Sky Glass gives you all of your entertainment in one place, with monthly payments for your TV. Discover the 10 top Sky Glass features.

As the days get shorter and as the weather gets colder, many of us are looking for new ways to pass the time indoors. To help with this, Sky has launched their December 2023 offer on Sky Glass.

With their latest offer, you can get 3 months of free Sky TV & Netflix when you buy a Sky Glass TV. For instance, you can get the 43″ Sky Glass for £14 per month on a 48-month interest-free loan (a £10 upfront fee applies).

With Sky Glass, you’ll get all of your entertainment together in one place, including your live TV and on-demand content. You can pay for your TV over 48 months with 0% interest, and there’s no need for a satellite dish or for a separate box to watch. There’s also the Sky Live camera add-on, allowing you to play motion-control games and to watch TV together with distant families.

In this article, we’ll look at our top 10 features of Sky Glass and how you can use Sky Glass to keep your family entertained this winter.

1. Have your entertainment in one place, without the need to hop between apps.

Whether it’s live TV or on-demand content you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it together in one place on the Sky Glass TV. Simply say ‘Hello Sky’, followed by what you’d like to watch and it’ll search across all of your connected channels and apps in a flash. This can save you lots of time as there’s no need to remember which channel or app each of your favourite shows is on.

Because the Sky Glass TV is connected to all of your channels and apps, it can give you smarter recommendations on the things you might want to watch. These recommendations are taken from across all of your connected services, so there’s no need to constantly hop-in and hop-out of different apps just to find something to watch. You can also create your own playlist of things to watch, incorporating content from across all of your channels and apps.

Your ‘Sky Entertainment & Netflix’ plan on Sky Glass will give you access to 150+ live TV channels, plus more than 30,000 shows and movies to watch on-demand. You’ll also get a Netflix Basic subscription included in the price, along with discovery+ at no extra cost. If you’re a Sky Cinema subscriber, you’ll also get Paramount+ included at no extra cost on your plan.

2. You can pay for Sky Glass over 48 months, with 0% interest.

Sky Glass is available in a choice of three different sizes: Small 43″ (with a RRP of £699), Medium 55″ (with a RRP of £949), and Large 65″ (with a RRP of £1199).

Rather than paying for your TV all in one go, it’s possible to split up the cost over 48 monthly payments with 0% APR. It’s a little bit like how you’ll often pay for your mobile phone in lots of small monthly payments, instead of one large payment.

If you pay monthly:

  • The Sky Glass Small (43″) will cost £14 per month over 48 months, plus £10 upfront.
  • The Sky Glass Medium (55″) will cost £19 per month over 48 months, plus £10 upfront.
  • The Sky Glass Large (65″) will cost £24 per month over 48 months, plus £10 upfront.

3. There’s no need for a dish or for a separate box with Sky Glass.

For many years, Sky has been synonymous with satellite TV. However, with Sky Glass, there’s no longer the need for a dish. There’s also no need for a separate box as the device has all of Sky’s technology built-in. In fact, you only need the one wire for power to your TV. This keeps your living room tidy and uncluttered.

In order to use Sky Glass, you’ll need to connect it to your home wi-fi network. There’s a minimum download speed of 25Mbps. It isn’t necessary to be a Sky Broadband customer, as the Sky Glass TV will work with all UK broadband providers. However, it can be worth checking Sky’s broadband deals in your area, as you can often get Sky Broadband at a discounted price, together with the Sky Glass TV.

4. You can get 360° Dolby Atmos sound, without a separate soundbar.

Another key selling point of Sky Glass is its built-in sound system, giving you powerful Dolby Atmos surround sound. This is possible without the need for you to buy a separate soundbar.

There are six built-in speakers on the Sky Glass TV, giving you a total sound output of 215W. This consists of three front-facing speakers, a subwoofer, and two upwards-firing speakers that deliver the Dolby Atmos height effects. Together, they’ll fill your room with clear and immersive sound, putting you right in the middle of the action, whether you’re watching live sports or the latest movies. For comparison, most other TVs around the same price point will only give you basic stereo speakers with a total sound output of about 20W.

For the best audio experience, there’s an Auto-Enhance feature on Sky Glass that can optimise the sound and picture quality for what you’re currently watching (e.g. sports or movies). You can also change the settings yourself, if you like.

For when you’re watching TV late at night, there’s also a handy ‘Night mode’ feature. This reduces the overall volume of your TV, whilst boosting the dialogue so you can still hear what’s being said. It will also dampen any extreme or sudden sounds on the programme (such as engines, sirens and gunshots) to minimise disruption to others in your household.

5. Play motion-control games & watch together with others on Sky Live.

One of the latest additions to the Sky Glass ecosystem is the new Sky Live camera, which enables a lot of additional functionality and new ways to use your Sky Glass TV.

