s standard rates:

Calling Rates:
Voice Calls 4p/minute (any network, any time)
Calls to TPO Customers 100 minutes free every month (subject to £10 monthly top-up)
Calls to Voicemail 4p/minute
Messaging Rates:
Text Message (SMS) 3p
Texts to TPO Customers 250 messages free every month (subject to £10 monthly top-up)
Picture Message (MMS) 30p
Internet Rates:
Mobile Internet 2p/MB (approx 50p/day)

On Pay As You Go, The People’s Operator is fairly competitive against the mainstream networks (networks such as EE, O2 and Vodafone will typically charge you 30p/minute and 12p/text). For a cheaper alternative, Three currently charges just 3p/minute, 2p/text and 1p/MB (read our full review of the 321 tariff). Alternatively, Talkmobile charges 10p/call (up to an hour in length), 4p/text and 2p/MB.

For more information, see our price comparison table for Pay As You Go tariffs in the UK.

Premium Rate Numbers

By default, premium rate phone numbers are blocked on The People’s Operator. If you’d like to call or text a premium rate phone number, you’ll be required to provide a £100 deposit to The People’s Operator. You may also be asked to provide a copy of your bank statements for the past 3 months.

Charitable Giving

The Peoples Operator - Mobile Network That Gives Back

The People’s Operator calls itself “the mobile network that gives back”.

A unique selling point of The People’s Operator is there’s a charitable donation included in the monthly cost. The charitable donation amounts for 10% of your monthly mobile spend excluding VAT.

The People’s Operator has also pledged to donate 25% of their future profits to charity (so far, this is mainly academic as the company made a loss of £10.5m in the last financial year).

10% Of Your Monthly Mobile Spend

Each month, subject to certain conditions, The People’s Operator will donate 10% of your mobile tariff spend to a charitable cause or organisation. The amount donated excludes VAT so for a customer spending £10/month on The People’s Operator, the charitable donation will amount to 83p/month.

In 2015, a total of £78,679 was donated to charity. Amongst the 80,000 customers using The People’s Operator, this amounts to an average donation of 98p per TPO customer.

The Peoples Operator - 10 Percent to CharityWhen signing up for TPO Mobile, you’ll need to choose the charity or organisation that benefits from your donation. The money will only be sent when total donations reach £50 or more. There are a wide range of charities and organisations to choose from: everything from big household names like the NSPCC to local organisations such as your school, church or hospital. You can also donate to political organisations including the Labour Party and the Unite trade union.

You can search for charities and organisations under the “Find a charity, cause or enter your Partner Code” heading when ordering a SIM card.

Your Total Monthly Spend 10% Charitable Donation
Including VAT @ 20% Excluding 20% VAT Per Month Per Year
£5/month £4.17/month 42p/month £5/year
£10/month £8.33/month 83p/month £10/year
£15/month £12.50/month £1.25/month £15/year
£20/month £16.67/month £1.67/month £20/year
£25/month £20.83/month £2.08/month £25/year
£30/month £25.00/month £2.50/month £30/year

In our opinion, there are some key limitations to this model of charitable giving.

Firstly, your chosen charity will only receive their donation when their total amount donated reaches £50 or more. Assuming you were to pay £10/month on your phone bill with no other customers choosing the same charity, your donation will accumulate at the rate of £10/year. It would therefore take five years for your charity of your choice to actually receive their donation.

Secondly, charitable donations via TPO aren’t tax efficient. Namely, they aren’t boosted by government tax relief. For basic rate tax payers, an additional 25p of Gift Aid can normally be claimed for every £1 donated. For higher rate tax payers, another 25p can normally be claimed via your tax return. For charitable donations via TPO, Gift Aid top-ups are not available. Furthermore, you’ll be paying 20% VAT on your charitable donation (no VAT will apply for direct charitable donations).

Because of these two limitations, you’ll potentially do a lot more good for charity by saving money elsewhere and donating the difference directly to charity.

25% of TPO’s Profits

The Peoples Operator - Charitable Foundation

The People’s Operator aims to support a number of charity partners as well as “progressive causes”.

The People’s Operator has pledged to give 25% of future profits earned to the TPO Foundation.

The TPO Foundation is chaired by Sir Christopher Kelly and has been “set up to award funds to organisations, local communities and charities that are trying to make a positive difference to people’s lives”.

So far, the pledge to give 25% of their profits to charity has mainly been academic. This is because The People’s Operator is a loss-making company. In 2015, The People’s Operator made an annual loss of £10.5 million.

The People’s Operator is itself a for-profit company, floated on the AIM stock exchange under the TPOP ticker. More information can be found in their 2015 annual report.

Financial Year Operating Loss
2015 £10,454,176
2014 £2,328,399
2013 £1,478,440
2012 £566,231

Source: The People’s Operator 2015 annual accounts (available here).

Political Connections

The People’s Operator has political connections to the British Labour Party. They’ve championed Labour as a “progressive cause” on their website as well as various trade unions including the GMB, the PCS and Unite.

In the past, The People’s Operator has actively supported Labour by providing a number of subsidised deals for Labour party members who used the network for campaigning. In 2013, The People’s Operator was criticised in the UK press for its connections to Unite.

Although the network actively supports Labour, it doesn’t prevent customers from choosing to donate 10% of their bill to other political parties (e.g. the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats or the SNP).

Poor Customer Support

In July 2016, TPO migrated from their previous service on EE to a new service on Three. Unfortunately, a large number of readers have reported problems with the migration including the loss of their phone number, credit or service. Customers have also reported problems getting a response from TPO customer services.

For the time being, we would recommend readers against joining the TPO mobile network, at least until the ongoing problems with the service can be resolved.

Unlocked Handsets

The Peoples Operator - Select SIM Card Type (Updated)

You’ll have to choose either a “standard/micro” SIM or a”nano” sized SIM card. Please refer to our guide on smartphone SIM card sizes.

The People’s Operator is a SIM-only network. You can’t buy a handset from TPO: instead you’ll need to provide an unlocked handset of your own. This can either be a new handset that has been purchased SIM-free or it can be an old or existing handset that’s been unlocked from your network. For more information, see our in-depth guides to unlocking an iPhone, unlocking a Samsung Galaxy or unlocking another device.

When ordering a SIM card from The People’s Operator website, you’ll need to choose the size of SIM card you require. The required SIM card type will depend on your smartphone: see the guide here to find out which SIM card you need.

Network & Coverage

3G & 4G Coverage from Three

Mobile MastThe People’s Operator is one of the UK’s virtual network operators (MVNOs).

As of July 2016, TPO Mobile is using Three as a network coverage provider. Customers using TPO Mobile will therefore receive 97% population coverage using Three’s 3G & 4G networks. You can check the coverage in your area by entering your postcode on TPO’s online coverage map.

Check TPO Coverage Map »

Between November 2012 and July 2016, TPO Mobile used the EE network for coverage. Customers using the old TPO service on EE had access to 2G and 3G coverage from EE.


Tethering means sharing the mobile internet connection from your smartphone on to other devices (e.g. onto a tablet or laptop). Typically, this involves making use of the portable wi-fi hotspot feature on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, tethering and portable wi-fi hotspot is not permitted on The People’s Operator. Their fair usage policy on both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go says: “Using your phone as a modem (tethering) is not permitted.”

Roaming Restrictions

Going AbroadBy default, international roaming is disabled on The People’s Operator (so you can’t use your phone outside of the UK). If you’d like to enable international roaming on your account, you’ll need to pay a £50 deposit to The People’s Operator. You may also be asked to provide a copy of your bank statements for the past 3 months.

Keeping Your Phone Number

If you’re switching to The People’s Operator, it’s a straightforward process to keep your existing phone number.

Start by asking your old network to provide you with a PAC Code. The relevant contact details for your old mobile network can be found on this page.

After receiving the PAC Code from your old network, you’ll need to get in touch with TPO Customer Services. You can either call 500 from your TPO handset (free on Pay Monthly or 5p/minute on Pay As You Go) or you can call 0333 313 7760 from any other phone. The People’s Operator will handle the transfer of your phone number (it normally takes about one working day once you’ve given them the PAC Code).

For a step-by-step guide on moving your number to TPO, please select your current network operator:

PAC Code Finder: Transfer Your Phone Number to TPO Mobile

Your current network provider:

  More Options

For more information on transferring your phone number between networks, please see our guide on PAC Codes.

Popularity & Number of Subscribers

According to a regulatory filing from The People’s Operator, they have 80,489 subscribers as of the 31st March 2016. This makes them a relatively small player in the UK market (other virtual network operators such as giffgaff and Tesco Mobile typically have more than a million subscribers).

Date Number of Subscribers
31st March 2016 80,489 (22,595 PAYM & 57,894 PAYG)
31st December 2015 69,000
29th September 2015 50,360
12th May 2015 30,000
30th April 2015 28,200 (9,680 PAYM & 18,520 PAYG)
31st December 2014 14,032
31st October 2014 10,913
30th June 2014 5,800
31st December 2013 2,400

Approximately one-quarter of customers are on a Pay Monthly contract with the other three-quarters on a Pay As You Go deal.

More Information

For more information, please see the TPO Mobile website.

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Your Comments

We'd love to hear your thoughts and any questions you may have. So far, we've received 218 comments from readers. You can add your own comment here.

  1. fivish said:

    I had three Samsung e1100’s with TPO sims on payg. They were used as spares by the family. Every month I make a call from them to keep the balance and the number going.
    Then one day none of them worked! I found out that TPO had moved from EE to 3.
    So I contacted TPO and eventually they sent me out three new sims which they said I could activate and the balances would be transfered.
    But I could not activate any of the sims as the system said it was past the cutoff date!
    I went to several EE and 3 shops for advice, but they had not even heard of TPO.
    Back to TPO and no sensible advice on how to proceed or even how to get my balance refunded.
    Utterly hopeless.

    1. Nelgrd replied:

      Hi, may I suggest you log a formal complaint with tpo. You will have to play a little bit of email tennis with them and they won’t resolve your issue. After 8 weeks take them to the ombudsman when hopefully common sense will prevail.

      1. fivish replied:

        I have contacted OFCOM but they just log the issue and file it away as a statistic. They do nothing to resolve issues. A waste of space. Perhaps the ombudsman can do something.

    2. Maryann replied:

      I don’t know where to start from with TPO! Since 2014 I joined for 15 a month and within weeks I noticed I don’t receive text messages on my phone. I informed TPO and they said that was probably a fault with my phone.
      As at that time I wasn’t able to budget for a new phone I got myself a pay as you go lyca sim and inserted it in a second older phone which received text messages, mind you I had tried changing the TPO sim and it still didnt work on the other phone too. After a couple of months I finally got myself a new phone and still that didn’t work, then TPO said they would sort it out. Back and forth I had to keep calling cos they never bothered to call back.
      After one and a half years of me giving up my paycheck came late and that quickly blocked my phone! When I called they said this and that then i asked them if its like that i need to be compensated for the loss of service for over a year!
      I was so upset and insisted to speak to a manager and the lady put some guy and said he was the manager. He said he’d sort it out and for that month I wouldn’t need to pay and would be compensated. He told me he’d get my phone back on and call me the next day so I can get my compensation but in the meantime I was to give my details so that my direct debit would be saved back.
      He reassured me no one would touch my account until the issue was sorted. By now I was paying 20 a month. Next day my phone was on and no one called. When I again started calling back no one knew about that phone call and they went into my account and took 71 pounds! They claim there was no manager and had no voice recording of that. I sent a screen shot of the day and time I spoke to the manager and told them to pull out the voice records and I can’t believe it that customer service actually says I haven’t sent any mail yet, it’s clear to see the screen shots in the email I forwarded to them and they reply back to me.
      Now end of month and i cancelled direct debit cos i know all they want is to dig in my account and not solve my issue and i quickly got an email saying they are closing my account tomorrow cos i cancelled my direct debit and not cooperating.

      I will now get in touch with ombudsman cos this company is a disgrace for all the charities they claim to support cos this is thievery that should be made public for others not to get ripped off of money and services. I will do all I can to get my compensation cos it seems they have been getting away with a lot that’s why they are confident in giving bad service.

      A very very very disappointed customer who is a customer advisor myself and wonder what kind of people work as unprofessional as for this company

  2. ahmad said:

    Very poor customer service, rude, tech support useless. If you don’t have LTE service the regular 4G doesn’t work at all. Nonrefundable plans if you even used 1 minute of service they won’t give you a refund. Do not recommend at any price it’s very bad

  3. Ken Lo
    Ken said:

    Hi all,
    Thank you for all of the feedback below. I have passed a message onto the team at TPO to let them know how unhappy I am about their ongoing customer service issues. I have also updated the article above with to advise other readers against joining TPO.
    Once again, I’m very sorry to hear about the problems everyone has experienced with the TPO service. I can only hope they’ll resolve these problems as quickly as they can. If anyone else has further concerns, do please feel free to send me another comment or e-mail.

    1. Bob replied:

      Hi Ken

      This so called company have no idea what they are doing nor do they have the systems and support in place, so they just ignore you.

      It’s as simple as that. That’s not an exaggeration, or keyboard rage, it’s my learned opinion.

      I’m off as soon as I can. Weeks and weeks of going around in circles and still no resolution, time to just cut my losses and leave.

      Making an official complaint is the same process as opening a ticket! Which they then just ignore for days and weeks, then respond with daft questions or useless comments, and close your ticket! or just open up any direct FB messages…..and ignore them.

