You’ll get up to 3 Smart Benefits included on EE’s plans such as Netflix, Apple Music, BT Sport, Roam Abroad, Xbox Game Pass & Microsoft 365.

In the UK, EE now offers three types of Pay Monthly plan: Essential, All Rounder and Full Works.

When you choose an All Rounder plan, you’ll get a Smart Benefit included for the entire length of your contract. You can choose from a range of benefits such as an inclusive subscription to Netflix, Apple Music or BT Sport. You’ll also benefit from EE’s best possible speeds (the Essential plans give you download speeds of up to 100Mbps).

When you choose a Full Works plan, you’ll get 3 Smart Benefits included with it. You’ll also get EE’s best possible speeds.

In this article, we’ll look at EE’s new pay monthly plans and the Smart Benefits you’ll be able to choose on the All Rounder and Full Works plans. We’ll also look at some of the other features included on all of EE’s plans such as Stay Connected Data, WiFi Coverage Boost, Data Gifting and more.

EE Essential, All Rounder & Full Works Plans

On EE, you’re now able to choose from three different types of plan: Essential, All Rounder and Full Works. The following table shows a side-by-side comparison of the three:

Essential All Rounder Full Works
Monthly Price From £15 per month From £26 per month From £43 per month
Data 1GB – Unlimited 5GB – Unlimited Unlimited
Speeds Up to 100Mbps
(“excellent speeds”)
No maximum speed
(“our best speeds”)
No maximum speed
(“our best speeds”)
Smart Benefits No 1 Smart Benefit included Up to 3 Smart Benefits included
Coverage 4G & 5G
Check coverage →
4G & 5G
Check coverage →
4G & 5G
Check coverage →
Other Features (included on all plans)
Minutes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Texts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
6 Months Apple Music Yes Yes Yes
Stay Connected Data
Yes Yes N/A
WiFi Coverage Boost Yes Yes Yes
Data Gifting Yes (with family account) Yes (with family account) Yes (with family account)
Device Care Extras Yes (on device plans) Yes (on device plans) Yes (on device plans)

EE Smart Benefits


If you choose a SIM-only plan or Android phone plan with a Smart Benefit included, you’ll have the option of choosing Netflix as your Smart Benefit. This benefit gives you access to Netflix’s entire catalogue of movies and TV shows to stream on-demand. You’ll be able to watch them on your mobile phone and on any other Netflix-compatible device (including your tablet, laptop and smart TV).

The Netflix Smart Benefit is worth £6.99 per month and allows you to stream in standard-definition (SD) quality on one device at a time. Paid upgrades are available to Netflix Standard (£4 per month) or Netflix Premium (£9 per month) if you’d like to watch in HD or Ultra HD quality. You’ll also be able to stream on more devices at the same time.

Apple Music

If you choose Apple Music as the Smart Benefit on your plan, you’ll have access to more than 90 million songs on-demand without any ads. You’ll also get curated playlists, song lyrics and live radio stations inside the Apple Music app.

The Apple Music Smart Benefit is worth £9.99 per month and can be used on any compatible device including your iPhone, iPad and Android device. You can also stream Apple Music on your PC or on a compatible smart TV. If you’d like to listen to Apple Music in the car, it’s compatible with CarPlay technology.

Even if you don’t choose Apple Music as your Smart Benefit, you’ll still be able to get 6 months of free Apple Music on EE. This includes EE Essential plans with no Smart Benefits.

BT Sport Ultimate

BT Sport Ultimate is a good choice for your inclusive Smart Benefit if you’re a fan of Premier League football, rugby union, boxing, MotoGP, WWE, UFC and more. Worth £20 per month, it allows you to watch live and on-demand action from the BT Sport channels on your smartphone.

If you want to watch BT Sport on the large screen (e.g. via Apple TV, Chromecast or a smart TV), you can pay an extra £5 per month to enable Large Screen Access.

Roam Abroad Pass

EE’s Roam Abroad Pass allows you to use your inclusive minutes, texts and data when travelling to 47 European destinations and 5 destinations further afield (the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand).

The Roam Abroad Pass is worth £10 per month and comes with a fair usage policy of 50GB per month. If your plan includes more than 50GB data per month, you’ll be able to use up to 50GB per month when you travel abroad.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

If you choose a SIM-only plan or an Android phone plan with an inclusive Smart Benefit, you’ll be able to choose the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

This gives you access to more than 100 high-quality games including Hades, Flight Simulator, FIFA 21, ARK, Destiny 2, Forza Horizon 4, NFL 21, Halo, Minecraft and more. You’ll also get an EA Play membership included, as well as access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. With Cloud Gaming, you can stream the latest console games directly to your device (including your smartphone), so there’s no need to download them before you’re able to play.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Smart Benefit is worth £10.99 per month.

