Switching from Vodafone to Lebara Mobile? It's a straightforward process to keep your existing phone number.

Step 1: Get a PAC Code from Vodafone

If you’d like to move your phone number from Vodafone to Lebara Mobile, the first step is getting your Porting Authorisation Code (or PAC Code) from Vodafone.

There are three ways to get a PAC Code from Vodafone:

  1. Online: You can get a PAC Code from Vodafone by logging in to the My Vodafone website. Once you've logged in, go to Account settings > Mobile switching.
  2. By Text Message: You can get a Vodafone PAC Code sent to you via SMS text message. Text PAC to 65075 to receive a PAC Code from Vodafone.
  3. By Phone: You can get a PAC Code by calling Vodafone. To do this, call them on 191 using your Vodafone handset. Alternatively, dial 03333 040 191 from any other phone. You'll need to call during Vodafone's opening hours (Monday-Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday 8am-9pm, Sunday 8am-9pm).

Here are some key things to know:

  • A PAC Code is 9 digits long and follows the format ABC 123 456.
  • Your PAC Code is valid for 30 days. If you don't use it during this time, the PAC Code will expire and you'll need to request a new one.
  • You shouldn't close your account at Vodafone: it'll be closed automatically when your phone number is transferred to Lebara Mobile.

Still in contract with Vodafone? If so, you may need to pay an early exit fee on your bill from Vodafone. To find out how much this would be, text INFO to 85075.

Don’t want to keep your Vodafone phone number? You can switch to Lebara Mobile without taking your phone number with you. If you'd like to do this, get a STAC Code from Vodafone instead.

Vodafone STAC Code (Leave Vodafone Without Keeping Your Number)

If you’d like to leave Vodafone without keeping your phone number, you’ll need to request a STAC Code rather than a PAC Code. There are three ways to get a STAC Code from Vodafone:

  1. Online: You can get a STAC Code from Vodafone by logging in to the My Vodafone website. After logging in, go to Account settings > Mobile switching.
  2. By Text Message: You can get a Vodafone STAC Code sent to you via SMS text message. Text STAC to 75075 to receive a STAC Code from Vodafone.
  3. By Phone: You can get a STAC Code by calling Vodafone. Call them on 191 using your Vodafone handset. Alternatively, dial 03333 040 191 from any other phone. You'll need to call during Vodafone's opening hours (Monday-Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday 8am-9pm, Sunday 8am-9pm).

Once you’ve gotten your STAC Code from Vodafone, the rest of the process for joining Lebara Mobile remains the same.

Step 2: Order your new phone or SIM card from Lebara Mobile's website

You should now order your new phone or SIM card using the Lebara Mobile website. Please select the type of tariff you're intending to move to:

If you're looking for a SIM card from Lebara Mobile, the following deals from £4.50/month are currently most popular:

NetworkMinutesTextsDataMonthly Cost
Lebara Mobile1,0001,0005GB£4.50
12 months
Lebara MobileUnlimitedUnlimited8GB£7.00
1 month
Lebara MobileUnlimitedUnlimited20GB£9.00
12 months
Lebara MobileUnlimitedUnlimited30GB£13.50
12 months
Lebara MobileUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited£22.50
12 months

For a full list of available tariffs and the latest Lebara Mobile deals, please refer to this page on Lebara Mobile's website.

Lebara Mobile will assign you with a temporary phone number during the transition process. This will allow you to test out the service before you finally transfer your phone number to Lebara Mobile.

Step 3: Give the PAC Code to Lebara Mobile

Once your new phone or SIM card arrives from Lebara Mobile, switch it on and make sure everything's working properly. If, for whatever reason, you need to return or change the handset or SIM card, it's best to do this before transferring your phone number.

Once you're happy to continue with the phone number transfer, contact Lebara Mobile and provide them with your PAC Code from Vodafone.

Your PAC Code should be entered on Lebara Mobile's online form. Alternatively, you can give the PAC Code to Lebara Mobile by calling 5588 on your Lebara Mobile handset. You can also call 020 3059 0304 from any other phone.

If you have a STAC Code from Vodafone rather than a PAC Code, this can be provided to Lebara Mobile in the exact same way.

Providing your PAC Code to Lebara Mobile
The PAC Code should be submitted through a form on Lebara Mobile's website.


  • You must provide the PAC Code to Lebara Mobile within 30 days of it being issued by Vodafone. If the PAC Code has already expired, you'll need to return to step 1 and request a new PAC Code from Vodafone.
  • Vodafone Pay As You Go customers: Try to use up your remaining credit as it can't be transferred to Lebara Mobile.

Step 4: Phone Number Transferred (Next Working Day)

Once you've provided a PAC code to Lebara Mobile, your phone number transfer will normally be scheduled for the next working day (Monday to Friday only, excluding English bank holidays).