      Ofcom don’t care either. Neither do the ADR schemes, because TPO simply ignore your complaint. If any potential TPO customers are reading, just run away. Very fast. See FB and Twitter for reviews, that is, until they delete the comments.

      A phone company that doesn’t answer the phone. Ever. Or emails. Or social media messages. They take your money and provide no service. Complete blaggers.

      1. nelgrd replied:

        Agreed, went to resolver to try and resolve the complaint before going to the ombudsman (who from an initial inquiry didnt seem particularly good or particularly interested) and TPO dont engage with Resolver at all= no progress made + more time wasted.

        What a truly awful company OFCOM should shut them down.

  4. Bob said:

    TPO are without doubt the worst mvno and company I’ve ever come across! I have experienced everything already mentioned in the other comments.

    I have now lost the will to attempt any type of contact with these thieves and charlatans. As soon as I can find a spare week I’m going to attempt to port over my number to another network. One with customer services.

    This ethical company have cost me dearly in lost sales, reprinting 100,000 flyers with a new number due to their inability to port, and killing my number I’ve had for 13 years, no coverage anywhere, no network, nothing. Same number for 13 years and gone, just like that, thanks TPO!

    Customer services are non existent, being switched from paym to payg and back again, being debited umpteen times for what I don’t know, cash credit disappearing, account being closed, the website is useless, no one ever ever answers the phone, up to a week to reply to FB email and twitter messages.

    Hooked in by the £6.99 deal, then to be changed without even emailing me or calling me, within 3 months 44% price increase and a 50% allowance reduction.

    I actively now tell people to avoid this shower of **** and find a mvno that actually cares or at least tries.

    Jimmy and his bunch are just cowboys.

  5. Gregory Kohs said:

    Ken, you owe something to your readers. Let them decide if this TPO Mobile company has been a scam or not. Reach out to TPO yourself and ask them this simple question:

    “Since launch in 2012, how much money has TPO issued to all of the charities selected by customers, and how much money has TPO paid to its top four highest-paid executives?”

    While I doubt they will even open up their books to give you an answer, I have done the math based on what information that I could find, and I suspect that four — only four — people working for TPO have earned about 8 times more than all of the charitable donations issued forth from the company.

    People can decide for themselves whether that is a fair and ethical ratio for a charitable operator or not, but I know how my mind is made up.

  6. Jay said:

    People who have problems with TPO should contact Jon Fawcett who is Head of Sales an part of the Senior Management Team at TPO.

  7. Richard said:

    Dear Ken,

    I would suggest you should investigate TPO and update your review – they are currently a disaster area.

    I’m one of it seems hundreds who’ve lost their MOB connection; had no phone effectively for days / weeks, and it now seems I may lose my MOB number, due to their 4G switch (which meant I had to buy a new phone as mine was 2G and start all over again with contacts list etc).

    They don’t reply or respond to helpdesk support requests usually for days at a time (and when the do they close the ticket as resolved when it hasn’t been and they can’t know it has or hasn’t been until you try their suggestion, then when that doesn’t work you have to resubmit and wait again); nearly every time they did eventually respond they have given me completely wrong information effectively a fob off – to the extent that the first 4G TPO SIM they sent is now ‘unusable’, and the second still won’t connect to the network. So no phone – various serious and substantial difficulties including financial and health related created as a result. Two weekends and a lot of other time (I don’t have) wasted trying to contact them or research if I can find fixes myself (their web site if more of a hinderance than help, including links which don’t go anywhere or you just go around in circles; there seem to be different websites with no central links e.g. your account page (at this stage different seemingly unrelated ‘account’ type pages) doesn’t relate to your technical help requests page).

    They now seem to be regularly deleting comments on their FB page and it seems have been for some time.

    The public needs to be warned – and this is from someone who had supported and promoted them due to their ‘ethical’ model.

    Many thanks

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Richard,
      Sorry for the delay in approving your comments – I’ve been away on holiday with no access to my e-mail. Your comments are now live on the web page.
      I’m really sorry to hear about the problems you experienced with the TPO migration. I don’t think you’re alone in experiencing problems with this – numerous other people have also left comments with a similar experience. There are two things I’d recommend doing right now:
      1) I recommend sending a message to with as much details about your case as possible (case reference numbers, negative impact, amount of downtime, etc). I’ve previously raised some of the switching problems with the TPO team and they’ve assured me they’ll do their best to respond to queries on this e-mail. Please let them know you came via this website, and keep us updated on the status of your case.
      2) At the same time, I recommend making an official complaint in writing to TPO. You can do this either through the Ombudsman or through websites like This should help to escalate your issue further.
      Once again, I really hope this issue can be resolved for you as quickly as possible. Please do keep us updated – I’m sure other people experiencing a problem will also find the info useful & I’ll be updating the review above to reflect all the feedback in the coming few months.

  8. Nigel said:

    Do not use this company.

    1/ Their customer support is non-existent (75% of my communications have been ignored).
    2/ They changed my monthly tariff without first informing me (illegal I believe).
    3/ Given the level of complaints I cannot see how they justify their existance (I believe in charity but not villainy).
    4/ I am hoping I have resued my telephone number from them.

  9. Steve said:

    TPO Service Failure. If you are genuinely concerned about losing your mobile number “don’t sign up to TPO”, unfortunately I did, my number I’ve had since my first Nokia 3210 that’s known to all my friends family and business correspondences has been taken out of service, this happened on 14th July
    and still remains out of service today, a PAC code is needed to transfer my number to the 4G platform, and TPO are blaming EE for the service outage. I have called the Customer care team many times, sent emails raised a complaint and I’m still no nearer to knowing when or if I will ever get my number back in service.
    If you have to call the customer support team expect a bit of a wait …45mins last call only to be told engineers are dealing, same as I was told on previous calls, the complaint system appears to generate auto reply’s…1:Thanks for your continued patience
    We’re still working with our network partner to try to retrieve your current TPO Mobile number.
    2:I have personally initiated a recovery from EE for your number. From there the number should be restored and I will be able to generate you a PAC code.3:Hi, this is a quick reminder that we still need a bit more information from you regarding your case.. What !! (I replied) 4: Please see the email we’ve sent you titled ‘Account Update’, ..I have not had an email” titled ‘Account Update”
    5:Hi, just a quick reminder – as it’s been a little while (5 days) since we last heard from you,(not true) hopefully this means you’re now all sorted.. this was sent today I replied advising I’m still out of service and got a reply “As per our complaints process, we aim to respond to your query within 3 working days, however sometimes for complex cases it can take up to 5 working days”.
    They have sent me a replacement simcard but what I need is my old number returning.
    Not all correspondence has been shown but I’m sure you can appreciate how really frustrating this situation is becoming…will I ever get my number returned who knows who in TPO cares.
    Would I recommend TPO …sorry that a definite no.
    Should TPO complaints/escalations teams read this gripe my account no is 2545035.


    1. Nelgrd replied:

      Hi very similar experience here, original number ( which was a goid number in terms of digits and the only number some people know me by) has been lost since a botched move to 4g.

      I think i am some 17 days in now and ive pretty much given up.

      Im stunned by the constant stream iof negatives on here pretty much saying the sane thing.

      I get an email about every 3-4 days telling me they are working on it as we speak!!!

      I just waiting for the 8 wekks now so i can take them to the ombudsman and ill be expecting compensation for the lost number too.

      I hope others follow as i cant see the situation ever being fixed.

      What an utterly dreadful company.

      Ken- is it possible that you could invite them for a response please?

    2. Steve replied:

      Update, 16/8/16, email from TPO :Please accept my apologies for the delay!

      By now you would have found out that we are not able to retrieve your number.
      We would really like to express our apologies and hope we have not caused to much of an inconvenience for you….followed by a further email on 19/8/16 stating they are still trying to recover my number !! I have requested a “deadlock” letter and will take my complaint to the Ombudsman via resolver. I would advise other users that have lost service to do the same.
      TPO have removed my number from the logon page so I assume my account has been closed and my outstanding credit lost.
      Never have I had the displeasure to deal with such an appalling company, I strongly urge anyone thinking of signing up to read comment posted on this page first.

      1. nelgrd replied:

        Similar here, they actually refuse to give a deadlock letter and force you to wait the 8 weeks- Fantastic CS TPO.

        Ive been lied to by them for which I have documentary evidence of this which I shall present to the ombudsman as soon as the 8 weeks is up. Ive tried to reach agreement with them and they arent interested.

  10. Jason said:

    TPO is a rubbish operator and their so-called customer service is appalling. They fail to provide the courtesy of s sensible response to emails and amazingly for a phone company don’t like you phoning them! Most of the time the claim to be too busy to take calls. I will be changing providers urgently.

  11. TPO Team said:

    Thank you for your comments and we are so sorry to hear this.

    If you could please send an email here, the Customer Care Team will look into this for you.

    If you have already raised a ticket, please note that our Customer Services Team are managing each case individually and will respond to each customer as soon as they can.

    Please accept our sincere apologies.

    Best, The TPO Team – *J

  12. Malcolm Neslund said:

    Problems with switchover to 3.
    50 mins on the phone no answer.
    Problems with sky app and BBC live news can’t receive it.

  13. Podge 65 said:

    The 4G switch over won’t work on Doro Phone Easy mobile which my elderly mother has. Complete waste of time – don’t bother!

  14. Nelgrd said:

    You have to really love these guys……

    Theres a note on the website saying ‘a small number’ of customers numbers may not have pirted xcorrectly and this is the customers fault for not checking the signal before activation!!!!!!!!!

    News for you TPO – i have 2 of your payg sims which i hardly use as your service ans support are rubbish but i am not letting you get away with MY CREDIT.

    EVENTUALLY you sent me 4g sims which WOULDNT ACTIVATE on the WEBSITE. I had a lovely hoyr waiting for CS who ‘activated’ the sims and then BOTH PORTS FAILED.


  15. BubbysDad said:

    Have tried calling the 0845 225 2505 since yesterday but the phone call just disconnects no matter which option i choose (there are 9), gave up and e-mailed them using the information here (, and low and behold an hours later it starts to work.
    Called the number and waited for 55 minutes before someone took the call, the person on the phone (i think his name was Ryan) was very polite and dealt with the call perfectly. Asked for my PAC code as seen a better deal and one was texted to me within seconds.
    Apart from the unacceptable waiting time the staff themselves are good, don’t have a problem with the customer service or mobile service.

  16. alan said:

    Being trying to communicate with TPO all day from 0900hrs with no success
    All I get on all lines (0345/300/033) “we are experiencing high call volumes and our engineers are working to rectify the problem”
    I am a telecom engineer and heaven help me if I were to take all day to solve a land line problem

    So I filled out the online “Help” form to receive back an automated reply, which tells me to reply to this in order that a ticket is issued
    So I reply and what do I get – Yes another automated reply with the same text
    I have even tried to contact them via Twitter but that draws a blank

    You would think if they had communication problems, Social Media would be the place to keep Customers informed

  17. Nelgrd said:

    What a total crock this entire company is. 4g switchover a total joke. Cant order sims via website, spent nearly an hour for cs to order sims, sims arrive, wont activate on website, another hour spent waiting for cs, promises of activations and temporary credits – non of which actually comes to fruition.

    Avoid this complete ahower like the plague – if all the negative comments on here havent put you off already.

    CS beyond a joke and i notice they seem to have stopped replying on here – have they totally given up of trying to make a go of this?

  18. Richard said:

    TPO switch disgrace.

    Below is part of my email which I’ve repeatedly sent to TPO only each time to receive nonsensical automated replies of:

    “as we’ve automatically identified this as a 4G switchover query this ticket will now be closed. If we still haven’t answered your question, simply pop a response back to reopen the ticket.”

    The second sentence just results in the same response being repeated.

    I’ve also submitted on their web page message page with no response.

    7 days notice that you will lose your phone connection and account balance!

    Hopefully enough people will challenge this and they may start to behave ‘ethically’.

    Next unfortunately it will need to be a complaint to the Ombudsman it seems.

    Dear TPO,

    I have only today for the first time been made aware that I cannot continue using TPO with this number from 28th July from your last text message.

    You sent various texts, when I was away out of the country with no internet access, none of which stated that there was no choice in switching to your new 4G service which I have no interest in doing.

    You did not send me a single email or letter informing me of this situation – I do not have time to read numerous texts and took little or no notice of the above mentioned until receiving one today informing me (I believe for the first time) that I MUST switch.

    I deliberately have a Samsung A300 which I believe is 2G and it was only after reading through your info, that, effectively by chance, I find this phone will not now work for TPO.

    This leaves me with not sufficient time to even consider an alternative and it seems I will now be left uncontactable and have no phone for emergency use – which is precisely and only why I have a MOB.

    I have built up a balance currently of £**.** which I cannot now use – I therefore at least require repayment to facilitate what other MOB I will now have to organise if and when I can get the time to do so.

    Your suggestion that you will not refund my money is totally unacceptable.

    I would be grateful for a satisfactory resolution to the above ASAP.

    Many thanks

  19. Nelgrd said:

    What a total shambles this company are. I have recieved a text telling me to order a new 4g sim and pac code or i will lose all my credit when the service migrates to three. Tried to enter the details on their website and it refuses to accept the details.

    By the way i have already emailed marketing@tpo so can you get my issue rectified as soon as possible please as i don’t want to lose my credit.