Microsoft 365

You can choose Microsoft 365 Personal as your inclusive Smart Benefit on EE for access to premium Office applications across all of your devices (including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote). You’ll also get 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive included, along with 60 minutes of Skype calling every month.

The Microsoft 365 Smart Benefit is worth £5.99 per month.

Entertainment Data Pass

If your pay monthly plan doesn’t already come with unlimited data, you’ll have the option of choosing the Entertainment Data Pass as your inclusive Smart Benefit. Worth £14.98 per month, this gives you unlimited data for streaming on the following apps and services:

Video Apps & Services:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • BBC iPlayer
  • BBC iPlayer Kids
  • BritBox
  • BT Sport
  • ITV Player
  • My5
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Kids

Music Apps & Services:

  • Apple Music
  • BBC Sounds
  • Deezer
  • Primephonic
  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • Tidal

Note that the Entertainment Data Pass does not include a subscription to the relevant services. For instance, you may need a separate subscription for services like Netflix and Prime Video. The Entertainment Data Pass is also not compatible with Apple’s iCloud Private Relay service.

Other EE Features

Unlimited Minutes & Texts

All of EE’s pay monthly plans come with unlimited UK minutes and unlimited UK texts included.

If you have a compatible mobile phone, you’ll also be able to use Wi-Fi Calling and 4G Calling on EE:

  • With Wi-Fi Calling, you’re able to stay connected through phone calls and text messages, even in places where a traditional mobile signal isn’t available (e.g. on the London Underground and inside buildings with thick walls).
  • With 4G Calling, you’ll benefit from higher-quality phone calls along with a more reliable connection and faster download speeds when you’re talking on a call.

Stay Connected Data

If you run out of data on your EE Pay Monthly plan, you’ll get Stay Connected Data. This keeps you connected at speeds of up to 0.5Mbps. This is enough for browsing the web, using maps on your phone and messaging your friends and family through WhatsApp and similar messaging apps.

With Stay Connected Data, you get the reassurance that you’ll never be cut off in the middle of the month. If you’d like to restore full-speed data, you can buy a data add-on. Alternatively, you can receive extra data as a gift from someone else on your EE family account.

WiFi Coverage Boost

All of EE’s price plans now include WiFi Coverage Boost. This gives you seamless access to 150,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK, including on the London Underground and many other locations. Once you’ve set it up, your phone will automatically detect compatible Wi-Fi hotspots as they come into range and will connect to them automatically to boost your 4G & 5G coverage.

Multi-Line Discount & Data Gifting

If you add an additional SIM card to your EE account, you’ll get 20% off with EE’s multi-line SIM-only discount. There’s a 10% discount when you add an additional Pay Monthly phone plan to your EE account.

When you have multiple lines, you’ll get an EE family account, allowing you to use the My EE app to manage them all in one place. This allows you to see at a glance how much data each family member has remaining on their plan. You can then move spare data between their plans. You can also configure the parental control settings and bill caps separately for each line.

Device Care Extras

If you buy a device on a Pay Monthly plan from EE, you’ll benefit from their Device Care Extras. This includes an extended warranty for the lifetime of your plan, until you leave or upgrade your phone. You can also book an Annual Device Check-up at your nearest EE retail store which includes a battery performance test and account check-up. There’s also a £10 discount available every year for you to use against a case or screen protector for your phone.

More Information

For more information about EE’s Pay Monthly plans and benefits, see EE’s official website.

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  • Naomi Ediru said:

    I’d just like to clarify on the full works plan is it possible to have Apple one, Netflix and the roaming pass

    • Hi Naomi,
      Thanks for your comment. I believe you can get Apple One on the Full Works plan. EE counts this as 3 Smart Benefits as it comes with Apple music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud+. They’ll also give you the Roam Abroad Pass at no extra cost when you choose to the Apple One option. However, this means you won’t be able to get Netflix as a Smart Benefit.
      Hope this helps!

  • Why do iPhone and Android have different benefits?
    Seems like a stupid system especially as theyre shutting down many of the benefits for iphone and keeping them for Android

    • Hi there,
      As part of EE offering Apple One and the other Smart Benefits from Apple (e.g. Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, etc), I believe Apple have insisted on category exclusivity. That’s why you aren’t able to get competing services as a Smart Benefit with an iPhone (e.g. it isn’t possible to get Netflix or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, etc).

