You can watch Sky Sports on Sky TV, online or using the Sky Go app. Find out how much it will cost to get Sky Sports on Sky TV.

In the UK, it’s possible to watch a wide range of live sporting action through the Sky Sports channels. These are available to watch on your TV, online or on your mobile phone. This includes 146 Premier League games this season, along with action from the EFL, Scottish Premiership, Carabao Cup, Formula 1, Golf Majors, NFL, cricket and more.

In this article, we’ll look at what you’re able to watch on the Sky Sports channels in the UK and how you can watch them on Sky TV. We’ll then look at the best value Sky Sports offers and deals on Sky so you can watch Sky Sports at the lowest monthly price.

What’s on Sky Sports?

In the UK, there are currently 8 Sky Sports channels which make up the full Sky Sports package on TV. They’ll allow you to watch 146 live Premier League games this season along with other action from sports like cricket, golf, Formula 1, NFL, rugby and more.

The eight Sky Sports channels are as follows:

  • Sky Sports Premier League: The Sky Sports Premier League channel is showing 146 live Premier League games this season (more live games than on any other provider).
  • Sky Sports Football: With Sky Sports Football, you can watch other live footballing action including from the Scottish Premiership, the EFL and Carabao Cup. You can also watch international football including friendlies and qualifiers.
  • Sky Sports Cricket: On Sky Sports Cricket, you can watch live cricket from around the world including every England home Test, ODI and T20 match. You can also watch every IPL match live.
  • Sky Sports Golf: On Sky Sports Golf, you can watch all four days of The Masters live as well as a live golf every week from the European Tour, PGA Tour & LGPA Tour.
  • Sky Sports F1: With Sky Sports F1, you can watch every single Formula 1 race live from the 2020 season, as well as practice and qualifying events.
  • Sky Sports NFL: This is a dedicated NFL channel running 24/7 throughout the entire season. You can watch the best NFL games live as well as classic games from the past.
  • Sky Sports Arena: Sky Sports Arena allows you to watch live action from a range of different sports including Rugby Union, Rugby League, the NBA, Darts and GAA. It’s also the home of the Rugby’s Betfred Super League.
  • Sky Sports Main Event: The Sky Sports Main Event channel shows a selection of the live sporting action from the above including football, cricket, rugby and more.

You can see a guide to some of the games and matches available to watch on the Sky Sports website.

In addition to the eight paid-for Sky Sports channels, there’s also Sky Sports Mix and Sky Sports News. Both of these are included within the Entertainment plan on Sky’s basic TV package. With Sky Sports Mix, you can watch a a selection of games and matches without the full Sky Sports package. Meanwhile, Sky Sports News keeps you updated 24/7 with the latest news and commentary about everything happening in the world of sport.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sky have introduced a number of additional features to help recreate the normal sporting atmosphere in your home. For instance, Sky Sports Fanzone allows you to watch Premier League games together with friends and family. Meanwhile, you can use Sky Sports Crowds to recreate the atmosphere of a stadium and Sky Sports Recap to relive key moments during the game.

How to Watch Sky Sports

Watch Sky Sports on TV

The easiest way to watch Sky Sports is with a Sky TV subscription. This will allow you to watch the Sky Sports channels in high-definition on your TV. You’ll have access to features like Sky Sports Recap and extras through the Sky Sports red button on your Sky Q box.

Customers who are new to Sky can take one of the following TV packages:

You can also take Sky TV with Sky Sports and Superfast Broadband as a bundle for £62/month plus £39.95 upfront. All of the above plans are available on a 18-month contract.

Watch Sky Sports on Sky TV →

Once you’re a Sky Sports subscriber on Sky TV, you can watch Sky Sports on the following channel numbers:

Sky Sports Channel Sky TV Channel Number
Sky Sports Main Event 401
Sky Sports Premier League 402
Sky Sports Football 403
Sky Sports Cricket 404
Sky Sports Golf 405
Sky Sports F1 406
Sky Sports NFL 407
Sky Sports Arena 408

You can also watch Sky Sports Mix on channel 145 and Sky Sports News on channel 409. Both of these channels are included as standard when you take the regular Sky TV package.

Watch Sky Sports Online

As a Sky TV customer, you can watch all of the Sky Sports channels online through the Sky Go website. Alternatively, it’s also possible to use the Sky Go app on Windows and Mac computers.

To access the Sky Go service, you’ll need to have Sky TV and a subscription to the Sky Sports channels that you want to watch online.

Watch Sky Sports Online ( →

Access to Sky Go is now included as standard with all Sky TV plans. This allows you to stream live and on-demand content from Sky TV channels and from other channels listed on this page in line with what is available on your TV package. You can also stream additional Sky Sports content that isn’t shown on TV such as game highlights, interviews and extended reports.

You can sign in to the Sky Go website using your Sky ID.

Watch Sky Sports on Your Mobile

You can watch the Sky Sports channels on your mobile phone wherever you are using the Sky Go or Sky Sports Mobile apps for your phone. Both of them are available on iOS and Android and you’ll get access to them included with your Sky Sports subscription.

You can use either application to watch Sky Sports when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, or when you’re outside and using a 3G, 4G or 5G connection. If you’re a customer of Sky Mobile, you’ll be able to use both applications without it counting towards your normal download limit on your plan. You’ll also get Sky Go Extra at no cost.

The following SIM cards from Sky Mobile start from £6 per month and give you unlimited data for streaming on Sky Go and the Sky Sports Mobile app:

Sky MobileUnlimitedUnlimited2GB£6.00
Sky MobileUnlimitedUnlimited7GB£8.00
Sky MobileUnlimitedUnlimited10GB£10.00
Sky MobileUnlimitedUnlimited25GB£15.00
Sky MobileUnlimitedUnlimited50GB£25.00
Sky MobileUnlimitedUnlimited60GB£30.00

You can also get a range of handsets from Sky Mobile like the iPhone 12. This includes the unlimited data for Sky Go and Sky Sports streaming as well as access to 5G at no extra cost when you join Sky VIP.

Best Sky Sports Deals & Offers

New Sky TV Customers

If you’re new to Sky TV, you can currently choose from one of their offers that include all 8 Sky Sports channels:

All of the above bundles are available on an 18-month contract and come with the complete Sky Sports package (all eight channels).

You can also take Sky TV with Sky Sports, BT Sport and Superfast Broadband as a bundle for £79/month plus £29.95 upfront, also on an 18-month contract.

Existing Sky TV Customers

If you’re an existing Sky TV customer, you can add one Sky Sports channel from £18/month. Alternatively, you can get the Complete Sky Sports package for £25/month. This gives you access to all eight Sky Sports channels on your Sky TV, online and on your mobile phone.

The following table shows the best deals and offers currently available for each Sky Sports channel:

Sky Sports Channel Best Deal & Offer
All 8 Sky Sports Channels £25/month
Sky Sports Premier League
& Sky Sports Football
£18/month (two channels for the price of one)
Sky Sports Cricket £18/month
Sky Sports Golf £18/month
Sky Sports F1 £18/month
Sky Sports NFL
& Sky Sports Arena
Sky Sports Main Event Included with the Complete Sky Sport package

See all Sky Sports Deals & Offers →

All of the channels are available in high-definition (HD) as standard on Sky TV.

More Information

For more information about Sky Sports, please see Sky’s official website. Alternatively, you can see our full guide on the different ways to get Sky Sports. This also looks at other providers such as NOW TV, BT and Virgin.

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