The new iPad Pro is available on Sky Mobile with 5G, unlimited Sky TV data & data rollover from £20/month.

If you’re looking for an iPad that you can use on-the-go, Sky Mobile currently offers a range of 4G & 5G iPads. This includes the latest iPad Pro tablet which is available from £20 per month, with inclusive access to Sky’s 5G  network, data rollover and unlimited Sky TV streaming.

It’s also possible to choose from a range of 4G iPads including the iPad Air 4, the iPad 8 and the iPad Mini 5. As a special offer until the 10th June, you can get 2GB of free data each month for 12 months on your iPad Air 4 when you buy it together with an iPhone 12 on Sky Mobile.

In this article, we’ll look at the different iPads available on Sky Mobile. We’ll start by looking at the devices available, along with the best deals and offers on Sky. We’ll also look at the benefits of using an iPad on Sky including unlimited data for streaming on Sky TV apps.

iPad on Sky Mobile

If you’re looking to get an iPad with 4G or 5G connectivity, Sky Mobile is currently one of the best places to get it in the UK. They’re offering the latest iPad Pro on plans from £20 per month, as well as smaller models of the iPad from just £10 per month.

At present, you can choose from the following iPads on Sky:

  • iPad Pro (2021 version): Available from £20 per month, this is Apple’s latest and most powerful iPad. It has the next-generation Apple M1 processor, along with an impressive display (measuring 11-inches or 12.9-inches depending on the model you choose). It also supports 5G connectivity on Sky Mobile, giving you ultrafast speeds that are up to ten times faster than 4G.
  • iPad Air (4th generation): Available from £16 per month, the iPad Air is a lighter and more portable tablet. It weighs just 460g and has a slightly smaller display measuring 10.9-inches. You’ll get 4G connectivity on the iPad Air with Apple’s A14 processor.
  • iPad (8th generation): If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to the iPad Air, you can get the 8th generation iPad from just £10 per month on Sky Mobile. It has a 10.2-inch screen and uses the Apple A12 processor.
  • iPad Mini (5th generation): The iPad Air is Apple’s smallest and most portable tablet. It has a 7.9-inch screen and is currently available from £12 per month on Sky Mobile.

The following table shows a side-by-side comparison of the iPads you can get on Sky Mobile:

iPad Pro
(2021 version)
iPad Air
(4th generation)
(8th generation)
iPad Mini
(5th generation)
Price (from): £20 per month (11″)
£25 per month (12.9″)
£16 per month £10 per month £12 per month
Display Size: 11″ Liquid Retina
12.9″ Liquid Retina XDR
10.9″ Liquid Retina 10.2″ Retina 7.9″ Retina
Connectivity: 4G & 5G 4G 4G 4G
Processor: Apple M1 Apple A14 Apple A12 Apple A12
Storage: Up to 2TB Up to 256GB Up to 128GB Up to 256GB
Camera: 12 megapixel wide &
10 megapixel ultrawide
12 megapixel wide 8 megapixel wide 8 megapixel wide
Weight: 468g (11.1″)
684g (12.9″)
460g 495g 308g
Dimensions: 28.1 x 21.5 x 0.64 cm 24.7 x 17.9 x 0.61 cm 25.1 x 17.4 x 0.75 cm 20.3 x 13.5 x 0.61 cm
Connector: USB-C
with Thunderbolt & USB-4
USB-C Lightning Lightning
More Information: Sky Website Sky Website Sky Website Sky Website

All of the tablets available on Sky Mobile will give you 4G or 5G network connectivity. This allows you to use the iPad wherever you are, providing there’s a mobile signal available. It gives you a lot more possibilities to use your iPad in more places (e.g. in the car or on the train), compared to a Wi-Fi only iPad which can only be used where Wi-Fi is available.

In addition to being able to use your iPad on-the-go, you’ll get unlimited data for streaming Sky TV included on your plan. There’s also the ability to spread out the cost of your iPad, and to upgrade it any time after the first 36 months or 24 months.

Sky Mobile iPad Deals

When buying an iPad on Sky Mobile, you’ll start by choosing the device you’d like to buy. Every iPad is available on a choice of Swap36 and Swap24 plans (allowing you to upgrade your iPad after either 36 months and 24 months).

