Whether you're joining O2 or leaving for another network, it's a straightforward process to keep your existing phone number.

O2 PAC CodeIf you're leaving O2 to join another network, or if you're leaving another network in order to join O2, it's super easy to keep your current phone number.

All you'll need to do is to request a PAC Code. It's totally free and the entire process of transferring your phone number should normally take no longer than one working day.

For detailed instructions, please choose the option that best applies to you:

Leaving O2 For Another Network

If you're leaving O2 to join another mobile network, you can take your phone number with you using a PAC Code from O2.

There are three ways to request an O2 PAC Code:

  1. Online: You can get a PAC Code from O2 by logging in to the My O2 website. Once you've logged in, go to My details > Thinking of switching from O2?.
  2. By Text Message: You can get an O2 PAC Code sent to you via SMS text message. Text PAC to 65075 to receive a PAC Code from O2.
  3. By Phone: You can get a PAC Code by calling O2. To do this, call them on:
    • For O2 Pay Monthly, dial 202 (or 0344 8090202 from any other phone)
    • For O2 Pay As You Go, dial 4445 (or 0344 8090222 from any other phone)
    You'll need to call during O2's opening hours (Monday-Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday 8am-8pm, Sunday 8am-6pm).

It's always free to get a PAC Code from O2, and it's your legal entitlement to be able to recieve one. If any cancellation fees apply to your O2 contract, they should also tell you what this will be at the same time as sending you a PAC Code.

The PAC Code you recieve from O2 should begin with TEL and should be 9 digits long (e.g. TEL 123 456).

Once you have your O2 PAC Code, you'll need to provide it to your new mobile network operator. For detailed instructions, please select your new mobile network from the following dropdown menu:

PAC Code Finder
Find out how to use your O2 PAC Code

Your new mobile network:

Don’t want to keep your O2 phone number? You can request a STAC Code from O2 instead.

O2 STAC Code (Leave O2 Without Keeping Your Number)

If you’d like to leave O2 without keeping your current phone number, you’ll need to request an O2 STAC Code rather than a PAC Code. There are three ways to get a STAC Code from O2:

  1. Online: You can get a STAC Code from O2 by logging in to the My O2 website. After logging in, go to My details > Thinking of switching from O2?.
  2. By Text Message: You can get an O2 STAC Code sent to you via SMS text message. Text STAC to 75075 to receive a STAC Code from O2.
  3. By Phone: You can get a STAC Code by calling O2. Call them on:
    • For O2 Pay Monthly, dial 202 (or 0344 8090202 from any other phone)
    • For O2 Pay As You Go, dial 4445 (or 0344 8090222 from any other phone)
    You'll need to call during O2's opening hours (Monday-Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday 8am-8pm, Sunday 8am-6pm).

Once you’ve gotten your STAC Code, the rest of the process for joining your new mobile network remains the same. You can choose your new provider from the dropdown menu above for instructions on how to use your O2 STAC Code.

Joining O2 From Another Network

If you're joining O2 from a different mobile network, you should ask your old mobile network to provide you with a PAC Code. The PAC Code will allow you to transfer your phone number to O2.

After getting a PAC Code from your old network, you should order your new phone or SIM card directly from O2's website. For more information, please select the type of tariff you're wanting to move to:

For a full list of the latest O2 deals, please see this page on O2's website.

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If you're buying your new O2 plan through a reseller, tap on their logo for more information:

When Your New Phone Arrives...

Once your new phone or SIM card arrives from O2, switch it on and make sure everything's working correctly. If, for whatever reason, you need to return or change your handset or SIM card, it's best to do this before transferring your phone number.

Once you're happy to continue with the transfer, your PAC Code should be submitted through O2's online form. Alternatively, you can also provide your PAC Code to O2 over the phone:

If you're joining O2 Pay Monthly, you can submit your PAC Code by calling 202 on your O2 handset. Alternatively, call 0344 8090202 from any other phone.

If you're joining O2 Pay As You Go, submit your PAC Code by calling 4445 (0344 8090222 if you're calling from another network).

Providing your PAC Code to O2
The PAC Code should be submitted through a form on O2's website.

Once you've provided your PAC code to O2, your phone number transfer will normally be scheduled for the next working day (Monday to Friday only, excluding English bank holidays).

Sometimes, you’ll be given the option to provide a PAC Code at the same time as when you order your new phone or SIM card. We’d typically recommend against providing your PAC Code at this stage. Instead, waiting for the new phone or SIM card to arrive from O2 first will allow you to make sure it’s working correctly and will make the process of cancelling or returning much easier.

Upgrading Your Plan On O2

If you're simply upgrading to a newer handset or tariff, it's not necessary to get an O2 PAC Code. You can simply upgrade via O2's website. For more information, please select the type of O2 price plan you're planning to move to:

More Information

For more information, please see the O2 website. You can also read our full guide to using a PAC Code. This answers a lot of frequently asked questions and provides some additional tips on transferring your phone number.

For discussion, please see the comments below on this page. They show other people's experiences using an O2 PAC Code or moving their phone number from another network to O2.

Your Comments 1,957 so far

We would love to hear your comments: either about using an O2 PAC Code or transferring your phone number from another network to O2. The comments below are all from people who've done the same thing in the past. You can contribute by adding your own comments here.

To see all 1957 comments about transferring a phone number, please see the main PAC Codes article.

  • Loraine Mottershead said:

    I have bought my new phone from Vodafone am leaving O2. I have got the pac code but I want to tell O2 I’m leaving – how do I do that

    Loraine Mottershead transferred a phone number from O2 to Vodafone.

    • Hi Loraine,
      Thanks for your comment. There’s no additional need to tell O2 that you’re leaving their network – simply asking for a PAC Code and using it provides your notice for leaving O2.
      Hope this helps,

  • I sent my PAC code from vodafone to O2 via their online form late Wednesday night at about 2130hrs. It is yet to transfer across? Is there any reason for this? Who do I contact about the issue O2 or Vodafone?


    Craig transferred a phone number from Vodafone to O2.

    • Hi Craig,
      Thanks for your comment. As you submitted your PAC Code to O2 on Wednesday night around 21.30, I would expect it to be count as Thursday (and to therefore be transferred on Friday as per the timetable here). For any delays with porting, you should always contact your new mobile network (so O2 in this case) to enquire and to find out the reasons for this. You may also be entitled to porting delay compensation from your new network.
      Hope this helps,

  • Hello – I started on Orange pay as you go back in 2001 with an old nokia 3310 – that phone became a nokia 1800 still on orange pay as you go and has now ended up on EE – same number all that time and a replacement SIM when the old one stopped working… always ‘pay as you go’. It’s an expensive year if it needs a top-up of £30!
    The phone is used very infrequently and today I received a message from EE/BT amounting to ‘use it or lose it’. Fair enough.

    That did prompt me to look at what EE charge and at 35p per min and 15p text, even though very low usage, your comparison chart on:
    is making a switch to O2 look like better value.

    I want to continue with the old phone as is but just change provider from EE to O2, but on your article about using PAC codes it says:
    “After getting a PAC Code from your old network, the next step is ordering your new phone or SIM card from your new mobile network.”
    Am I going to need a new SIM from O2 (is that even possible for such an old style phone!?) or should it be possible just to switch networks with existing phone and SIM?

    Thank you.

    graham transferred a phone number from EE to O2.

    • Hi Graham,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, you’ll need to order a new SIM card from O2, which can slot inside your existing Nokia 1800 providing it isn’t locked to Orange/EE. You’ll be glad to know that it’s still possible to use standard-sized SIM cards (also known as Mini-SIM/2FF) – just make sure you pop it out at the outermost groove when your O2 SIM card arrives in the post. Once you’ve activated your O2 SIM card, you can use the PAC Code to move your phone number from EE to O2.
      One thing that’s worth noting is you won’t be able to move your credit from EE to O2. For this reason, it might be worth waiting if you have a large balance on your EE SIM card – it’s best to try and use this up before moving to O2.
      Hope this helps,

  • Hi.
    I’m trying to change from O2 (sim only), to Smarty (sim only).
    I’ve received a PAC code from O2.
    I’ve received 2! Sim cards (in 1 envelope), from Smarty.
    When I put either of the Smarty sim cards in my phone, it says that the network is locked. As such, I cannot get onto the internet to upload my PAC nr. Can I upload my PAC nr with my old sim in the phone ?
    Please help.