  20. harry said:

    I’ve been trying to call them for 3 days, still no-one answers. sent a message via the website, no response after 2 days – even tried the chat on the site when it actually appeared – just to be left hanging with no response from the operator that was supposedly on the other end

    i just want to cancel and get my PAC code!

  21. John Derbyshire said:


    NOT Happy.

    Signed up to 4g 3 months ago on a special of £6.99 for 2Gb data, 600 mins, unlimited texts
    Been told today by e-mail I will shortly be moving to Three.
    with a price increase of 43% to £10
    a calls decrease of 50% TO 300 MINS
    text and data the same.

  22. Sarah said:

    I had the same experience as customerY. I ordered a new nano sim as I upgraded my phone. After 2.5 weeks, still no sign of the sim. I had contacted them about 4 times to make sure they had sent it, apparently the first one was sent a couple of days late and when that didn’t turn up they assured me a second would be sent, which also didn’t arrive.

    They offered to send one to a different address but a) I don’t want to have to wait another supposedly 3-5 working days (read week) for it to MAYBE arrive and b) all my other post arrives at my address just fine so what’t the problem? It’s the 4th of May and they said I can’t leave TPO until the 31st, so I will have to join another network and still pay them until then.

    I thought something odd was going on and then read customerY’s experience – ridiculous!

    1. The TPO Team replied:

      Hey Sarah,

      We sincerely apologise for the above issues. This is very unlike us!

      Delivery usually takes 3 to 5 working days to arrive, but clearly there has been an oversite from our postal system.

      As you have stated you have spoken to someone about this issue, I am sure they are helping you out as much as they can. However, if you would like to give us another chance please email and we will see if we can get this sorted for you.


      The TPO Team – *C

      1. Nelgrd replied:

        i beg to differ it is VERY LIKE YOU.

        Look at all the comments on here, your service is a shambles.

  23. customerY said:

    This company is a JOKE! They couldn’t even send a SIM to my home address after 2 attempts. Terrible service. Avoid them like you would avoid the plague.

    1. The TPO Team replied:


      We are sorry you feel this way. TPO SIM cards are usually delivered within 3 to 5 working days. If you would like to give it another shot, please try again here:


      The TPO TEAM

  24. Roy said:

    Received my SIM card on 1 April 2016, waited 24hrs for the SIM to activate and still waiting. I called up twice 0333 number waited 30 min on both occasions and no one answered the phone. Sent an online email now waiting for a reply. Is this a real company.

    1. Nelgrd replied:

      Hi, it wasnt someones idea of an April fool prank was it?

      1. Roy replied:

        I was surprised a received a reply from the company informing me they’re experiencing problems with registrations and should be sorted shortly. Fingers crossed.

    2. Roy replied:

      All sorted and connected to 4G. Well done TPO.

    3. Dragon replied:

      Same question. Registered one month ago and SIM still isn’t recognised on the network, although my EE Pay Monthly sim which I unfortunately have cancelled to join this shower, works perfectly. No response to any contact, either. It all looks like a scam operation to me at the moment.

      1. Dragon replied:

        Just an update. Contacted last thing yesterday after posting here by Kevin “from CS”. “Apparently” may have been sent wrong sim for 3G not 4G. Though I’m not sure why that’d mean the phone couldn’t recognise the sim at all. The saga continues . . . ringing CS in the daytime was giving me number unobtainable on both the 0845 and 0333 numbers. Is it a one-man-band? I’d recommend making your charitable donations directly.

        1. Dragon replied:

          Replacement sim arrived after four working days and this time is connected. 10 minute wait mid-morning for phone to be answered, and a further ten minutes for their systems to process the activation whilst I was kept on the line, the carrier pigeons were a bit busy perhaps? Phone connected within a couple of hours thereafter. So more successful than the on-line (non-)activation I used the first time around. which might be a lesson. Setting up data and MMS is convoluted though and may not always work without several attempts! I had to do it manually, the configuration processs by SMS didn’t work for me.

          1. Dragon replied:

            Well a few weeks on, and it’s been reliable. With the 4G SIM (on EE) it does only give me 3G where I can get 4G with EE themselves, but that’s really an academic point for me, as the speeds are good enough. I like the web account interface giving you access to all data connection records in real time.

  25. jack bling said:

    I did a really odd thing that completely floored TPO, I changed my email address !!!!!!!, it appears that the email address you sign up with is welded to the sim card and can’t be changed WTF not?, so not only do they loose a source of marketing , you loose the ability to receive terms and conditions changes, This is the only company I have found that does this , even chewing gum on line lets you change all aspects of a profile, a rubbish system

  26. Mike said:

    How TPO charity donations REALLY work

    TPO donate money on a quarterly, not monthly basis to nominated charities – only where the total donations to that charity have built up to £50 or more.

    This means, if you nominate a charity that is dear to your heart but no other TPO customers have nominated them, it would take 33 months (assuming £15 pm bill, £1.50 pm ‘donation’) before your charity actually saw a penny.

    If you were to leave TPO before 33 months (which is almost 3 years!) your charity would never see a penny!!!

    1. Mike replied:

      £1.25 pm excluding VAT – 44 months before a payment is made!!!

      1. Mike replied:


        “If you nominate a good cause which has not at the time been nominated by at least four other subscribers, then the full Charges (including all of the Relevant Charges) will belong to and be retained by us unless and until at any point that good cause has been nominated by at least four other subscribers (in addition to you), in which case 10% (less the VAT element) of the Relevant Charges arising as from then will be held by us on trust for that good cause.”

        1. Ken Lo
          Ken replied:

          Hi Mike,
          Thanks for pointing this out – I wasn’t previously aware of this part in the TPO terms and conditions. For anyone else interested in seeing this T&C on their website, it’s section 7 of the Pay Monthly terms on this page.

          1. Mike replied:

            TPO do not actually tell customers whether or not their nominated charity has 4 other (total 5) nominations when they sign-up. You may think 10% of your bill is going to charity when in fact they are retaining it without giving you the opportunity to nominate another cause.

            10% from the bills of 4 people or less is not big money of course but for smaller charities, every penny really does count. Smaller charities of course are more likely to not have at least 5 customer nominations.

            While TPO do hold some payments for good causes, this amounted to 4.8% of their income in 2014 and as Ken rightly states, they are loss making and so have no profits from which to donate the advertised 25%.

            Arguably dishonest and unethical behavior at the expense of charity. Arguably misleading and sub-standard advertising standards.

            I would ask TPO to show good faith by doing the following:

            1. Identify all customers who have nominated a charity for which zero payments have been made as a result of the 5 nomination threshold not being met;

            2. Write to those customers and inform them that their charity has not yet received 5 nominations and give them the opportunity to nominate another charity or to wait;

            3a. Nominate a new charity – make a good faith payment to the new charity of 10% for each month between sign-up and the new nomination date;

            3b. Wait – make a good faith payment to the charity of 10% for each month that the first 4 customers have paid a bill until the date that the 5th customer nominated the charity.

            ‘The People’s Operator’ base their entire brand identify on making a difference, on doing good, on good causes. They run a real risk that their brand identify will be publicly tarnished beyond recovery where they were not to put this ‘procedural oversight’ right given the opportunity.

  27. Neil H said:

    Reading all the comments below it looks like this is the only way to get a response out of TPO, as their 500 line is never answered.

    Took out 2x Monthly SIMs and 2 x PAYG on Monday eve, after moving to an area with just EE signal.

    Wednesday SIMs arrived. Got PAC codes, activated SIMS online…. 1 hour wating on #500, call got binned after 59mins 17 seconds.

    Thursday, attempt 2. Online chat opened, and called #500. 59 mins 16seconds before casll got binned. Left Chat box open all night.

    Friday, called 500# call got binned after 32 minutes.

    Saturday, called at 9.00am, call got binned after 12 minutes waiting. Called again, call got binned after 59mins 32 seconds.

    Called my bank, after 3 rings got answered and cancelled card transactions and Direct Debits.

    Still cant make calls or SMS’s from either Monthly SIM, and only 1 of the PAYG SIMS is working.

    14 day cooling off period, it might take a bit longer than that, anyway I want a refund of £12.49 for each of the 2 Sim Monthly deals I took out.

    TPO please look at your records and call me, what seems like a good ethical company, with charitable donations and great deals, is lost in the absolute tatal failure of any service whatsoever.

    1. Mike replied:

      TPO’s business model is based on keeping their staff numbers low. While this makes great business sense, in a service industry, it is essential that you service your customers. The only way to keep staff numbers low in a service industry is to allow customers to service themselves – this means an investment in technology. Unfortunately TPO have a sub-standard website, integrated with sub-standard off the shelf modules and poor processes. They neither have the requisite staff numbers nor the technology platforms to provide a service that meets the basic expectations of their customers. the more they grow, the worse this position becomes and without significant capital expenditure or increased operating costs, this company has bleak prospects.

  28. Lynsey Cochrane said:

    Hi all, I have been a customer of this network and I would not recommend at all. Their customer service is APPALLING. Weeks taken to respond to me on important issues, convoluted process for getting international calling enabled on phone (they hold a £50 deposit indefinitely and it is a nightmare getting through to them to pay this). Customer Service completely inaccessible and unresponsive. In the end I left (bad coverage too) and they had the cheek to charge me a full month’s line rental for January 2016 even though I had requested PAC number and received by 28 Dec, had removed SIM by 31 Dec – all because number didn’t port until 3rd Jan!! Completely unprofessional operator and a total shambles. Charitable giving does not compensate for sub-standard core service.

    1. The TPO Team replied:

      Hello Lynsey,

      We have been in touch via our Facebook page with further details on how to get this feedback to the right department.


      The TPO Team – *C

  29. Steve said:

    Hi. I have just moved to the People’s Operator. I can not connect to the Internet unless via wifi. I have tried calling about 20 times and hang on for 15 mins or longer each call and no one answers. I emailed 2 days ago and have not had a response. I now want to cancel as the service is shocking and I have paid for a service that I can not get. Not a happy new customer. Please tell me how I can cancel.

    1. Slavo replied:

      Hi Steve,
      I have to confirm your bad experience with TPO. I had same problem with Internet and could not put through client service. You need to change settings of you phone. Go to settings, mobile networks, access points, Internet, and change APN to tlspaygnet.
      Anyway I am moving to Life Mobile as I bought tpo plan via uswitch for £3(normal price was 15) for 2 months in October, but activated on 27th November and they charged me regardless I didn’t use a Sim. So. I paid £6 for nothing and they started to charged me since December for full price. Unbelievable. They didn’t want to refund me. So bye bye tpo

  30. Nelgrd said:

    Still no response from TPO as to what they are going to do with payg customers who cant get a three signal when the service migrates.

    I suspect one of the following:

    1. TPO have never considered this eventuality
    2. TPO don’t care
    3. TPO don’t care and hope that we will port anyway allowing them to pocket our credit.

    I know TPO read this forum and i have in the past invited a response from you.

    However your silence is deafening.

    1. Andy Head of TPO customer service replied:

      Hi Nelgrd,

      as it stands at the moment TPO are several months away from migrating customers to the Three network. Once we have finalised the detail TPO will be providing all customers with sufficient notice prior to their account being moved. This will allow customers time to use their credit and if they decide that Three is not suitable for them to move networks.

      The migration is quite some time away and detail will be provided to customers as and when we can update you with accurate and useful information nearer the time.

      Thank you

      1. Nelgrd replied:

        Hi, thank you for the reply. Can you just elaborate on something you said, you said customers would have time to use up their credit, does that imply that customers will not receive any refunds if the three network is no good for them?

        What will happen if the customer cant receive an adequate signal from three, cant make calls and therefore cant use up their credit?

        Thank you.

        1. Darren replied:

          They stated they plan to run both networks for a few months so I’m sure you’ll have time to use up credit. The are still in talks about migration, never mind turning on the Three network for TPO customers. Surely you could just top up smaller amounts so you don’t have loads of credit or even review the Three overage now on their site and OpenSignal? Unless your going to chuck £100 on now and only use a £10 per month I don’t see what the problem is. You know they ae moving networks, you know which one they are moving too, you know it months away before they even start the process, so why are you so worried about the credit you have on your phone now?

          1. Nelgrd replied:

            @darren. I am not anserable to you.

            I have a tpo sim as an emergency carphone.

            As a matter of principle they should return the credit if they cant provide the service regardless of the amount involved but they are clearly a little elusive about this.

            My opinion.

            Simple as.

  31. Chris Christie said:

    I attempted to transfer my existing number to The People’s Operator (using a PAC), but after two 30 minute attempts to call customer service (at my own expense) with no answer, I gave up. There is nothing more to say.

    1. The TPO Team replied:

      Hello Chris,

      Thank you for your comments and we are so sorry to hear this.

      If you could please send an email to, the Customer Care Team will look into this for you. Please use the reference: KTT100!


      The TPO Team – *C

      1. Kerstin replied:

        I am using TPO and have sent two emails, each time with different questions, and I never got a response that way. Shocking but true.

        Calling them was fine though.

        1. The TPO Team replied:

          Hello Kerstin,

          So sorry to hear that! Have your questions been answered or are you in need of further assistance?


          The TPO Team – *C

    2. Darren replied:

      So I recently moved to TPO and I’ll admit they are a bit behind the big companies but then they are cheaper. Now I got SIM in 24 hours, the activation was the hardest part for me due to the site taking time. Activated after 24 hours, called to port number and the took my numbers and PAC code yesterday and I was back on my old number today by lunch time. I used my mobile to call them on their 500 number.

