BT offers flexible television packages with live sporting action on BT Sport, Sky Sports and Eurosport. Watch Premier League football and more.

In the UK, BT offers a flexible television service with access to live sports including Premier League football, the UEFA Champions League and more.

On the BT TV Sport package, you’ll get access to all 4 BT Sport channels and BoxNation for £15/month.

Meanwhile, on the Big Sport package, you’ll also get all 11 Sky Sports channels along with 2 Eurosport channels. This will cost you £40/month.

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In this article, we’ll look at the live sporting action you’re able to watch on BT TV this season. We’ll compare the Sport and Big Sport plans, looking at what you’ll get included on each one. We’ll then look at the best value BT TV deals and at the numerous ways you can watch the BT TV service.

Sport on BT TV

In the UK, BT offers a range of sports packages on BT TV. They allow you to watch live sporting action including Premier League football, the UEFA Champions League and more. There’s also the added benefit that you’ll get a flexible TV package so you can easily change your plan and channels each month.

BT currently offers the following sports packages on BT TV:

  • Sport (£15/month): This includes the BT Sport channels and BoxNation. Watch 52 Premier League games each season along with Premiership Rugby, boxing, UFC, WWE, MotoGP and more.
  • Big Sport (£40/month): This includes all of the Sky Sports channels, along with BT Sport, Eurosport and BoxNation. On Sky Sports, you’ll get 128 live Premier League games along with matches from the EFL, Scottish Premiership, FA Women’s Super League, Bundesliga football and more. There’s also live Formula 1 action along with dedicated channels for cricket, golf and more.

The following table shows a side-by-side comparison of the Sport and Big Sport plans:

Sport Big Sport
Monthly Price:
(new customers)
£50.99 per month
with Fibre 2 broadband
Includes £25.49 for 6 months
£75.99 per month
with Fibre 2 broadband
Includes £37.99 for 6 months
Monthly Price:
(existing BT customers)
£15 per month £40 per month
Channels Included
BT Sport:
  • BT Sport 1
  • BT Sport 2
  • BT Sport 3
  • BT Sport ESPN
  • BT Sport 1
  • BT Sport 2
  • BT Sport 3
  • BT Sport ESPN
Sky Sports:
  • Sky Sports Premier League
  • Sky Sports Football
  • Sky Sports F1
  • Sky Sports Cricket
  • Sky Sports Golf
  • Sky Sports Action
  • Sky Sports Arena
  • Sky Sports Main Event
  • Sky Sports Racing
  • Sky Sports Mix
  • Sky Sports News
  • Eurosport 1
  • Eurosport 2
Other Channels:
  • BoxNation
  • AMC
  • Freeview channels
  • BoxNation
  • AMC
  • Freeview channels
More Information: BT TV Sport: Full Channel List BT TV Big Sport: Full Channel List

Alongside the sports packages, BT also offers Entertainment, Big Entertainment and VIP TV packages. You can add, remove and change your channel packs each month (for instance, removing sport when the football season ends and adding entertainment at the start of the school holidays).

BT TV Sport Deals

If you’re an existing BT Broadband customer, you can add the BT TV service with the Sport package for £15/month. Alternatively, you can get the Big Sport package for £40/month.

If you’re not currently a BT customer, you can get BT TV together with BT Broadband in one bundle. For instance, you can get the Sport package on BT TV with Fibre 2 broadband for a combined price of £50.99/month. You'll also get a £25.49 for 6 months when you sign up. You can upgrade this to the Big Sport package with Fibre 2 broadband for £75.99/month.

The following table shows the best BT Broadband and BT TV deals with sport:

ServiceBroadbandTelevisionMonthly Price
Fibre 2 + Sport

average download
BT Sport

95+ channels included
for 6 months, then £50.99/month
on a 24 month plan
Fibre 2 + Big Sport

average download
Sky SportsBT Sport
Big Sport

108+ channels included
for 6 months, then £75.99/month
on a 24 month plan
Fibre 2 + VIP

average download
Sky ShowcaseSky AtlanticSky SportsBT SportSky CinemaNetflix

141+ channels included
for 6 months, then £108.99/month
on a 24 month plan

If you choose the VIP TV package, you’ll also get a NOW Entertainment and a NOW Cinema membership included with your plan. This gives you access to Sky Atlantic along with the Sky Cinema channels and more. You’ll also get BT Sport Ultimate for 4K ultra-HD viewing.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to get BT TV without BT Broadband. This is because the BT TV service is delivered using a BT Broadband connection.

How To Watch BT TV


You’ll get a clever BT TV Box included with your BT TV service. This allows you to watch more than 70 channels from Freeview, along with the television channels included in your BT TV subscription.

You can pause, rewind and record live television on your BT TV Box with up to 300 hours of built-in storage (up to 600 hours if you have the BT TV Box Pro on the VIP TV package).

The BT TV Box also allows you to use applications including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more.

For more information about the BT TV Box, see BT’s official website.

BT TV App & Website

When you sign up for the BT TV service, you’ll get instant access to the BT TV app and website. This allows you to watch the channels in your BT TV subscription on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can watch the channels straight away, even before your BT TV box is installed. You can also use the app and website to remotely schedule recordings on your BT TV box.

If you have the Big Sport package, you’ll get a NOW Sports Membership included in the price. This allows you to use the NOW application to watch the Sky Sports channels on your smartphone and tablet.

Switching to BT

If you’re currently using a different broadband or TV provider, it’s easy switching your service to BT.

You should start by ordering your new broadband and TV service from BT’s website. When you do this, BT will give you a switchover date for the service (typically for around two weeks time). BT will then contact your old provider to take over your service, unless you’re a Virgin Media customer in which case you’ll need to contact them directly.

In advance of your new BT TV and BT Broadband service going live, you’ll be sent a BT TV box and a BT Broadband Smart Hub. You’ll need to connect up both of these devices on the go-live date to complete the setup of your service.

For step-by-step instructions on how to switch to BT, please select your current broadband provider from the list below:

Switch to BT Broadband
Your step-by-step guide to switching

Select your current broadband provider:

More Options

You can also read our in-depth guide to switching home broadband provider.

More Information

For more information about BT TV, please see BT’s official website.

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