    Lloyd transferred a phone number from O2 to Smarty.

    • Hi Lloyd,
      Sadly, it sounds like your mobile phone is locked to a network so you’ll need to unlock it before you can use a SIM card from SMARTY.
      If you like, you can put the SIM card in your old phone to input the PAC number (or you could use a Wi-Fi connection instead). However, I’d strongly recommend completing the unlock first before you transferring your phone number so you don’t end up having the phone number on a SIM card you can’t use!
      Hope this helps,

  • Hi Ken,
    My phone contract with EE has ended and I have got a PAC code as I would like to take out a contract with O2 and keep my old number. I have found a very good deal on mobiles.co.uk for a pay monthly contract with O2 however I am unsure how I can use my PAC code and keep my number if I am not buying from O2 directly?
    Thanks for your help 🙂

    Beth transferred a phone number from EE to O2.

  • Hi I am transferring from EE to O2 gave my pac code to O2 I am now using my number on O2 and EE some texts text are going to EE & Some to O2.
    It’s driving me mad what can I do?

    Roge transferred a phone number from EE to O2.

  • I have recently moved from EE to O2 and provided O2 with PAC code however O2 are refusing to transfer number as claiming contract been running for a couple of months and should have been completed within 30 days.
    Just checked all O2 terms and conditions and nowhere does it state this. Also EE researched and said that should not be the case. So still waiting for O2 to sort issue?? Poor service from O2, should have never left EE

    Misba transferred a phone number from EE to O2.

    • Hi Misba,
      Thanks for your comment, and sorry to hear about the issues using your PAC Code at O2. There shouldn’t be anything to stop you from using a PAC Code regardless of how many months you’ve already had your contract with O2 (i.e. it should be possible to use the PAC Code at any time). Were to able to get any further, getting O2 to accept your PAC Code?

  • mark wilson said:

    I have 2 phones, one on Vodafone, 1 year in and 1 on O2, contract has lapsed, so free to end.

    Trouble is my O2 phone number is my primary number, so the question is can I port this number to my 2 year Vodafone contract phone as my primary number ?, replacing the Vodafone number mid contract ?

    mark wilson transferred a phone number from O2 to Vodafone.

  • I requested the PAC from O2 and switching via the SKY site seemed relatively straight forward. I was mailed with a date the switch would take place which was 2 working days from completing the form, all as advised so far. On the day of the switch, my O2 phone stopped working however, whilst I can make calls from my new Sky phone with my old number that has been imported, I can’t receive calls. When anyone calls my number, they receive a voice message saying the number is incorrect.

    SKY customer service are telling me the issue is being looked at by their porting team. The porting team must be based on Mars as it seems the customer service agent isn’t able to contact or talk to the porting team and find out what is going on. When I asked, I was told it was an issue at O2’s side. I’ve contacted O2 and they can see the number was moved at 11am the previous day. I’m now getting really frustrated with Sky as it’s been 48hrs and I’m still none the wiser what is happening.
    Anyone else experienced a similar issue or know how to contact the porting team directly?

    Any advise welcome, Sky aren’t being very helpful. I’m just being told to expect a text when complete

    Claire transferred a phone number from O2 to Sky Mobile.

    • I’m having the same issue. They’ve told me to wait 72 hours for the switch. As if people can bc wait for that long time for a switch which normally takes a couple of hours. I’m stuck here myself they just said wait to me aswell.

  • I requested my PAC code from EE and then filled out the necessary form for o2 to find out that EE had in fact, given me the WRONG PAC code, it wasn’t even a qualifying code which I was not aware of.

    Aimee transferred a phone number from EE to O2.

    • Hi Aimee,
      That sounds like poor form from EE. Did they give you a nine-digit code (three letters followed by six numbers), or was the code in a totally different format? Sometimes, they mistake it for a PUK code (Personal Unblocking Code) which serves a very different process from PAC Codes.


    I have moved from ee to 02.applied to port my number on 9.3.19, I completed the required paperwork but so far my number has not been transferred to my 02 account. Very disappointed indeed.

    KATHRYN NORMAN transferred a phone number from EE to O2.

    • Hi Kathryn,
      Sorry to hear about the issues you’ve encountered moving a phone number from EE to O2. As per the timescales listed here, I would have expected the phone number transfer to have taken place on Tuesday as you submitted your PAC to O2 on a Saturday. If your phone number still hasn’t transferred over, you should get in touch with your new network (O2) to enquire about it. It is their responsibility to process the phone number transfer for you.
      Hope this helps,

  • My pay monthly contract with o2 is up, I decided to stay with o2 but order a new phone and contract via carphone warehouse.. I’ve done this online and accidentally did a new contract instead of upgrade. Will I need a pac code to keep my number? Thanks.

    Linzi transferred a phone number within O2.

    • Hi Linzi,
      There’s no need to obtain a PAC Code when you’re staying on the same network. You just need to ask O2 Customer Services to move your phone number from your old contract to the new one.
      Hope this helps,

  • I’ve just got a pac code from EE as I’ve now joined O2. I currently work offshore where there is no signal and use WiFi for everything. I have an iPhone 6s on EE and have just received an iPhone 8 on O2, so when I give O2 the pac code, will all my iMessages stop coming to my current phone as my number will transfer or will they still come through as it’s through iTunes ?



    Anon transferred a phone number from EE to O2.

  • In my case, my provider quit carrying international sim cards (mine is an O2) , so i need to go from their O2 card directly to an O2 account, using the card that I have. Also although the card has 12 working days left, it seems to be turned off. Can this be reversed?..

    Gary transferred a phone number within O2.

    • Hi Gary,
      Thanks for your comment. As you’re moving from O2-to-O2, your best bet would be to contact O2 Customer Services on 4445 to get this move arranged (the PAC Code process is only for moving from one network to another).

  • I have not been able to top up for four days now as 2723 does not work from my phone for some unknown reason, 08000792723 also does not work from any other phones or landlines that I’ve tried.
    I’m not sure if there’s a problem with the system as they are also not replying to my emails.
    I have gone on to a contract yesterday with O2 but I can not get through to Asda for a pac code.
    If anybody from Asda can contact me with my pac code that would be great!

    Mandy transferred a phone number from ASDA Mobile to O2.

    • Hi Mandy,
      Many thanks for your comment. Have you tried 2732 (or 0800 079 2732 from a landline)? That should be the correct phone number for ASDA Mobile.
      Hope this helps,

    • Hi Barbara,
      Yes – you are more than welcome to continue using your old O2 SIM card until the date your phone number finally moves over to Sky.

  • Hi Ken, I have recently purchased a new smart phone and I want to move my existing number from Vodafone payg to O2 payg. On the O2 ‘keep your number’ form it asks you for ‘your number’, is this the Vodafone one I want to move and keep or the temporary O2 one I have been using? Maybe a silly question, but I’m not 100% sure.
    Also, while i get used to my new phone I have been using my new O2 sim on their ‘classic’ tarriff, when my vodafone number has been ported across, will i keep that tarriff and the credit i have purchased with O2? I know I will forfeit any remaining Vodafone credit. Thanks. L.J.

    L.J. transferred a phone number from Vodafone to O2.

    • Hi LJ,
      Many thanks for your comment. To answer your questions in turn:
      1. Yes, I believe the phone number you enter on the O2 keep your number form is the phone number you’d like to keep or preferred to be contacted on.
      2. You’ll keep all of the credit you’ve got on O2, along with your current tariff or bundle. The only thing that can’t be moved over if your Vodafone PAYG balance & credit.
      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Siobhan,
      Many thanks for your comment. It’s no problem at all doing this – you can transfer the two numbers independently of each other.
      Hope this helps,

      • SiobhanHenry replied:

        Thank you!
        Thanks also for the amazing information. I am delighted to have just switched over to SMARTY at a fraction of the price I was paying for a lot less( and non refundable) data.

  • Hi Ken,

    Firstly, thank you for the helpful and easy to understand guides.

    I am looking to transfer my current O2 number to a Sky mobile deal. I have no issue with the normal process but I have lost my current O2 mobile, so to port a number from O2 to Sky, would my old (lost) mobile need to be powered on?