  32. Pavel said:

    TPO advertises as a ‘better’ and ‘different’ operator that will not give you ‘nasty surprises’. However, in December, it increased prices and decreased data allowance. Now, it offers new ‘pay monthly’ plans, but existing PAYG customers can’t switch to those and if they do they can’t retain their number. Everyone should know that TPO is #hypocritical and #pathetic.

  33. lawrence said:

    never ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i hate you guys
    lies and cheats

    I’m advertising it every where that the peoples operator is so bad and dangers to use!!!!!!!

    1. DPH replied:

      It’s maybe not the most reliable of all networks, but it’s worth persevering as it is a welcome alternative to the other money grabbing companies. Competitive prices and monthly donations to a chosen charity. Nothing dangerous here, only appathy and an inability to accept something won’t always do exactly as you want when you want it.

    2. Darren replied:

      Try O2, I’ve been stuck on contract for 2 years with them with no signal at work or home.
      After multiple complaints to them and ofcom it turns out ALL coverage checkers provided by operators are “computer models and may not represent real coverage due to buildings and over impairments”. So we are all lied to when using these checkers. 2 years of no signal for most of the day! Now on TPO and signal ALL day long.

  34. Andy Head of TPO customer service said:

    On the back of customer feedback/complaints that we had suspended data usage when they had reached their allowance, we removed the cap and reduced our data out of bundle charge from 15p per MB to 10p per MB. We informed all customers of these changes via two emails in December, and we also included guidance on how to set alerts to manage customers data usage going forward. In December we also capped any data out of bundle charges to a maximum of £50. Some customers have not set alerts and have experienced a shock when receiving their bills. We are managing each case individually and will respond to each customer as soon as we can.

    Head of TPO Customer Service

    1. tpo customer replied:

      So you are saying that every tpo customer is a liar when we say we didn’t receive an e mail from you, what an unethical way to treat your customers

    2. nelgrd replied:

      Any information about treating your PAYG customers fairly who cant get a three signal when you migrate network.

      I’ve asked this question a few time and have failed to obtain a satisfactory answer.

    3. ishtaq replied:

      I don’t know who you sent the email to, but I didn’t receive any email from tpo to inform me of changes.

    4. Jamie replied:

      You know GiffGaff charge 2p per MB…..just in case you want to be competitive.

      That aside, would it have not been better to let users choose whether they want data to be suspended/continue at 10p per mb?

    5. Dave S replied:

      I still claim that this practice of reducing data bundles then charging extortionate amounts for data is not ethical and is set out to catch TPO customers out with huge overpayment for data usage.

    6. Leonard replied:

      Absolutely rubbish claim .You have no ethics just money grabbing .
      How you explain my £250 bill for Decembre when you saying that is been capped at £50 maximum spending ?
      The phone was used only indoors with our wi-fi ,no time to browse internet at work .Where all this data charges come from.And your customer service is absolutely rubbish in answering our questions.

    7. Kerstin replied:

      I definitely never got that Email.

  35. Dave S said:

    TPO have charged me an extortionate amount for data, that was supposed to be included in my monthly data allowance. I seems that in December they reduced my calls and data bundle allowance drastically but still continued to charge me £11.99 for the bundle, I was not aware of these changes and have checked my email account and to my knowledge did not received this email informing me of the changes.

    This month I used approximately 2.6GB of data which is well within my bundle allowance or so I though it was shocked to find out I have been charged £165 for apparently exceeding my allowance by 1.6GB.

    All phone conversions with TPO lead to”we contacted you via email there is nothing we can do”

    This practice of reducing data bungles then charging extortionate amounts for data is not ethical and is set out to catch TPO customers out with huge overpayment for data usage.

  36. tpo customer said:

    Just so you know, this Mobile network (MVNO) called The People’s Operator or TPO which uses EE backbone, have changed everyone’s Pay Monthly contracts, December 1st 2015, without telling them, and then charging them £50 for 1GB of data.

    Customers are only getting the bills now, and complaining!!

    Anyone affected needs to complain to Ofcom asap, treating customers unfairly etc.

    1. tpo customer replied:

      Just found out im being billed £160 for going over my allowance as they changed my plan without me knowing when I rang the they lied and said we sent you an e mail surly they cant allowed to get away with this

  37. Robert Bacs said:

    To anyone thinking of signing up with TPO AVOID THEM!!!! Here’s my story:

    I took a 1 month rolling contract from TPO at £11.99 with 1,000 minutes, 1000 texts and 4gb of data allowance since June of last year. What was so good about the offer was TPO putting a cap system when you are over your allowance giving you a peace of mind.

    Today I received an e-mail from TPO informing me that I have gone over my 4gb allowance and that I have already exceeded 1 gb. The e-mail also informed me that they have barred my data cellular connectivity and that a 10p per mb will be charge which amounts to £100 for the 1gb excess data. I was very surprised and thought this was a mistake, never did I go beyond my data allowance since I signed up with TPO in fact my average usage was only around 1gb to 2gb a month. So, I phoned their customer service regarding the e-mail I received. it took 25 minutes before someone answered my call. The woman I spoke with confirmed that I have went beyond my data allowance, I went furious I told her that is a mistake how could I have gone my data allowance when at work we are prohibited from using our phones and at home I used wifi connectivity.

    I have also questioned them about their capping system. the woman told me that on 10th of December last year they send e-mails to inform that they get rid of their capping system. I told her I have not received an e-mail about it. I have also questioned her about, why I get the alert now when I have already exceeded their “so claimed 1gb excess” and not during the day when I have used up all my data. She has no answer. I told her to review my previous month usage from the beginning that I sign up so she can have a good understanding about my cellular data usage. She seems oblivious about my plight and just keep on nagging me on payment options. I was left fuming about all this. So I went to browse the internet and see if other people on TPO are experiencing same problem as mine and behold as shown from others who have left a comment below I’m not the only one. It seems that TPO have ulterior motives on removing that cap and magically subscribers will just go beyond their data allowance.

    I will be leaving TPO with immediate effect in fact I was so furious I throwed my TPO sim to the bin. No way I’m going to pay the £100 bill for the 1gb excess. I have stop my direct debit with TPO and my course of action will be to file a complaint with the ombudsman.

    1. tpo customer replied:

      good on you I am infuriated with this matter and will be reporting them too ofcam

  38. ishtaq said:

    Avoid them, they will change you price plan without telling you and lie to you that have sent you email notification.

    I got billed over £200, i was told my plan is 1gb data when for past 1 year has been 3gb.they stopped their capping system, now charge 10p for 1mb. Avoid them.

  39. Alex said:

    I have been a TPO customer for long time, and have had no serious issues at all.Today, on Friday, at 4:00pm, I recieved a email from TPO saying that I must contact them Urgently regarding a bill.I called 500 to confirm this, and according to your System, It was true. This was incredibly bewildering and shocking for me as I never have previously exceeded my Data usage on my current contract. At the very least not at this massive scale. I have checked my usage details on My TPO online and found out that practically all of the usage happened on between approximately JanuaryDuring that time, I was being charged about 10p every MB 10 What could this even be?I spoke with your collegue regarding I didn’t recived the mail TPO of Dicember regarding the new conditions.I have tried contacting the 500 Team earlier today, who have indeed confirmed the excess data. I have asked for an explanation, but they have said they CS (So Rude) they have said it is impossible to state the actual reason, and does not have the information, due to various Security and Privacy reasons. How can I pay for something that nobody knows what the reason is for plus I didn’t Recived email (in the SPAM ect)?
    I am on £14.99 – 6GB Deal TPO Contract 6GB included data.I usually always have left of data at the end of every cycle.I did not use mobile data for anything out of the ordinary, and never have exceeded data usage during my current contract.I always connect to my home Wifi when I can, and turn off Mobile Data when I’m not using it. I don’t understand how this is possible as have Internet available at home, and on previous bills I have never exceeded the Data Usage.Recently I also notice that the Network had very poor reception overall, possible due to various “Network Upgrades” as stated by the service. How could so much internet be used in such a short amount of time if the network doesn’t generally work well.Not to mention, nobody knows exactly what the reasons for the usage is. It is very shocking and fustrating to know that you have to pay for something that you’re sure you didn’t know regarding the new conditions.

    1. Alex replied:

      Total bill: £265!

    2. lawrence replied:

      i have the same story and I’m on the same plan.
      i just noticed it today and canceled my direct debit
      they are liars
      i never ever went over my 6 GB and now they tell me i have
      if we are all getting this problem so there must be an erre in their system

    3. Naz replied:

      This has just happened to me! Exactly this – same deal, same rudeness from the customer advisor. Apparently they sent me an email telling me i had exceeded my allowance… they sent the email after cutting off my data and after i had incurred £200 of charges!
      The only reason i found out was because my data was no longer working and i rang 500.
      I have been with TPO since September 2015 and i have never gone over any of my allowances.
      I’m going to be complaining to the Complaints team and then take it further with Ofcom if need be. TPO is meant to be “ethical” however there’s nothing ethical about it and Calling itself “The People’s Operator” is a joke!

      1. Ola replied:

        Same here! Never exceeded my data plan and they can’t explain how the costs were incurred. Ridiculous. Their CS is rude and defensive

        1. Leonard replied:

          We still going on and on about this charges ,all they want is money without any reason and threatening me with bailiffs .
          Now I want to know how you guys dealing with it because they don’t stop asking for the full bill to be paid.

          1. Ola replied:

            Report to the communication ombudsman to look into it

          2. Leonard replied:

            I have already filed a complaint with Ombudsman but how they (TPO) will stop bothering you?What is your experience with them?

  40. Phippster said:

    Good work Ken, much appreciated.

    I’m looking for an alternative to Giffgaff because of the poor O2 coverage in my area. It has to be said that there is not much on here that gives me any confidence in moving to TPO.


    1. nelgrd replied:

      I eventually took a £6 sim only with life mobile on a uswitch deal.

      1500 mins, unlimited text, 1GB of data.

      Owned by EE, customer service has been very good.

      Couldn’t be happier with them.

      1. Phippster replied:

        That’s good to hear. I’ll certainly have a closer look at Life mobile.

        1. Wnelgrd replied:

          Happy to have been of help.

          The uswitch deal i think gives you £2 off their £8 and £10 tarriffs.

          When i signed up the website didnt like me credit card so i phoned them and customer services gave me to same deal over the phone.

          Data is 3g but from my experience in most locations its very fast 3g, in the region of 7-8 mbps consistently which is faster than some 4g connections in my area.

  41. Michelle said:

    They are a terrible firm. They reduced my data allowance from 6GB to 1GB and only notified me by sending a email a few weeks below. I was on holiday and wasn’t checking emails so missed it (yes that’s my fault) but I still think to move a customer to a 6th of their data plan (for the same price) giving just a few weeks notice is a disgrace.

    I only discovered they’d make the change when I tried to used my phone and found my sim was barred because I’d used 1.5 GB out of bundle data and owed them £130.

    Customer service were useless and rude. They refused to allow me to talk to a manager as it was a “business decision.”

  42. Marc Krajewski said:


    They want £50 (refunded after six months!) to enable international roaming plus 3 months bank statements. Why do they need to keep my money for 6 months.

    Customer service is an absolute joke asked to speak to a manager to complain about appalling service and the member of staff I spoke to just took the p**s out of me.

    Call waiting times are in excess of 30 minutes, and promised call backs do not take place. Also had to call twice to get a pac code as the incompetent woman I spoke to didn’t send one the first time, when I called to chase it I was on hold another 20 mins.

    I’ve used this service for a month and I am cancelling, also due to inconvenience they’ve caused me, I have cancelled the direct debit and will NOT be paying them. They can whistle for their £3.49.

    They may be cheap but they are cheap and nasty. Staff are rude and obstructive when trying to make a complaint.

    I emailed a formal complaint and got a standard automatic reply fobbing me off and saying that complaint was automatically closed down. Have sent it again but if I’m still fobbed off I’m going to the ombudsman.

    The day this pack of cowboys goes out of business I shall open a bottle of champagne.

  43. Andrew Holding said:

    Despite initial high hopes I’ve been very disappointed with TPO. Coverage has not been wonderful and seems to have deteriorated recently. However, the communication and customer service I’ve received has been truly appalling. It’s taken a long time to get through when I’ve had difficulties and some of the operatives have been dam right rude. I have warned off my friends and family and will leave for another operator in the new year.

  44. Felimon Agoncillo said:

    I have 2 pay as you go sim for my 2 kids and top up with £15 on each sim to get the 5gb data. I have a apple music family subscription that really needs more than 1gb per month. My kids use apple music on their way to school and back home, so we need a better data plan. I signed to TPO because of the 5gb option. Now they are taking it away and replacing it with £10 with 1gb. So TPO is 5 times more expensive now, unless they retain the £15 for 5gb pay as you go plan. If TPO is really going to be expensive by 11th December, then I have to move to a different network. Goodbye TPO.

  45. nelgrd said:

    Hi contracted too to see if I could leave when they change network as I have a really poor 3 signal where I live. Answer came back that they don’t know.

    As an ethical operator I would suggest it it’s ethical to refund the credit to payg customers who won’t have a signal when they change provider.

    I noticed that they never replied to my comments below and to tell a customer that they don’t know what will happen when the network change occurs really isn’t good enough. We need to think about porting numbers now but I don’t want to lose my credit.

    Play fair please TPO and get your selves organised.

