Download speeds of 10Mbps are available on Vodafone Unlimited mobile plans as well as ADSL home broadband connections.

In the UK, 10Mbps is the average speed of a standard home broadband connection (one that’s based on ADSL technology rather than fibre). It’s also the maximum download speed available when using a Vodafone Unlimited price plan in your mobile phone.

In this article, we’ll look at what you’re able to do with a download speed of 10Mbps. We’ll start by looking at 10Mbps price plans, both for your mobile phone and for your home broadband connection. We’ll then look at individual services like video calling, streaming and online gaming, asking what you’ll be able to do on a 10Mbps plan.

10Mbps Download Speed Plans

Vodafone Mobile Plans

If you’re choosing a Vodafone Unlimited price plan in the UK, it will have a maximum download speed of 10Mbps. According to Vodafone, this is approximately equivalent in speed to a basic 4G connection.

You can get the following Vodafone SIM cards with a download speed of up to 10Mbps:

TariffMinutesTextsDataMonthly Cost
(may rise during contract)
10Mbps max
24 months
10Mbps max
12 months
10Mbps max
12 months
10Mbps max
12 months
10Mbps max
1 month

On Vodafone Unlimited, you can use your mobile phone abroad at no extra charge in 51 destinations. 5G coverage is also available for increased network capacity and lower amounts of latency.

For more information, see our full guide to Vodafone’s price plans in the UK.

ADSL Home Broadband

If you’re signing up for standard home broadband in the UK, the chances are it’ll have an average download speed of 10Mbps or 11Mbps. This is true for all ADSL-based broadband services that are delivered through a phone line.

You can currently get a home broadband connection with an average download speed of 10-11Mbps from ISPs like BT, EE, NOW, Plusnet, Sky and TalkTalk. Prices currently start from £27.95/month:

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
(may rise during contract)
Fast Broadband
11Mbps download18 month contract£15£27.95/month
ADSL Broadband
10Mbps download24 month contract£31.99£29.99/month

When you order your home broadband connection, you’ll normally be given a personalised estimate of the download speeds that might be available through your phone line. This might be different to the 10-11Mbps figure which is the national average before taking phone line specific factors are taken into account. On ADSL broadband, the average upload speed is normally around 1Mbps.

What Does 10Mbps Allow You To Do?

In general, a 10Mbps download speed should allow you to do almost everything you’d like to do with your mobile phone or broadband connection. This includes browsing the web, using social media and messaging applications, video calling, listening to music online and watching video or television in HD quality. The main thing you won’t be able to do is to stream online video in ultra-HD (4K) quality.

The following table shows the minimum recommended download speed for a number of activities:

Activity Required Download Speed Usable on 10Mbps connection?
General web browsing 0.1-1Mbps
Social media, instant messaging & e-mail <0.1Mbps
Skype/WhatsApp phone call 0.1Mbps
Skype/Zoom video call 0.5-0.8Mbps
Skype/Zoom video call (HD) 1.5-1.8Mbps
Zoom group video call (HD) 2.5-3Mbps
Listening to online radio 0.2Mbps
Streaming music (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) 0.4Mbps
Watching YouTube videos (basic quality) 0.5Mbps
Watching YouTube videos (720p HD quality) 2.5Mbps
Watching YouTube videos (1080p HD quality) 4Mbps
Watching iPlayer/Netflix (standard definition) 1.5Mbps
Watching iPlayer/Netflix (high definition) 5Mbps
Watching iPlayer/Netflix (4K UHD) 25Mbps
Online Gaming (Xbox One/PS4) 3Mbps

Sharing Your Connection

One thing to bear in mind is the possibility that your 10Mbps connection will be shared amongst multiple people. For instance, you might tether or use personal hotspot to share your smartphone’s connection with another device. Alternatively, for home broadband, there might be multiple people or devices sharing the same 10Mbps connection.

For instance, if you were streaming HD-quality video on 2 devices at the same time, this would use a total of 10Mbps (that’s 2 devices x 5Mbps for each device). For this reason, it wouldn’t be possible to stream HD-quality video on more than 2 devices at the same time if you have a 10Mbps connection.

Download Times

On a 10Mbps connection, it should take around 2 seconds to load a web page or to download a high-quality photo. Downloading a typical MP3 file will take about 4 seconds whereas a typical mobile application will take 24 seconds to download.

Activity 10Mbps Download Time
Accessing typical web page 2 seconds
Sending an e-mail without attachments <0.1 seconds
Downloading high-quality photograph 2 seconds
Downloading an music track (MP3) 4 seconds
Downloading an application 24 seconds

Typical file sizes used in our calculations: 2MB for a webpage, 10KB for a basic e-mail, 2MB for a high-quality photograph, 5MB for a music track and 30MB for a typical application download.

When calculating the expected download time for a file, it’s important to remember that 10Mbps stands for 10 Megabits per second (where 8 Megabits are equal to 1 Megabyte). For this reason, it will take around 8 seconds to download a 10MB (10 Megabyte) file on a 10Mbps connection.

More Information

For more information, see our guides to download speed and upload speed. Alternatively, we’ve also got an in-depth comparison of Vodafone’s mobile plans and home broadband providers in the UK.

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