EE is offering 100GB of free 4G data on their special edition Christmas Pay As You Go SIM card.

Important Information: The Christmas SIM with 100GB of free 4G data is no longer available to order. If you’re currently looking for a Pay As You Go SIM card, see our guide to the latest Pay As You Go SIM card offers. The article here will remain as a reference to customers who have already ordered the Christmas SIM card.

EE Christmas SIM WebsiteFor a limited time, EE is offering a free Pay As You Go SIM card with 100GB per month of free 4G data.

The free data allowance, which lasts for two months, can be used for almost anything you like: from browsing the web to downloading apps and games, from watching videos to streaming music on your smartphone. You can also tether the data onto other devices like on to your tablet PC or laptop computer. This can all be done without the need to worry, due to the massive 100GB free data allowance.

To take advantage of the Christmas SIM card offer, you’ll need to order the SIM card through a special page on EE’s website. The SIM card is available for order until the 29th December 2015. When the SIM card arrives, you’ll need to top up by £10 to activate the free data. You’ll also need to text CHRISTMAS100 to 150.

EE’s 100GB Free Data Offer

EE Sim CardFor a limited time, EE has brought back their popular free SIM offer with 100GB per month of free 4G data for the first two months after you activate the SIM card. It’s a great way of trying out EE and their 4G network without any long-term commitments. The 100GB Christmas SIM offer follows on from similar promotions over the summer and at the Glastonbury festival.

How Much Data Is 100GB?

The 100GB per month allowance on EE’s Christmas SIM is incredibly generous as a data offering from EE.

Essentially, this is a data allowance that money can’t buy: the largest data allowance normally offered by EE is on their 50GB/month EE Complete tariff (this would cost you at least £79.99/month on a 24-month contract). The 100GB is also more data than many people have over the entirety of their contracts (e.g. a 4GB monthly tariff will only give you 96GB of data over 24 months).

100GB can be thought of as essentially unlimited: it’s very difficult for anyone to actually use the entirety of the allowance.

The following table gives a quick overview of what you’re able to do with 100GB of data:

100GB data is…
Accessing Web Pages 180,000 web pages
Basic e-mail/instant message 35,000,000
Rich e-mail/IM (with attachments) 200,000
Downloading/streaming music 20,000 songs
Downloading/streaming video 200 hours (8 days)
Skype voice call 3,000 hours (125 days)
Skype video call 400 hours (17 days)
Listening to online radio 1,600 hours (67 days)
Downloading/updating apps 7,500 apps

An approximate figure for what you’re able to do with 100GB of mobile data. See our guide to mobile download allowances and this data usage table for a breakdown of the calculations.

For more information, please see our in-depth guide on mobile download allowances.

Getting An EE Christmas SIM

The EE Christmas SIM is no longer available for order.

For customers who’ve already ordered a SIM card, when the SIM card arrives you’ll need to top it up by £10 of credit and you’ll need to text CHRISTMAS100 to 150. This will activate the SIM card and allow you to benefit from the offer. You’ll need to make an initial top-up with 14 days of receiving your SIM card.

Important Things To Know

You can tether as normal with the 100GB allowance on EE’s Christmas SIM.

There are several things worth knowing about the Christmas SIM offer:

  • You’ll get 100GB of free data to use in the first month, then another 100GB to use in the second month. After this, your SIM card will revert to being a normal Pay As You Go SIM card on EE’s network.
  • By default, you’ll be placed on EE’s £10 Data Pack tariff. Your £10 top-up will be converted into 50 minutes, 50 texts and 1GB of 4G internet. If you prefer, you can change to a different pack at any time (e.g. to the £10 Everything Pack) or to standard Pay As You Go rates (30p/minute & 12p/text).
  • The 100GB of free data can only be used when you’re in the UK.
  • Tethering is permitted on this offering. You can share the 100GB of free 4G data with other devices like your tablet or laptop.

4G Coverage

EE Coverage - October 2015
EE has 93% population coverage for their 4G service.

A key benefit of EE’s free Christmas SIM card is you’ll be able to try out their high-speed 4G network (subject to coverage and you having a 4G-ready handset).