  46. Angus Day said:

    Ken, Data charges on PAYG are to increase from 1p to 2p per MB on 11th December. Also, I have a 2G phone. Nice while it lasted, but goodbye.

  47. Nelgrd said:

    Hi, finally got my porting problems sorted and in fairness the TPO service has been fine since.

    Im i bit concerned to now read that TPO are moving to the three network.

    The three signal where i live isnt great.

    Will TPO allow people to leave and return unused credit since they are changing network provider?

    Another problem for those of us using dual sim phones is that if oneof the sims is a ‘3’ sim it has to be used for data otherwise there is no signal – i am led to understand that this is because there is no 2g back up to the three network – Ken do you know a solution to this? Ive tried this with lumia 532, 540 blu win jr and blu win hd the problem is identical on all – no signal on 3 sim in dual sim phone unless 3 is set to data. Same story whether 3 sim is in slot 1 or 2. I was hopeful that the blu phones would work as they are 4g and wondered if they would work 4g on one sim and 3g on the other (3) sim but apparently not.

    Question for TPO – those of us with bad 3 signal will you allow us to port out without losing credit as the change of network was not our choice.


    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Nelgrd,
      Thanks for your comment. I’ll leave the guys at TPO to answer your questions about the switch over to Three (as I don’t really know much of the details about this). But regarding your question about dual-SIM devices: unfortunately, the only solution is to get a dual-SIM handset where 3G is supported on the second SIM card. Three began switching off their 2G signal some time around 2010/2011 (hence, you won’t be able to use the Three network or a Three MVNO on a 2G-only handset/SIM card slot).

    2. The TPO Team replied:


      We are excited to announce our new partnership with Three (3).

      We’re still going through the migration details, once we have firmed up dates we’ll let all of our customers know. Rest assured we’ll be giving customers plenty of notice and we’ll manage the process to be as smooth as possible.

      We’ll be running dual networks for several months, which will give you plenty of time to work out your options later on next year.


      The TPO Team

      1. nelgrd replied:

        Hi, you haven’t really told us anything new at all.

        Can I ask a direct question and could you please provide a direct answer (yes or no will suffice).

        Q. if a customer has a poor 3 signal will you refund the credit on their payg account and allow them to port their number elsewhere.


        P.S. If you could reply in less than 26 days that would also be good.

  48. Teamba said:

    Hello my issues where no service signal, important text messages not sent for hours status sending. Drop out of internet. The customer services hang up or can take hours to get through. Good idea for another entrant to the mobile market, but they should be better than the likes of ee etc. So i will be leaving after 6 months and the tpo needs to allow tethering and wifi calling. They are almost like trying to sell you a horse, when we are in the age of the car.

    1. The TPO Team replied:

      Hello Teamba,

      Sorry to hear of the issues you have face with us thus far. We would like to opportunity to look into this further and hopefully come to a resolution!.

      Please email the following details to and the Customer Care Team will take a look at your account:

      -. Full name
      -. Full address
      -. TPO number

      We look forward to hearing from you.


      The TPO Team – *C

  49. steve roberts said:

    Loads of negative comments here about TPO that I wish I’d read before signing up. That said, my experience (without resorting to the almost universally slammed customer service) has been fine:
    – registration of SIM no problems
    – data setup: the app is shockingly bad – sort it or ditch it. But manual set up was easy enough. Now getting 8Mb/s download speed at home indoors.
    So far so good.

    1. steve roberts replied:

      Regarding all the comments regarding network, call and data quality: you have to distinguish between EE issues and TPO issues. I came over from EE and use my phone on the commute in to London Kings X station. There is good EE coverage most of the way. So far I have seen no discernible difference with TPO which lays to rest any concerns that they may be data throttling.

  50. Yussuf said:

    Just joined TPO as they had on a good offer and mananged to transfer my old number over. One of the reasons i joined is because of their monthly contract which means if am not happy then i don’t have to wait for another 2 years. So far am very happy with TPO

  51. Gavin said:

    I have also been stung by TPO recently, I have been charged for TWO months line rental… even though I am not even a customer of theirs anymore having migrated to the Three network. The call quality from their virtual network had degraded terribly and wasn’t given any reason for this or the call dropouts and mobile internet disconnections.

    It is shocking that such an ethical company is run in such an unethical way, the customer service is beyond non-existent, I would love to speak to their head of the company and provide some improvements that this company could use to improve their service. Everything that others had said I have had the same problems, I lost count of the number times I have had the customer service rep’s tell me “We will call you back within a few days”… when you hear this sentence you WILL not get a callback. I am not sure of the structure of their call centres (they do seem to be UK based) but it a) takes quite some time to get through the anybody and b) that person usually cannot actually do anything except note down your query and tell you “We will call you back..”.

    In addition I have recommended their services to other people and I feel upset that now people look at me and question why I’ve left when I told them to join TPO themselves.

    I have recently made an official complaint to them and will wait to see their response (if any), should I not receive a response shortly i’ll be going to the ombudsman and getting all the friends & family that have joined to cancel their TPO contracts immediately & providing them with a free slap-up meal to apologise for recommending to them use such an inferior service.

    If anyone is interesting in making an official complaint I would recommend using this tool by the MoneySavingExpert website.

    If anyone from TPO does read this and would like to respond to me that would be appreciated.

    1. Claire replied:

      Hi Gavin, looks like this post and your email reply crossed paths. I understand your email was first replied to the same afternoon (within 12 hours) – the process explained and since been resolved to your satisfaction.

      Cancellation process, goes like this –
      As it is a rolling monthly contract and you’re charged monthly (from the 1st to the end of each month, billed taken at the end of the month) – when you request to cancel your service, your service will finish at the end of that month regardless of the date you request the cancellation – you’ll receive your bill at the end of the month as per normal.
      If you’ve used any “out of bundle” usage, you’ll be invoice mid-next month – and billed at the end of the following month.

      There are two ways people cancel:
      1. Just a cancellation: We’ll cancel the service at the end of the month, your service stops working 11.59pm on the last day of the month. From the 1st of the following month and your phone number is lost forever.
      2. Request PAC code + cancellation: We keep your account open until your new provider applies for the number to be transferred (ie you give them your PAC code, they give you a transfer date). We advise to ask your new network to arrange transfer before the end of the month to avoid being charged for a new month with TPO.
      The reason we don’t deactivate until your new provider instructs us to, is that they need an “active number” to transfer over. If we cancel your service before you use your PAC, you’ll lose your number.

      With regard to the call center – we’ve made some major changes since July and the “message taking” service I think you’re referring to has been removed. On the 30th October for example, the average call wait time was 1m24sec – to get through to an agent who can action your query.

      Sorry your earlier service experience wasn’t quite up to scratch, we’ve made loads of improvements recently and will continue to do so.

      – Claire @ TPO, Customer Experience Director

  52. Nelgrd said:

    Must agree with disappointed post. What a complete shower. I stupidly tried to port my number to these clowns. I now have a part service 4 days after the port should have happened. Contact customer service wait ages to get connected and nobody cares – just wait it’ll be alright is the constant message. Email customer services and get told to continue to wait – TPO I HAVE BEEN WAITING YOU AREN’T FIXING IT AND YOU DON’T CARE.

    Please don’t ask me to email you i gave several times you have done nothing.

    TPO are cheap for a reason they are useless.

    1. Gavin replied:

      Yup… I am disappointed with the company too, I like to help the upcoming ventures but feel really let down by these guys. Ironically they depend on word of mouth but seems crazy that they just seemingly ignore customers…

      Just checked the TPO support page, the Live Chat while advertised has been removed…. unbelievable

    2. Claire replied:

      Hi Nelgrd, sorry for the delay you experienced. Issues with regards to porting unfortunately are out of our hands.

      When we get updates, we pass that detail on to impacted customers – however often the update unfortunately is that “we’re still working on it” which isn’t ideal and not what you want to hear.

      When a number is transferred it needs:
      – The old network to successfully release the number – sometimes the hold up is there
      – The new network to accept the number – sometimes the hold up is there (as we use EE network, any port delays they experience it impacts us)

      Rest assured, when porting issues happen we do care – we don’t want anyone stuck without their number. The team do everything they can, regularly on the phones requesting updates from the different providers.

      1. Nelgrd replied:

        It doesnt appear that you do care as a customer i beg to differ. The number aspect ported but voucemail balance and data would not work, suggesting it is the receiving networks issue.

        It is unfair to blame EE YOU have chosen EE as YOUR network partner YOU have the responsibility to deal with YOUR customers.

        The fact that no one would respond to me or keep me in the picture as to what was going on is TPOs fault. This was the main cause of frustration, agents simply don’t know what’s happening and nobody gets back to the customer.

        The customer service was dreadful from TPO. I find your response of trying to deflect the blame elsewhere rather poor. As i am YOUR customer it should be YOUR job to sort it out in an efficient and professional manner.

        Service will not improve unless you first acknowledge where the issues lie.

  53. Rodney said:

    Where’s my PAC code? Within 5 minutes I realised I had made a mistake. tpo sim will not work abroad like every other contract sim! Now I have a 4G sim only deal with id mobile (carphone warehouse) for the same price, with roaming.

    Now I want to port my old number but I need a PAC code.

    I started asking for a PAC code last Saturday, now it’s Wednesday!

    Every time I phone I get excuses but no PAC!

    1. Claire replied:

      Hi Rodney, sorry for the delay – I understand you have your PAC now. Hopefully as explained on the day you contacted us, as there were system errors we weren’t able to issue you your PAC code.

      We’d normally provide this to you over the phone in an instant.

  54. Justin Pearson said:

    TPO may be OK in the UK but the SIM is useless abroad unless one pays £50 and gives 3 months bank statements (of course, one always travels with 3 months bank statements) Even if you have been a pay monthly customer for almost a year. UNBELIEVABLE! WHAT A RIDICULOUS SERVICE. Goodbye TPO

    Andy Williams (The People’s Operator)
    Oct 22, 10:32
    Hi Justin,
    to enable roaming we will need 3 months worth of bank statements linked to the account you have set your Direct debit account against, and also a payment of £50 (refundable deposit). You need to scan and email the statements. Is there a contact number we can contact you on?

    Oct 21, 23:51
    Full Name: Justin Pearson

    HI Guys,
    I’m in Europe at the moment at my TPO SIM won’t connect to any networks.
    Can you help me? I need to get this sorted asap and receive calls.
    Kind regards

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Justin,

      We are sorry you feel this way. We do state in our FAQ’s online the process for enabling Roaming and International services. Roaming can create unexpected charges and customers may be faced with a huge shock when their next bill arrives. The deposit allows us to protect against disputed charges and bills, as well as enabling us to explain to customers how roaming works and detail the charges customers can expect when using the service in other parts of the world. We understand this can be frustrating, however we find it has helped lots of customers avoid exceptionally large charges.

      Please bear in mind that this is only a holding deposit and will be returned to you in full 6 months after the roaming services activation date, provided that your bills are up to date, or if you cancel your account with us.

      Let us know if we can help at all.


      The TPO Team – *C

  55. Ian said:

    Beware that TPO’s customer services uses a premium rate 0845 number and that calls to it incur a 7p per minute Service Charge plus your phone provider’s Access Charge. The Access Charge can be up to 12p per minute from landlines, is 5p per minute from a TPO pay-as-you-go mobile, 35p per minute from a TPO pay-monthly mobile and can be up to 45p per minute from other mobiles. Ofcom’s changes effective 1 July 2015 confirm that all 084, 087 and 09 numbers are premium rate. The premium is the additional Service Charge that is paid to the benefit of the called party and their telecoms provider.

    The usage of a premium 084, 087 or 09 number for a post-sales or customer support helpline operated by a retailer, trader or passenger transport company does not comply with Regulation 41 of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. The regulations came into effect on 13 June 2014 and require that where a telephone number is advertised that it be a ‘basic rate’ (i.e. 01, 02, 03 or 080) telephone number. Most other businesses have long ago migrated their 084 and 087 lines over to the matching 034 or 037 number or to some other 01, 02, 033 or 080 number.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your comment. I believe they do also have a geographical phone number (0333 313 7760): any calls made to this phone number should be included in your monthly allowances. As you say, the other phone number they list (0845 225 2505) will incur additional charges (an access charge from your network and then a service charge from TPO).

  56. Mark said:

    I too have suffered the same issues as Mike i.e. the speech quality is very poor in both directions on around 60% of calls despite the signal showing as strong. It really was difficult to understand each other, I inserted an EE SIM to see if I could replicate the problem, I could not it was much better with the EE SIM! Additionally, the App that I use to record important calls does not play these back at the correct speed and even when speeded up they are practically undecipherable!

    I tried to contact TPO today, it took me six attempts and over 90 minutes of credit used up, even worse, the issues I wanted a resolution for were not forthcoming such as being charged for calls despite not having used all my Bundle minutes!

    See above, plus when Bundle minutes are used you cannot Top Up your existing Bundle, you have to wait until it ends, instead you have to add credit where calls are then charged at a higher rate!

    At this point I really cannot recommend the TPO network and will be leaving them very soon, sorry TPO, but you need to improve drastically or you’ll never make a profit and be able to give to the Charity of my choioce which is why I joined you in the first place!

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Mark,

      We are sorry to hear you are having trouble with our network. We would love the opportunity to look into this, in the hopes we are able to remedy the situation. Could you please email (with your TPO number and full name) and we will have a member of the Customer Care Team investigate this further.