    I know I can gain the PAC over a landline.



    Terry transferred a phone number from O2 to Sky Mobile.

    • Hi Terry,
      The PAC Code is generated on the mobile network side, and doesn’t relate at all to your handset. So there’s no need to power on your old mobile phone (you just need to be able to contact O2 Customer Services and clear security with them to obtain the PAC Code).

  • I have a sim only contract with 02 but want to move networks to Giffgaff and keep my number, because I’m on contract with 02 can they refuse to give me my Pac code by law

    Craig Haynes transferred a phone number from O2 to giffgaff.

    • Hi Craig,
      Many thanks for your comment. No, O2 isn’t allowed to refuse you a PAC Code – it’s your legal entitlement as described here. There would, however, be allowed to charge you an early exit fee if you end your contract early.
      Hope this helps,

  • I have changed form 02 to id mobile I have entered my pac code on line to keep my number I did it Monday about 9.30 how long before my number changes over.

    Keith transferred a phone number from O2 to iD Mobile.

    • Hi Keith,
      The timeline for a normal phone number transfer is described in the table here. As you submitted your PAC Code to iD Mobile on a Monday before the daily cut-off time, I’d typically expect your phone number transfer to take place on Tuesday. If it hasn’t completed by the end of the day, I’d recommend giving iD Mobile Customer Services a call to check up on this.
      Hope this helps,

  • My contract with 02 runs out in a couple of weeks and I want to change to giffgaff. Do I have to wait until the last day of the contract in case I’m penalised or can I have it all set up now?

    Yvonne transferred a phone number from O2 to giffgaff.

    • Hi Yvonne,
      Many thanks for your comment. You can leave O2 at any time to move to giffgaff, but it’s worth noting there’ll be a 30-day notice on you telling O2 you’d like to leave. You’ll pay an early termination fee if you leave during the 30-day notice period or of course, if you leave during the period of your original contract.
      For this reason, I’d probably try to call O2 a couple of weeks before you intend to leave. You can request a PAC Code from them, which has 30-days validity, so you can then comfortably move over to giffgaff whenever you’re ready.
      Hope this helps,

  • Hi Ken I’m switching to Sky monthly from o2 PAYG and o2 are telling me they will charge me £15 for an unlock pin as phone only a few months old but have provided a pac code. Is thus allowed as I paid for phone outright?

    Matt transferred a phone number from O2 to Sky Mobile.

    • Hi Matt,
      Thanks for your question about moving your phone number from O2 to Sky Mobile. With regards to O2 charging you £15 to unlock your handset, this is allowed and is O2 policy for customers who’ve had their handset for less than 12 months (their justification for this is you would have received the handset on a subsidised/discounted basis). The PAC Code, however, should always be free and you should never be charged for it.
      Hope this helps!

  • Hello!

    Thanks for this article. I’ve got an additional question. I’ve got an O2 phone contract under another person’s name. I would like to open my own O2 contract and transfer ownership of the phone number to my new contract under my name. Can I do this by obtaining the PAC code for the original phone number, then use that to migrate my phone number to the new contract? It will be with the same carrier, just under different account owners (and a new phone).

    Thank you!

    Brittany transferred a phone number within O2.

    • Hi Brittany,
      Thanks for your comment. You have two options with regards to taking over the phone number:
      1) You can ask the account holder to contact O2 to see whether it might be possible to transfer the existing contract into your name. This would probably be the most straightforward, as you can stay on the same plan as before and you’ll also avoid any early termination fees, if applicable.
      2) If that’s not possible, then you can of course sign up for O2 with a brand new contract. You’ll need to call up O2 Customer Services to get your phone number moved over (as a PAC Code can only be used when transferring a phone number between two different mobile networks). Be warned that you may need to pay an early termination fee, if the original contract is being ended early.
      Hope this helps,

  • Hi Ken.

    My wife & I live in Australia and we both have pay as you go SIMs with EE for when we’re in the UK.

    What we do is leave an amount in each phone’s account and before we arrive in the UK we top-up (if necessary) and purchase a 20 pound “Everything Pack” for the period that we’re in the UK. Every few months we turn the phones in here in Australia and send an SMS just to keep the accounts alive.

    What we’ve found is that the area we tend to spend the most time in has some serious dead-spots for the EE network and would like to change to the O2 network which has very good coverage for the area we’re in.

    Is there a way we can move our pay as you go services to O2 (keeping the same numbers) and what would you suggest as a substitute for the EE “Everything Pack” that we usually purchase?



    Stephen transferred a phone number from EE to O2.

    • Hi Stephen,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, of course, you can easily move your Pay As You Go service over to another mobile network whilst keeping the same number you already as. The only limitation is you won’t be able to transfer Pay As You Go credit, so you’ll need to use this up before moving to another network.
      To move your phone number from EE to O2, you can following the instructions on this page the next time you’re in the UK. On O2 Pay As You Go, you can buy a Big Bundle which is their equivalent to EE’s Everything Packs (e.g. you can get 750 minutes, 2000 texts and 2GB data for £15/month). If you’d like coverage from O2, it may also be worth investigating giffgaff (they’ll give you the exact same coverage as O2 but with slightly lower prices).
      Hope this helps!

      • Ken,

        appreciate the response, thank you.

        One further question, does the credit on your O2 pay-as-you-go account have an expiry date after which time the phone number ceases to operate? As mentioned in my initial inquiry, we turn our phones on here in Australia and send an SMS just to show EE we’re still active.



        • Hi Stephen,
          No worries at all – glad to be able to help out!
          There’s more information here on the topic of credit expiry. If you have a Big Bundle, the allowances will obviously expire after one month. However, if it’s just Pay As You Go credit, there’s no expiry providing you use your SIM card at least once every six months (this is the same as the policy on EE).
          Hope this helps!

          • Stephen replied:

            Hi Ken.

            just a follow question on porting from EE to O2.

            If after getting a PAC code, would it be easier to go into an O2 store and do the porting over the counter?



          • Hi Stephen,
            It shouldn’t make any difference whether you submit the PAC Code to O2 via their online form, by calling customer services or in-person at their store. It all goes into the same system, and the transfer still happens on the next working day. Personally, I’d probably do it online for convenience (it’s possible if you go in to the store, they’ll just submit your PAC Code through the same online form!).
            Hope this helps,

    • Hi Lorraine,
      Sorry to hear about the problems after transferring your phone number from O2 to Vodafone. It’s very strange you’re able to receive incoming text messages but not incoming phone calls (normally, if there’s a problem with the porting, both things should be affected at the same time). Either way, your best bet would probably be to talk to Vodafone Customer Services – you can reach them on 191 (or 03333 040 191 from a non-Vodafone handset).

  • Hi I’m currently with O2 and my monthly contract is finishing in the next few weeks. If I got the PAC number today off O2 would it be possible to switch my number to a lyca pay as you go sim today? If so what would happen to my currently existing O2 sim?

    Dee82 transferred a phone number from O2 to Lycamobile.

  • HI Ken

    Great site. Many thanks for the clear and concise information. I’m going to buy a OnePlus2 phone and will transfer from 02 to Giffgaff. You have already provided very clear info so no need to repeat it for my sake (!).

    I’m going to buy a OnePlus2 smartphone. It looks great from a tech point of view and significantly cheaper than the mainstream phone manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, Etc).

    Any thought on this firm ?

    Kind Regards, Nick

    Nick transferred a phone number from O2 to giffgaff.

    • Hi Nick,
      Thanks for your comment and glad the website was useful! Unfortunately, I haven’t had any direct experiences of the OnePlus2. I had a couple of friends using the OnePlus One (general feedback was it was OK) but not sure I know anyone with the OnePlus Two. Before you buy, I would however also look at some devices from Motorola and Huawei (they also offer good phones at a very competitive price).

  • Victoria Jones said:

    Hi Ken

    I apologise for picking up on an old threat, but you seem to be so knowledgeable so I am hoping that you can help my confusion!

    I am out of contract on O2 and would like to get a new phone/contract with EE.

    My question is whether it is necessary to have an overlap of a full month with both contracts running in order to keep my number?