  • Hi all,
    Just a quick note to let you know that EE have just made some significant changes to their Pay Monthly plans (e.g. with the introduction of All Rounder plans and new Smart Benefits). The comments below have been copied over from an older post, and may no longer be relevant today.

  • Thanks Ken. My contract is up soon; will be interesting to see if EE offer existing customers 12 months big data tariffs not publically available on their site

  • Richard Bradbrook said:

    With an essential plan you get 3 months bt sport. Once your 3 months are up, is there an option to pay monthly to keep the BT sport app? And how much is it?
    I’m looking at buying a nw phone via a 3rd party app as they’re a lot cheaper but they only come with the essential plan and was wondering if I could continue watching bt sport once my 3 months is up.

    • Hi Richard,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, you can pay £10/month for the BT Sport app or £15/month for the BT Sport app with Large Screen Access. There’s a bit more info in my guide to BT Sport deals.
      Hope this helps,

    • Hi Dan,
      Thanks for your comment. I believe EE’s 4G SIM Only plans are still limited to 60Mbps. At least, it still seems to mention a 60Mbps speed limit when you look at their latest SIM-only plan price guide (dated October 2020), at the top of page 5. Do let me know if you’ve found information to the contrary however!

      • Very odd, I get about 100 down consistently with speedtests on my EE essentials plans (2x £10 for 10GB and 1x £15 for 25GB). Perhaps this speed cap is no longer enforced or maybe the uswitch exclusive plans don’t have any speed caps?

        • Hi Dan,
          Interesting! I’ll see if there’s anything else I’m able to find out from EE. Given their price guide still refers to a 60Mbps speed limit, I imagine they have the right to impose this speed limit if they want. Saying that, it might be that they don’t enforce this limit, or perhaps they only enforce it in certain situations (e.g. in busy areas where the 4G network is more congested).

  • Michael Arulanantham said:

    Evening Ken,

    Thanks for your informative and well written article. Could you confirm the following, please:

    If I bought an EE 24 month Essential plan with a 4G phone then placed that sim card in a 5G phone at a later date would I be able to use 5G?


    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I believe this should be possible as long as your EE Essential plan supports 5G coverage and as long as it isn’t limited to 4G coverage only. I believe all EE Essential contracts taken out today are now 5G-ready, but worth double-checking before you buy just in case!

  • I was given conflicting advice from 2 different EE customer services representatives regarding the use of Smart Plans in USA. The last one said the Roam Further Pass could only be used for up to 3 months in one go and then just for one day the phone had to be used in the UK. Is that correct? My son is starting University in the USA and it would appear the only option is for him to get a local SIM when he’s out there.

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your comment. With EE’s Roam Further Pass, you’ll need to meet the “stable links policy” as detailed in their terms and conditions. I believe they look at the balance of your usage over a 4-month period, over which the majority of your time should normally be spent in the UK. If you don’t meet this requirement, they may apply a surcharge to your usage abroad.
      For a long-term university course in the USA, it’s likely he’ll therefore require a US-based SIM card at some point.
      Hope this helps,

    • Wendy Adamson replied:

      Hi Mark! What did you do in the end re: SIM card for the USA? My son is also about to start uni in USA and I’m trying to find a SIM he can use there and back home! It’s a minefield!

  • Just seen a USwitch deal for EE at £10 for 10GB which looks reasonable.

    It appears to be the Essential Plan though. Is the speed restriction of 60Mbps an issue still? What would the speed be if not capped?

    • Hi Graham,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, there’s still a 60Mbps speed limit on non-EE Smart SIM-only deals. To be totally honest, however, this won’t really make a huge difference as you can do pretty much everything you need to do with only 10Mbps. On EE Smart, you can get up to 450Mbps on 4G and up to 1000Mbps on 5G. Typical download speeds are normally around 30Mbps on 4G and around 200Mbps on 5G.

  • It’s a great comparison you have done, bravo! However when you read the terms and conditions from EE it still says the essential plans getting “up to 60mbps” instead of the fastest, only Smart plans do.

    • Hi Charlie,
      Thanks for your comment. I believe the speed restrictions have been removed for new EE Essential plans? At least, this is what I understand from the EE website – I’m not sure if they’ve updated all of their terms and conditions to reflect this. Let me know if I’m mistaken!

  • Companies like etc used to sell EE’s Essential and Max plans – but now they only offer the Essential plan and not EE’s new Smart plans. Does anybody know if EE are keeping the Smart plans just for themselves to sell, and all other companies can only sell the Essential plan?

  • shahrukh khan said:

    EE has launched smart plan, customers will get multiple benefits, however earlier they can use roam further and BT sport now they can use only one of them what if someone is in abroad like in USA and wants to use roam furthrer plus Video data pass….