      The TPO Team – *C

  57. Mike said:

    I used TPO network for 2 months earlier this year. They state they use the EE network but both my iphones and a 6 month old nokia candy bar phone all showed the Tmobile network when I inserted the TPO sim. This seemed to impact the speech quality and on some calls although the signal was strong I could not understand what the other person was saying. I one point I thought my iphone was faulty. The amount of calls/text/internet provided for monthly cost was generous on PAYG.
    However due to the speech quality issue I cannot recommend the TPO network and have returned to the 3 network and have no speech quality issues.

  58. P harris said:

    Can someone please tell me how to connect to the Internet
    Got a paym sim only can make phone calls send text send mms
    But try as I may I cannot get internet have tried everything 😡

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi there,
      Have you installed the APN settings for The People’s Operator? You’ll normally need to do this manually before you’re able to access the internet on their network. You can follow the instructions here if you’d like to learn how to do this.
      Hope this helps,

  59. Philip Quinton said:

    I signed up for a pay monthly TPO service many months ago – account # 2551323 in case you’re reading this TPO – and was sent a SIM card that connected me to a Pay As You Go account, which was no good to me. I binned it, cancelled my direct debit and e-mailed TPO to let them know that their services were no longer required. I signed up to Three instead. More expensive but better service.

    Every month since then I have received an invoice from TPO requesting payment. Every month I have replied explaining the situation – that I am NOT a TPO customer and have never used their service – and therefore didn’t owe them a penny.

    Every one of these e-mails has been ignored. Today I received an e-mail demanding payment and threatening to suspend my account (please do!) and pass my details on to a debt collection agency.

    For a faulty SIM card, an account that I have NEVER used and non-existent customer service!
    Cheap for a reason, people. Give ’em a wide berth.

    Got anything to say TPO?

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hi Philip,

      Thanks for your message – I understand our escalations team has resolved this for you.

      Sorry your experience wasn’t as expected, clearly not ideal and not what we’re aiming for. We’ve already taken action to improve the service based on your feedback.

      The incorrect SIM seems like it was down to human error. Since your original order a few months ago we’ve automated several processes – which hopefully means this type of error won’t happen again.

      In the last few months we’ve been making changes to the way emails are handled, preventing missed communications. Sorry your emails were missed – improving email response times is a top priority for the Customer Care Team.

      I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to comment. It has given us a chance to rectify things for you and make improvements to our processes, plus given us a chance to respond.

      If you’d like to contact me or my team please drop me a line at

      Claire @ The TPO Team

  60. derek said:

    I have read all what other people have wrote about t.p.o and after that I could not make up my mind but they were doing the better deals so on the 1st of October I applied for a sim card the card came 2 days later went to activate the sim had no trouble with that phoned up customer service to change my number got through in about 5mins told me it would be changed by 4oclock it before I have phoned up customer service 5 time since I went over to them the I waited was 10mins which is very good I am glad I went over to t.p.o. very good

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hey Derek,

      Glad to hear that you are happy with us and we love that you have joined us in the end!


      The TPO Team – *C

  61. Giorgio said:

    So, I have ordered my sim card from TPO on the 7th of september.
    On the 29th, still no sim card.
    I sent them email, used their online form, tried the (non working) web chat on their site.

    I had to call their customer service (not for free) and let them know I hadn-t still received the simcard.

    Today, after just few days, here is my brand new TPO simcard.

    So, I want to activate it…I go to the website and, surprise-surprise, I need to know what is my TPO number in order to do that!

    Well, problem is…I have no clue what my number is. It is not written anywhere, probably because this is a replacement sim card?

    Now, I should call them again (for a price) and ask them what to do…oh, wait…I guess I am fed up already. I will just cancel my contract. I have just wasted £2.99 for nothing.

    thanks, ethical operator.

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Giorgio,

      We are terribly sorry to hear of the issues you have faced. If you would allow us to, we would love the opportunity to fix this. Please do email with details of the issue including: TPO Number, Full Name and Address. Please quote the reference: KTT-CB


      The TPO Team – *C

      1. Giorgio replied:

        Thanks for your reply.
        I phones the customer service again. After a long call with an operator who seemed not to understand what was the issue at first and had to talk (twice!) with her manager, they agreed on full refund.

        I am disappointed and although the idea of giving part of the profit to NGOs, I have read that TPO is actually making loss, not profit.

        Is that correct? How much did you actually donate to NGOs up to today?

    2. Leo replied:

      I had exactly the same experience. Sim didn’t arrive, after a lot of chasing they sent a ‘replacement’ with no literature whatsoever – I couldn’t activate it because I didn’t know the number. Haven’t had so much as a welcome letter from them, haven’t been sent any details on the service, T&C’s, nothing.

      Customer service is slow to non-existent and they are rude.

      The limits TPO quote for calls/texts/data are absolute – you can’t go over them. I used up my data half way through the month and had to wait two weeks before being able to use data again – basically rendering my phone useless for my needs.

      The signal coverage is average at best and I too have experienced poor call quality. In addition, I commonly have to restart my phone to get data e.g. no whatsapp messages come through unless I restart the phone to manually refresh.

      The idea behind TPO is a good one but at the moment, their delivery is terrible.

  62. Nasra Parveen said:

    TPO has to be the worst network I have ever connected with, which is saying something because I have, at one time or another, been with all of them. They were so bad I couldn’t even get through one month. I had no connectivity and no data signal anywhere. I disconnected within 12 days.
    Now I have to deal with them spamming me with thrice daily text messages, reminding me to top up, or marketing messages. I am not even with them any more. I telephone every day, send them Facebook messages, Twitter messages asking them to remove my details but no dice. I burned that SIM to try and exorcise them from my life but no avail.
    I wonder why TPO has a call centre. It’s literally a bunch of people who answer phones only to do absolutely nothing with the information you give them. Can I get a job with you guys? I am pretty sure I can get real good at doing absolutely nothing. Look, here, I’ll show you… “oh my goodness, I am terribly sorry to hear that. Please, let me look into that for you and I’ll call you right back.” Click… puts feet up, begins playing Candy Crush.

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Nasra,

      We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with the network. Please be assured that your case is being looked into as we speak.

      The Customer Care Team look to resolve this matter shortly.


      The TPO Team – *C

  63. Matt Parsons said:

    Awful service. Cant receive calls or texts but I can make calls to my ported in number! Cant get through to ThePeoplesOperator to see whats going on.


    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Matt,

      Sorry to hear you are having problems with the network. If you could please send an email to with details of the issue including: TPO Number, Full Name and Address. Please quote the reference: KTT-CB

      Our Customer Care Team will look into this and respond to you as a matter of urgency.


      The TPO Team – *C

      1. Nasra Parveen replied:

        Yeah, don’t bother with that Matt. No one will ever get back to you. Oh wait, sorry… my bad. Someone will get back to you to express how terribly sorry they feel about what’s going on. But they won’t actually sort anything out.

  64. Ethos Evoss said:

    Hello tpo
    I’d like to ask when you will already bring 4G ? I think you never will because EE won’t let you same like EE won’t let virgin media ☺ otherwise EE would go ballistic…
    Also, I really need an app for android where I can see my remaining allowances…

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Ethos,

      We are hoping to get 4G on our network soon!

      In terms of an app, it is very much on our roadmap for future releases but we do not have an estimated date of arrival yet!

      The TPO Team – *C

  65. Brian said:

    Just signed up with TPO for my son. The £4.99 a month contract offers 250 minutes, 250 texts and 250MB data. Importantly though, it does not allow the 250MB data allowance to be exceeded (i.e. it is capped), so there can be no nasty surprises when the bill comes (other than my son exceeding calls and texts). I also looked at Giff Gaff and they seemed to offer much less for the same money.

    The thing that drew me to TPO, other than the value for money contract and automatic data capping, was the call charges. If my son does make additional calls or send additional texts then it will be charged at a fraction of what many of the other providers charge.

    I am a little concerned after reading all the comments about poor customer service, but my call to their 0845 number was answered instantly and the chap who took my order was polite and helpful.

    HOWEVER, I won’t get the SIM for 3 days so I cannot say if things will go smoothly once the SIM is in the phone. If I get any issues with the SIM or service then I’ll re-post to make sure my comments are properly balanced. This review is just based on the cheap deals / call charges and the good experience I had ordering the SIM.

  66. Mark said:

    Live chat from 10-4 weekdays really..???? I am in France NOW and have no network coverage after being assured I would NOT HAPPY.COM how can I call your customer service if I have no network and your online help says we will reply in 72 hours TUT TUT you need to sort customer service out NO CUSTOMERS NO MORE TPO

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Mark,

      So sorry to hear you are having issues whilst abroad, did you speak to us about activating these settings before leaving the country?

      In terms of the issue at hand, has this now been resolved?

      If you are still having problems with International Roaming please do email with the following information:

      Full Name
      Email Address
      TPO Number


      The TPO Team – *C

  67. Gavin said:

    I cannot comment on the quality of TPO, but I can say they seem to be the cheapest network for 4Gig of data, with plenty of text and calls. The next comparator I would say is ID Mobile which is £12 for 3Gig of data and again plenty of minutes and texts. So you get 1 Gig more data with TPO for the same price. I will be ordering a SIM when my contract is up.

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Gavin,

      That’s great to hear! If you have any questions at all, please do email us at we will gladly assist.


      The TPO Team – *C

  68. Ann-Marie said:


    I ordered a pay monthly, sim only The Peoples Operator contract online which was delivered quite quickly.

    However, since 3/8/2015 I have had nothing but problems which it seems they can’t resolve. I can’t make or receive calls; My voicemail is being directed elsewhere (lets hope its not too important) and the internet is not working.

    I have made so many calls I’m frustrated, every operator asks me the same questions and it seems nothing is noted and I keep hearing empty promises to call me – 3 weeks later still not 1 phone call from TPO.

    I’m normally calm but they have almost turned me into a mad woman. I have taken out a contract with another network provider which is working fine and I will be taking TPO to court.

    I had to share this as I really don’t want anyone else experiencing the constant frustration I have felt with TPO.

    Choose wisely.

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Anne-Marie,

      We are really sorry to hear of the experience you have had with us. This is unlike us and we would really like the opportunity to rectify this.

      If you could please email us with further details to, a Senior Member of our Customer Care Team will look into this. Please do provide us with your full name, email address, TPO Number and contact telephone number (if it differs from the former).


      The TPO Team – *C

      1. Ann-Marie replied:

        A RESPONSE????

        I will definitely keep the public posted with the outcome.

    2. Fiona replied:

      I had the same problem when I got a new phone and transferred the sim – I did a reset and it now works perfectly – I have been with TPO for 0ver a year and have not had any problems other than this. I recommend it to all my friends

  69. Doug Borland said:

    The tariffs are a good deal and as long as you don’t have to use their customer service then you would probably be happy. However, if you ever need to use customer service (you will) then you will soon realize just what a shambolic operation they are running. Firstly, you are likely to be on hold for quite some time (this does seem to be improving though). The person that you speak to won’t be the right person to deal with your needs but rather than transfer you they will get somebody to call you back (good luck). I’ve emailed the support email to ask which charity I had registered at sign up as I couldn’t remember – no response.

    If you ever need to use your phone abroad then be prepared to sign away hours of your time to get nowhere.

    – £50 deposit that you will supposedly get back in 6 months time – Done
    – 3 months worth of bank statements sent to an email alias – Done

    I’ve now been stuck in Turkey for over a week and roaming still not enabled. I’ve emailed the roaming@ email address that I asked to send my statements to – no response or acknowledgement even though this was days ago. Over the last 5 days I’ve continuously updated the support ticket that was opened to track my roaming request- no response or acknowledgement. In frustration I purchased skype credit so that I could call customer service. The rep was polite and apologetic and said he could see all of my emails and couldn’t understand why somebody hadn’t responded. He went away to speak to his manager to check that he could enable roaming. Unfortunately, poor internet connection meant I was dropped and rather than calling back and having to go on hold all over again, I assumed I would get an update via the support ticket – I was very sadly mistaken – that was yesterday and still no update or no roaming. The People’s Operator is the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with – they shouldn’t be allowed to operate anything. I will be requesting a PAC so that I can move to a proper operator and I fully expect that to be another display of incompetence.

    I strongly urge you to think twice before signing up with TPO

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Doug,

      We are really sorry to hear of the experience you have had with us. This is unlike us and we would really like the opportunity to rectify this.

      If you could please email us with further details to, a Senior Member of our Customer Care Team will look into this. Please do provide us with your full name, email address, TPO Number and contact telephone number (if it differs from the former).


      The TPO Team – *C

  70. Mike said:

    I have been using TPO for two months. Please beware that although they state they use the EE network they actually use the old Tmobile network. When I put the TPO sim card in an iphone and an older nokia the operator is always shown as T mobile. This impacts the network coverage and speech quality.

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Mike,

      TPO is on the EE network, TMobile and Orange no longer exist separately. Older devices may display Orange or TMobile from time to time but this is a function of the software in the handset.

      If you have any other concerns please do let us know.


      The TPO Team – *C

    2. Ethos Evoss replied:

      For me, it says EE on the handset.