    This seems to be the case from what I have read, because I seem to have to request my PAC from O2 and provide that to EE before I can terminate my contract with O2. This would mean that for one month, I will have to pay almost £40 to O2 for the one month’s termination notice, in addition to £35 for the new contract with EE.

    Is there any way to avoid this duplicate cost that you know of? I really want to keep my number, but feel hesitant in having to pay £40 to do it!

    Many thanks in advance


    Victoria Jones transferred a phone number from O2 to EE.

    • Hi Victoria,
      Thanks for your comment. On your current contract from EE, you need to provide 30 days notice before leaving the network. There are two ways you’re able to minimise the overlap between your old and new contracts:
      1) You can ask for a PAC Code today and you can start your contract with O2 in about 2 or 3 weeks time (this is to minimise the 30 day overlap). You can then give your PAC Code to O2 once the contract there has started. In general, I wouldn’t choose to leave it too close to the end of the 30 days (the reason being you’ll probably want to test out things on O2 before moving your number over e.g. in case the coverage on their service isn’t exactly what you’re expecting… it’s much easier to cancel your O2 contract if you haven’t yet moved your number over).
      2) You can give EE some advance notice about the date on which you’d like to end your current contract. You can then time the start of your new O2 contract about one or two weeks before your EE contract ends. You’ll need to obtain and use a PAC Code before your contract on EE ends.
      Hope this helps,

  • Hi I want to make my old o2 number my new number on my new virgin phone I have the PAC from o2 and I know you have to call 789 but what do I need to do when I call it ? As in what do I press in order to give you my PAC and be able to have my old number on my new phone ?

    Morgan transferred a phone number from O2 to Virgin Mobile.

    • Hi Morgan,
      Thanks for your comment. If you call 789, you’ll reach Virgin Mobile’s customer services department. You can then speak to a customer services advisor to give them your PAC Code. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they have an automated service for you to provide this code.
      Hope this helps,

    • Hi Niamh,
      Thanks for your comment. Have you followed the entire process as discussed above in this article (getting a PAC Code from O2 and giving it to Three)? Once you’ve done this, your O2 phone number will be moved to Three (before this, your Three SIM card will be assigned a temporary phone number).

  • Hi, i,ve recently tried to move my number from Sainsburys mobile to O2, I got my pac code from Sainsburys by txt it only gave me couple of days to use it, I had till lunch time on the 11th of Jan to use it by. I spoke with O2 the morning of the 11th I was given a temp number to transfer my old number onto and gave them my PAC code I was told it would take a couple of days to get my sim card in the post. a couple of days later nothing came and when i rang O2 back they said it could take unto ten day.10 days passed and I called back, I was told it hadn’t been processed correctly the lady who originally proceed my pac code had entered the pac code wrong, and that I would need to get a new pac code from Sainsburys. Sainsburys have now stopped trading on the 15th of January and I’m being told I might have lost my phone number . This was a mess up by O2 and the number i was trying to transfer is my business phone number which is very important to me and nobody is helping me i’ve spent hours on the phone to O2 and Sainsburys and no one is helping me, I don’t know how to get my number back, What can I do?

    paul transferred a phone number from to O2.

  • katherine mann said:

    just to say a huge thank you for your excellent advice re sorting out my i phone after using a pac code to try to get my old number onto my new phone (moved from vodafone to 02 network). The new 02 number was coming up in text messages so I did all the resets to suggested and updated my number on my new i phone and hooray my old number I transferred is showing up perfectly.
    Big thank you

    katherine mann transferred a phone number from Vodafone to O2.

  • Hi.

    I think I made a stupid mistake. I transferred my number to a SIM-Only deal from O2 to Three but I did so without activating my SIM first. I had a phone on contract with O2 but the contract has ended so the phone is mine now. I’m not sure if I need to get it unlocked first before using my Three SIM. I don’t have any network coverage on my O2 SIM and I’m unable to activate my Three SIM. Help!


    Rhonda transferred a phone number from O2 to Three.

    • Hi Rhonda,
      Thanks for your comment. It may be necessary to unlock your handset from O2 before you’re able to use it on Three. I believe that O2 will typically lock iPhones on their network – are you using an iPhone or is it a different device? There’s more information about how to unlock your handset here (you may also find it interesting to read the guide on unlocking an iPhone and unlocking a Samsung Galaxy). It should be free to unlock your handset from O2 as you’re a Pay Monthly customer.
      Hope this helps,

  • I missed a payment on my 02 contract and they seemed to have terminated it, I went online to sort it out and the website says that my account for that phone/number is no longer there, which also means I can’t pay that bill. I wanted to move to EE but keep my number, but if 02 don’t have that account anymore is there any way of doing this?
    I fear if I phone the customer services and get through to an advisor, I will get an earful about not paying the latest bill, despite them giving me no way to actually pay it (I can’t pay a bill if the account is no longer there)

    Thank you

    Jess transferred a phone number from O2 to EE.

    • Hi Jess,
      Thanks for your comment. In this situation, I’d really recommend giving a call to O2 Customer Service (dial 0344 809 0202 from a landline if you aren’t able to use your O2 mobile). The important thing is getting up-to-date with payments as soon as possible so you’re then able to take your phone number to EE.

  • I tried to transfer my number from 02 to EE on Friday 7th august, it was after 17.30pm so I new I would have to wait until Tuesday’ish for it to switch. The problem is it still hasn’t changed over. I have tried turning both phones on and off, tried turning my iMessage and FaceTime off and on again to see if they helped but nope still nothing….
    Any help or suggestions would Be great.
    Thank you

    Gemma transferred a phone number from O2 to EE.

    • Hi Gemma,
      Your best bet is to call EE Customer Services on 150. They should hopefully be able to give you an update on this changeover.

  • Hi I’m having the same issue as a couple of people on the comments.
    The transfer from 02 to vodafone, my phone can dial out but nobody can dial me or text me, the transfer date was today but I’m without full service on my old 02 SIM and on my new Vodafone sim, I’ve called Vodafone several times to be promised different things and told different stories but as yet I’m still without a useful phone. Do you know if keeping the phone switched off is useful as one Vodafone representative told me it was my fault for having the phone on . . . I’d never been told to switch it off

    Liam transferred a phone number from O2 to Vodafone.

  • Hi.
    I transferred my existing number from O2 to EE.the men from O2 who was given me my PAC Code told that my new phone must be unlocked.Is that true?

    Agnes transferred a phone number from O2 to EE.

    • Hi Agne,
      Thanks for your comment. It depends on how you’re planning to use the EE network. If you’ve bought a new handset from EE, it’s not necessary for that phone to be unlocked (it will work straight away on the EE network). If you’re planning to use an EE SIM card in your existing O2 handset, you’ll need to make sure your handset is unlocked. For more information, see my guide on mobile phone unlocking as well as the articles on unlocking an iPhone and unlocking a Samsung Galaxy.
      Hope this helps!

  • Hi, I informed EE that I was leaving and requested by pac code which they sent in the post. Before I had even used the code EE charged my account £36 for requesting the code and giving them my 30 days notice.
    When I had originally contacted EE they never informed me of this charge and then went on to say that it was because I had requested the pac code I had to pay for it.
    After discussions with them they finally agreed to refund me the money as at no point was I informed of this charge.
    I wasn’t in a contract with them and on the bill it said penalty charge??????
    I am now worried that although i am receiving texts and phonecalls on my new O2 phone, my old phone is still able to call out as I have tested it and I don’t want them to charge me for it.
    EE is a nightmare!!!!!
    I’m still waiting for the refund so watch this space as to whether I will have to call them again!!

    Thanks for the info though it has helped.

    Hayley transferred a phone number from EE to O2.

  • Hi Ken, I wonder if you could tell me where I stand regarding the problem I’m having with porting my number over to iD.

    I got my pac code from O2 and used id’s online porting facility on July 1st to transfer on July 2nd, my O2 sim went dead on the 2nd but iD where having network problems so I couldn’t check for 4 days, when I find it didn’t go through?

    I have contacted iD CS numerous times to resolve this, but they say next day, three to five days, I am getting nowhere with them, any ideas?

    Kind regards,


    Gerry transferred a phone number from O2 to iD Mobile.

