Orange is offering under-24s an extra 1GB of internet as well as free calls & texts to Orange & T-Mobile customers.

If you’re under 24 and a customer of Orange you can benefit from their “under 24’s” deal. This U24 offer gives you an extra allowance of calls, texts and internet at no additional charge. The extra allowances are added to your existing plan. U24 is available to Pay Monthly customers spending at least £15/month and Pay As You Go customers who top-up by at least £10/month.

The offer, which lasts for a maximum of 24 months, gives you unlimited calls & texts to customers on Orange and T-Mobile. You’ll also receive 1GB of additional internet to be used every month. This 1GB of data is in addition to your existing data allowance. 1GB roughly equates to browsing 3000 rich webpages, writing a million basic e-mails/instant messages or downloading 160 applications.

What under 24 deals are available?

U24 BannerThe U24 offer is available on Pay Monthly, SIM Only and Pay As You Go.

Pay Monthly Contacts with U24

Orange has a range of Pay Monthly plans suitable for use with the U24 offer. You’ll need to have a contract that costs at least £15/month.

Our recommended plan is The Works 27. Customers on this plan pay £27/month for unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 250MB of internet. The basic allowance of 250MB is only a small amount. However, customers eligible for U24 can boost this to a more respectable 1.25GB/month (1,250MB). In comparison, customers who aren’t eligible for U24 would need to pay at least £37/month for similar value (The Works 37 comes with unlimited calls, unlimited texts and a 1GB download allowance). Customers signing up for U24 can save large amounts of money.

There’s a large range of handsets to choose from on The Works 27. Popular options include the Galaxy S4 Mini:

Galaxy S4 mini
Standard Deal (without U24) Better Deal (with U24)
Minutes: Unlimited Unlimited
Texts: Unlimited Unlimited
Internet: 1GB 1.25GB (250MB + 1GB from U24)
Price: £37/month £27/month + £49.99 upfront
Saving: £190 saving over 24 months

For more information on Pay Monthly contracts, see the Orange website for a full list of Pay Monthly handsets and Pay Monthly plans.

SIM Only Deals with U24

SIM cardIf you own an unlocked smartphone that you’re happy to keep, a good way of saving money is to get a SIM only contract. Unlike normal contracts, SIM only contracts don’t come with a new handset. Instead, you’re just given a new SIM card that slots into your existing device.

The benefits of SIM only are a lower monthly cost and bigger allowances of calls, texts and internet. The length of your contract is also shorter: you’re tied in for just 1 month or 12 months depending on the plan you choose. On a standard Pay Monthly contract, you’ll need to commit for 24 months minimum.

For instance, the basic SIM only plan includes 500MB of data. After opting in to the U24 offer, this would increase to 1.5GB (1,500MB) per month.

Pay As You Go with U24

U24 can be added to any Orange Pay As You Go plan. Customers topping up by £10/month will receive U24 allowances in addition to their existing free allowances. The most popular plan on Orange Pay As You Go is Dolphin.

Customers on Dolphin with U24 will receive the following free allowances:

Monthly Top-Up Free Internet Free Texts Free Calls Remaining Credit*
£10 top-up 2GB Ultd to Orange & T-Mobile Ultd to Orange & T-Mobile £10 (~33 minutes)
400 to other networks
£15 top-up 3GB Ultd to Orange & T-Mobile Ultd to Orange & T-Mobile £15 (~50 minutes)
600 to other networks
£20 top-up 4GB Unlimited Ultd to Orange & T-Mobile £20 (~67 minutes)

For full details, refer to the Orange website for full details of their Pay As You Go plans. You can also see a list of the handsets they offer.

What can I do with an extra 1GB?

The U24 offer gives you 1GB of additional internet. The 1GB allowance is added to the basic allowance that already comes with your plan.