    My second question is why Smart plan starts from £50 per month that is bit costly it means only people with good money can use this benefit there should be something that every people can use. I know we have Essential plan but that will not give us service plan benefit nor swappable benefit.

    • Hi Shahrukh,
      Yes, agreed – it is a shame that only one of these benefits can now be held at a given time, whereas previously you could have both on EE Max. On the flip side, the good thing is you can easily swap your benefits at any time. For instance, you could enable “Roam Further” just before your trip abroad, and then swap back to a different benefit once you get home. There’s a bit of extra faff to do this, but it means the Roam Further add-on doesn’t need to permanently occupy your choice of a Swappable Benefit.

    • Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your comment. I believe the price bands for EE Essential and EE Max differ depending on the handset you choose. For this reason, you could still be on an Essential contract when purchasing certain handsets on a fairly expensive plan!

  • Hi, you state here that ‘Customers on EE Essential will have access to double-speed 4G…..’. I have just spoken with EE and they say that isn’t the case. Double speed 4G (up to 60Mbps) is reserved for 4GEE plans, not 4GEE Essential which is only a max 20Mbps. They also mention 4GEE Max is up to 90Mbps if you are in the right city area.
    4GEE Essential roaming speed is hopeless and has been highlighted on SuperShoppers (TV Show) this year. I have tried to use in the past in Spain and couldn’t even download a simple new app – it was taking hours!! EE announced that they would lift this restriction (which is called ‘standard 4G’ abroad) but I spoke with a friend yesterday in Marbella who has an Essential SIM and he confirms the DL speed is not useable, so either they are lying about the ‘upgrade’ for roaming or it just isn’t deployed in Spain. Incidentally I use a 4GEE plan I find UK & roaming speeds OK and would recommend but of course people buy the Essential plans because it seems to offer a lot for the price, but beware – it just doesn’t…….

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your comment. In the past, it definitely used to be the case that EE would restrict ‘4GEE Essential’ plan customers to a maximum speed of 20Mbps. When EE decided to “simplify” their tariffs a while back, this was increased to 60Mbps on the newer ‘EE Essential’ plans (previously they used to have three tiers of tariff capped at 20Mbps, 60Mbps and uncapped speeds – they now have 60Mbps and uncapped speeds). I’m not sure if customers on the older ‘4GEE Essential’ plans were given the increase in speed, or if this was only given to new customers who joined after the refresh.
      With regards to data speeds when using your mobile phone abroad, thanks for sharing your experiences on this. I won’t comment as I haven’t tested data speeds abroad on an Essential plan myself, but I hope this will be helpful to other readers of the website 🙂
      Thanks again,

  • Just put my wife on EE essentials plan 10 G with new upgrade phone
    EE to use in Europe is included is it also able to be used off the plan in USA SHE S GOING TO NEW YORK IN JULY

  • Hi Ken

    Do Ee have any plans with more data than 25gb? (Max)

    I like downloading roms and used my data up last month! £12 for an extra 5gb to tide me over

    • Hi Roman,
      I believe EE does offer up to 60GB per month (and occasionally, up to 100GB if you purchase selected handsets). As an alternative, if you do need just 5GB extra each month, it might be worth having a look at EE home broadband (this will give you an extra 5GB of data every month on your EE mobile phone plan).

  • My sim only Max plan is almost at the end of it’s contract and I went into an EE shop to enquire if they had any better deal to offer (I like the Max plan as it offers five added countries as well as EU roaming). I was told that the Max plan offering five extra countries had been discontinued, although this does not seem to be the case on EE’s website. Is this true?

    • Hi John,
      Many thanks for your comment. Yes, unfortunately, the Max plan was discontinued for SIM only tariffs on the 7th February 2018. All of EE’s SIM Only plans now map on to EE Essentials in terms of their feature set (e.g. up to 60Mbps download speed, free EU roaming only, etc). If you want the added speed and inclusive roaming of EE Extra, you’ll now need to buy a handset on a 24-month plan.

      • Thanks for explaining that. Very helpful. The simple answer, then, is to keep the sim on a rollover basis and get all the benefits of roaming in five extra countries and higher speeds etc until EE come up with a better offer. Thanks again.

  • I am a frequent traveller to Europe and the USA. I became frustrated with Three’s feel at home as it restricts you to only a 3g service in the states. It’s shamefully slow and unreliable on either Tmobile or At&t. I recently took advantage of an offer from EE for a 4GEE max contract costing me £26 a month. Sim only. I am currently in the USA reading your article and I’m pleased to say that I am obtaining 4G coverage almost everywhere I go. The phone truly works as well it is it does back in the UK.

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