    • Hi Gerry,
      Thanks for your comment. It’s iD Mobile that’s now responsible for the provision of your service (your phone number has already left the O2 network). Unfortunately, this means you need to further liaise with iD Mobile to resolve the problem. I know this response won’t provide you with much comfort (it’s just that iD Mobile are the only people who are actually able to see your account). If you want to escalate the issue, I recommend you make a formal complaint in writing to iD Mobile. This should hopefully help you in getting the situation resolved as quickly as possible.
      Best of luck,

      • Hi Ken, Thanks for your prompt reply and links.

        I am waiting on them getting back to me by this evening.

        But if they have lost my number ( I don’t understand why it hasn’t gone over ? ), do I have any legal entitlement?

        Kind regards,


        • Hi Gerry,
          I’m afraid I can’t advise on legal entitlements with regards to a phone number (there isn’t a set rule or compensation scheme for things such as this). You could probably check directly with the Ombudsman or Ofcom but I’m also not totally sure if they can give you an answer. Your best bet would probably be to complain directly to iD Mobile – if necessary, you can escalate the issue upwards from there. Really sorry I can’t give you any more detailed advice than that! 🙁

    • Hi Tony,
      Thanks for your comment. You’re seeing this message about a “SIM Network Unlock PIN” as your HTC Wildfire is currently locked to T-Mobile. Before you’re able to use it on O2, you’ll first need to unlock it from T-Mobile. This will cost you £8.99. For more information, see my article on unlocking your smartphone. When unlocking your handset from T-Mobile, you’ll need to fill in the form here.
      Hope this helps,

  • I have been using my number with Tmobile for over 8 years and I still have the mates rate plan. My partner has recently bought me an IPhone which is locked to 02 so I have bought a PAYG sim to go into the phone and have asked Tmobile for my PAC code to change my number over. I would like to know if i get my iPhone unlocked to any network and want to switch back to Tmobile will I be able to still use the same number and will I still be on the same mates rates tariff or will I start a new connection from scratch?

    Steff transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to O2.

    • Hi Steff,
      Thanks for your comment. If you’d like to stay on T-Mobile’s Mates Rates, you’ll need to keep the T-Moible account open. If you were to transfer your phone number from T-Mobile to O2, then it would close the account that’s open at T-Mobile and you would need to later sign up as a new customer on EE (T-Mobile is no longer available to new customers joining the network).
      If you simply want to unlock the handset from O2, you can do this with a free O2 Pay As You Go SIM card. There’s no need to actually keep the number assigned to the O2 SIM card: simply use it for unlocking then go back to your normal T-Mobile SIM.
      Hope this helps,

  • Hi ken we are trying to change our phone from O2 to vodafone and can ring out but not getting any texts or incoming calls they’ve said they will send text to how to solve it lol when u can’t get texts funny is there something you’ve got to do with your phone when it’s been switched over. We’ve got a iPhone 6 plus, many thanks.

    Paula transferred a phone number from O2 to Vodafone.

    • Hi Paula,
      Thanks for your comment. On the day of the transfer, it’s fairly normal for this to happen (it means Vodafone has already updated your number on their network but O2 are still to release it). If you’re still having this problem after the scheduled number transfer date, you’ll need to contact Vodafone Customer Services (dial 191 from your Vodafone handset) – they should be able to investigate this for you.

  • Hi there,
    I am transferring my number to EE from O2 but it is for an iPhone 5. Will the PAC Code allow this or do I need to unlock the iPhone? I seem to remember that iPhones lock to the first network they are on unless you unlock them through apple. Please help.

    Steve transferred a phone number from O2 to EE.

  • I switched my network from T-Mobile to O2 via CarPhone Warehouse on 19/11/14, receiving my PAC code on the 19/11 and thus made O2 aware of the pac code during the online transfer. Received my new O2 sim on 20/11 around midday switching sims and noticing my network had changed correctly to O2.

    However, today I have received a final bill from my original provider (T-mobile) for £238 as on the morning of the 20/11, I used my phone to make calls, emails, browse the internet and watch a couple of video’s. I was unaware that I would be charged for usage by T-Mobile on the 20th and was not made aware by T-Mobile that this could happen. What options are available to me, do I have any legal recourse as this is a bill I simply cannot afford.

    Thankyou for your replies as this is a deep concern to me.


    David Mahon transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to O2.

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for your comment and sorry to hear about the problems you’ve experienced with T-Mobile. It is rather ridiculous they’ve charged you £238 for only half a day of usage: what’s their rationale for making such a charge? What tariff were you on when this happened? It would seem reasonable for them to charge a pro-rata rate for your final month of usage but there’s no way the final bill should come to £238. I’d certainly lodge a complaint with EE: hopefully this should help to get the bill revised as quickly as possible.

  • Hi. I just asked about my PAC code from O2 as want to move to Orange network. I have found in a meantime that this will not be the best idea, and EE itself will be a better option to take. May I use the same PAC code for a different network than what I told O2 it was for (in fact the same as Orange is a part of EE)? It’s going to be the same kind of monthly pay as you go…

    Sly transferred a phone number from O2 to EE.

  • Bhavini Mistry said:

    Hi there I am thinking to transfer to giffgaff but may need my PAC Code to do this as I want to also keep my number. O2 is costing me a lot of money through top up and I was wondering if I could change to giffgaff so I can get free internet, free mins and free text that wouldn’t cost me a lot of money

    Bhavini Mistry transferred a phone number from O2 to giffgaff.

    • Hi Bhavini,
      Yep – you will need a PAC Code to move your number from O2 to giffgaff. You can see the link here for more information. Unfortunately, giffgaff doesn’t give you free allowances automatically with the top-up (though you will get free calls & texts to other giffgaff members). Most giffgaff members choose a buy a goodybag: the total monthly cost will often still be less than using Pay As You Go on O2. Do have a look at my review of giffgaff if you have any further questions!
      Many thanks,

  • Hi

    I transferred a number from a payg 3 (three) account to O2 Contract. Its been 10 days now and still no incoming calls. O2 are saying they have requested the porting files again and are waiting and cant do anything until they receive these.

    O2 made me change my SIM/disconnect me for 4 hours, unaccountable number of problem solving requests still no joy.

    Any advise?


    Saj transferred a phone number from Three to O2.

  • I have a problem with transferring my number to Vectone mobile,I gave them my pack code from O2 ,but they are telling that they haven’t received confirmation porting from O2,I receive an SMS from O2 which says that its been granted,but my number is still offline.can i call couple of times their customer service desk but they were so unhelpful.
    you please tell me what I can do?I need to keep my number as its my company one.please help me?

    stan transferred a phone number from O2 to Vectone Mobile.

  • What about any credit on the SIM you are transferring to? I have a 3 PAYG SIM with some credit, and want to transfer the number from a O2 PAYG SIM. Once the number is transferred to 3, will I still have the credit from the previous 3 number?

    Also, what happens to the previous 3 number?

    David transferred a phone number from O2 to Three.

    • Hi David,
      The SIM card on which you’re transferring your phone number to will retain any credit it had before the incoming transfer. So any credit currently on your Three SIM card will still be there after the transfer is complete.
      Hope this helps!

  • Hi Ken,
    Thanks for info here. I’m having a nightmare porting from T Mobile (EE) to O2. Port requested on Friday scheduled for Monday 6pm. Old number cut off on Friday so I have no means if my business customers getting hold of me on my kniwn number. Called O2 who are currently giving me the run around and no help whatsoever. They ofcourse are blaming T Mobile. Any advice you can offer would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks. E.

    E transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to O2.

    • Hi E,
      Sorry to hear about the problems you’ve experienced transferring a phone number from T-Mobile to O2. Based on your description of the problem, the problem has occurred on the T-Mobile end (O2 are right in blaming T-Mobile). T-Mobile should keep your number active until the transfer actually happens: they shouldn’t disconnect it or end your contract early. A transfer through the PAC Code system should simultaneously close your T-Mobile account whilst moving the number over to O2. Hence, I’d recommend calling T-Mobile Customer Services (0845 412 5000) – they’ll be best placed to help in solving the problem.
      Good luck,

  • Having switched from O2 to 3 without problems I have noticed that my phone (a moto G) shows its phone number as being the original number assigned to the 3 SIM rather than the phone number I ported from O2.

    Is there anyway to ensure that the correct number is displayed for my phone?