At present, EE has 93% population coverage for their 4G service. Their aim is to boost this even further, up to 98% population coverage by the end of the year. You can check the coverage in your area on EE’s website:

Check EE coverage ( →

If your handset only works on 2G and 3G networks, it’s still possible for you to use the EE Christmas SIM card. You’ll still be able to access EE’s 2G and 3G networks (this has 99% population coverage across the UK).

EE’s Pay As You Go Packs

Choosing A Pack

With the Christmas SIM offer, you’ll be placed on EE’s £10 Data Pack by default. Your £10 top-up will be converted automatically into 50 minutes, 50 texts and 1GB of 4G data. The allowances in your Data Pack will last for a maximum of 30 days.

If the £10 Data Pack isn’t suitable for you, you can change at any time to a different package. For a £10 top-up, you have a choice of three packs on EE Pay As You Go: the £10 Data Pack, the £10 Everything Pack or the £10 Talk & Text Pack. In general, the Everything Pack is better for all-round usage and the Talk & Text Pack is better for feature phone users:

EE Pay As You Go - Everything Pack
With EE, you can choose from a number of different packs at £10/month.

You can change pack at any time by texting the relevant short code to 150 (text DP10 for the Data Pack, EP10 for the Everything Pack or TTP10 for the Talk & Text Pack). There are also a number of other packs available to buy from £1/week.

You can opt-out of buying a pack altogether by texting STOP PACK to 150. With this, you’ll simply pay EE’s standard rates on Pay As You Go (30p/minute and 12p/text).

You’ll get a free boost every 3 months regardless of the pack you choose from EE. You’ll also have access to EE Film Club, wi-fi on the Underground and a number of other perks.

Order EE SIM Card (without promotion) →

Free Boosts

With EE Pay As You Go, you get a free boost for every three months you stay on the network and buy a Pay As You Go pack. After three months, you can choose from 250MB of extra data, 50 extra minutes or 150 extra texts. The free boosts are applied to all of your future packs and you can continue accumulating them for as long as you stay on EE (e.g. after 3 months, you could upgrade your Data Pack by boosting the 50 minutes per month to 100 minutes per month).

Unlocking Your Phone

With the Christmas SIM, you’ll need to provide your own smartphone to use with the SIM card. This can either be your existing unlocked smartphone or it could be a SIM-free smartphone purchased elsewhere (e.g. from an online retailer such as

If you need to unlock your current smartphone, you may find it helpful to read our guides on unlocking an iPhone and unlocking a Samsung Galaxy. We also have a more general guide on how to tell when your smartphone is locked to a network.

Keeping Your Phone Number

Transfer Phone Number to EE

If you’re joining EE from another mobile network, it’s a straightforward process to keep your current phone number. By moving your phone number to EE, you can keep the same phone number as you have at the moment.

Start by ordering your SIM card from EE’s website. You’ll need to wait until the SIM card arrives before you’re able to transfer your phone number to it.

After ordering the SIM card, contact your old network and ask them for a PAC Code. The PAC Code will authorise the transfer of your phone number to EE’s network.

After receiving your Christmas SIM card from EE, head over to this online form where you’re able to submit the PAC Code from your old network. After submitting the form, your phone number will normally be transferred over to EE on the next working day. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to transfer your Pay As You Go credit (you should try to use it up before moving to EE).

For a step-by-step guide on moving your phone number to EE, please select your current mobile network from the drop down menu below:

PAC Code Finder: Transfer Your Phone Number to EE

Your current network provider:

  More Options

More Information

For more information on EE Pay As You Go, you can read our in-depth review. The EE Christmas SIM promotion closed on the 29th December 2015.

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  • I ordered 4 (2 at this address and 2 at a different address). I have just topped another one..and it says the 100gig a month will kik in ..when the 1g of bundled data finish…or 30 days from top date expires. There, I have extended this free offer until March 2016. No doubt they may have a “SPRING OFFER”… so I will get that as well

  • andrew jenkins said:

    i orders 2 ee christmas sims neither has turned up 1 was for me 1 for my girlfriend i orders them well before christmas

  • hi
    i was using “Summer100- EE”- :):):), but next was Spain and “Feel At Home -3uk”.:)
    Can i top up my old sim summerEE and joy this Christmas SIM?

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