1GB approximately corresponds to one of the following:

1GB corresponds to…
Basic webpages (mainly text) 10,000
Rich webpages (with multimedia, e.g. BBC) 3,000
Basic e-mails 1,000,000
Rich e-mails (with attachments) 2,000
Downloading/streaming music 200 songs
Downloading/streaming video 2 hours
Skype voice call 30 hours
Skype video call 4 hours
Listening to online radio 16 hours
Downloading/updating apps 160 apps

Source of estimates: O2 [1, 2]. Our testing found a Skype mobile voice call consumes around 0.55MB/minute (70kbps). Skype video call uses 4MB/minute (500kbps). Online radio calculation assumes 128kbps bitrate. Average size of app is 6.1MB (based on top 20 free Android apps).

For more information, see our guide to download limits and what they mean in reality.

U24 App
The U24 app is on iPhone, Android & BlackBerry.

Please note that the U24 terms and conditions say “you cannot use your mobile internet for non-Orange internet based streaming services, voice or video over the internet, instant messaging or peer to peer file sharing”. Technically, this would prohibit the use of applications like Skype, BBM and WhatsApp. However, we’ve not heard any reports of Orange actually enforcing these restrictions. Many Orange customers use instant messaging on a daily basis and do not come across any problems.

Which of my friends are on Orange and T-Mobile?

If you’re not sure which network your friends are on, Orange have provided a free U24 app. It’s available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. The application scans your address book and tells you who’s on Orange or T-Mobile. You’ll then be able to call and text them for free. Please note that your address book is sent to the Orange servers in order to perform the check.

To check a phone number manually, use the online checker tool on the U24 website.

How long does the U24 offer last?

From the day you add it to your plan, the U24 offer will last for 24 months.

You’ll need to be under 24 when adding U24 to your account. However, you’re able to keep the benefits for 24 months even if you then turn 24. This means a customer who adds U24 one day before their 24th birthday would keep U24 until the day before they turn 26.

I’m an Orange customer. How do I add U24 to my account?

You’ll need to show a passport or driving license in an Orange store to get U24 added to your plan.

If you’re an existing Orange customer, you’ll need to visit an EE retail store to add the U24 offer. In order to prove your age, you’ll need proof of ID. According to Orange, the following forms of ID are accepted:

  • Over 16: If you’re over 16, you’ll need to visit an EE retail store either with a passport, driving license or PASS card.
  • Under 16:  If you’re under 16 or you don’t pay the bill for your phone, you’ll need to visit an EE store along with the bill payer. You’ll need to provide your own ID in the form of a passport, driving license or PASS card. The bill payer will also need to provide their ID. This must be in the form of a passport or driving license.

It can take up to 5 days for U24 to be activated on your account.

I’m joining Orange. How do I add U24 to my account?

You should start by purchasing your phone from the Orange website. Once your new phone or SIM card has arrived, follow the above instructions to add U24 to your plan.

Does U24 extend my contract?

No. Adding U24 to your plan does not extend the length of your contract. You’re still able to upgrade at the same time as before.

Do I need to be a student to sign up for U24?

No. You do not need to be a student: you simply need to be under 24.

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more on the U24 website. Refer to the Orange website for full information on tariffs and price plans.

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  • When I said my contract was from phones 4 U they said no third parties, but would they actually know if I pretended I got it from an orange store?

  • thanks … so i can sign up via carphone warehouse and when i go to orange / ee store it will be accepted as an orange contract ?

  • This deal Orangeu24 looks great. My daughter is looking at the 24mth £20.50 Orange plan via carphone warehouse ("free" Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Tab 2). If she signs up for this is she an orange customer and can she then go to Orange and sign up for U24 ? Have spoken to Carphone Warehouse and Orange and neither are conclusive or helpful both saying ask the other !!! Many thanks.

    • Hi Stewart,

      You are right in saying that she will need to go to an Orange retail store (now branded EE) in order to sign up for U24. Do remember to take the correct ID, and if you're the bill payer you'll need to go with some ID too.


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