    Ken transferred a phone number from O2 to Three.

    • Hi Ken,

      Thanks for your comment. Is this a problem with your Caller ID (the number which shows when you make a phone call) or a problem on the handset itself? For caller ID, the best thing to do is to contact Three Customer Services (call 333 from your Three handset). For the latter (a problem on your handset), a quick restart will normally solve the problem (you may also need to re-register through apps such as WhatsApp).

      Hope this helps!


      • Hi Ken,

        Thanks for the reply. I was able to edit the SIM number on another Phone (Samsung Galaxy ACE DUOS) by going to Contacts/Settings/Own Numbers and editing My Number.

        So it now shows up correctly on both the phone and caller ID.

  • Hi Ken, I ported my very nice number from O2 to Vodafone mid Jan. Since I have not been able to receive any calls from any other provider or landline other than vodafone and no texts except from Vodafone. It has been very difficult 8 weeks with what amounts to a zero service. I am able to text and dial out and my nice number is shown as the caller, it just dosent work the other way. I have been in almost daily contact with vodafone to get them to resolve the issue, they havent I just go from one tech to another and empty promises that it will be resolved. I can hardly believe that this is a strange and never been encountered problem in the whole of the world. I have come to end of tether and have complained to Ombudsman. Thats the background. If I should go down the route of severing my contract and requesting my PAC number is it likely I would have the same problem with another provider…. has my number/code been scrambled!

    Jem transferred a phone number from O2 to Vodafone.

    • Hi Jem,

      I’m really sorry to hear your experiences about transferring a phone number from O2 to Vodafone. It’s a rare problem as most PAC Code transfers happen without any issue. Was your phone number originally issued by O2 or was it issued by another company? Your phone number will come from the block of numbers issued to your first mobile network (see the full list on OFCOM’s website). For instance: 07734 is O2, 07735 is Three, 07741 is Vodafone, etc. Then, somewhere along the line, there’ll be a database of phone numbers transferred to a different mobile network. For instance, the database might say that 07734 555 555 is now on Vodafone rather than O2. The problem with your incoming calls & text messages likely originates from that database.

      Either way, Vodafone is the responsible party which should resolve this issue. I hope the issue can be solved promptly for you, with the involvement of the ombudsman. Please do get in touch and let me know how you get on with Vodafone.


  • Hello, I have currently switched from a blackberry from o2 to a HTC one on vodafone, I transferred my number using a PAC code, I was told to turn my new phone off from the times between 11am and 4pm today, I turned on my new HTC one on at half past 4 and I am receiving no signal, I hope you can offer advise

    Aidan transferred a phone number from O2 to Vodafone.

  • I am switching from O2 to Orange. My new phone arrived last Thursday. I contacted O2 and was given a PAC more or less immediately. First thing Friday morning, the new phone had been activiated so I rang Orange (150) and gave them the PAC to get my old number transferred. I was told that my number should transfer between 10am and 3pm the following day….I’m still waiting, it’s now Tuesday pm and nothing has happened. I did think well maybe he hadn’t realised that the following day was saturday and these things didn’t happen on a weekend. But surely something should have happened by now! I know your advice will be ring Orange, but an hours wait on the phone, while I’m at work isn’t ideal!

    Lou transferred a phone number from O2 to Orange.

    • Hi Lou,

      Thanks for getting in touch. You’re right in saying that phone numbers don’t transfer at the weekend, so a request submitted on Friday morning should go through on Monday (Tuesday if you miss the cut-off time). As your number still hasn’t transferred as of Tuesday evening then it seems like Orange have failed to transfer your number correctly. I’m afraid my advice would indeed be to contact Orange… though fingers crossed the wait shouldn’t be as long as an hour. Orange are the most likely people to know what’s happened: i.e. whether your request was correctly entered into the system, the status of your number port, etc.


  • I bought a new phone and my current provider is O2 and wanted to change my number to EE so phoned O2 got the PAC code phoned EE this was on a Saturday afternoon who told me the phone transfer would take place Tuesday so Tuesday came and nothing had changed over, I phoned them Wednesday midday and the customer service put me through to a technition who said he would do the transfer manually and to turn both phones off and within 3 to 4 hours everything would be working correctly, well it wasn’t. I phoned them back 5 hours later and customer services told me that it had taken place and I was phoning from my old O2 number (I as using my new phone) this seemed strange as my old O2 phone was still working. I can phone out on my new phone with my O2 number and text but when people phone me it connects to my old phone ,and text, both phones are using the same number, after many hours of frustrating phone calls to EE nothing had changed, please help

    Wendy transferred a phone number from O2 to EE.

  • Good morning Ken, Great article btw extremely helpful. I am in the process of migrating 4 of our business phones from o2 to EE via carphone warehouse. I was contacted by Carphone warehouse this morning telling me our main number (the bosses num for 20+ years) is not supported by EE as it is an “0777” number, and we need to change it? I then contacted EE direct and they seem to think all they need is a PAC code and any number is fine, my question is have you heard of this problem before? and what one of these companies is likely to be telling me porkies?


    Jim transferred a phone number from O2 to EE.

    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for getting in touch. As far as I’m aware, there is no reason why EE couldn’t support a number beginning with 0777. If you take a look at this link (it’s the OFCOM database for mobile numbering), you’ll see that numbers beginning with 0777 are just normal mobile numbers like any other. Indeed, Orange (now part of EE) was even assigned the 07772, 07773 and 07779 number ranges for their own customers. Given this, I believe I believe it’s highly unlikely that EE would have any problems using an 0777 phone number.


  • Paul Pearson said:

    Hi Ken,

    I used my PAC code yesterday to transfer my number from O2 to Orange. It is now just over 24 hours later. When I call from my new phone, the number shows up as the transferred number as expected. However when I call to the trasferred number from another phone, the call still goes to my old phone with my old O2 sim. Is this normal? Will it be resolved if I wait a few more hours?


    Paul Pearson transferred a phone number from O2 to Orange.

    • Hi Paul,

      I believe this problem may occur temporarily – your old network (O2) still needs to release the number to Orange. On the Orange side, they’ve changed the “Caller ID” number to the number you’re transferring from O2. If this problem isn’t resolved after a few hours, I’d recommend getting in touch with O2. Let me know how it goes!


  • I have two contract one with o2 and other with three, I would like to swap the number. Is this possible or do i need to stop the contract. I want both the contracts rolling.
    one (three) contracts started in dec 2012 and other (o2) ends in Dec 2013, Please help.
    Many thanks in Advance

    J Frank transferred a phone number from O2 to Three.

  • I had a pack code from O2.. Purchased a new phone from Orange //phoned to give them the Pac code. it has been a week of constant phonecalls saying within 24 -48 hours it willbe sorted. I have no service apparently my temporary number has not been activated. SO a weel later and still no joy. How long should it take is it better to forget the pac code and ask for a new sim and start again

    Suzie transferred a phone number from O2 to Orange.

    • Hi Sattam,

      The reason for this is simply because Vodafone and O2 are different companies: since you've paid your money to Vodafone so there is no reason why O2 should honour that airtime credit. Unfortunately there isn't a mechanism whereby airtime credit can be transferred between companies: instead you'll have to use it up before switching network.


  • Hey Vodafone have canncled my contract without me knowing so I want to change to O2burnt phone says sim not provisionalised? Can I still get a PAC code from Vodafone

    kirsty transferred a phone number from Vodafone to O2.

    • Phone boffin replied:

      Kirsty, there’s no way on earth that Vodafone or any other company will just “cancel” without you knowing.
      That’s the whole reason you have a “contract” which is legally binding on both sides. The only reason they can null your service is if you’re not keeping up with payments and/or using the device/contract for things that go against the contract you agreed to.
      Of course, someone may’ve impersonated you to cancel the contract, maybe even if someone else pays the bill they might have cancelled it without telling you, but as terrible as Vodafone are, they won’t “just cancel it” without good reason.
      If you want to change to another service provider, just sticking a sim card into the phone may not work as the phone needs to be unlocked from some networks.