  71. BillBX said:

    Hello, do I have to be concerned regarding ‘setting up internet and MMS’?
    When I have previously changed providers I have never had to concern myself with any such settings. Can anyone advise?
    I have also read all of the comments concerning TPO and it seems to me that, as with other review sites, if you read enough of them you’ll get ample for/against judgements.
    Perhaps the fact that TPO are a relatively new and small enterprise means that they are still learning to some degree.
    It could also be that some folk are overly suspicious of something different. While it’s good to be cautious it’s also good to be patient.
    Finally, if all is as good as some say then that’s OK but if it is too troublesome then that’s OK too as it’s only a one month contract

  72. Rebekah said:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering whether to switch over to this network as I am with Tesco Mobile at the minute and getting scammed left right and centre!!! (No one go with them). Do you have to pay VAT on your contract? So is the monthly cost more then what your stating because of VAT?


    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Rebekah,
      Thanks for your comment! In response to the two questions you asked:
      1) It’s super easy to move your phone number from Tesco to TPO. Take a look at the page here for more information.
      2) As with all other networks, you’ll need to pay VAT on your TPO bill. The prices they advertise are however inclusive of VAT. So if it’s advertised as £10/month on their website, that’s actually how much you pay to TPO.
      Hope this helps!

  73. Gaz said:

    Will TPO SIM cards work in EE locked mobile phone?

    1. Thegent77_ replied:

      Hi Gaz

      yes it will 🙂

      All my phones was on ether EE – T-Mobile – Orange, I didn’t have a issues


    2. The People's Operator replied:

      Hey Gaz,

      We always suggest that you test out one of our FREE Pay as you go SIM above ( it even has £10 free credit on there.

      This way you can give it a try first without any disappointment!


      The TPO Team – *C

  74. Andrew Watson said:

    I tried to sign up today but their system would not take my sort code. I called and was patronised with questions such as; did you put your name in correctly; do you have your correct bank details. Yes and yes.

    I was then pointed to a secondary process for signing up. Why would they have a secondary process if the primary process was robust? I started the secondary process (filling out a form) only to discover that I would have to send them a copy of my bank statement. Why?

    I would note that I have an excellent credit history and I know my sort code.

    In the end I could not be bothered with the grief and subscribed to another service. It was £2 a month more expensive but their system accepted my details with no issues.

    Poor customer service but good pricing is on offer- if only you can sign up for it.

    1. Dennis replied:

      I had the same trouble when I first filled in the form. I put my sort code 222222 and it didn’t work, but then I put 22-22-22 like it is printed on my card and this seemed to work fine. I hope this is of help to somebody.

      1. Andrew Watson replied:

        Tried that, also tried spaces. No joy.

  75. Vandi Ngobeh said:

    I have read some of the comments on this website and i can honestly say I’ve had no issues with TPO. I am with o2 as well on a two year contract which expires in may 2016 (cannot wait). I never get coverage when I’m indoors with 02 but its the opposite with TPO. Great coverage indoors and outdoors and you can never go wrong with their offers. However, its a little bit hard to set the internet up but with help from customer service I’ve had no problems ever since.

    With regards to customer service, it takes a little bit long to get through but so with the likes of 02, Vodafone etc. I got put through to this lovely lady today and was on the phone for over 20 mins. She was so polite, well mannered, listened and only spoke after you finish speaking. Above all, she was very informative. What more can you ask for? For me, great customer service.

    Someone (wasif) said they’ve had issues with tethering. I have shared my internet connection with my macbook and other phone (02) from day one and i’ve had no problems. So please check your settings.

    To sum everything up, this is the best deal i have ever got with regards to mobile phone tariffs. There is no way i will ever go back to a 2 yearly contract. 4g no 4g, my internet is fast enough than having to cough up £40 a month with no coverage from 02. Im very happy with the service I’m getting right now. Thank you TPO

  76. Wasif said:

    I joined TPO because of the fact that their minutes and Data looks so delicious. I mean, £12 for 1000 minutes and 4GB data? (and Unlimited text but who cares 😛 ) That is a great offer!

    Two huge problems I have already encountered are the following:

    There is no easy way to check how many minutes/data you have left. For other networks its a simple as calling a number like 191 (vodafone) This is like saying “you have 100 coins to use over 30 days…..but we don’t let you see how many coins you have left”. This isn’t a lottery, TPO need this feature badly as it is what separates the reliable Titan companies from smaller ones like TPO. Closing this gap makes you look FAR more professional and reliable.

    The other one is tethering. I got the sim for its awesome 4GB but TPO will NOT let me use my phone as a tether? Why not guys? D:
    Data is Data and by allowing tethering, you make it far more appealing to customers in the long run. 4GB data should be mine to use on any device I like and if I do not have that option then I, like many others perhaps, will have to reconsider staying with TPO.

    In summary, amazing value for money so people may try a month or two but without the above 2 improvements, TPO is preventing itself from making the leap into becoming a network with thousands of satisfied customers who will remain with TPO for the years and years to come. Without tethering and easy balance checks, TPO remains a 1 month trial network and not something to commit to.

  77. Brannen said:

    my experience with this virtual network is not good .
    I have a blackberry 10 .
    the sim is NOT compatible and will not receive data , is only 2G/3G voice only .
    Costumer service advised that I need to pay extra to receive Blackberry services . AS any person working within the Mobile Telephony industry should know , This is not the case on the blackberry 10 platform .
    Pre-paid one month on the 16th July and informed them to cancel after this pre-paid month voice is used and the direct debit was cancelled.
    BUT THEY blocked calls to and from my mobile on the 2nd August just after 17 days use of voice calls , without any notification , I can only assume that they attempted to take money via direct debit , contrary to my instructions , that I withdraw my consent for them to access my bank account .
    in conclusion , from my experience , this is a dishonest , incompetent Company .
    footnote : definition : virtual reality – NOT REAL

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Brannen,
      Sorry to hear about your problems using TPO. I’ll leave them to respond to your comments directly but one small thing regarding BlackBerry internet.
      Firstly, you’re right in saying that BlackBerry 10 devices do not require a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) subscription. So they definitely shouldn’t have tried selling this service additionally to you.
      Secondly, I was just wondering if they asked you to look at the APN and internet settings? Often, this is why your phone will be unable to connect to the internet (you need to input the information through Settings > Network Connections > Mobile Network > APN).

      1. Brannen replied:

        The settings that were supplied by this company were entered , so now the customer service operator decides that the problem is the coverage area shows a very poor coverage , chesk on EE coverage map , the area is shown as 4G/3G .
        So I reiterate , this company is incompetent and dishonest .
        I agree with the post below , avoid at all cost

        1. The People's Operator replied:

          Hey Brannen,

          We have had a look into your account and we can see you requested your account to be cancelled on the 17th of July. The closing of your account was processed and finalised on the 31st of this month.

          Rest assured we have not attempted to take any direct debits from yourself and the only payment received was your initial payment at sign up.

          In terms of Blackberry Services, we do have a bolt-on that we provide to customers which does have to be paid for. However, Blackberry’s using BB10 do not need this bolt-on. Thanks, we will pass this on to the customer care team.

          We always recommend that our customers use our own coverage checker: After looking into this further, it does seem you are on the cusp of a low coverage area which could be the reason for your intermittent service.

          If you have any other questions please email


          The TPO Team – *C

          1. brannen replied:

            as previously stated , the EE network coverage checker shows this area to be 4G and 3G so as you claim your coverage is on the “cusp” of a low coverage area , I can only assume that you do not use all of the EE network . ( selective mast transmission , not sure how this works ?)
            as to the cancellation on the 17th July. a prepayment for one months service should expire on the 16th August and not on the 31st July ( throwing toys out of the pram perhaps ? )
            I will also point out that I send an email to your company regarding this matter , but this was ignored , hence my posting on this site .
            I will not waste more time over this matter or with this company and I will be most surprised if the company is not in liquidation before the end of this decade .

  78. Julia marban said:

    I have been trying to cancel my contract with this company for 1 week . I have called every day and been left on hold for 30 mins . I actually don’t believe that any one works in customer services for TPO .i have emailed and contact us messaged twice but no one has even acknowledged me . They’re quick to take your money when you sign up but try cancelling ! Avoid at all costs

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Julia,

      Sorry to hear you were having trouble’s cancelling!

      We can see from your account that this has now been done – glad to see we could resolve things in the end.

      We are sad to see you go, but hopefully we can welcome you back in the future.

      The TPO Team – *C

  79. Watching the Wonga said:

    I wasn’t sure about switching as i had been with 02 for 10 years as i always have had good deals with 02; They would always seem to adjust my contract to suit me which i was happy with. But this time they did not want to know nor did they really care that i could get a better deal via TPO. When i told them the deal i could get this woman at 02 basically said “well do they offer good customer support & do they have this or that. To which i responded it’s not what they have it’s what they are offering.

    I decided to give TPO a shot reluctantly but to be honest ive been quite impressed the network coverage has been a bit lame at some times but for the price of the deals and amount of coverage i’m getting at the moment i’m happy with my move and deal. Plus with it being a rolling contract you get move whenever you decide your not happy or if you want to move on again.

    To sum up
    Good deals good coverage ( North West ) pretty impressed give it a shot.

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Watching the Wonga (cool name by the way),

      We are so glad to hear you are loving our service!

      Feedback of any kind is beneficial to us in more ways then you know. If you would like to send us further comments and spread some goodness please do email and we may even pop you on our Customer Testimonials Page:

      Thank you again 🙂

      The TPO Team – *C

  80. Keith Parkins said:

    Three mobile phone network are dire, Indian call centre, but this outfit looks even worse.

    I am only aware due to a tweet from Paulo Coleho, and link went nowhere other than a sign in page.

    Sign in via facebook is very bad as more personal data for facebook to abuse.

    Three network on PAYG offer 2GB for £5. But data rate so slow more exciting watching paint dry.

    2G, forget about. 3G yes but why no 4G?

    Not able to use data through laptop or on tablet completely unacceptable. You have paid for data , data is data, it should be used how the user decides.

    10% to charity is a gimmick, and 25% to charity when no profits made is also meaningless. Are we on Starbucks model, cook the books, no profit, no tax?

    This is not a social enterprise, it is a business with a gimmick.

    For a social enterprise for an ethical telecom, then look to The Phone Co-op, which is a user owned co-op, supporting social enterprises.

    It would be useful a comparison table comparing the two.

    Mobile phone networks spend huge amount on advertising, which clearly we all pay for. And we get ripped off big time through contracts.

    A phone company with no advertising, organic growth by word of mouth, a social network that does not abuse our personal data, now that would be great.

    Or at least they claim no advertising. I am getting ads for them thrust in my face on facebook.

    But why not do it properly? Turn it into an open co-op, sign up, you become a member, you decide how the profits will be shared?

    Labour Party a progressive organisation? Is that intended as a sick joke? SNP, Green Party, maybe, Labour Party no way. We only have to look at the Labour Party Establishment crawling out of the woodwork to attack Jeremy Corbyn to see Labour Party anything but progressive. Simply a faction of the establishment wanting their turn at the Top Table. If Jeremy Corbyn elected leader, then hopefully change.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hey Keith,
      Thanks for this – lots of really well thought-out comments in your message! A few things to add:
      – The social network you mention in your message is the TPO platform (found at I haven’t actually tried the social network myself (will be super interesting to see whether it takes off!)
      – When you talk about 2GB of data for £5/month, are you talking about Three or TPO? I wasn’t able to find the deal you’re talking about! TPO has 2G and 3G connectivity (no 4G connectivity at present) whereas Three has only 3G & 4G coverage (nothing on 2G).
      – You’re right to bring up the point that TPO is actually a for-profit company with shareholders. This isn’t necessarily a problem in itself (private companies can still do a lot of good) but people should be aware of this fact and how TPO differs from something like the Co-operative Mobile.

  81. Sean said:

    I was a bit cautious to make the switch but as it was for my sons iphone4 on orange, tyere should be no noticable change. I bit the bullet and went away from reliability of 10+ yrs with them. Ordered the sim, arrived in 3 days, got a pac code ffrom orange and waited 3 weeks for the orange payment to run out. Popped the tpo sim in, activated it, live 15 mins later and then called tpo. 4 mins waiting for an answere and 3 mins on the call. Switch over of number complete within 3 ddays as promised and all up and running. No complaint so far and will only complain if I really need to. I’m at the end of my £40pm EE 4g contract in 2 weeks time and seriously considering going sim only for less than half the current tariff and just waiting until tpo go to 4g. I use very little data despite having 4gb on my contract. Can I put up with 3g ? I have 30 days to find out I guess. Or do I upgrade my galaxy s4 and lock in at the same price I’m paying now for anotyer 2 yrs.. its a no brainer I think. If tpo doesn’t work for me tyere are plenty of sim only deals out there. In summary, no issues at all so far and a 2nd switch on the cards imminently… one question … does anyone know if and when tpo are going to 4g ?

    1. The People's Operator replied:


      We should be getting 4G just after the summer, however our 3G is super fast too 🙂

      I hope this helps with your decision!


      The TPO Team.

      1. Dan replied:

        It is now after the summer. Any joy?

  82. Amir said:

    Hi would this be ok for a 2g cheap phone i like the fact that its 5p 3p half the price of giffgaff but after reading these comments and you can’t even check your balance by just texting a number or going online then i think thats pretty poor!