Some of the key features of Sky Live include the following:

  • Video call with your friends & family on any device. This uses the Zoom video conferencing solution. The Sky Live camera comes with auto-tracking technology to keep everyone in the shot, along with four far-field microphones to pick up speech from around the room.
  • Play interactive games with motion control. You’ll be able to play a range of movement-based games including Fruit Ninja, Starri and PAW Patrol PAWsome Fitness. Many of these games have a multiplayer option as well as a single player option. All of the games are included at no extra cost – there’s no need to pay an additional fee to download them.
  • Watch TV together with distant family and friends. Sky Live has a ‘Watch Together’ feature. This allows you to watch live and on-demand TV, together with 12 households in one virtual room. As well as watching the programme, you’ll be able to see and talk to the other people who are also watching the programme with you.
  • Work out with a digital coach & get real-time feedback. You can access more than 130 interactive workouts on Sky Live, including strength, mobility, pilates, HIIT and yoga. The Sky Live camera will continuously track 32 reference points on your body, giving you a score on the accuracy of your moves.

The Sky Live camera costs £6 per month over 48 months (or £290 if you’d like to pay for it all in one go).

6. There are no recording clashes, or storage limits for your recordings.

With Sky Glass, there’s no need for a hard drive inside your TV. Instead, it makes uses of the latest cloud-based recording and on-demand streaming technology. This eliminates any possibility of recording clashes, and you’ll essentially have infinite storage as all of the recordings are stored online.

When you add a programme to your Playlist on Sky Glass, one of two things will happen:

  • If the programme is available on a catch-up TV service (such as BBC iPlayer, ITVX or All4), your Sky Glass TV will simply grab the recording from the relevant on-demand service.
  • For other channels (such as those from Sky, TNT Sports, Alibi, Gold, Sky Kids, etc), you’ll get access to a cloud-based recording of the show.

In addition, your Sky Glass TV can automatically find other episodes of the same show (this is similar to the ‘Series Link’ feature on Sky Q). However, one major improvement is that you’ll now be able to find recordings of the show, even if they’re on another channel or another online streaming service.

7. You can match Sky Glass to your living room decor, or contrast if you prefer.

The Sky Glass TV is available in a choice of five different colours: Anthracite black, Ceramic white, Dusky pink, Racing green and Ocean blue. This means you can match it to your living room decor, or you can choose a contrasting colour if you prefer.

You can also customise the colour of the speaker below the screen, giving you another way to personalise the look of your Sky Glass.

The Sky Glass TV comes with a stand and a wall-mounting bracket, so you can decide how to best place the TV in your room.

8. You can change your Sky TV channels from month to month.

When you choose your ‘Sky Entertainment & Netflix’ plan for Sky Glass, there’s the option of either an 18-month contract or 31-day rolling plan. You can save and lock in a lower price when you choose the 18-month option, or you can choose the 31-day plan to benefit from extra flexibility.

In addition, all of Sky’s TV packs (including Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, TNT Sports, Sky Kids, Ultra HD & Dolby Atmos, and more) are available on the option of a 31-day rolling plan. This means you can add or remove channels as you like, from month-to-month.

9. Sky Glass is the world’s first CarbonNeutral certified TV

Sky Glass is the world’s first TV to be certified as a CarbonNeutral® product.

To save energy, there’s an auto-switch off feature that will kick in and put your TV on standby if no motion is detected for 50 minutes.

In addition, the backlight on your Sky Glass will adapt automatically to the light levels in your room. This saves energy and improves comfort levels too.

10. Put your old TV to use with the Whole Home Pack.

There’s no need to throw away your old TV when you upgrade to Sky Glass. Simply add the ‘Whole Home Pack’ when you order your TV online and you’ll get an additional Sky Stream Puck for your old TV.

Once you’ve connected the Sky Stream Puck to your old TV (using the HDMI connector), you’ll get the same interface from Sky Glass, but on your old TV. You’ll also get access to all of the channels in your subscription, allowing you to watch TV in multiple rooms at the same time. You’ll also get your Sky Glass playlists and recommendations on the Sky Stream Puck.

Best Sky Glass Deals

At present, you can get Sky Glass from just £14 per month over 48 months. The price you pay depends on the screen size you require:

  • Small (43 inches) – £14 per month plus £10 upfront
  • Medium (55 inches) – £19 per month plus £10 upfront
  • Large (65 inches) – £24 per month plus £10 upfront

You’ll pay for your ‘Sky Entertainment & Netflix’ subscription on top on this. In December 2023, you can get 3 months of free Sky TV & Netflix (after that, you’ll pay £26 per month). This makes it possible to get Sky Glass with Sky TV & Netflix from £14 per month for the first 3 months:

ServiceBroadbandTelevisionMonthly Price
(may rise during contract)
Sky Glass, Sky Entertainment & Netflix

No Broadband
Sky ShowcaseSky AtlanticNetflixDiscovery+
Sky Entertainment & Netflix

150+ channels included
for 3 months, then £42/month
plus £10 upfront
48 month contract

You can add an extra £5 per month to get the Sky Glass Medium TV (55″) or an extra £10 per month to get the Sky Glass Large TV (65″).

More Information

For more information about Sky Glass and the best deals available, please see Sky’s official website. You can also read our guide to Sky Glass channels, and our in-depth review of Sky Live camera.

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