  • Hi,
    I am transferring from o2 pay as you go to 3pay monthly, I have had my pac code and given this to 3. I was told the transfer would be done on Tuesday, so I checked my old phone and there was no signal, later my partner called my old number to check that it had been transferred and someone else answered my number! The number has been transferred to another 3 sim! I have then called 3 and asked them for my transfer straight away, but they have told me that they have to get more information for o2 and I have to wait another 72 hours! Am I within my rights to speak to their supervisor and get this done today??? Any help would be much appreciated 🙂

    Alex transferred a phone number from O2 to Three.

  • i gave 30 day notice to cancel my orange account, and asked for a PAC code to transfer to O2. About 28 days on I gave O2 the pac code, bu they missed the deadline for some unknown reason. Orange say that because I didn't use the pac code before it expired, then i have to give another thirty days on my account. Is this right? I went over this very carefully with orange at the time, and wanted to be sure that my account would be cancelled. Can they ignore my notice like this?

    abl transferred a phone number from Orange to O2.

  • i have a business contract with vodafone that has been up and running for a month now but i am slightly concerned that the people who had my o2 payg number are still using it is there any way i can get the calls diverted from that number to my contract as i dont keep all the one off business numbers on my phone as there are just to many numbers?!

    micheal transferred a phone number from O2 to Vodafone.

  • Hi

    I have a contract with orange and have had it for years as a personal number. I have just left my job and been given a PAC code for my work number which is on O2 and I prefer this number. Can I transfer this number to my current orange contract and replace my old orange number with it, or will orange tell me to take a new contract out?

    wiible transferred a phone number from O2 to Orange.

  • Great site !

    I have just been given a business mobile phone (on O2) and would like to port my current Vodafone number. I would like to keep my current vodafone contract and get a new number for the vodafone contract that my wife would then use. Vodafone are saying that if I port my number they have to terminate my contract and I have to pay a termination fee. Seems mad that they can't port my number and keep the contract maintained with a new number. Vodafone seemed to struggle to understand what I was even asking for. Any suggestions?

    Wayne transferred a phone number from Vodafone to O2.

  • hi
    My o2 contract is up in 2 months and was wondering can i switch my current number to a new phone ( same network ) if i get a new phone through another shop .

    jim transferred a phone number within O2.

      • Will Vodafone do the same thing? I asked a few years ago and their customer services department told me they wouldn't do it. Just wondering whether that was a case of talking to the wrong (least helpful) person, or whether that is in fact vodafone's policy.

  • I am switching number from O2 sim to vodaphone
    they said i should turn off phone at 11am and turn it on at 4pm and the vodafone sim should have carried over my previous number

    it is now 8.30 and it still doesn't ring when i ring it and it says 'no service'


    anna transferred a phone number from O2 to Vodafone.

    • Hi Anna,

      When you call your number, does it still go to your old phone? The switchover may have been delayed or something – from personal experience I find that it usually happens overnight.


  • Hi,
    just in the prosses of getting a business phone but would like the number of my personal phone to be the business number, so it would just be a case of swapping the numbers around. I still have 15 months on contract with O2 on my personal phone, asking for a PAC code would they require me to cancel the O2 contract.

    Justian transferred a phone number from O2 to Vodafone.

    • Hi Justian,

      You should talk to O2 Customer Services about your request – switching phone numbers between two O2 accounts is outside the PAC Code system. This is only for number transfers between different networks.


      • Hi Ken,
        I probably wasn't that clear with my explanation. I was switching my(current) O2 Number to my(new) Voda phone, which I would need a PAC code for. I was just wondering wether requesting a PAC Code the contract would have to be cancelled, even though I would still want to keep the O2 contract, but with tthe new Voda phone number.

        • Hi Justian,

          I don't think the PAC Code legislation specifies anything along these lines… the best thing to do is to speak to O2 Customer Services and see whether it's possible to arrange. Do let us know what they say!


  • Hi can anyone help me.. My mum has a Vodaphone pay as you go,reception is terrible so last week while in an o2 shop i got 2 sim cards(one for each of us) and wanted to top up mine but was told that i had to top up both,so i did at a cost of £20 total,however mum and i decided to not use o2 and that Tesco was offering a better deal..so i asked o2 for my pac which all went through okay but my mum has had terrible probs….1~somebody had hacked Vodaphone's site so she couldn't get her phone unlocked…..2~ o2 have ported out and recycled her sim(with £10 credit)!!!!!!! So now she is having to go to Vodaphone a get another sim card also having to top that one up!!!!! So i just wondered as they have to give you the grace of 30days to use the pac code has this been illegal? Greatly appreciate any guidance on this matter… thanks Gwen

    Gwen transferred a phone number from Vodafone to O2.

    • Hi Gwen,

      Unfortunately when you port a number, you cannot transfer Pay As You Go credit so the £10 credit has unfortunately been forfeited. You could ask O2 to refund the £10 as a gesture of goodwill I guess, but I'm not sure they have to give it back to you. I'm not a lawyer though…


      • Hi Ken, Thanks for the advice but I am not bothered so much to losing the money but was it legal for O2 to port the number out when they were not asked to? I would like you to confirm this if possible. Thanks Gwen

        • Hi Gwen,

          I don't quite understand – so you asked O2 for a PAC code… did you then provide the PAC code to somebody else? If so, you asked for a port to happen; if not, no port should have occured.


  • Can anybody help? I recently got an o2 pay as u go sim for my mother who wanted to change network from Vodaphone,I topped it up by £10 for her. She did not give her PAC code to o2 as she decided to move to Tesco(better deal for her) She then went to get her Vodaphone mobile unlocked,but unfortunately that proved impossible as somebody had hacked the network so no code could be used in order for the unlocking process to be done.The following morning she tried to make a call from her handset as she still had £10 credit but was unable to as o2 had ported her number!!!!!!! How could this have happened? Now she has been forced to get another Vodaphone sim and top it up as she lost her original balance and they cannot refund that (understandable) Has this been legal practice for o2 to have done this??????

    Gwen transferred a phone number from Vodafone to O2.

  • I want to keep my Orange mobile number & Orange email address but I am transferring to O2 will I still be able to access my Orange email even when I have transferred my old number to o2. I have to input my orange number to login to Orangemail.

    Ken transferred a phone number from Orange to O2.

    • Hi Ken,

      I guess your phone number is just like a username so I can't see any reason why this can't be possible in principle. That said, if your e-mail service was an additional feature of the mobile service, it's possible your e-mail account could be closed at the same time.


  • i was on vodafone previously but changed to O2…..the o2 people said my number would activate between 10-6 today…..but so far it hasnt…..is this normal? how long does it usually take for numbers to be changed…..and how will i know? will my reception have to be at full when it happens?

    Sam transferred a phone number from Vodafone to O2.

  • I currently have a O2 pay monthly that I want to cancel but keep the number. I also have an existing vodafone contract that I want to transfer the O2 number to. Is this possible and what would it involve?

    Oliver transferred a phone number from O2 to Vodafone.

  • kelvin gaffin said:

    hi i would like to know i switched my number from payg orange to payg o2 i got a text off o2 sayin once o2 uk cums back at th top of my phone that my number will be switch over, it says it will be active by the 4th may 2011 6pm latest but i text my number and it still hasnt received it could u help thanx kelvin

    kelvin gaffin transferred a phone number from Orange to O2.

  • can someone help!!???
    i requested my pac code form 02 to take over from my dads old contract on vodafone. i received the code and gave it to vodafone, and my contract with 02 terminated. I put my vodafone sim in my phone but its coming up saying 'invalid sim card'. why is this? im now stuck with no phone. any info very much appreciated .

    billy transferred a phone number from O2 to Vodafone.

  • Hi Ken

    I am buying a new iPhone 4 from vodafone, but keeping my existing iPhone 3 on 02 for my son to use however I'd like to transfer the existing iPhone 3 number that I use for work to the iPhone 4 and get a new number for the iPhone 3

    Is this possible?

    TIA nick

    Nick transferred a phone number from O2 to Vodafone.

      • Many thanks for that Ken, but I forgot to mention that the 02 contract is still live for a few months yet. How would thatvwork?

        • Good question… you want to keep the O2 contract going but you want to transfer the contract onto a new number whilst swapping your existing number to Vodafone? I don't know about that… I think O2 Customer Services might be your best bet here. Sorry, I don't know the answer to that one!