The following table shows how much you’d currently pay for an iPad on Sky:

Model Swap36 Plan Swap24 Plan
iPad Pro 11-inch (2021 version) £20/month £27/month
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2021 version) £25/month £34/month
iPad Air (4th generation) £16/month £21/month
iPad (8th generation) £10/month £14/month
iPad mini (5th generation) £12/month £16/month

Once you’ve chosen your iPad, you’ll be able to add one of the following data plans to it:

Data Plan Monthly Price
100MB Data No extra cost
2GB Data Add £6/month
(free for 12 months on the iPad Air 4 when you buy it together with an iPhone 12)
8GB Data Add £8/month
12GB Data Add £12/month
25GB Data Add £15/month
40GB Data Add £24/month
60GB Data Add £30/month

You can change your data plan at any time (e.g. upgrading to a larger plan with more data, or downgrading to a cheaper plan to save money).

The total amount you pay depends on both the cost of your tablet and the cost of your data plan. To give an example, if you wanted the 11-inch iPad Pro with 2GB of data per month, you’ll pay a total of £26/month (that’s £20/month for the iPad and £6/month for your data).

All of the Sky Mobile data plans include unlimited streaming on Sky TV apps and the ability to roll over your data for up to three years.

As a special offer running until the 10th June, customers buying an iPad Air 4 together with the iPhone 12 will receive 2GB of free data every month for 12 months. Both devices will need to be in your basket at the same time for you to benefit from the offer.

Sky Mobile iPad Features

Unlimited Streaming on Sky TV Apps

One major advantage of using an iPad on Sky Mobile is the ability to watch Sky TV and to use Sky applications without it counting towards your download limit.

This unlimited streaming feature is known as Sky Mobile Watch and it’s particularly valuable if you’re also a Sky TV customer. If so, you can watch live and on-demand TV through the Sky Go app wherever you are, without it counting towards the download limit on your plan.

The channels and content you can access will depend on your Sky TV subscription. For instance, you’ll be able to watch Sky Atlantic and Sky One if it’s included in your subscription, along with free-to-air channels like ITV1 and Channel 4. You can also stream Sky Cinema and Sky Sports if you’re subscribed to those services, giving you a library of on-demand movies and live sporting action to watch on your iPad.

As well as being compatible with the Sky Go app, you’ll also be able to use the Sky News, Sky+, My Sky, Sky Store, Sky Kids, Sky Sports, Sky Sports Mobile TV and Sky Sports Box Office apps on your iPad without it counting towards the download limit on your plan. And if you’re not currently a Sky TV customer, you’ll still be able to use the free applications that don’t require a subscription (e.g. Sky News on your iPad).

Data Rollover

When buying an iPad from Sky Mobile, you’ll need to choose a data plan (with between 100MB and 60GB of data per month). At the end of each month, any unused data will roll over and be placed inside your Sky Piggybank. From here, you’ll be able to save your unused data for 3 years, withdrawing from it whenever you need extra data on your plan.

To give an example, you could get an iPad on Sky’s 8GB data plan. If you were to only use 3GB of data in one month, the remaining 5GB of data will be added to your Sky Piggybank. Over time, the amount of data in your Piggybank can grow (e.g. you might have 30GB of data in your Piggybank after the first six months).

Whenever you need extra data on any device that’s connected to your Sky Mobile account, you can withdraw from your Sky Piggybank in 1GB increments. You don’t need to withdraw the data back to the same device. For instance, if you also have a mobile phone or SIM card from Sky, you can withdraw from your Sky Piggybank to get extra data on that device.

As an alternative to withdrawing your data, you can also cash in your unused data for a Piggybank Reward. This can give you a discount on a new phone, tablet or mobile accessory from Sky.

Swap Plans

On Sky, you can get your iPad on a choice of two different plans:

  • Swap36 is Sky’s most popular tablet plan. It gives you the lowest monthly cost, with the ability to upgrade your tablet any time after 36 months. For example, the new iPad Pro is available from £20/month on Swap36.
  • Swap24 allows you to upgrade your tablet more often. In exchange for a higher monthly fee (e.g. from £27/month for the new iPad Pro). On Swap 24, you can upgrade your tablet any time after the first 24 months.

When you upgrade to a new tablet on your Swap plan, you’ll need to return your old tablet to Sky in good condition. There’s the option to upgrade and to keep your old tablet as well (an extra fee will apply for this option).

5G Coverage

If you’re using the new iPad Pro, you’ll be able to access 5G coverage on Sky Mobile. This is currently available in 193 UK towns and cities, giving you ultrafast download speeds that are five to ten times faster than 4G.

On Sky’s 5G network, you’ll also benefit from a more reliable connection when using your iPad in busy or crowded areas. There’s also a lower amount of latency which should make things feel more responsive.

You can check the availability of 5G coverage in your area using our Sky Mobile 5G coverage map.

More Information

For more information about the new iPad Pro, please see Sky’s official website. You can also see a full list of tablets offered by Sky.

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