Upgrading to a new handset or SIM card on iD Mobile? You won't need a PAC Code to keep your current phone number.

Step 1: Order your new phone or SIM card from iD Mobile's website

As you're staying on iD Mobile, it's not necessary to obtain a PAC Code. Instead, you can process your phone number transfer internally inside of iD Mobile.

Start by ordering your new phone or SIM card using the iD Mobile website. Please select the type of tariff you're intending to move to:

If you're looking for a SIM card from iD Mobile, the following deals from £7/month are currently most popular:

NetworkMinutesTextsDataMonthly Cost
(may rise during contract)
iD MobileUnlimitedUnlimited15GB£7.00
1 month
iD MobileUnlimitedUnlimited30GB£8.00
1 month
iD MobileUnlimitedUnlimited150GB£14.00
24 months
iD MobileUnlimitedUnlimited300GB£15.00
24 months
iD MobileUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited£17.00
24 months

For a full list of available tariffs and the latest iD Mobile deals, please refer to this page.

Alternatively, if you're upgrading your iD Mobile plan through a reseller, tap on their logo for more information:

Step 2: Contact iD Mobile To Transfer Your Phone Number

After receiving your new phone or SIM card, please contact iD Mobile to transfer your phone number to the new plan. You can do this by calling 7777 from your iD Mobile handset. Alternatively, dial 0333 003 7777 from any other phone.

You can contact iD Mobile at any time during their opening hours:

Monday - Friday8am - 8pm
Saturday8am - 8pm
Sunday8am - 8pm

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Any Other Questions?

In case of any problems during the transfer of your phone number, you should contact your new mobile network (iD Mobile) with details of the problem.

If you have any other questions on using a PAC Code, please see my in-depth guide to transferring your phone number between networks. You can also read the comments below from other visitors to this website.

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  • I wanted to change a pay as you go ID account to a pay monthly and keep my number but was told this is not possible. When I suggested I take my number to a new provider using a pac code and then transfer it back to an ID pay monthly account using a pac code again they said it wasn’t possible either. Is this true?

    • Hi Tsai,
      Thanks for your comment. There’s absolutely nothing to stop you from porting your iD Mobile phone number out to another network, and then back in to a new Pay Monthly account 🙂 You can get a free Pay As You Go SIM card for this purpose here.
      Most good mobile networks should normally allow you to upgrade directly without needing to port your phone number to another network first, so I think this is simply a case of iD Mobile’s IT infrastructure being a bit behind the times!

  • Hi Ken
    Hope you can help me. I took out 2 contracts with Carphone Warehouse last weekend upgrading to a new phone with ID. When I was charging the mobiles I noticed that my boyfriend’s mobile had already been used. There were emails on from last July and data had already been used. I went back to CW had told the man who had sorted the contracts what he’d done and the reply I got was he didn’t realise it was a shop phone he’d given me and said I had to get in touch with ID to sort the data out. He gave me a new mobile but with the same sim card. They weren’t helpful at all. I rang ID the next day and told the lady what had happened and she said they should have given me a brand new phone and sim card. She was very apologetic and said if I go back to CW and tell them to ring ID they will change my contact to a better deal at the same price. During the week I got the pac code and transferred the old numbers onto the new mobiles. I went into CW today and told them I’d spoken to someone at ID and they told me they had to ring ID to get the deal changed over. While I was waiting they cancelled both contracts before they rang ID and took the phones off me. I asked if they were going to ring them and I think it was the manager , rang the number but gave me the phone as they don’t speak to ID about upgrades! So I had to sort new contracts out but because our old numbers had already been transferred we had to have new numbers! If they hadn’t cancelled the contracts beforehand and explained what had to be done to keep the numbers we wouldn’t have lost them. I’ve made a complaint against the CW store with ID and CW. The regional manager should be getting in touch with me next week. Do you know if there is any way of keeping the numbers without changing networks and cancelling the contracts again? If I have to do that we have to send the mobiles back to ID and will be without a phone again. I have never come across customer service as bad as this before. Hope you can help. Thank you.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Sorry to hear about the problems you experienced on iD Mobile. Unfortunately, I’m not able to help with the complaint as I don’t know all of the details of the situation. However, with regards to keeping the phone number, this is something you’ll need to ask iD Mobile to do for you. Sorry: I know this probably isn’t very helpful, but the only other alternative would be asking for a PAC Code and moving your phone number over to another network.

  • Yeah I’m also with ID mobile wanting to change to a better tariff to which they are not capable of doing, its just crazy you have to leave to come back to change your plan………

    All in all the network is fine but when it comes to changing your plan good luck!! So frustrating.

    Raised a complaint and you will simply get no where, as they just simply repeat they do not have the facility to change plan.

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