          By the way, have a look through my iPhone comparison tool (launched yesterday evening)… there are a few Vodafone deals there which aren't available through the main Vodafone website. They might interest you 🙂


  • Hi Ken, a slight weird one here. I was with o2 and the contract was done on the o2 store. I want to take out a new contract with the carphone warehouse but still remain on o2. Do I need a PAC code for this? Alex

    Alex transferred a phone number within O2.

    • Hi Alex,

      Nope you don't – same process as moving from O2 to O2. It doesn't matter where you buy your phone from 🙂 When you receive your new phone/SIM from CPW, give O2 a call and ask them to transfer your existing phone number onto your new SIM card.



  • Matthew Snook said:


    My contract with Tmobile is up for 'renewal' on 18th Jan. I have just taken out a new contract with O2, to beat the VAT increase. Will it be possible to ask Tmobile for a PAC code now, and transfer to O2, or do I have to wait until the 18th Jan when my contract is up to renew? would they give a temp number for my existing contract? or disallow it?

    Hope you can help

    Matthew Snook transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to O2.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for getting in touch. You should probably be able to ask them for a PAC Code now that you're in the final month. I suspect you'd have to pay for the rest of the month although you'll lose service once your number has moved over to O2. However, if you wanted them to switch the number you might be able to ask T-Mobile Customer Services to do that for you (let us know how you get on!)

      I think it's worth mentioning here that you don't save *any* money on your monthly tariff by taking your plan out now. You will only save money on the upfront cost of your handset. See my guide to VAT increases for more information.


  • Hannah Collins said:

    I’m trying to move from Orange to O2 and Orange staff are being very uncoperative by cutting me off etc.

    Yesterday my mum went to the Orange shop and they put us through to a man in India. He said that he would phone us back between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m that day it is now 2:59 the following day and we have still not heard from him, when my mum was talking to him in the shop he said that there was a queue of 600 people waiting for PAC codes.

    I have advice for people changing networks:


    Hannah Collins transferred a phone number from Orange to O2.

  • hello, im changing from vodafone to o2 and i have provided the pac code today and i am aware that it could take up to 48 hours. do i need to keep my phone off during the whole thing or can i have it on and use it?

    pepp transferred a phone number from Vodafone to O2.

    • Hi pepp,

      There is no need to turn your phone off during the transfer process. You can keep using your Vodafone phone/SIM card as normal until the transfer to O2 goes through. The transfer can still happen if your phone is on.


  • Hi Ken, I am a little bit confused and found on the internet you would give me a good & helpful advice.

    I am on the last month of contract with THREE. I wanted to upgrade and stay with THREE but they do not have a handset which I want to upgrade to. I am deciding to finish this contract and do not upgrade but I want to keep my current telephone number. I know that to go to pay as you go I just need to speak to THREE's advisor that I want to just move to pay as you go.

    The thing is that I want to get a contract with O2 now because they have exact handset that I want. Confusion starts now because I have no idea how to transfer my number from contract with THREE to contract with O2. What I have found is that there are 3 steps of this ! First : I need to get my number transferred to pay as you go at THREE and then obtain a PAC and transfer my number to O2 pay as you go and then to O2 contract ….. Is this right??

    please help me !! thanks so much

    Kamil transferred a phone number from Three to O2.

  • Yo,
    I recently got a new phone, and changed networks to Orange (contract) from O2 (pay as you go). I didn't get a PAC code in order to take my old number with me (I'm already regretting that decision), and I am now officially with Orange. Is there any way that I can still transfer my old number onto my new phone, or will I have to start the process of telling all my friends and family my new number?

    John transferred a phone number from O2 to Orange.

    • Hi John,

      Providing you still have the Orange SIM card and the phone number hasn't been disabled, I think Orange Customer Services should still be able to give you a PAC Code to transfer your phone number.


  • Hi,
    i have recently transferred my sim only deal from tmobile to o2, now that the PAC code transfer has happened, my old tmobile sim is also still working! and yet i have the old number on the 02 sim too, is this a worry?

    Sally transferred a phone number from T-Mobile to O2.

    • Hi Sally,

      Sounds like the number hasn't transferred over yet. Have you given your PAC Code to o2 and waited 2 days for the transfer to happen?


  • I'm switching from 02 to orange. I have had my pac code through and have contacted orange and given it (pac code) to them. I currently have a different number from the new orange sim, but they said it can take 3 days to switch (due to the weekend most probably Monday). They told me to have my mobile off – but which sim/phone do they mean. The new orange one or my 02 one? my contract with 02 ended on Friday and I cancled it a few days before. They said for the pac to work properly my mob needs to be off, but I don't get which one they mean?

    katy transferred a phone number from O2 to Orange.

    • Hi Katy,

      I'm not sure… you'll have to ask them for a clarification of what they mean. As far as I know, when the transfer happens you will simply lose signal on your old phone. For me it happened overnight so on the Monday morning when I woke up and turned my phone on, my old phone stopped working and the new one had the existing phone number.

      My advice is to reboot your new phone when you lose signal on your old one. I think this should be sufficient.


      • Keep your new phone/sim switched off during the switchover period.

        Switched from 3 to Vodafone yesterday. Vodafone told me keep the Vodafone mobile/sim off between 11am and 4pm. And don't switch it on until after 4pm, even if signal is lost on the 3 phone/sim before then.

        With regards to the old phone – they didn't specify, only that it's important to switch off the new phone. Going to just keep both off – easier…

  • Hi, I got a new SIM with o2 and requested a PAC code from Orange so I could keep my number. Orange said they'd send it in the post for me.
    I put the new o2 SIM in the mobile I'm using so that I could get it set up ready for when I receive the PAC code. The SIM said it had been activated and it appears that I now have signal and can use the SIM for calls and texts – but obviously on a new number that I dont want to use. Now that the SIM has been activated will I still be able to use the PAC code, SIM and keep my number? or have I screwed up by putting it in the phone?

    Liam transferred a phone number from Orange to O2.

    • Hi Liam,

      Nope! Spot on… that is exactly what you need to do. You need to activate your new SIM card & phone number before you can even use your PAC code! Once it arrives in the post, call O2 customer services and give them the PAC Code. They'll handle the porting for you.


  • Hi

    I’m in the process of dropping O2 because of their 500MB cap. I plan to get a Voda £20/mth iPhone SIM, cut it down to MicroSIM size and put it in the iPhone 4.

    Voda ask you for the PAC code when you’re placing the order. Is this likely to cause me some downtime between them activating the code and me receiving / using the SIM?

    Rob transferred a phone number from O2 to Vodafone.

    • Hi Rob,

      I’m not sure. If Vodafone start the porting process before you recieve your new phone/SIM there is the possibility your number could be transferred over to the new SIM whilst that SIM is still in the post. I’d give them a call and enquire.



    • my boyfriend is experiencing problems transfering from o2. the reason hes moving was the free phone he wanted. he gave them his pac coes and is still waiting 4 days later for his number to transfer, he has now been left without a phone he can use. good luck

  • Hi Ken,

    I have a dilema. I have recently taken out a contract with O2 but have my business number with Virgin. I have asked Virgin for my PAC to transfer the number accross and was given this imediately! But they did say that as soon as I gave my PAC to O2 then the service with Virgin would be terminated. So as fara as Virgin are concerned I will be without contact with business clients for 48hrs. However when I spoke with O2 they said this wasn’t the case. It will take 48hrs to give the PAC to the Portal company who transfers the numbers but in this time my number will still be with Virgin & working & there will be maybe 1 hour while numbers are being transfered after 48hrs where there will be a break in the service to my business number but that is all. WHICH IS TRUE? I dont want to do anything until I am sure about how long I will be without the use of my business number!! Thanks

    Mal Watts transferred a phone number from Virgin Mobile to O2.

    • Hi Mal,

      Thanks for your comment. O2 are right here: I recently had a similar experience switching from O2 to T-Mobile. Your Virgin SIM card will continue to work even after you have given the PAC code to O2. Once your number has been ported over to O2 (and not until then), your Virgin SIM card will be disabled. My number transfer happened overnight so I had no significant downtime at all.

      Hope this helps 🙂


    • t mobile arent the best when it comes to you requesting something with them ive been with them 2 years with 3 contracts and now changing to another network they are hopless get back on there case with it thats a terrible time to do that

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