    Think we’ll stay with asda mobile! Might be more but at least customer services answer the phone. Same with sainsburys mobile excellent customer services and just for a few pence more on the cost and easier to top up can do phone online or asda or sainsburys store

    Keep up the good work ken love this site

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Amir,
      Thanks for your comment 🙂 The People’s Operator should indeed work fine on a 2G-only smartphone. To check your Pay As You Go balance, you can send a blank text message to 1250.
      Hope this helps,

  83. steve said:

    EVerything was going ok until I tried to contact them regarding International roaming as I was going on holiday. Tried for a few days until I eventually got through the day before left. I was told that because I had only been with them for 3 months that I would have to send 3 months of bank statements and a £50 deposit which I would be reimbursed for after six months. This was not a practical option at such short notice. These details should be made aware to potential customers who then can decide whether they would like to be able to use there phone on holiday or deal with a different supplier who actually can provide International roaming with juat one phone call !!!

    1. Keith Parkins replied:

      They do make this clear on their website (you may have missed it).

      Best option, do not take your phone.

      I never do, and never miss it.

      If I need to make a call, I use hotel phone or skype.

      If I was away for several weeks, and often are, and would need to use mobile, I would have unlocked phone and local sim.

      But I agree, having to give £50 and three bank statements it totally unreasonable.

  84. Gio said:

    Took 5 mins to work out mobile settings.
    11.99 mnth for 4gig of data,, 1000 mins and unlimited txts.
    Unbeliveable value, other firms are ripping you right off. No problems as yet, on the ee network so dont expect any.
    Did i say great value?

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      You didn’t but it was definitely inferred! We are really glad you are enjoying our network and home that you still are 🙂

      We would love to hear more in-depth feedback, if you could please email any thoughts good or bad to that would be fantastic!


      The TPO Team.

  85. Sadie said:

    Run from these people!

    Only if you enjoy being ignored, ripped off and dismissed shall you join this network

    1. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello Sadie,

      I’m very sorry to hear that you are having issues with our network!

      We would love it if you would allow us to remedy the situation.

      if you could email us at with your full name, email address, TPO Number and contact telephone number (if it differs from the former).

      Please be assured we will try our best to fix the situation as soon as possible.


      The TPO Team.

  86. frustrated said:

    I signed with TPO a year ago. I have a monthly contract data SIM card for tablet
    My account never worked. I spoke with TPO over the phone and on chat to no avail.
    The SIM worked well all this months. There was one month that I used all the data before the month was over and was not able to top it up, so had to wait until the beginning of the following month to have data on my ipad SIM again.
    However, from the 15th June, I have not have any data on my SIM – the ipad simply says not network available. This happens in places where I previously accessed internet using the SIM card. I received no notification about what was happening.
    I tried calling TPO to know what was going on their 0845 and 0333 and the call ends automatically before you are connected to anyone. This happened systematically and I called them within office hours.
    I emailed them on their help@… email address. I emailed them on the 15th June. So far have not had any reply. I sent a message via their website. Still waiting for reply.
    Every time that I checked the website there was no chat button, so I am assuming this facility is no longer available.
    I gave them 72 hours to reply back to me, otherwise I am going to cancel the direct debit and if they are not happy, they will have to contact me.
    I am now looking for a reliable replacement for TPO.
    I do not recommend them.

    1. Thegent77_ replied:


      I found the same

      “I tried calling TPO to know what was going on their 0845 and 0333 and the call ends automatically before you are connected to anyone. This happened systematically and I called them within office hours.”

      Have to the next day all was fine for me, no it not the best but then from I have seen its a very new company compared to EE / O2 and alike..

      Don’t give up just yet the best way for me was to DM then on Twitter

      (I don’t work nor do I have anything to gain for my reply just that iv had issues but still happy in the end and will stay at TPO.

      all the best


    2. The People's Operator replied:

      Hello there,

      I am terribly sorry to hear of all the issues you are facing. This is very unlike us and would like to profusely apologies at this stage!

      We would love the opportunity to rectify the matter and would appreciate it if you could email us at with your full name, email address, TPO Number and contact telephone number (if it difference from the former).

      Please be assured that we will do our level best to correct the situation,


      The TPO Team.

  87. Thegent77_ said:

    Have to say I have been very happy with the service iv have from TPO.

    3 days my sim arrived and one to transfer my number so very happy

    I have now moved all my family 4 total to TPO, from EE

    my only issue is I can no longer use personal hotspot 🙁 but still a amazing

  88. R Oliver said:

    This network is a load of rubbish never had so much hassle in all my life. I ordered a SIM it came i registered it and receive an email thanking me for doing so but a week later the sim still says it is not active and I can’t therefore use it. I have tried to call numerous times I have emailed their help email and their complaints twice to each email and still no reply.

    1. Billy replied:

      I find the network ok, customer service busy due to lack of personal however I do know they getting a lot more operators to improve the service. Suggest you call early to get the sim activates, after that you shouldn’t face many issue with them

  89. Khala Bandur said:

    TPO are a complete waste of time, don’t let the high data allowances fool you into joining as they did with me. Takes forever to get through to customer services and it’s always the same rude person who answers! Internet settings don’t work, and when they can’t fix it they just blame the phone! Also it seems you have to call customer services every time you want to know how much allowance you have got left so more time wasted trying to get through to them. Asked to cancel contract and send sim card back but they still charged me for the full month! Can’t see a ‘network’ like this lasting long!

  90. nad said:

    I think the TPO may doing some scam as last 6 weeks I am trying to contact them on 0333 313 7760 BUT they never pickup , my mobile internet services never work and I try all recommended App and Data setting , I try to contact them online chat but its not responding either I think this company is bankrupt and I will now trying to cancel there DD as I am using there monthly plan.
    I never now recommended this company to others at all as they don’t have any kind of customer service at all just using charity trick to get customers in.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Nad,
      Sorry to hear about your problems getting through to TPO. I’m surprised they haven’t been picking up the phone: have you tried also calling the Customer Services number (500) from your TPO mobile? Otherwise, you can make a complaint in writing about their customer services via this page.

  91. Olly said:

    Very bad experience of TPO from me.

    Loved the idea that they donate to charity so I gave them the benefit of the doubt when they were a bit shaky at the beginning..

    When you call customer services you don’t get through to someone who can help. Instead an operator takes a message and then tells you that someone will call you back. Except they NEVER call you back. I end up spending my life chasing them up every time and they keep promising to get back to me..

    I’ve spent over the odds in topping up credit because it seems to run out so fast and nobody can tell me why and the bundles I try to activate don’t seem to work.

    I doubt they’ll be around for long..

  92. PJ said:

    I don’t receive any kind of notification at all if someone has left a voicemail. I have to keep randomly checking to see if I have any messages. Is this normal or should I receive a message when a voicemail has been left?

  93. Avoid TPO said:

    If you’re thinking of switching to TPO, don’t. I have been waiting for over one month now to receive a SIM card from them. When, after a week of waiting, I had not yet received it, I sent them an email twice and never got a reply. I therefore called them, and I was told that they didn’t have my flat number for some strange reason. They then re-sent the SIM card but to the wrong flat number. And when I finally got it it turned out that they had sent me a replacement SIM, therefore with no number assigned. So I had to call them yet again (long waiting times every time!). I was then told that it would get activated within a few hours. A few days later it still hadn’t been activated. I therefore called them again, and I was told that they’d have to send me a new SIM, and that they’d do so as next day delivery. That never happened. They sent it as normal delivery, and even their email confirming the dispatch was totally confusing (subject line said “next day delivery”, but body copy said “five day delivery”). I have now been waiting for over a month to receive my SIM card and have given up on TPO. I have now ordered a SIM with Giffgaff, heard very good things about them from several friends of mine.
    Avoid the frustrations I have gone through, avoid TPO!

    1. Dola T replied:

      I looked at previous reviews on here so really wasn’t sure about TPO and I had been with Giff Gaff for years with no plans on changing but a friend of my mentioned I should check out TPO and that they donate some of your monthly bill to charity which I thought was lovely.
      I have just changed to TPO’s, £3.99 a month for 2 months and then the deals goes up to £14.99 a month. I’m getting 6GB of data and unlimited texts and minutes which personally is amazing and definitively the best data SIM only deal I found there and so far had no problems!

  94. Bart said:

    What a waste of space this TPO is.
    Pac was deliver 7 days ago and still nothing. People who normally would contact me on my old number cannot get to me as my old number is processed by EE.

    Support is uselless in this matter. No internet connection even though settings was downloaded and i did went through settings with support.

    TPO is waste of space but what you expect from noobs who’s renting EE and sellling without knowledge what they doing.

    Number which was active for last 5+ years now is dead thanks to TPO.

    Thanks for that you Noobs

  95. mr willis said:

    I want to know where my sim is as it has been six days

  96. kaay said:

    hi there
    i am new to TPO, i am pay as you go customer, my question is how do i top up after the £10.50 runs out? do i use EE voucher? this afternoon i went to my local shop and asked for £20.00 top up on TPO and the operator couldn’t find TPO and i ended up buying EE voucher as i thought it runs on EE but when i tried to top up it would not let me to do it.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Kaay,
      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, you can’t use an EE top-up voucher on The People’s Operator: it needs to be a voucher from TPO themselves. The easiest thing to do would be to top-up via TPO’s website. You could also top-up at a Payzone or PayPoint location (there’s more information on how you can do this at TPO’s website).
      Hope this helps,

  97. frustrated customer said:

    Had no problem porting over but that’s where the good experience ends. Customer service rude and least bothered to even listen.

    Dodgy policies when it comes to billing and they don’t make it clear. It’s probably buried somewhere in the small print but billing is per calendar month. So if you signup to an introductory deal eg first 2 months at £5 like they have on at the moment…if you sign up end of the month say 29/30th – in a couple of days your first discounted month is gone!!

    So essentially u get a month and two days discounted instead of full 2 months. Obviously this is blatant rip off – purposely deceiving.

    Hate when companies do that – unfair policies to benefit them never the customer. T mobile does same when porting out they would charge full prices on the day u port out so like £3 an MB for data and £2 for few minutes of call…then they charge a penalties where they do not apply like porting out of contract..if u asked u can have it back after like 45 min of call otherwise they just get away with rippig off customers..

    Rant over!

    1. Alexia replied:

      The guy I spoke with was nice and very helpful. I got quick replies via online chat and when calling didn’t wait for long. When I asked about my bill, he explained that I would get the full months as well as those extra days to the end of the month for the offer I signed up to which was 2 months £4.25 even if I signed up on the 27th of the month…

      I think their deals are great value for money and they offer great service. I love the fact that my 10% goes to dogs trust every month, at least i know i make a dfference with my phone.

      Also, I gave them by PAC code on monday and my number was transfer by Wednesday as they stated. So far everything has been fine – very pleased. Highly recommended!!

      1. Rob replied:

        Do you work for TPO, Alexia?! Your comments seem to be contrary to what everyone else here is saying!!!

  98. Angel said:

    TPO is a great mobile network provider- the signal quality is great as they use the ee network. The £14.99 deal is great value ( unlimited mins, texts and 3gb of data) and i’ve had a straightforward experience with them. Customer service very helpful! Anyone looking for good value, good service and ease of use, i’d def recommend them!

  99. Iain Campbell said:

    I just started with TPO and gotta say very easy transfer. Had to call to give them my PAC code….3 mins and done!
    They set my internet settings up wrongly to PAYG. Entered te details myself using a PDF file on their website and BINGO….sorted.

    Coverage is EXACTLY the same as Orage/EE so i highly recommend them!

  100. lolly said:

    Difficult to activate sim. Near impossible to enable internet settings.
    Then internet allowance was changed and I couldnt even read email or browse. Took 3 weeks to transfer phone number via pac code.
    Everytime I called (weekly) I got same operater after a very long wait. Sometimes there was no answer.
    Shame as they seem great on paper.

  101. Robert said:

    Well balanced article.

    When something is too good to be true ….

    TPO may have reached a wholesale deal with EE to use that network, but these guys are going nowhere.


  102. Dissapointed said:

    Avoid these clowns. Whatever you do, do not port your number over to them. You could lose your number like I did. This is really not worth the risk. Also, just try calling the customer care number. Average of 20 mins to get through. Just remember this is what you will need to do if you have any issues.

  103. Adie said:

    “* The unlimited data has a fair usage policy. Previously, the fair usage policy was 3GB per month. As of February 2014, references to the 3GB limit have been removed from their website.”

    Scroll down. The 3GB “limit” is still clearly there, 3 times.

    Quote: “With The UK’s Best Deal we give you Mountains of data, in fact your 3GB allowance is more than ten times the UK average for mobile data usage.* So you can browse the web on your phone, catch breaking news, check your email, download music, watch videos and update your social accounts —all with the TPO feel-good factor.”
    April 2014.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Adie,

      Thanks for the heads up! As you said, it looks like the £15/month deal is now being advertised with 3GB of data. I’ve updated the article to reflect the changes.


  104. Kendall said:

    “You’ll need to make sure either 2G or 3G coverage is available where you live. 2G coverage enables calling & texting whereas 3G coverage allows you to browse the mobile internet.”

    Uh, this isn’t true. The different iterations of “G” are not different in terms of what functions they can perform, but simplistically are different in terms of speed. You can indeed surf the web on 2G and even 1G. It’s just slow.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Kendall,

      Thanks – you’re right: it is possible to browse the internet on a 2G connection. That said, it will take around 8 seconds to load an average web page (see my guide on 2G/3G/4G download speeds). Also, you can’t do certain activities typical on a smartphone (e.g. streaming music & video). As 2G offers substantially worse mobile internet performance, I’d strongly recommend choosing a network with 3G coverage whenever it is possible.


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