On the day of the transfer, you'll momentarily lose coverage on both mobile networks. When this happens, restart your handset on Lebara Mobile. You should find that the Lebara Mobile phone or SIM card will now associated with your original phone number.

  • If you see an error message (e.g. "SIM card registration failed"), this means it's time to restart your phone.
  • Once the phone number has been transferred to Lebara Mobile, your account on Vodafone will automatically be closed. You'll receive a final bill from Vodafone for any outstanding charges.

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Any Other Questions?

In case of any problems during the transfer of your phone number, you should contact your new mobile network (Lebara Mobile) with details of the problem.

If you have any other questions on using a PAC Code, please see my in-depth guide to transferring your phone number between networks. You can also read the comments below from other visitors to this website.

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  • Theo van Elmpt said:

    Hi Ken.

    My question has probably been answered already but still – just to be sure.
    I’ve just receive my Lebara SimOnly card and am in two minds whether to use it in a second phone with the ‘temporary’ Lebara number or to port the number of my current Vodafone SimOnly immediately.
    If I decide for the first option – use it with its Lebara number in a second phone – can I then still port my Vodafone number to the Lebara card at any point in the future having used the Lebara number for a while ??

    • Hi Theo,
      Thanks for your comment and a very good question! Yes, you can port your phone number in to Lebara whenever you like (so absolutely fine to use it for a while with the temporary phone number from Lebara).

  • Lebara service is AWFUL. I asked to port vodafone number to lebara and was told within 11 hours of porting req (as my lebara number got disabled) that porting has been completed. And I should be able to use lebara network with my ported number in the existing sim. Now its been 28 hours, my lebara sim is disabled (no network). I called up to check with Lebara customer care in india and was told that due to some technical problem porting hasnt completed and will take another 10 hours (36hours).
    I cant believe them as it never took more than 24 hours of porting and number goes offline for max few hours. This is BS as some company floats a MVNO and lack technical skills to correctly do the bits.

  • Hi Ken,

    I have been living a nightmare to transfer my phone with Lebara and i would like your advice. I have requested my PAC code from Vodafone which was my old provider and received it within a few minutes. I then called Lebara and gave them the PAC code along with my number details and they informed me that around Tuesday i will be diconnected from my old network, and i should wait until the night of the same day to be connected with Lebara. The service was indeed disconnected on Tuesday, however, despite expecting to be connected a few hours later on Lebara nothing has happened. I have called them on Wednesday, experienced terrible customer service and was charged a 40 minute long call, and they aknowledged they had made a mistake and transferred my old phone number to the wrong sim card(!) and not the one i had. They promised they will resolve it asap and give me a call back at my office. I also requested to be sent an e-mail. On Thursday and after waiting another 24 hours without any feedback or e-mail regarding the status of transferring my number, i had to call the customer service of Lebara myself, again. Guess what happened: I had to go to the whole identitification process and details again, only to be told that the customer service had done nothing yet forward to my call the following day! They said there was no request on my case done to the technical department of the company yet! It is currently Friday and still i am not connected on Labara network despite their promises that in 24 hours it will be resolved. My question is this: Does it make sense that it takes them SO LONG to transfer my number, even if they have done a mistake? And do you think there is a chance i might loose my number? I have no trust to what they say now as i have seen no action and results so far so your feedback will be useful.Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Argy,

      This sounds like a really unfortunate situation – it does sound as if Lebara Mobile has botched up your number transfer. They’ve transferred your phone number onto the wrong Lebara SIM card. You didn’t say whether the other Lebara SIM card is actually in use – but if so, it potentially means someone else can intercept your phone calls and text messages. Not only does this pose a risk to your privacy, it’s also been a huge disruption to your service. Lebara should certainly be dealing with this as a matter of priority – if not then I’d suggest escalating the issue to Lebara’s management or CEO.

      From the sounds of it, action definitely needs to be taken on the Lebara Mobile side. I don’t think there was any mistake from Vodafone’s side, as your number transferred successfully off their network to Lebara. The issue is with Lebara’s internal process: they assigned your phone number onto the wrong SIM card. There shouldn’t be a risk of losing your phone number, as long as Lebara re-assigns your phone number correctly. Providing Lebara doesn’t return your phone number to Vodafone, I don’t think there’ll be a risk of losing your phone number.

      Good luck and fingers crossed for a resolution with Lebara. Do let me know how you get on and if you have any other questions,


      • Thanks Ken. None of the sims has been working and after 2 further calls to the customer service and a formal complaint issued earlier, i was assured that my issue is being dealt seriously now(!). However its 20.00pm and i am still not connected, my guess is , will not be till much longer.No reply to my e-mail, no other form of feedback or update, however they promised they will update me when they have further info via e-mail. No indication of how long re-connecting my number might take. It seems that this process is for them more complicated that nuclear science! Lebara customer service is non existent, so next step is Ofcom and Ombudsman.

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